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Mazda MPV Electrical System/Lights



  • shwoogyshwoogy Posts: 3
    Did you find out about the headlights. I have a Mazda 1994 MPV and the lights come on by themselves, unless high beams are on and now the alarm is now activated by itself, so I have to reset it by the battery every time I get in the car!
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  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
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  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    Hello All!
    I have not posted in a bit about MY problems - latest is the CHECK ENGINE light coming on again! Two times in the past 2 weeks - once for a misfire on #4 plug. Took to my trusty local service person who said it may get moisture in the coil assembly due to a bad rubber seal? We decided against doing anything, resetting the light and it seems fine now. It did stumble for one day but finally dried out I guess. Ugh! This has happened off and on since I got this unit new in 2003. It usually happens in a heavy rain where all of a sudden the engine will start stumbling until it dries out again. Great Mazda design I guess??
    Second Check Eng. Light came on again - this time due to a "Random Misfire". Could not pinpoint which location it was though. This rig is a bundle of puzzles and mysteries for sure. When it runs it is sweet yet - after 122K miles!! When it starts acting weird, I get nervous and think I'm on borrowed time!
    Anyone else out there have this stuff happen to you? Anyone still have their MPV after this many miles??? I think I'm getting to be in no man's land now!! Many of the people who use to post here are long gone now due to selling off these puppies!
    Thanks, TCC
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,444
    You probably need to go ahead and replace #4 coil. You don't want to be out in a heavy downpour, or on a trip, and have it start acting up. It's easy to replace 4,5 and 6 coils.

    Many of the people who use to post here are long gone now due to selling off these puppies!

    A lot joined the MPV Club and still own their MPV's.
  • jag09jag09 Posts: 1
    i have mpv 2004. after gas near empty light was on and i fill up its tank but after driving about 3-4 kms the engine check light came on, i checked the fuel cap and retightened it . but it still stays on, checked the engine oil found on min. level . Any one know what can go wrong, has there any shop in canada which do free scan, thanks
  • SAME PROBLEM!!! The dealer acts as if I am crazy. I ended up changing out the #4 plug/coil. I've had several quirky issues with this MPV, which will be my last. There is an electrical problem with my MPV and now I suspect that it is common among the 2003-2004 model years. Now, my A/C is draining the life out of my second battery in 5 years. I feel as if I am treating symptoms because Mazda and its service providers cannot figure out the actual cause.

    I'm selling as soon as this latest issue is resolved.
  • minichrtminichrt Posts: 1
    We have the exact same issue with our 2001 MPV how was your issue resolved? The dealer wanted 3000 to fix ours as well. This certainly should have been a recall as a major safety issue.
  • buzzkbuzzk Posts: 15
    We had the [sometimes dramatic!] 'bucking" problem, also called "rough shiftting," when our 2004 MPV was about -or less than- a year old; we were told somewhere, I can't remember exactly, [but NOT by Mazda!], that it was a software problem & the dealers had a "software fix" that would work; We took it to the local dealer, who knew about it, and told us they installed that "software fix" & it generally has worked well since then. A little later, we also had them put in a new, supposedly very sophisticaed synthetic trannie fluid from BG. can't say that it's done anything we notice, but the tranny works well so far & their claims *sound* impressive. In the past I've used one of their products for manual trannies I thought was very impressive. the autotranny fluid is, however, fairly expensive.. anyway, the software fix really should work, try it & let us know, OK?.

