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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • cathy805cathy805 Posts: 5
    I did my first car wash on my 1 week old LX V6. And I'm wondering if any of you can tell me how to unhook the drivers side floor mat from the floor. It's very perplexing, and I'm embarrassed to take it to the dealer for this problem. Nothing in the car manual will explain the procedure. Thanks, for any advise.
  • jimmydelrayjimmydelray Posts: 38
    Shimmy at 80mph......won't go over 85mph. No not the tires, the engine seems to cause the shimmy. No problem as long as you don't go 80mph????? Can this be a governor or something.....

  • ii31ii31 Posts: 24
    Hi Cathy,

    The driver side floormat is kept in place with
    a plastic hook. Just lift the mat near the hook/hole,
    move the floormat towards the seat. It will come out.
    Trick is to lift the floormat a little as the hook is like


    Give it a shot.

  • my1stsuvmy1stsuv Posts: 4
    I have done 15,000 Km in my Escape and have two major problems with the design. First the inflexible ventilation system. You cannot turn off the air conditioning system (A/C) in either of the defrost modes. You cannot get other than A/C air to the windshield, if you drive in the defrost mode the A/C will be on all the time, and this makes worse the second problem - the poor fuel consumption. Anybody have the same view on the A/C design? Ford needs to add an A/C button to turn on/off the A/C in any mode, per many truely Japanese designed vehicles. When driving in damp or wet weather you need to switch back to defrost occasionallly to clear the screen. Non A/C air to the windshield all the time is the best mode, with air to your feet at the same time. Most of my drivers do not like the air from the vents, therefore the only mode of choice is air to the feet, and this makes the mist build-up on the windshield the worst in damp weather.

    In the A/C mode also you cannot select where the air is vented, but this would be solved if the A/C button was provided in all modes.

    Any comments!!!!!
  • my1stsuvmy1stsuv Posts: 4
    I have one of the first XLT models built without wheel arch trims (looks like an XLS) and in Canada, Ford are fitting four mud flaps and offering $1,000 compensation, because the vehicle does not meet Canadian wheel splash requirements. Mud and snow does splash up onto the sidestep bars in the winter, and has scratched the plastic trim. Maybe the mud flaps will make a difference, but I will have to wait until next winter to find out.

    Anybody accepted the Ford offer, or received a better deal. I would like to hear your comments ASAP!!!!!
  • goblue93goblue93 Posts: 1
    I have had my Escape 4wd XLT for 2.5 weeks. Over the weekend we noticed a high pitched whining sound coming from what I assume is the interior fan unit located under the dash on the passenger's side of the car. Sound increases in intensity as you turn the fan control higher, but the noise also comes and goes, particularly after you give it a light tap. Any thoughts? Besides that we love the car, drives great.
  • jmlagascajmlagasca Posts: 37
    I had the same thing when I first got my ES Trib. I did exactly the same thing you're doing now. It was basically a fan that was "breaking in."

    Although, the sound only recently went away (I got the Trib at new years, I haven't heard in for the last month or so), after a month the problem was sporadic, only occuring once every 2 weeks or so.

    If you want to get rid of the sound right now bring it to your dealer and see if they can replace the fan on the warranty, I don't think the problem will end then though as the new fan may have the same problem. Otherwise, wait it out and handle it the same way you're handling it right now. It should go away with time...
  • cathy805cathy805 Posts: 5
    I'll give it another go. I thought I did that, but I guess I was just a wee bit too gentle (new car, and all). What's annoying is that when following your advise you tend to dump any dirt on your floormat onto the carpet, creating a bigger mess. And so it goes.

  • firstnamefirstname Posts: 45
    My 2001 Escape XLT V6 4x4 is barely 600 miles, so I have no problems or complaints to report. I'm simply thrilled about owning and driving this amazing little SUV.

    The messages on this forum, especially from last year, seem to mention a lot of "recalls." But the NHTSA web site does not list the Escape -- which is a good thing.

    Where can I find a complete list of items, either minor or major, that Ford and Mazda had to recall on the 2000 and 2001 Escape and Tribute?
  • baja343baja343 Posts: 1
    On several different occasions I have had problems starting my ES-V6 Mazda Tribute. The tribute would not start up after it has set for 30 mins to 3hrs. I start up the tribute reach my destinations but when I get back into the vehicle to leave (the mall, supermarket) it will not start up. In order for it to start I pump the gas for at least 3mins. Took it in to be check but they could not find anything wrong. Has anyone else have this problem.
  • drhb1drhb1 Posts: 14
  • gnomicgnomic Posts: 11
    From the Ford site:

    To be eligible for a refund you must have:

    Paid to replace your Firestone Wilderness AT tires on the following vehicles, between the dates of August 1, 2000, and May 22, 2001

    1991 through 2002 Ford Explorer

    1997 through 2002 Mercury Mountaineer

    1991 through 2001 Ranger

    1999 through 2001 Expedition

    1991 through 1994 F-Series

    1991 through 1994 Bronco

  • drhb1drhb1 Posts: 14

  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    Before you purchase your Escape.... #1. See if the Ford/Mazda dealer will place Goodyear Wrangler tires on for you... If not tell them to take the amount it will cost to have them put on @ Goodyear... then go and have them put the better tires on. When I purchased (which is on order) I told them I want Goodyear on the Escape or knock $1000 off and I'll go get my own put on... All in all, dealer knocked $1000 off final price.

