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I hate my Traverse



  • 2thebeach2thebeach Posts: 6
    edited September 2010
    Purchased 7/2010 Made trip to Disney in Orlando from Virginia w 4 passengers onboard. Everyone enjoyed the ride and 2 rear buckets w overhead Entertainment Center. Mileage 17-23 both ways. Traded from 2007 Tahoe. LTZ 4WD.
  • My wife (a realtor) bought a 2009 LTZ at the end of the year and now has about 8,000 miles on it with no mechanical problems. Mileage is about 14 around town and 25-28 at 70-75 on the Interstate, This is about the same mileage as my 03 DeVille so I'll sell it and drive her car on trips.

    The only problems have been loose side moldings,, a missing DVD for the Nav., a bad seat belt lock, and now the courtesy lights on the overhead won't turn on when the doors open. They never did but I rarely drive the car and discovered it the other day. My dealer has been great. If I had the problems the above owner had I would give the car back under the lemon law.
  • In April 2010, my wife and I brought home a Traverse, LT, with "Travelers Edition" package (Nav, DVD, rear audio controls, wireless headsets, etc). Now, as of Nov 2010, it has 11,000 miles, and no real problems at all. The DVD player needed to be replaced (stopped playing DVDs), but the dealership (Herritage/Mile One in Owings Mills, MD) has been very easy to work with and provided a loaner with no hassle.

    My wife avergages about 19.5 mpg on her commute, which is about 70% hwy. When I drive it, I tend to average about 22-23 mpg hwy (lighter foot, more Cruise Control). I was able to wring more than 25 mpg out of it on a 600 mile trip down I-95 back in August.

    Only complaint (which is minor) is that the transmission sometimes goes "gear hunting" when speeding up quicky after decelerating (like when merging into traffic between two highways). However, for me, this was mostly a matter of getting used to the peculiarities of the vehicle and adjusting accordingly.

    In any case, our experience is very, very positive with the vehicle so far, and we recommend it highly. Very spacious, reliable, comfortable family hauler. :D


  • Jwally,

    I have had unending problems with my Traverse. It's been in the shop 11 times in 19 months. Never for the same problem twice. I'm not sure who you're dealing with at corporate but when I brought this problem to them they agreed to assist me in getting out of this car. Did you ever think that maybe part of the problem is that you're so hostile? If you immediately attack someone on the phone or at the dealership they are less likely to help you. The dealership where I bought my car has been very professional and helpful. GM corporate has been very helpful in assisting me with this problem. I'm quite satisfied with the responses I've received. Have you also heard that sometimes a bad one comes off thel ine? It happens. My last vehicle was worse. I have every intention of buying a 2011 Traverse LS 8 passenger.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    You stated your vehicle has been at the shop 11 times in 19 months. I am checking in to see if everything has been taken care of. Please keep me updated.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • Caron,
    We're working on getting it taken care of. The dealership is working with GM to get me out of this car and into a 2011. So far I've been satisfied with all that's happened to help me out. GM says they can't exactly figure out what's wrong with the car this time around (which is a first) but they're willing to help me get out of it. I'm hoping that by this time next week I'll be driving a new car. I never expected the dealership or GM to help me out here so it came as quite the surprise when they told me they would help me get out of this car. It also helped that they did all the service on the car. They had ALL the records on how much this car has been in and what it's been in for. Thanks for checking in with me. I'll keep you posted.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Glad to hear the dealership and GM Customer Assistance are helping you! Definitely keep me posted. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us directly.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • plumbobby0plumbobby0 Posts: 4
    I have to say that you are one of the chosen few. I bought the LTZ, which cost way more than the SUV it replaced, a Cadillac SRX. The change came about because of the problems with the transmission in the SRX, only to find that the Traverse has exactly the same problem. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone and if I hadn't put a sizeable deposit on it I would hand it back!!. Having say this I hope your luck holds out and you got one of the few good ones.
  • plumbobby0plumbobby0 Posts: 4
    I suppose you could say that most makes and models give some minor problems but the Traverse, and it seems any GM that uses the same transmission, have a problem that can be potentially dangerous in that accelerating hard can actually cause your vehicle to HESITATE and if you are overtaking another vehicle or even if you are just acelarating the gearshift can jump 2-3 gears back which causes the engine to retard momentarily and slow the vehicle down. I have my Traverse up for sale and I am prepared to lost over $10,000 just to get rid of it, that is how scared this problem makes me.
  • plumbobby0plumbobby0 Posts: 4
    I would be very interested in the types and severity of your problems with the vehicle and in particular the problem that they couldn't resolve.
  • safety9285safety9285 Posts: 88
    This is the same POS that GMC calls and Acadia. If you think the Traverse has problems take a look at the Acadia Forum!!!! :lemon:
  • mej1965mej1965 Posts: 6
    Will you help with mine, too. I bought my Traverse in May of 09. It has had 6 steering gears replaced, the drivers seat has been replaced three times. There is a chirping in the engine they say is the fuel injectors but there is no fix for this. I have had a new master cylinder and now the brake boosters have gone bad. I have made numerous reports to the customer service numbers and have treated rudely. At this stage I want one of three things to happen, a new vehicle, to buy me out of this one, or extend the bumper to bumper warrenty for an additional 24 months.
  • I hope I'm responding to the correct name here - plumbobby0.

