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GMC Terrain



  • I'm trying to get suit started I'm having a hard time finding a lawyer to take my case.:( Gm needs to stop making theses cars!!!!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Have to talked to a "lemon" lawyer about just doing your own personal suit? Class actions take a lot of backend funding and years to develop.
  • My 2012 did this. My dealer found that mine had misfired #2 cylinder 152 times. They have changed the fuel injector in that cylinder and so far no problems. They also had to update the radio and camera.
  • plawrence53plawrence53 Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    I BOUGHT a Terrain August 5th 72,000 miles now I have had extensive motor work on it. After driving it for a month it was out of oil and of course making tons of engine noise. The local dealer did the work.. all under warranty (thank God)! After spending ALOT of $$$ on this vehicle purchase only a month and a half ago, I now have serious doubts about keeping it. I have spoken to 3 different local 2010 GMC Terrain owners, and they all insisted the engine be replaced with a new engine model that has no engine issues.. and GMC took care of them.
    Can a GMC rep please contact me and tell me my options' as I can't afford to have major work done to it if anything more goes wrong.
  • Our 2010 had 72,000 miles also and we started having same issues. After numerous phone calls and run arounds, out service dealer agreed to an oil comsumption test. It failed. They rebuilt engine down to the block, but did not replace. So far now it is running ok. However a week after this was done, our check engine light comes on intermittenly. They tell us they can't do anything until they can see it when it's on. We wrote a very nasty letter to GMC about all of the problems and our treatment. OF course, we never got any response. They were bailed out by our government and don't care about customer service. We have owned GM cars our entire lives, but our next one won't be one.
  • how do you like the universal healthcare? Is it really like our new law?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    What we're really focusing on in this topic is how you like driving your Terrain to the doctor's office. ;)
  • Sorry, Stever. Didn't mean anything other than when he added that comment to his post I wanted to know how they like the system.
    We don't own a Terrain yet that is why I am here. I just finished reading every post in here and took a page of notes.
    I do go to the doctor a lot and would be driving it there.. We are in talks with dealers as we speak about a Terrain. Since we are in our 70's and there seems to be a lot of challenges with the Terrain, we are considering a lease.
    Edmunds is our source for all information on cars. Again. Sorry.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    No biggie. And I know all about driving to the doc (although ours are 2 hours away one direction and the in-laws' docs are 2 hours away the other direction).
  • That's some driving time.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited November 2013
    You might say we cover a lot of, ahem, Terrain. That's life in the boonies of the UP of Michigan.
  • lol. Beautiful country up there. Cold.
  • I have a 2010 GMC Terrain with less than 68,000 miles and until recently I LOVED it and spoke very highly about it. However, that's changing now!!! It's currently in the dealership service department because the blower motor has gone out---a $450 repair, PLUS the throttle body needs replaced (which I'm told mixes the fuel/air ratio)---a $365 repair, PLUS the intake selenoid actuator valve has gone out (thankfully, at least that is covered under 100,000 mile powertrain warranty) . I'm really baffled as to why a 3 year old car needs any repair work, much less 3 repairs all at once! I had a Pontiac Grand Prix for 10 years and never had one single problem with it!
    Reading back thru other reviews I see a lot of Terrains have a very loud engine. It's good to know I'm not alone on that! I had it in the dealership service department within 6 months of purchasing the vehicle and was told the same thing that many other's have been told: Nothing's wrong, it's just how it is. I've also had the vehicle in the shop for losing tire pressure, but that seems to be fixed now, since I've not had anymore trouble with it since having that problem repaired about 2 years ago.
    On the plus side, I really like my dealership. They're very friendly and always provide a luxurious BUICK courtesy car anytime my Terrain is in their shop, making the sting of having made a bad purchase ever so slightly less.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    You probably should get out of this vehicle as soon as possible. GM's 2.4 and 3.6 liter direct injection engines are disasters waiting to happen. In fact, I would venture to say that a low mileage 6 or 7 year-old GM built vehicle with one of its OHV V6's (e.g. 3.5, 3.8, or 3.9 liter engines) and a 4 speed automatic is more reliable than the more recent Terrains, Equinoxes, Acadias, or Traverses in the long run. I recently traded in a 2007 Uplander that had 103k miles for a 2013 Scion XB. The Uplander had a 3.9 liter V6. It had a head gasket and crossover pipe gasket replaced under the powertrain warranty. Otherwise, engine ran well returning about 24 MPG for combined city/highway driving. Transmission was original (except for fluid change) and shifted smoothly. I would take a used Uplander with the 3.9 liter V6 over a Terrain or Acadia every day of the week.
    Lower mount below and near the petcock.
    No accidents or damage. grrrrrrr Dealer wants "around" $750.00 to replace the radiator...for a 2010 6cyl 50k (EXTREMELY well maintained, not happy at all!.)
    Sadly my wife wants another new Terrain in the next year or so.

    The car also wakes up everyday in Washington DC :confuse: even though I'm more than 1000 miles away? Nav drives off road, :confuse: clock is wrong, reset lasts 'til you shut the car off... KNOWN & DOCUMENTED software problem... and has NEVER gotten anywhere near the advertised mileage. :mad: Rant over!
  • This same thing happened to me this past Saturday night, but this time it happened while I was driving on the interstate. Thankfully, I was near an exit, and I didn't have a semi barreling down on me. I have taken this to my local dealership where I have my warranty work done, and they couldn't find anything wrong. So, I'm driving it again, praying this doesn't happen while I'm driving on a bitterly cold night in snow, or worse. I am beyond frustrated and out of options.
  • skp4skp4 Posts: 2
    edited January 2014

    Well I think I can beat all of the stories so far on the 2010 GMC Terrain. We own Two of the Terrains. It seems like one of them is constantly at the dealership. One was worked on Thanksgiving week 2013 and is now back in the shop now doing the same thing. The other one was worked on about 2 weeks ago and they wanted to charge us over $800.00 for a terrain that has had so many issues and only 44,000 miles on it. It is time GMC steps up and does the right thing. It is plain as day these terrains cannot be repaired for any length of time. And to try and charge people high repair costs and offer to let you rent a car from them while these lemon cars are in the shop is stupid.