    cheers, BK
  • After my mechanic fixed a couple of things related to a check engine light, some sensor problem I believe, all the warning lights on the dash stay on continuously now. He said it was probably that the computer needed to be reset and said it would probably be $100 to have Mazda do it. Does this sound right? Anyway I can do something about it myself? Is it fuse related?
    It's a 2002 MPV LX, original owner, about 70k miles.
  • Hi New to this too.
    Got a Mazda MPV 2003, 2ltr Deisel. Have had since 04. Problems.
    Electrics, driver window stuck down, had motor ,regulator and control unit replaced window now fine £700 later. However cental locking system had been playing up before this , key fob no longer works despite battery change, F passenger door lock dodgy, alarm goes off 90% of time on unlocking front doors, is only fine from rear. Mechanic had reckoned control unit replacement would possibly help but it didn't. Any ideas?
    Also excessive engine oil usage ,1 ltr per week approx. alot of smoke discharge from exhaust white and black on starting& acceleration. This despite oil & filter changes and additives to oil and fuel. No leak. ?
  • My Mazda is idleing very high when started. RPM is up to 1.5 and will not idle down at all. Did anyone have this proble before?
  • I see some of the above commentary and wonder if these problems with this model is what is causing the same thing in a friend's MPV. She is a great lady from our church who has had to replace at least 3 coil packs recently. She just spent over $700 in the last month alone on what I believe to be electrical issues. She was on her way to her mother's home in North Carolina for Thanksgiving when the van just started going haywire. The engine light came on and a 3 hour trip took nearly 5 hours because she said she lost power and when she gave it gas it felt like it was going to shut down on her. She finally got there and took it to a garage where they did 3 or 4 hundred bucks work of whatever(I didn't see her bills from either garage, the one before and this one, so I don't really know ALL they did) Well, I think she said it was another coil pack, #5 this time. Now that was a little over a week ago, and she called me this morning and told me that the trouble has returned exactly the same way as she was taking her young son to an appointment. I have an OBD2 scanner and offered to scan the computer for her and go from there. This thing sound nightmarish to me! Why does this van seem to have a lot of trouble with coil packs? Seems to me there has to be an underlying electrical issue at play here. I asked her to call a friend of mine in the service dept. of our local Mazda dealership and see if there were any service bulletins issues about this problem. If anyone can steer me in the right direction here, I'd deeply appreciate it, and I hope you all have a joyous Holiday Season!!
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,444
    The 2004 MPV doesn't have coil packs. They have individual coils for each spark plug. The #5 is in the front and should have been very easy to replace... 5 minutes. The 1-3 coils are on the back of engine and require an hour and a half of labor. The coils are problematic, and as such I wouldhave your friend ask Mazda replacement under "goodwill". A poor design allows water to foul the coil. I had a coil go bad after running through a large water puddle during a downpour. Even though I was 4 k miles out of warranty, Mazda replaced under goodwill. You might also want to check the PCV hose, as there has been widespread problems with it as well... similar symptoms. I read a step by step "how to do a full coil replacement" on the MPVclub web site, if you're fairly handy it is something you could do and save your friend some big money.
  • Thanks, jipster, for your comment.I will add that to my list of things to look for if I ever get to our friends house to look at her MPV. It's cold here in Pa now, and my back has been bothering me to the point where it's been difficult to solve MY OWN vehicle issues. I also learned from another blogger that his Idle Air Solenoid got carboned up and after he cleaned it and the throttle body as well, his MPV ran a lot better. Thanks for the heads-up about the PCV, I'll check that too. She is fortunate she has another vehicle to drive, but she wants to take her van down to NC for Christmas. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this soon. P.S. Can you give me info for that Mazda MPV website on how to do those coil repairs? Thanks!
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,444
    There are many "do it yourself" posts at How to replace the coils has a pretty cool step by step instructional complete with photos... it is under the "Problems" forum. There is also more info on how to replace a PCV hose.
  • Hi, Jipster. I did have an opportunity to use my OBD2 on our friend's 04' MPV. I got a code PO303, which translated into a #3 cylinder misfire that no doubt means that her #3 coil has shorted out, causing her problem. She clarified for me that the last one she had replaced(only about 3 weeks ago now) was the #5 coil. So now in the last 2 months, she's replace her #1, #5, and now needs the #3 if she wants to get this thing running which, by the way, it a nice looking vehicle. I didn't look at the odometer to see how many miles is on it. She told me she had that PCV hose replaced a while ago, and I told her about another readers de-carbonizing proceedure involving the IAC on top of the throttle body and how using Gumout he was able to get his to work better. She is going to put her van in a shop this week as she wants to take it to NC over Christmas. So hopefully this issue will get corrected, but I told her husband that I'd think twice before buying one of these vehicles, given what I've read here on these blogs about it. Sounds to me that some engineer at Mazda was asleep at the design table when this model was conceived!
  • shahidcshahidc Posts: 7
    MAZDA 2002, 80K,Japanees esembled; engine light problem one year ago made me to, change all coils, all spark plugs.Now Light comes back for misfire #4 cylinder, also sometimes code says O2 sensor close by catalytic converter bad. I have used fuel injector cleaner few times but light comes back off and on. My question is how to locate cylinder #'s and what should I try now?
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,444
    edited March 2010
    Cylinders are: (back of engine towards driver)

    #1 #2 #3
    Then the next 3, which are easy to get to, are in the front towards the radiator.
    #4 #5 #6

    May check the coil and plug in cylinder 4 since it's easy to get to ( a couple of bolts), though I can of doubt it would go bad so early. Throttle body may need direct contact cleaning.
  • shahidcshahidc Posts: 7
    Thank you jipster,

    I replaced the new #4coil which I put and swaped with the old one for checking that I had last year. I drove the van and light came back again. I also checked the #4plug which by looking at it just burning fuel right like the other cylinders(no carbon on it, same gap, no debbrie). I use one fuel injector cleaner once a month(Lucas) since this problem. I changed my air filter last year and cleaned throtle body last year. After all this supported information what would be your suggestion?
  • shahidcshahidc Posts: 7
    I am just a owner of 2002 mpv and having similar problems off and on and look like is a pain to me because I very sensitive about cars. Anyhow to give you some ides that the O2 cost about $200 a piece at Auto Advance and there are three sensors. It will cost you abut $150 (not dealer price) labor cost.
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