    I have been experiencing the same transmission problems myself recently. I have a 2011 Traverse, it will be a year old mid September. I have had 4 incidents now wothing the last 3 months when on the highway. Twice when going about 70mph and give it more gas to pass another vehicle and my car revs super high and doesn't move. It's really scary. Another time coming out of a toll booth going about 30mph and I gave it gas hoping to pass an 18 wheeler and my car reved again and didn't move. OMG...I thought I was going to get hit by that truck. Last time going 50mph and gave it more gas and same thing. It feels like it slipped into neutral and everytime I have to ease of the gas pedal, wait a second and then accelerate again. I've brought it into the dealership and of course there's nothing wrong with it and it's my fault because I don't drive it correctly (they actually had the nerve to say they believe I drive full throttle). They lied about the tests they did. Said they would drive it on the highway and try to simulate the same occurances and didn't even run any scans on it. I received the invoice and questioned all there stupid notes and knew they lied about it. They are pretty good actors until you call them out on a lie - they choke..ha ha! I have read other complaints about this exact problem with this model and year. I am trying desperately to find a solution to this problem but nothing yet. Am I safe to say you haven't had it fixed since you put it up for sale? It is a very scary problem indeed. I drive like a little old lady in the slow lane always anticipating it now.
  • You think the transmission going "gear hunting" is minor. I have had this problem 4 times now with my 2011 Traverse and it's been beyond scary...even more so when you are traveling with 3 young children!!! I've been on the highway going about 70mph when my vehicle does the exact thing. I am damn lucky I haven't been rear-ended yet or side swiped when attempted to change lanes. The vehicle isn't even a year old and the dealership's service dept claims there is nothing is wrong with it until I can prove it in their presense. I am a very good driver and it has nothing to do with getting use to your vehicle...when you press the gas pedal you should accelerate not hesitate or stay in neutral. I hope you don't have anymore problems with's very scary. STAY SAFE
  • You got the right person, and I understand your reservations. I eventually sold my traverse and found out that the GM line have the same 6 speed transmission on almost all of there vehicles. I firmly believe in buying domestic and have been a GM man for as long as I can remember so the decision on a new vehicle was tough. I eventually ended up with a GMC terrain. It has a the same transmission but I haven't had problems of any kind. I'm on my second one now, I changed to a 6 cyl. from a 4 and now I am very happy. Good luck luck with your traverse and maybe loosen up on the pedal a little, it helped me.
  • We're very sorry to hear that you are not feeling safe in your Traverse, bigladyfish, and that you have not had a good experience in working with your dealership. If you would like for us to look into this further with you, please email us the following information at so we can get a case set up on your behalf: your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership along with details about your recent visit there regarding this matter (including date(s) if possible).

