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Honda CR-V Noises and Sounds



  • Yes, I guess the harder ones are the only ones left!

    That's interesting about a rear noise actually coming from the front...will have to research that next.

    So, my wife, mother-in-law and myself took a long drive this past weekend...I chose to sit in the rear seats while my wife drove, so that i can try again to find/diagnose the noise. For the hour I was back there, I hardly ever heard it. On the way back, we switched and I sat in the front while my wife drove again. At best i think I heard it once but it was faint. Yesterday, my wife and I drove home and I drove the vehicle...I then heard it again frequently.

    The best way I think I can describe the sound is as if there was bags in the cargo area and when I drove over certain bumps, you'd hear a rustling/rubbing type of sound. However, there's nothing in the cargo area...I kept it empty!

    If it helps with anything...I have an EX-L w/navigation.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Okay, put a couple of hundred pounds of sand bags in the back. Maybe that'll compress the suspension and make the noise go away. Problem solved, except for the gas mileage hit. :)

    Try posting in Edmunds Answers - there's a few techs hanging out in there who should have some better suggestions. Same member name and password as the forums if it asks you to log in.
  • Haha...good idea!

    So, do you think this is a typical characteristic of the suspension?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    No idea and I'm no mechanic. Really hoping that someone notices the activity and pops in with some better suggestions.
  • Does it do it when it rains and the roads are wet? I have owned cars with suspension noise that would quiet down on a good rainy day. The rubber bushings in the suspension may have got contaminated with oil.
  • It happens regardless of dry or wet road conditions.
  • My 2012 CRV is doing the whining thing. I compare it to 60-70 model cars that had carrier bearings that were going out. The sound began at 3k and the dealer said it was a common noise, twice I have brought it to the attention of the service manager. At 55 I can power up and down slightly making the sound fluctuate in its tone. It is getting louder by the day. Also, when I first leave my house upon shifting from 2nd-3rd there is a shudder that service said was attributed to the ECON system. After warm up there is no more. Any ideas of how to get Honda to address these issues.
  • giacatgiacat Posts: 1
    edited December 2013
    I am having this problem too at under 5,000 miles. I threw a hissy fit in the dealership service dept when they said it's normal in this model. It's driving me crazy and finally they sent a technician in too talk me down. He finally agreed a brand new car should not do this after I asked to drive a car from their lot to see if it's so normal. In the end he said it's the creep senser in the differential (I think). That was 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for the part to come in. I insisted on getting it changed out but I've been getting the runaround for 2 weeks now about how hard it is to get the part! Perhaps if enough of us complain, they will have to do a recall on this part. Where would we complain to make our voices heard?
  • Check the rear brake shoe pads. Only happens when brake.
  • My 2013 CRV has whine 45-60 mph. I have been told "even by the dealer GenMgr" that it is the Final gear of the transmission. Apparently, the gears have too much "play" or what's referred to as "backlash". It started ato around 300 miles. I now have 3800 miles and getting no help from the dealer. The sound is like clockwork and now getting worse. It always happens when you are not fully accelerating anywhere between 45 and 64. The ser mgr brought the area Honda DPSM (district parts/service mgr) to "talk" to me about it. Appalling man who told me 5 min after I met him "I am not going to give you a transmission because you don't like a sound". I have been told by the dealer that I must deal direct with Honda in order to exercise Warranty coverage. I took my car to 3 other independent shops. They all said the same thing; transmission whine from final drive and all said "return to the dealer" for repairs. The dealer said "Honda does not care about outside opinions and Honda will "decide" if it is a problem or not. Unbelievable. So, now I start my jouney with Honda 800 customer service. I urge you to not wait too long. Contact Honda direct. If I do not get action from Honda, I am fully prepared to go to court. I am making payments on a brand new car that is "defective". Good luck. CALL HONDA
  • I had the same experience. Honda will send you back to dealer again. They just make you like a Ping pong ball. Find lawyer specializing in dealing with dealership and let them take care the problem before too late.
  • Thanks for the advice Oei. I am prepared for litigation.
  • My brother-in-law just bought my sister a used 2012 CR-V with 14,000 miles and the first day she drove it she heard an awful noise. They thought it was the brakes. Now they have a loaner car and she has spoken to several service managers at both the Acura & Honda dealership. She was told various stories, one of which the 2012 model makes that noise but there hasn't been a recall yet. Also, she has contacted Honda Corporate office and she is waiting for a call back. I test drove the 2013 & 2014 CR-V when looking for a car and my husband and I thought it had too much road noise, also my husband is over 6 feet and he did not have enough room on the passenger side. I am so glad we chose not to get it. Unfortunately for Honda, since they do make a great Accord & Cross tour.

  • ohjoeohjoe Posts: 4

    Right from purchase our 2013 AWD had a vibration and a noise. It turned out to be the propeller shaft, and we had it replaced under warranty. Our Bridgestone tires are somewhat noisy, as is the transmission. I drove some others equipped the same, ad they had the same tire and transmission whines.

  • ihtusihtus Posts: 1
    Now in Toronto is still very cold.
    Started to have clanking noise somewhere from the center of the car, from the bottom.

    Went underneath and saw built on ice/snow right above the shaft.
    The friction between shaft and ice/snow was causing that noise.
    Removed -> NO noise!

    Here are some pictures:

    ice.jpg 467.5K
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,358
    See Honda TSB for the rear differential pump having too much clearance. Dated Aug 2nd 2014 Ref #14-047
  • My 2006 Honda CR-V has been running just fine, no problems at all. But a few days ago when I was driving on a freeway, a very loud alarm sounded six or seven times. It was very alarming! It's been running fine ever since, gone at least a couple of hundred miles longer. Does anyone know what this is about? It seems like the kind of problem that only the dealership could troubleshoot, and I hate to spend that kind of money if it's not necessary.
  • lzc said:

    It's a common problem with SUVs. The rushing air has no where to go. Old VW beetles used to have the problem too with their front windows down. They solved the problem with rear windows that popped out an inch or two.

    I have a 2013 CRV same noise with windows down in rear,,Its so annoying,,Especially after paying $32,000.00 CASH..
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