Pontiac Montana Electrical Issues

ksixksix Member Posts: 2
The interior lights will "not" go off when I shut the doors. The only way I can turn them off is to use the over-ride switch on the overhead console. I did check the BCM PRGRM and it is set on program three (three tones). I there a multi function module that needs replaced?


  • ksixksix Member Posts: 2
    This is my first time posting a message. Sorry I forget to give the make & model. 1999 Chevy Venture LS with 150 miles
  • seppyseppy Member Posts: 2
    some wierd things going on with our 2001 montana, first: when in park engine on step on brake pedal the left and right turn signals light up very dim, second: signals work fine until i step on the brake pedal the left only ticks faster and the TCS lights up on dash. third: when i put it in reverse left side reverse light does not light as strong as right side and also left and right indicators on dash light up dim. ive checked all bulbs and filaments. signal switch?? or brake light switch?? please help!!
  • asktheexpertasktheexpert Member Posts: 2
    You have a ground problem.
    Take off you rear right tail light assembly.
    Remove the PC Board from the light housing.
    Use care to not break the plastick clips when remoing the PC board.
    Disconnect the PC Baord that holds the bulbs from the wiring connector.
    Look at the connector on the PC Board. The middle one is black, corroded and the black plastic is partially melted.
    Look at the connector end.
    The connector is melted around that plug location and the connector is also black and corroded.
    Use a small flat blade screw driver to clean the pin connection on the PC Board side.
    Go to the junk yard and cut out a couple of these wire harnesses for the plug. Cut off about 6" of wire with the plug. Use a wire crimp tool to replace the plug. Be sure to wire it exactly as the one you remove.
    If you forget how, look at the left side light.
    I believe this is seen only on the rear right due to the exhausts location on that side and the fact that GM trys to save a nicle by using too small of a ground connector causing it to over heat.
  • asktheexpertasktheexpert Member Posts: 2
    When I said cut off about 6" of wire, Imean on the junk yard car. Cut your car's plug off next to the plug.

    Good Luck.
  • seppyseppy Member Posts: 2
    thank-you very much for the info
  • sdlsweetsdlsweet Member Posts: 1
    I need key codes!!!!!!!!!!!1 I lost my keys, and the keys I made at Walmart wont start it!! The dealership wants me to pay over $200. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • rsarnolrsarnol Member Posts: 7
    2000 Montana, when I hit the brakes the horn blows. Is it possible that these wires are somewhere connected?
  • guardrailguardrail Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I have a 2000 Pontiac Montana with the same problem. My interior light comes on when I turn on the rear defrost, brake lights or turn signals. They stay on until I use the overide switch. I'm hoping its not the Body control module but I got a bad feeling. I think these are related and mebe someone solved it. THX
  • pmedic29pmedic29 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 montana with approx 145k miles. Recently it began having power problems at highway speeds. It appears to cut out like an injector is failing but if you give it more gas the problem goes away. It is a jerky feeling. Not sure if it is an injector, the transmission or what. Any ideas? I have no engine lights on at all. Please help... need more info? just ask....
  • guardrailguardrail Member Posts: 3
    You should check your ignition wires and ignition coil packs. Sometimes the sparkplugs. Usually the coils or wires will miss on the highway at lower cruise speed/rpm 80-110kph) and if you accelerate it dissappears. (engine runs leaner which has less fuel so the power required for spark is the highest) The wires can be visually checked, checked for resistance or you can spray a water mist on them and lookf for sparks or miss. Coil parks are tougher to diagnosis better left to experts(hard to reach too). Good Luck.
  • svtmustangsvtmustang Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Montana with 63,000 miles. Recently we have begun to have problems with the fuel gauge. The gauge reads fine with the tank full, down through say half-tank. Below that its totally not accurate. At some point you will notice that the needle is all over the place. When its starts this "bouncing" the tank is getting pretty close to empty. I'm worried that me not so observant wife is going to run the thing out of gas (I put 22.7 gallons in tonight). I have had fuel gauge problems in other vehicles before and its usually been related to a bad ground. Any idea where to look for the sender ground?

    Sorry for the wordy post. Any help would be appreciated.

