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Dodge Magnum Tire/Wheel Questions



  • Been doing a little googling:

    TireRack customer comments pretty much damn any Continental tire (and I may have discovered why the original tires on my car vibrated so much: they may have been the "self-sealing" type, loaded with goop. After sitting around since 2006 (or earlier; I'll need to try and get the date of manufacture of my car), it just lumps up and won't distribute evenly.

    EdgeRacing recommends the Falken Zeix Ze 912 in the 225/60R18 size. They describe it as an "ultra high performance all-season" tire. It comes with a 65,000 mile warranty, and is supposed to be an improvement on the previous design in terms of wear, wet and dry handling, noise and resistance to hydroplaning. They charge only $101 per tire, plus $58.16 for shipping for a set of four.

    Has anyone ever heard of Falken tires?
  • I have a 2005 that had continental tires that cupped, but I had regular maint. and rotated tires . I was just told the continentals were soft rubber due to self sealing and getting 20K was good, I did not agree but that got me nowhere. Finally, I just went to good year and purchased 4 new Assurance tires and love them, it totally changed my ride and wished I did sooner.
  • Had the exact problem with my 05 at less than 12k miles. Told that improper maintenance was problem. I bought car used with 5k miles. Got a $75 credit per tire for Conti replacements. Had all 4 wheels "ALIGNED" as they were out of alignment. you may want to check that if you did not get that done. Service rep. at Dodge service center had not heard of the problem I had so don't feel that it is wide spread.
  • Check for "cupping" of your tires as a cause of the vibration.
  • No, it wasn't due to cupping. As I said, the tires were brand new.

    (I since discovered that "Mastercraft" tires are made by Cooper).
  • tekno1tekno1 Posts: 3
    Can you give me contact info from your dealer who recognized that Continentals have been a problem? Dealers in my area are either oblivious or told to avoid admitting any problems with the Continentals. I am having serious tracking problems with my R/T AWD with just 5000 miles. Thanks.
  • brinamplsbrinampls Posts: 1
    Did anyone else receive the notice of a class action suit against Continental Tires, because of the tires they supplied for Dodge vehicles, including our Magnums, from 2003-2008? I got it in the mail and read it carefully. Turns out that if I'd had my original Dodge MagnumR/T Continentals replaced before 30,000 miles, I'd be eligible to be a party in the suit and get some $$$--not a lot, looks like it would have been $120 or so, depending on the mileage at which they had to be replaced.

    Anyway I did have mine replaced, but at 31,000!

    Interesting. It looks like I received the notification and forms to join the suit because of the year and model I purchased. I hope you all receive it and that for some of you, this represents some money coming your way!
  • jfl296jfl296 Posts: 1
    strut bushings solved my noise did not seem worn but it was the noise
  • Just replaced the Continental Tires on my 2007 Magnum RT. 10,000 miles tires were shot! There is a Class Action Lawsuit...the class action lawsuit claims period ends on Sept. 15th, 2010. For all Chrysler/Dodge vehicles with OEM Conti tires purchased from 2003 - 2008. They will give you up to $120.00 per tire as part of the lawsuite if you qualify. Weblink here:

    It's really hard to get much info on this lawsuite, the dealer & Tire Rack other tire suppliers claim to not know anything about it. Had to call Continental Customer Service to get answers. 1-800-847-3349. Better hurry if you are going to replace those POS Conti's. Good Luck-Larry
  • green03green03 Posts: 2

    Please Help!

    I've been the market for a new car lately and I like the Magnums. The look great and could be an alternative to an SUV. I live Cleveland, OH and our winter are crazy. If I buy a Magnum, is the AWD version a must or will RWD due. Also, will the SXT be reliable or the RT is the way to go. I'm afraid the RT might be too expensive to maintain and will suck too much gas! BUT the extra power is tempting. I'm looking a lower level 08 SXT's and '06 model RT's with 40k-60k mi already. Everyone, sound the horn....let me know what's your honest opinion...especially for those who have had their Magnum since for more than 1-2 years. Thanks! ;)
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