    #2.. For recalls and TSB's goto : Http:// That web site gives you TSB's and Recall's for EVERY vehicle.

  • ke4yydke4yyd Posts: 30
    The url you gave only goes through year 2000.
  • curreycurrey Posts: 144
    It makes sense that if the Escape or Tribute came with Wilderness AT tires then they would be under the recall. However, I think most of the Escapes and Tributes came with the Wilderness HT tire (not part of the recall yet). Participant, a frequent poster to these forums, does have a Tribute witn the ATs, so it does appear possible that others out there might be affected by the recall, but, not everyone with a wilderness tire will be.
  • participantparticipant Posts: 29
    I was wrong, they're HTs. Just think what a time Mazda and Ford is going to have with this recall with people like me around.
  • curreycurrey Posts: 144
    Then your post to me in the other forum.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    I saw that Alldata only goes through 2000 (For Now)... I don't know when they might be adding the 2001 recall/tsb's, maybe near June.... but I'm not sure. I just said that it is a good web site for checking for any Recalls/TSB's on any/all vehicles. I did notice though some recall took awhile to be shown on there sometimes.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    NHTSA has a new search engine for Recall Campaigns, Technical Service Bulletins, Defect Investigations, and Consumer Complaints. You can find the link from Edmunds' Recalls, Technical Service Bulletins, and Other Good Stuff page.

    Vans, SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards

  • cathy805cathy805 Posts: 5
    I called my sales guy at Mazda and asked him to check to see if the recalls effect "us."

    He assured me they do not! Take that for what it worth, but I'm tending to believe him.
  • drhb1drhb1 Posts: 14
    Thanks Curry, your point is well taken. On my Trib ES, I have the HT tires, and just assumed they were ATs. I doubt whether the HTs will be added, as the recall is already gigantic.
  • sodapopzsodapopz Posts: 2
    i'm looking to buy 2 DX-V6 tributes....but,since it's a new vehicle that has just been released,it still isn't proven,i've been reading about all the little glitches it has and i'd like to wait for the 2002's to come out because most of the problems should be ironed out by that model year.
    does anybody have any info on when that might be?i know most new vehicles are released during the end of summer and early fall,i'm wondering if that's the case for the tribute.also,what would the increase in price be,if any?thanks,any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    I waxed my car (first time) today. I got some on the cladding & can't get it out.
  • verscapeverscape Posts: 3
    We've had our XLT for almost 6 months and have been extremely happy with it. Today, however, it failed to start. The electronics were working, so I doubt its the battery, and, after a number of attempts, it finally revved and everything was fine. Then, after the car had been parked for a couple of hours, the same thing happened, except that it just never started. The dealer has been accommodating thus far, providing a loaner and covering the tow, but a car that doesn't start is pretty useless. We have not heard from the dealer, yet. Has this happened to anyone? What was the cause? Are there any bulletins you can point me to? Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks.
  • sowegasowega Posts: 6
    When looking for recalls on the Escape, search
    "fordtruck". Then you can find the Escape in the drop down list.
  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    Take a dampened cloth of WD40 and rub the affected area briskly. Wipe clean and then apply Mothers Back to Black[available at Walmart,Pep Boys,etc.]If that fails [and it shouldn't] you can apply liquid black shoe polish with a Q.-tip [only on the black areas,such as the door handles and roof rack}. If it is on your cladding, the Back to Black should work {it is not black, but a white creamy solution that dries the same color as your cladding. This might take two applications, but works.
    Don't you also belong to the Escape Yahoo Club??
    There is also a detail club at the Yahoo site that goes into this type of discussion.
    Back to Black Tronsr [NORT]
  • verscapeverscape Posts: 3
    The dealer advises that the problem was with the theft-proof igntion key system, the replacement for which was ordered Wednesday, arrived Thursday, and the car was good to be picked up today.
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    Thanks for your advice. I picked up some "Mothers" today & will give it a try. Also, can I use this as a protectant like armorall?
    Yes I do belong to the Escape Club, but I haven't visited lately.
  • firstnamefirstname Posts: 45
    I, too, just waxed my Escape for the first time. The excess wax on the lower grey plastic does not wipe off easily. What's the best solution for that?
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