  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Member Posts: 64
    I had the same problem....very common with this vehicle! It was a short in the rear light connector for the brake light / tail light / turn signal fixture. The GM supplier used a plastic connector that would not withstand the heat, so it started to melt, and the black power wire shorted out other wires. It can also cause electrical feedback problems with ABS and Traction Control System false error warnings. You will need to cut out the connector and replace it with a new one....about $55 for the part at the dealer...plus mega bucks in labor. I did it myself.
    Jack Hirneisen
  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Member Posts: 64
    I have a 1999 Pontiac Montana mini-van with a burned out power window motor on the passenger side. I purchased a new window motor and tested it with a 12-volt power source before I installed it....it runs properly for both forward (up) and reverse (down) motions. The motor has two male prongs...the down-motion male prong goes into the brown wire side of the female plug connector, the up-motion male prong goes into the blue wire side of the female plug connector. The motor sits in a plastic plug that does not have a ground. We think that the brown and blue wires act as alternating power / ground, i.e, brown as power and blue as ground (to lower the window), then blue for power and brown as ground (to raise the window). I then plugged the motor into the female plug from the up/down window control switch. Using the window control switches, I tried to lower the window or raise the window....it does not work. Note that the drivers side window switch for the drivers side window works fine, so I doubt that it's a fuse or circuit breaker problem. We ran some more tests; ....down motion via jumpering the brown male motor prong to the brown wire on the female plug, and a ground wire on the blue male motor prong, and depressed the window switch down.....it worked properly. Doing the same test on the up switch with the blue wire did not work. So the switch's down motion works, but the switch's up motion does not work. Through several tests we found that the brown female wire was providing power, but the blue wire is not providing power and is not a good ground.
    Here are some possibilities: when the original motor burned out, the window switch circuit board up-function might have fried. I'll check the circuit board for any visual signs damage. Another possibility is the blue wire is broken....which is going to be tough to find.
    I'm trying to find a wiring diagram, but no luck so far.
    Has anyone had similar problems with this vehicle (or Olds Sillouette or Chevy Lumina APV)?
    Any suggestions?
    Many thanks,
    Jack Hirneisen
  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Member Posts: 64
    I think I found the problem.....when the right front power window motor shorted out, it fried the right window up/down switch. I finally found the problem with help of a wiring diagram...obtained by my friend from AllDataPro.com (a pay for use site) and I ran about 25 different tests.
    Jack in Colorado
  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Member Posts: 64
    If you want to view a summary of the Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for your vehicle, go to: http://www.alldatadiy.com/
    Then on the right margin it will ask; "Choose Car Year". Enter the year, i.e. 1999.
    It will then come back asking for model, etc.
    I entered mine; a 1999 Pontiac Montana 3.4 Litre V-6.
    I got 3 Recalls and 148 TSBs. Click on: http://www.alldatadiy.com/TSB/49/994902gn.html
    to see my results. That's about all you get for free. You will need to subscribe to their service for more detailed info, or find a friend that subscribes.
    Good luck.
    Jack in Colorado
  • montana99montana99 Member Posts: 3
    Hello, I just bought a 99 Pontiac transport Montana that has most of the bells and whistles.It has 241,000kms on it.
    3 problems. 1. when I first bought it the gas gauge would go to full and as i drove it a few blocks it would fall to empty. At Cdn Tire they told me to put an additive (Valvoline) in the gas tank, now the gauge went to full and stayed there, no more movement. the vehicle had been sitting idle since last fall.
    2. the rear door refuses to open with either the flicker or the hard key, it clicks but won't open.
    3. Also the clock doesn't lit up and the volume control doesn't operate as it should.
    Any ideas???
  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Member Posts: 64
    For the gas gauge.....might be a bad gas gauge sending unit which is in the gas tank. GM had lots of problems with this part which was supplied by an outside vender. They issued a TSB on it, but you probably have too many miles on your vehicle to qualify for a free replacement.
    Jack in Colorado
  • montana99montana99 Member Posts: 3
    Hi Jack
    Thanks for the response. Briefly, yesterday the led lit up on my radio, after I switched off the ignition and restarted, it wouldn't lit up again. As far as the rear latch and the gas gauge are concerned, when we buy vehicles in Ontario, they have to be safetied and these two items are part of the package so I'll go back to the dealer I bought it from for correction. I was hoping to find someone who had first hand knowledge of these two problems to save time, hope the mechanic knows.
  • mlkuttermlkutter Member Posts: 4
    Having problems with the passenger automatic sliding door on my 2000.
    Gets stuck often to the point that we don't use that side anymore.
    Any suggestions?
  • mlkuttermlkutter Member Posts: 4
    Having the same problem here.
    Have you heard anything back?
  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Member Posts: 64
    My 1999 Montana was recalled 3 times for "failure to sense an obstruction in the path of the door while closing". And it still refuses to close now and then. What does the dealer say?
    Jack in Colorado
  • montana99montana99 Member Posts: 3
    On further investigation, when the ignition is turn on just prior to start and I wait say--- 5 seconds--- the gauge will then give me a true reading which leads one mechanic to think it's a faulty ground. The rear latch door issue , the same mechanic thinks is a faulty solenoid. Any other opinions???
  • taureanataureana Member Posts: 1
    We had the same problem. It was very easy to have fixed. It was either a sensor that quit working that we got replaced or a fuse. I'll check with my husband and ask him, he should remember better than me and I'll reply with the results tomorrow.
  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Member Posts: 64
    I bought a new "Pig Tail" at the dealer...expensive, but new.
    The junk yard had them from a wreck at half the price, but so many are failing I thought it was worth the extra $$$.
    Jack in Colorado.
  • cmfakescmfakes Member Posts: 1
    I picked up my van from the body shop today after having a dent in the door repaired/repainted. When I reached my destination and got out of the car, the key in ignition warning was flashing and chiming, even though the key was not in the ignition. Anyone have suggestions on what might be causing this malfunction?? Thx.
  • green2007green2007 Member Posts: 1
    my sliding door doesn't work
  • montana2001montana2001 Member Posts: 3
    The automatic sliding door fails to unlock when an unlock button is pushed on any door. This causes the door not to open when the over-head "open/close" button is pushed, I can hear it trying to unlock, but it won't and I have to do it manually. Is the switch to tight or not enough current to make it pop? This is for a 2001 Montana. I am having similar break and signal issues that others have reported. Thanks for the advice on what to look for, I'll get that fixed. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  • thaskampthaskamp Member Posts: 1
    All my service light, then Reduces Engine power in my 2006 montana sv6, I checked all connectors and fuses, can't seem to find a Short anywhere, anyone have any better Idea where the problem in electrical system is?
  • lisartlisart Member Posts: 5
    my 99 montana is doing the same except now it doesn't open at all.
  • rdwngrdwng Member Posts: 1
    Wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to this. Go to my 2001 Pontiac Montana in the morning and automatic doorlock and power windows dont work. I hear a clicking noise in the fuse panel. I checked switched a couple fuses and nothing changes. Around midday, the windows/door lock will "miracously" work and clicking is on and off still. Any suggestions on what to try?
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    I can only guess, but its sounds like an electrical supply problem. I am not familiar with the Montana, but I think first I would check the hot connection to the under hood fuse box (from battery) to see if it is loose or maybe corroded. Also seeing as it is a 2001, does it still have original battery (it may be getting tired)?
  • akoronkowskiakoronkowski Member Posts: 1
    It's crazy and I was wondering if anyone else has seen this.

