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Mazda MPV: Error Codes/TSBs/Recalls



  • My guess is coils, probably one or more of the back three.

    I know you can buy the coils on ebay on the cheap.

    It could also be a pcv hose, the hose is about $60 from the dealer and install is about $40.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Well, I am an idiot. Fortunately, somebody (forget the name, but you know who you are and if we ever meet, I owe you a beer) documented this same repair with very good photos. I went through the whole process for the ump-teenth time, and everything was as it should be.

    That is, until I looked at the routing of the front bank coil harness. It doesn't do a sequential route like the rear bank. It comes across the valve cover and in between 5 and 6. Who knows why, but it does, and I got 4 and 6 swapped. :confuse:

    Anyway, while fixing that, I found another problem and fixed it. The retention tab on the #5 coil was broken, and the connector was loose on the coil. Couple of ty-wraps later and it is snug as a bug. And the engine runs sweet and sets no codes.

    But I am not doing another one of these beasties if I can help it. Pulling the plenum just to get to the plugs is just wrong. :shades:
  • Anyone know where to find the plugin for the code reader on a 1991 MPV? I've looked both under the dash and all under the hood and can't seem to find it.
  • i took the van in to the shop because bad performance when cold, after 10 miles it runs like a champ, if you stop and turn it off for 30min to an hour it runs like crap, then after app 10 miles runs like a champ, we have replaced the bad intake gaskets upper and lower, still no response, replaced coil, no response, took the intakes back off for soaking with chemical, then put it back together again, still no response, still missing, changed plugs, changed wires, still no response, now it shows low compression on #1 back next to fire wall, app 90 lbs, so i would assume we need to a 1000 dollar valve job, does anyone know what the hell ford/mazda has done to these engines, i know they say the intake gaskets were faulty from factory, but just issued new ones to replace them with it, seems a lot of people have the same problem, i would say to all people to have compression test done on the engine before you spend 2-3000 dollars on these vehicles. if anyone can tell me why this happened and how i would like to know. thanks
  • FaroesFaroes Posts: 6
    hello mpvhater

    Is it a diesel engine
  • aa0526aa0526 Posts: 29
    I have the following codes showing:
    P0300 - random multi misfire detected
    P2404 - evaporative system leak detection
    P0113 - intake air temp sensor 1/ circuit high
    P0421 - warm up catalyst efficiency below threshold bank 1
    This happens only when the weather is below freezing. Engine sluggish / hesitates.
    This completely resolves itself when weather warms up.
    What could be going wrong?
    My theory is - the O2 sensors front (1) and back (4) are fouled up for some reason. But I could be wrong.
    Anyone has clues about the root cause?
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