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Cadillac DeVille Climate Control



  • I have problems with the climate control in my 2002 Deville.
    everything worked well untill last week when tempreture hit around 100 degrees.
    Since then, when i get into my car and start the car the digital display works fine and shows the fan on auto. But the fan doesnot work. sometime i drive about two blocks and it will kickin and sometime it does not come on at all for a day.
    Is there a possible quick fix for it?
  • I have a 70 deville convertible. My ac blows cold but my heat does not work seems like the vents are not switching because ac just stays on, Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  • I have seen this problem a couple of times on this site without answers posted. The HAC blower will quit for a couple of days. Often when I hit a bump, it will start up and work fine until it decides to quit again. What might the cause be?

    Thanks -- Jim
  • check the conector to you blower motor. Push it up wards to see it the fan would kicks in.
    I had this problem and had to change the blower motor.
    cars with climate control have to run the blower motor almost constantly in different speeds to keep the inside tempreture constant so the motor does not last as long as cars without climate control.
    shop around if you have to change it. I was coated from 150.00 to 450.00 dollars for the motor.
  • The blower motor does come on if I push up on the connector. My son replaced the control module which didn't fix the problem. I don't remember if the module plugs directly into the fan. If so, there would be a new connector at that interface. If not, will replacing the harness connector fix the problem?

    Thanks for your reply -- Jim
  • First week i had to just push it up and it would kick in then second week i had to put two penny coins under it and worked for few days but finaly i had to replace the blower motor, (one from Junk Yard) and it fixed my problem. It has been working fine since.
  • Thanks for the inputs. I may invest 2 cents then get another motor. Strange that pushing up on the connector makes it work. Does the motor have much torque? My son had the motor and controller laying on the floor board and you could stick your finger on the squrill cage and keep it from running.
  • W/ your car turned off, can you turn the compressor clutch by hand? if no then you may have a locked up compressor or locked up clutch
  • Can anyone here give me a inexpensive place to find a owners manual for a 1995 Caddy DeVille? My caddy don't have 1 and I would like one.

    Thankx Eddie
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Ebay is your friend.
  • My 2004 DeVille has two issues: 1) The blower will turn on hours after the car has been parked. This is an intermittent problem, but it drives me crazy. Issue 2, the AC smells sour when I first turn it on. The dealer has cleaned it out repeatedly with a foaming solution but with no results. I've changed the cabin air filter numerous times, sprayed Lysol, etc. I believe the system is plugged-up and water is just sitting there. Anyone out there experieced in these area? I live in Richmond, VA. Thank you.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    On older Cadillacs, a few years older than yours, there are known failures where the blower usually just keeps blowing after the car is shut down. This is usually the blower control/controller unit, which, I think, sits on top of the AC/Heater exchanger unit under the passenger side of the dash. This is the 'box' that controls the auto temp control. Yours is the first time I've hear about the blower goes off when the car is shut down, but comes on some time later.

    Ok, read in your owners manual closely about the Heater/AC system. I think there is a section that talks about how the blower will continue to correctly run after shutdown, under certain conditions. But I think it runs only for a couple of minutes or so in this mode. I don't know what these conditions are, but they are an attempt to 'dry out' the system, or some such thing. If you system is supposed to do this, then maybe it is working correctly.

    In humid weather, with the AC running, with the car idling and stopped, does water come out of the bottom of the car? Normally, you should get condensation on the AC coil inside the car when running in hot humid weather, and this water comes out of a drain outside the car. If you car does not do this, then the drain is plugged. But, if you have had service done for the smell, they surely should have checked this.

    If you get mode growing in the AC coil, it can be very difficult to 'kill' it. This may be what is happening to your car.
  • Thank you for your comments. I will look into this and post my findings.
  • I have the same car with the same problem. Did replacing the outside temperature sensor solve the problem?
  • My feet and the top of my head are cold but I am getting NO air coming out of the middle vents; it also DOES blow in the back seat. When I first start the car the sound that comes out of the middle vents is "tick, tick, tick, etc" for about 4 minutes then nothing... help???
  • captrfdcaptrfd Posts: 2
    Just a note, my blower stopped working. I did the required testing and blower motor replacement was the outcome. Before I bought a new motor I bench tested the motor and it worked fine. The blower control module was the problem. Recommended voltage tests did not reveal problem, so beware before you buy.
  • tripled1tripled1 Posts: 1
    Hey, My 96 deville has an issue. When you press the auto/econ button to get it to switch to auto, it will not. It goes right back to econ. This problem seems like it happened over night. Can anyone give us a tip. Thanks in advance.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Econ means the AC compressor is switched off.
    Auto means the AC system is switched on.