    It goes dead, we replace it and everything works for a while. It's been about once a year we wind up replacing it. This time, the battery was under warranty, so at least that.

    If it were the alternator, I think we'd know. If there's a ground somewhere, you'd think if it sat idle for a few days, it'd go dead.

    It happens all at once and when it does, it won't hold a charge.

    Am I missing anything?
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    It kinda sounds like parasitic battery drain, and since it takes so long, could be pretty miserable to find.
  • charm5scottcharm5scott Member Posts: 1
    I also have a 2001 Pontiac Montana and I also had the same problem except my problem was with the left rear light fixture. That may rule out the exhaust as a common cause and it just may be a cheap plastic connector issue. I replaced the connector with a new one ($59 with pigtails) and the van works just fine now. I checked the right rear light fixture connector and it was fine. Thanks for posting this problem. It saved me a lot of money.
  • willy11willy11 Member Posts: 1
    I have similar problems with my 2003 Montana; drivers side passenger slider (automatic) now won't work at all...is locked shut and can't be opened either manually or with any buttons; what did you find out about yours? Thanks.
  • 05montana05montana Member Posts: 1
    I tried to read the article ont this site and can't. My vehicle has been starting just fine. The other day, I tried to start it, but it wouldn't start. You could almost hear a noise like....a release of air compression. All of the lights work fine. Starter maybe? It's still under extended warranty. I tried again 5 minutes later and it was fine. Now this morning (two days later), it won't start again. I have just had a transmission redone, the fuel sensor replaced, and am scheduled to have the dash cluster replaced due to a inaccurate spedometer AND fuel guage. Any suggestions on the current issue? Any more I should know about?

