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Chevrolet TrailBlazer instrument cluster is out



  • In '05 the cluster was changed under warranty. Recently my Instrument cluster is again blacking out. Although unrelated, I installed a new battery which gave me the opportunity to clean & freshen up the chassis grounds, hoping this would resolve the issue...It Didn't. GM should have liability over the cluster...It's lifespan should be greater than 8 years. Replacement of Headlights, tail lights, etc. is basic like tires...SO...Any leads on a new panel?
  • Try the ignition switch, mine went out on my 07 and it did some very bizarre
    things! Thank goodness I have a great dealership here in Phoenix (Midway) who fixed it right the first time and was reasonable too.
  • argreeneargreene Posts: 2
    edited November 2013
    Every since I have had my 2005 Trailblazer I have had one problem after another, first the gas gauge, shortage in the radio and door chime, right speakers works left does not until I hit a good bump then the left speakers, rear and chime comes on, then it will go back off the next time I go to drive, no heat in the back or passenger side, the blowers went out for a long time, then suddenly popped back on meaning there is a shortage, cd player stopped working, axle broke in half , can not put in four wheel drive, sounds like metal grinding against metal, now when I put on breaks the steering wheel shakes, when I get on the highway and go about 65 mph the car vibrates/shakes. Now again have to find out what I have to do to get check engine light off, codes says something about temperature or something not in front of me. The blower will not work on 3 or 5. Never again will I buy a Chevy!
  • Well, as if we haven't spent enough on this piece of S*#T, now the instrument cluster stopped working and the gauges point and are stuck all over the place! Speedometer shows going 110 MPH at standstill, and well all the gauges are messed up! Can't believe all those stepper motors went all at the same time! Now they need to be refurbished!

    My parents have been GM / Chevy people ever since I can remember. I think their first was a 1962 Impala Station Wagon. Anyway, I was with them when they purchased their Trailblazer. What a piece of S*#T it is! All the same issues as everyone else has been stating. Stalling at lights and pulling into and out of the driveway and intermittent rough idle and high rapid idle for no reason at at 32,000 miles. 40,000 miles brought about incorrect inside/outside temperature readings and inability use climate control which was supposedly unrepairable. Seatbelts that don't release and just keep getting tighter and tighter ever since purchase and they can't seem to repair it or didn't want to. Let's see, at 67,000 miles had to spend $2,800 to replace the air conditioner! Numerous engine problems. Rear Window motor went at 70,000 miles. Transmisison shift linkage broke stranding me in the middle of know where unable to change gears from reverse to drive or even put in park at about 76,000 miles. Windshield wiper motor on slow or intermittent (didn't even bother spending more money to get that fixed). Passenger seat stopped working at 81,000 miles.

    I had an accident with my 1997 Jaguar XJS (That plus my 1995 Jaguar Vanden Plas and 1997 Jaguar XJS were possibly the BEST cars I have ever owned apart from my Mercedes')

    Anyway, my rental car for the month (yep it was a BAD accident) was a Ford Edge! For any of you looking to purchase a new SUV or Crossover, the Ford Edge IS the vehicle to buy! WOW! Has Ford far surpassed GM!!!! The ride was amazing. The fit and finish were beautiful! The electronics were far ahead of anything else out there! Voice activated everything and the vehicle drove like, well it was AWESOME! NO MORE GM FOR THIS FAMILY! MY PARENT NEXT VEHICLE (as soon as we can give away this piece of crap) IS THE FORD EDGE!

    As for me, I just gave away my 1997 Jag XJS with 188,000 (still in incredible condition) as I did with my 1988 Mercedes 350SD (still in incredible condition). They still run and drive flawlessly! Yes, I guess I am a Mercedes owner for ever and ever. My 2006 Mercedes CLK has 112,000 miles on it and the only repair so far has been one electronic auto-open car door handle and the car still looks new and doesn't have a squeak, rattle or bump! It pays to buy quality!

    Ok, my rant is finished. IF you're going to buy American, the ONLY way to go is FORD. IF you're going to buy foreign, well I'll let you research for yourself! HAVE FUN, BE CAREFUL AND USE EDMUNDS!
  • Now my trailblazer cuts off at the light when stopped, the brakes makes this squealing, squeaking noise when mashed, and sound like air in them, I not too long ago got new brakes, and rarely drive this car, I got it at 108,000 miles in 2010 and it is only at 111,000 that shows how much I drive this heap, now the car is going to the left, and I just had an alignment, when they had to fix my front end and axle. Geesh! Can I get a break?
  • Gas gauge stopped at 1/2 full on my 05 Trailblazer (117,000 miles), fixed this with 1/2 price warranty sent by Chevrolet, now speed odometer goes to 110 mph and stops, headlight and brake lights constantly
    replaced, and Now when its cut off and key is out and it is locked park lights mysteriously come on by themselves and next morning--battery is dead--changed air filter---check engine light comes on--no codes shows--put in a different air filter (same brand that was in it before I changed it) reset check engine light was off for two days back on--still no codes show up
    My next resort is to change the instrument cluster that all the post are about--I have seen the check engine light on and have put more money in this vehicle than all the 5 other Pontiacs I have owned together--Really!!! How many does it take to get a recall?

  • @mmstandish4 said:
    My 2004 Trailblazer ext has lost tach, oil pressure, temp, speedometer. Gas guage still seems to be ok but we certainly do not trust it. Also quoted $800.00 for gauge repair from Chevy dealer in SW Florida. I too have issues with the stalling and the idle. It hurts the budget a little bit but we have been using premium fuel and that seems to help with the idle and stalling. Mine is at 105K. It sure would be nice if GM stepped up. Thank God for the GPS to help manage with the speed.

  • 2004 Trailblazer LT instrument cluster issues. See many complaints about this. GM should recall and repair at no charge. Their Customer Service SUCKS! They just don't care!

  • @sabotage said:
    Started to sporadically work and not work, example slamming the door would make it work.,..The gauges would be all erratic and then correct themselves..Now I have no mileage shown and gauges do not work at all..Is there a certain place I should look for a loose connection or something or a possible solution.It only has 19,000 miles on it...PLease HeLP mE OUT !!!!

  • I have Chevrolet TrailBlazer LS 2008 having 65000 miles
    I am facing problem of dropping of temperature gauge while driving. It comes automatically after some hours during driving. One of the mechanic has replaced temperature sensor but problem still persists. Moreover, once temperature needle goes down to zero during driving, Airconditioning COOLING system also stops working during that period. Please help me.

  • I have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer LTZ that recently reached 150,000 miles. 2 years ago I replaced the transfer case which wasn't cheap. Now I'm having issues with the speedometer, oil gauge, service engine light, cruise control...latest problem is when it's on 2Hi and the light is lit showing this, when driving the light will change to 4Hi or Auto and the truck begins to drive different. I'm not sure what this can be...does anyone have any ideas?
  • 2003 Trailblazer nightmare! My daughter's truck is not running currently. Many of the problems that her truck has are already listed here. When calling customer service Monday and waiting for one half hour the phone disconnected after giving her name and the last 8 digits of the VIN. Would one of the customer service reps please list the email contact info so that an email can be sent.

    Thank you.

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