    Regards -
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I just purchased a 2012 traverse about 3 months ago. I have 4500 miles on it and I have started to have similar problems. For me, if I am going about 35-50 MPH let off the gas and then try to accelerate again, it does not want to go. Does the same "gear seaching". It has caused me to have to pull off the road to get out of traffic. So far the dealership has more than willing to try and help. I did have to go back in and take the technician for a ride to reproduce the problem for him, but they were willing to take it back in and relook at it.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Congratulations on your new Traverse, although we're sorry to hear that you're having troubles with it. If you would like for us to follow up on this with your dealership, please email us at (include your name and contact information, a brief summary of the situation, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • rcrachalrcrachal Posts: 1
    My 2009 has been gear searching since I got it. Of course, the computer and the mechanic say there is nothing wrong with it. Regardless, it can be scary.
    I recently had my timing chain replaced but now I'm out of warranty. I think my transmission is failing but I wanted to have the timing checked...just to be sure. They just informed me that there is no warranty extension on the chain, even though it was replaced 6 months ago. So even if it goes bad tomorrow...I'm own my own.
    So my transmission is probably going out and I've got a wild card timing chain.
    I love my car, but I've hated the engine from the very beginning!
  • I bought a 2012 Traverse in at the end of July this summer. It has now been in the shop 11 times. The brakes sound like metal on metal (dealership says they are fine), the brakes also stutter (dealership says its fine) my mechanic says the rack and pinion is wet (dealership says its fine), and when I start the car it is sounds like a loud clattering noise followed by a gurgling noise (dealership says that is fine also). I feel COMPLETELY unsafe in this car. I have 3 young children and my car is the family car. I am so unsatisfied with my purchase. My husband has a 2008 Silverado and his truck hasn't been in the shop as much as mine has! His 08' runs SO much better than my 12'. I want out of this deal so bad and I feel stuck. I don't know who to trust or what to do next. I am so afraid EVERY time I get behind the wheel of my car that something horrible is going to happen. I don't even want to drive it.
    DO NOT BUY A TRAVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will NEVER BUY A GM product EVER again.......
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello jmainville,

    I am sorry you feel this way based on your current situation. I understand your frustration and concern after being in the shop so many times. We do not want you to feel unsafe in your car. Please reach out to us via email at socialmedia(at) so we can further discuss your issues. Include your contact information, VIN, current mileage and the name and location of the dealer you are working with. We look forward to hearing from you.


    Laura M.
    GM Customer Care
  • I bought my traverse in April of 2011. All was fine for the first several months until I starting hearing a whining noise every time I made a turn. It progressively got worse. When I took it into the dealership they told me it was low on transmission fluid (??) and they filled it up and it would be fine. I asked how it could be low on transmission fluid as it's non-consumable and they looked at me crazy. They gave me some excuse that it takes some cars longer to get all the fluid in all the cracks and crevices. Next the battery died - for no reason. After several jumps within several weeks - we replaced the battery. Shortly after this, the steering wheel starts to make a slight whining noise again - but no where near as bad as previously. (Again the dealership told me there was nothing wrong with it). Next while coming to a light, my car stalled. It started okay and I took it home and made an appointment to take in back into the dealership. On my way to the dealership, my car stalled in the middle of a major highway during rush hour traffic! They ultimately ended up replacing the engine (on a car with less than 50K miles!). The said there was a problem with the crank shaft which in turn damaged the engine beyond repair. Then less then 3 months later my AC stops working. I take it into the shop and they tell me there is no freon. When asked if there was a leak - I was told no. Again, freon doesn't just get used up! There has to be a leak somewhere but I'm told there is not.