  • bebz75bebz75 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem on my 2001 Pontiac Montana and did the same thing you did... replaced the tail light connector and the circuit board as well...however while my husband is connecting the wires he sparked it and somehow blew a fuse...we checked the fuse and replaced the burned one but unfortunately all our turn signals wont work...we checked the signal light flasher but there's nothing wrong with it...does anybody knows something that we missed??? we need help...
  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Member Posts: 64
    Sorry to take so long to reply. I was out of town.
    The Montana has a fuse box AND a Circuit Breaker Box,,,it might be "tripped".
    To reset, see the owners manual.
  • bebz75bebz75 Member Posts: 2
    Jack, thank you so much for responding to my post...everythings working great now... ;):)
  • aztoazto Member Posts: 2
  • aztoazto Member Posts: 2
    I have 99 Pontiac Montana. Its front wiper only runs on high, dosn't work on any other setting. Does anyone ecncounter this problem and do you know what was the problem, switch or module?
  • kwoodmankwoodman Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Montana and my wipers (front) only work on high as well. Also, the fan for the heater/air conditioner doesn't work on 3. (very weird)
    Does anyone know what to do about the wipers? It is becoming a big problem.
  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Member Posts: 64
    Yes...I believe there are little circuit boards (about 1 inch by 2 inches) up inside the dash area that control the wiper delays and fan speeds (might be 1 board for each function). The heater fan delay board cost me about $75. I had my mechanic friend do the work for $100..... as it is impossible to do the work unless you are an alien with 12 arms!
    Good luck.
    Jack in Colorado
  • stiffchickenstiffchicken Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Montana the rear taillights on either side are not working when the brake is applied.The centre light does work on the tailgate.Bulbs are ok.,turn signals work fine as well as 4 way flasher any suggestions where to look first :(
  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Member Posts: 64
    This is a common problem which we have talked about several times on this web-site.
    Could be two different problems..
    1. simply a tail light bulb is burned out and causing a false reading in the computer or a power feedback.
    2. but probably it's a short in the tail light fixture (pig-tail). The pig-tail supplier used a plastic that could not withstand the heat, so the black power wire is shorting out on one or more wires (in the pig-tail). You will need to remove the tail light fixture, cut out the defective pig-tail (smell the burned plastic, and view the melted female recepticals!!??), install the new pig-tail, be sure to use a di-electric grease in the new socket, install new bulbs and test.
    Good luck.
    This problem has been reported on the NHTSA web-site, but GM refuses to do the recall.
  • garvinkgarvink Member Posts: 2
    I have lost one of the two keys to my 2002 montana. I had a spare made and it will not start the vehicle. Does anyone know of a way to bypass the theft deterrent system so that the new key will work? My van is not really worth much money so i am not too concerned with it being stolen. If anyone has any advice or information i would appreciate it very much.

    I think this is the correct place to post this.

  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    Is the spare an official one with the chip in it? Also do you have one key that still works? If so feel free to send me an e-mail and I may know how to get it working
  • alexm99alexm99 Member Posts: 1
    same here , i have a 2003 and the numb#3 on my fan doesnt work and now we are having wiper issues... that's a big coincidence if you ask me.. and of course GM doesnt know whats going on but they don't hesitate in wasting my time and money
  • jdipietrojdipietro Member Posts: 2
    Two problems:
    The passenger side seat heater does not work

    the passenger side UNLOCK doesnt work.. you can Lock, but the switch doesnt work to Unlock..

    All fuses look good, any thoughts??
  • brett13brett13 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2000, and I just changed the oil! Warning light comes on saying time to change the oil?? I have over 2500 miles left on the oil change. Any ideas anyone? Also , I hear this happens alot with Montana, the gas sensor is broke. My needle shows full tank all the time! I heard eight hundred dollars to fix, so I will keep it full for now! If this has happened to anyone else, or you have any ideas on what I should do , please respond back. Thank you!!
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