  • skp4skp4 Posts: 2

    Well I found out if you want a recall on the 2010 Terrain the NHTSA are the ones who decide to do it. You go to their website and file a complaint. You can also find a number there to call the complaint in on the number they have listed. You can also search your vehicle and see other complaints listed there. This is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for our government. I don't know if any of you noticed there is a recall on the GM cobalt for stalling when it is being driven. SIX PEOPLE have died from being hit after this happens. Both of our Terrains have stalled. Please visit their website or call and tell them about your issues so they will do a recall!

  • I am also a disappointed owner of a 2011 GMC Terrain. Have the rough idle, took it to Nimnicht GMC in Jacksonville FL where I purchased the vehicle. They said it sounds like a failing timing chain. Took it in for repair, and they said my fuel pump was noisy so they replaced it too. Truck ran good for about a month and now has the rough/noisy idle again. Have sinced moved to Hawaii (US Navy) and am currently deployed. Wife drives suv and the stabilitrak service light has came on. Took it to Honolulu Cadillac GMC, and not only was the service guy rude, and rolling his eyes, but stated that it probably wouldn't be covered under warranty. Also told us that the timing chain in fact has not been replaced, but that they actually only replaced the tensioner. They hooked it up to the machine and said they didn't find anything, but that the oil was 3 quarts low. And that we should be checking the oil every 2 weeks. Also told my wife that she should become car savvy or have a husband that is mechanically inclined. REALLY! (It's a good thing I am deployed with statements like that) So now $177 out of pocket later....TADA! Stabilitrak light is back on. I also have the 2yr contract for oil changes, and the vehicle was at 23% oil life. So why couldn't they have just done the oil change? Thanks for nothing GMC!

  • laney4laney4 Posts: 2

    I'm considering at 2014 Terrain, but these comments are making me hesitant about purchasing one. It got a pretty good review, but longterm ???

  • lnowickilnowicki Posts: 1

    laney4, I just bought a 2014 GMC Terrain SLT-1 and I am very happy with it. The 4-cylinder has ample power, does well in snow, and has great heated leather seats. No regrets, no complaints.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    @lnowicki said:
    laney4, I just bought a 2014 GMC Terrain SLT-1 and I am very happy with it. The 4-cylinder has ample power, does well in snow, and has great heated leather seats. No regrets, no complaints.
    @lnowicki said:
    laney4, I just bought a 2014 GMC Terrain SLT-1 and I am very happy with it. The 4-cylinder has ample power, does well in snow, and has great heated leather seats. No regrets, no complaints.

    Hi laney4,

    We're very pleased to hear that you're happy with your new GMC Terrain! Hopefully you'll enjoy many more blissful driving days in your new vehicle. If you have any questions about your new ride, feel free to send us a private message.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care

  • Just picked up 2014 Terrain SLT. So far pleased with vehicle. Seats are very comfortable, rides like a car, ample room, not bad pick up 4cyl, one thing disconcerting. My Buick had foot lamps, puddle lamps etc. No foot lamps in a 31K vehicle what gives?

  • oldirongutoldirongut Posts: 1
    edited May 2014

    2014 AWD 4 Cyl., Those of you folks with mileage complaints might want to consider a high air flow K & N Air Filter. This filter provides more air to the engine, Been using these for twenty years and they always deliver more mileage and better pick up..Put one of these in my wife's Hyndai "Veloster" and it's getting a respectible 39/44. Performance guys use these K & N's a lot. Mobil 1 synthetic oil will help as well.. I think it's a lovely vehicle, and only complaint is the lack of ground clearance for an AWD vehicle. Exceptionally well done cabin. Mileage 26/31.

  • I think I am going to trade in my 2012 terrain with 31,000 miles in for a foreign car. This truck seems to have many problems that are unresolved. At 27,000 miles my vehicle left me stranded in Maryland on the side of the road at about 3am in the morning, on my way to North Carolina to pick up my ill sister from the hospital. At which point I had to get a tow truck to tow me to the closest dealer to drop off the vehicle, and not wanting to be left in the middle of nowhere I had the tow truck driver take my female cousin and myself to a hotel where I could call a cab to take me to the closest airport, which was an hour away. I was able to rent a car from the airport and continue on my way to NC and pick up my Sister, there is more to the story but for the sake of my blood pressure I will end this portion of it here. Oh by the way my ALTENATOR was what went bad and the cause of my vehicle leaving me stranded. Today 11/25/14 I am driving the vehicle and am now seeing my engine light flashing, HMMMM now what!!! These cars seem to be unreliable forms of transportation and I plan to go back to my ACURA's. I gave my brother in law my 1996 acura RL with 174,xxx, last I spoke to him he has not changed the altenator or has this vehicle left him stranded, it now has 251,xxx miles on it. Wishing now that I had kept that car because in my opinion it runs a hell of a lot better than the 2012 lemon in my driveway!!!! Time to trade my lemon in for a real car, just going to miss the legroom..
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