    All of this and I've had my car just over 2 years! I will never buy a Chevy again! If I could find a way out of this car now, I would in a heart beat. Unfortunately, I still owe on the loan for another 3 years.
  • I bought my 2010 Chevrolet Traverse LT in November of 2009. My only complaint at the time was the rough ride and terrible traction with the Goodyear Fortera the time I reached 20k miles I wanted to buy new tires. They lasted to 48k miles and I replaced them with a Cooper Tires. However, about 56k my other troubles began. I began to notice a loud whine while driving, after taking it to the dealer, it was found that the transfer gear on the transmission needed to be replaced. They also found that the steering rack was bad and needed replaced. At 57k, I had problems with the traction control and a sensor had to be replaced. At 65k, I had to have a timing chain repaced. At 75k, the water pump had to be replaced. I have replaced the tires again, this time with the Bridgestone Dueler...great tire, have always had a preference to Bridgestone. These were the major issues along with minor things such as warped rotors, lose seats, lose trim, etc. All these items were covered under the warranty at no cost to me other than the inconvience of trips to the dealership.

    However, at just under 100k miles the AC Compressor went out. I carried the GMPP warranty but by the time I was able to get it into the dealer, I was at 100,374 miles. ( I drive the vehicle for work and put 30k miles a year on it so this was only a matter of two days after noticing the AC issue in mid APRIL). The dealer was nice enough to give me a discount on the part and they asked GM to offer some sort of allowance since they would not cover the part under warranty. The repair cost me 1153.00 and I got a letter from GM with a 150.00 service voucher. The letter attached to the voucher made it sound like they were really going out of their way to make this offer.

    Now the big 115k miles, the transmission started slipping in 2nd gear and reverse. After dealership inspection, it is determined that a new transmission is not needed. ( $4000.00 ).

    I have driven Chevrolets for many years. I usually am ready to get a new one after 4 years or about 100k miles. My first new car was the 87 Monte, then a 92 Lumina, 96 cutlass, 2001 Monte, 2005 Monte, 2007 Monte, 2010 Traverse.

    I like my traverse but have NEVER had this many major issues with a vehicle, I would like to get another Traverse in 2014 but not if these issues are a result of a poorly built model. I would like to think that I just got a bad vehicle and it is not an issue that plagues the Traverse line.

    Would like to hear from other owners who may have had similar issues.
  • I hate posting this under this forum, but I'm getting close to the 'hate' phase in this relationship and I need some answers.

    Own a 2011 Traverse LTZ, purchased 2/11. Always have had it serviced (regularly) at the dealer. Have worked with two dealers due to a cross country move, but we are now back at the dealership where we purchased the vehicle.

    No real problems until 4/13, with 26,943 miles. Just like MANY other owners, I heard a noise in the right front when turning. Dealership told me they were replacing my "entire rack & pinion". "We've had problems with those", they said. Overnight at the shop, all fixed.

    8/13, 31694 miles. Went in for service and let them know there was a small leak of some kind. Didn't know what it was. Apparently the case cover gasket wasn't sealing and they found a transmission leak at left bottom case cover casket. Replaced that and replaced axle seal due to axle removal. Replaced speed sensor, which was also leaking. Also, there was a recall for the Water Pump Shaft Seal, which they completed.

    10/22, 33959 miles. Noise from 4/13 has reappeared, and they cannot duplicate. To be fair, when we drove the car together I couldn't hear it either, but told the mechanic that it only did it when the vehicle was cold. He put it on the rack and while he didn't find the cause of the noise, he found that the water pump was leaking. Replaced the water pump.

    Meanwhile, they did a "complimentary" multi-point inspection and told me that my steering fluid was dirty and needed replaced. They told me the same thing about my transmission fluid. I know enough about cars to ask questions, but not enough to already know the answers. However, common sense tells me that if they were in the steering, and in the transmission, wouldn't they have flushed the systems during repair, and if they didn't, isn't this the reason why the fluid was dirty and don't they OWE me this service? SA told me I should leave the car overnight so it could be driven cold by the ST in the a.m. Unfortunately, they said, they could not provide a loaner because the repair for the water pump wasn't more than 2 hours. BUT, if I agreed to flush the trans & steering (at my expense), they could go ahead and give me the loaner overnight.