    You have a problem with the AC. One of the high or low pressure sensors detects a problem, and will not let the Auto mode be set.

    Fix the AC.
  • korrupt1korrupt1 Posts: 1
    Like its anything new....but I am new to the car and when I got it yesterday you could feel cold air coming from the vents but NOT blowing....then on way home it said "refrigerant compressor off" I am assuming that means it shuts the compressor OFF to keep it from being damaged?

    also when you press on the fan speed selector...I get nothing.

    I tried to add refrigerant but since the system wont kick on it wont cycle to get refrigerant flowing thru it.

    HELP!!! Its HOT in AZ and I need this sytem to work as soon as possible.

    The rest I can deal with and work on with some leisure...but the switch, the blower and the AC not just frustrating me

    thanks a million for help. here but real used to working on MOST cars but this is the first caddy I have ever had so any help be real appreciated
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Yes, if the sensors see high/low pressure, it will not allow the compressor to turn on.

    If you could find the places on the internet giving you instructions, you can display and reset the error codes from the buttons on the dash.

    If you can't do this, you call pull the negative battery cable for a minute and this will reset the error codes. Then, have your freon hoses all hooked up before you restart the car, and you might be able to turn the AC system on and suck in enough freon before it resets the code. Might have to do this a couple of times to get enough freon in to stop setting the codes. Of course, this assumes you only have a leak and the rest of the AC system works ok.

    No idea about the fan.
  • 1993 cadillac devile 4.9 liter climate control and fuel data only shows a "c" on the displays. I've check the BCM, clusters, relays, fuses, temp. sensor, replaced alternator and still the same results. The blower moter runs until you turn the key to the off position. The continuous power to the interior when key is turned off no longer works meaning when I turn the key to the off position I loose all power in the car where it normally stays on for 10 minutes. Is there anyone out there who may have had this problem with their Cadillac and if so how did you solve this problem?
  • My 98 deville seems to have a mind of its own, it sometimes not always will start what appears to be the fan after the car has been shut off for 20-30 mins. It is random I never know when its going to happen. I always shut the air off fully before the care is turned off. funny thing is it sounds like the fan but when you get inside there is not air coming out of the vents. You have to put key in ignition turn it where all dash lights come on etc... then turn off and the fan goes off.
    what is this??? its scary so far has only happened at home in my garage door is open every time but I wonder if it will happen in the parking lot at work or store whatever car only has 58K miles on it.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    There are a couple of possibilities, and I don't remember if either or neither are common to your 98.

    -The connector that feeds power to the fan fails. It doesn't make good contact or something, overheats, and basically somewhat melts. This contact is under the hood, near the firewall, on the passenger side.

    -On some years, the controller module that controls the fan speed fails in a certain way. When it fails, it will turn the fan on, even if the ignition is totally turned off. This module is inside, behind the glove compartment, on top of the air box.
  • pkiddpkidd Posts: 1
    hi i have a 1990 caddy with the same problem fuel gauge shows a[c]and climate control shows a [c] hope you can help thanks peggy and keith
  • neptinepti Posts: 1
    My relative has the exact same problem on a 1993 deville with 100000 miles. Anyone with sugestions where to start looking?
  • I have a 2001 Deville with this same problem; when I start the car with the A/C on there is this tick, tick, tick sound for about 30 seconds comming from the area just behind the HVAC control module and then the blower comes on and blows cold air on the floor, however no air comes out of the dashboard a/c vents.
    After completely dismantleing the interior and removing the Instrument panel I've traced my problem to an actautor but cannot get it to make the tick, tick, tick sound again. I want to replace it but having trouble removing the old one and cannot find a parts store that carries the part. I'm afraid there is an electrical connector disconnected that is preventing me from getting it to make the ticking sound but if I put it all back together without replacing the actuator, bingo. Any sugesstions, when I connect enough connectors to get the blower to work it blows air out of the right vents.
  • I had my 90 Deville a/c serviced today, but the air is blowing cool not cold. The compressor kicks on for like 10 seconds and turn off for like a minute then back on for 10 seconds. There are no error codes, what controls the compressor cycling that would not trip a error code?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Sounds to me like it's still a little low on freon.
  • No the freon charge is good.
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