    We are coming close to the end of the 3/36,000. I'm FED UP with this car and worried that at 37K, the thing is going to blow up and we'll be left holding the bag. I'm furious to have spent $40K on this car; it has less than 35K miles, and has had some pretty major work done to it already - this does not bode well for the future.

    Upon leaving the dealer last week without the steering or trans flush, I asked to speak to the Service Manager, who was "out in meetings for the next couple of days". I asked who was left holding the bag for him while he was gone and I got a blank stare. Called him this morning and left a message, no return call. Called this afternoon and got vmail again. Called the main number and they said, "He is around, but he has been in a meeting..."

    Would appreciate some feedback about whether my "common sense" thoughts about the flushes on the steering and trans are correct, as well as my suspicions that the water pump probably began leaking AFTER the work was done in August on the recall for the water pump. I'm assuming the SM will call at some point...

    Thanks -
  • jdelgadillojdelgadillo Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    I have a 2009 Traverse LT with 80k I been having problems since i hit 50k. Dealer never finds the problem no codes. When going up hill and I have 5 or more passengers the truck pulls itself like it wants to shift when im going 70 mph. So I have to go 65 or 75. Dealer wanted to open the transmission and change me for labor if there was nothing wrong with the transmission. I had called GM and there was nothing GM could do because I dont have bumber to bumper. Why do I need to pay just because they dont know how to trouble shoot. My gas mileage when from 25 on the highway to 16. The dealer said I had carbon build up on the intake because of poor design and wanted to change me to clean it and I said I will take it some where else. When I picked up the truck it had a traction control light on. So I had to leave it, the called me and said they were going to replace the intake for free. Now I get better gas mileage. I get about 21 on the highway. I got this to save gas and it worse than my Yukon. I also have a loud clunking noise when pulling out of a parking space. Sounds like the steering column I notice it at 35k didnt pay much attention since it was to loud, but now is really loud.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    The Traverse is similar to the GMC Acadia. The 3.6 liter powertrain is used throughout GM's lineup now as GM has abandoned their tried and true OHV V6 engines. The results speak for themselves. Acadia: engine and transmission problems; Cadillac CTS: engine and transmission problems; etc. I would stay away from any GM product that uses the 3.6 or 2.4 liter engines. You just have to check out these forums to see all the problems. The only new GM vehicles that I would remotely consider are the full-size trucks (e.g. Silverado) or compacts (e.g. Sonic or Cruze) because these vehicles do not use the 2.4 or 3.6 liter engines. Good luck.
  • I own a 2009 Traverse LT. Purchased in 2011, currently has 90k miles on it. I love all the features on this vehicle, it is perfect for our family and lifestyle, but I have had nothing but issues with the car.

    The major issue thus for has been the steering rack and pinion. Steering rack got a leak and had to be completely replaced ($1200 fix). GM had nothing to say accept, "There isn't a current recall on this."

    I was driving it for a move a couple months back and all he sudden the engine light came on and it stopped accelerating. Had to stop and stay over in the middle of no where on my drive with two kids to get a burn out coil replaced.

    Just last week I was having brake issues and had to have those worked on.

    Currently the vehicle is gear hunting and it scares me half to death every day I drive it because I don't know if it is going to accelerate when I need it to. I have two kids, one on the way and I don't feel safe in this car. However, we are close to paying it off and trading it in for something else would really set us back financially. I am not sure what to do, if there is a fix for this gear problem, and now that I have spent thousands of dollars in fixes if there is just going to be more in the future.

    Any help or advice offered is appreciated.

  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Check out the GMC Acadia forum regarding transmission problems as the Acadia uses the same powertrain as the Traverse. You'll see that there has been numerous complaints regarding the wave plate that fails and leads to a total transmission failure. You would be better off trading in the Traverse rather than waiting for it to fail. Good luck.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited December 2013
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited January 2014

    If you are a parent of young children (at least one under 12 years old) who owns a 2013-14 Chevy Traverse, a reporter would like for you to fill out a survey for use in a print publication. Please email no later than Wednesday, January 8, 2014, for a copy of the survey.

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