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I hate my Traverse



  • Unfortunately we own a 2009 Traverse 2LT that we bought off the lot March of 2009. I won't get into details about all the trouble that we had from the dealership that we purchased it from but I will tell you that at some point we had the salesmen chasing us through the lobby yelling "Liars!! You are both Liars!!" all because we wouldn't verify the lies they had told the bank. I know that should have been a sign - lol. Needless to say that we don't take our car to the dealership that is less than 5 minutes away but instead drive to the outskirts of town just so we don't have to deal with those idiots anymore.

    So like many people, we have had a multitude of problems like fuel pump issues, loud steering problems and we still have a seat-belt that is apparently irreparable (so our vehicle seats 7 not 8 like it is supposed to). Sept 2012, I was driving to go pick up my children from school when all of a sudden I had several lights flashing and bells dinging from the dashboard. I looked down trying to figure out what was going on only to see that temperature was showing 260 degrees (max) so I pulled off immediately. I popped open the hood and discovered my car had nearly caught on fire, I noticed the charred remains of what was left of the wiring harness. I posted a picture on FB and then heard there had been several other people that had had the same or similar problems with their cars catching fire. Thank goodness our car insurance helped cover some of the costs.

    We are currently renting a car once again because our Traverse is back in the shop.....this time it died on the freeway as we were coming home from our short Christmas trip - only 4 hours away. Now to be honest we stopped driving this thing out of town and started renting cars a while back but since we had just had all three catalytic converters switched out in November and spent over $2000 on repairs....we thought we would chance it. We found ourselves stranded 65 miles from home when we contacted the nearest dealership and asked if they could send a tow truck ($125). The service manager started telling us that the Traverse was a wonderful vehicle...never had any problems with them. I told him straight up that he was about to finally see one. I was not surprised when he came back to tell us that the timing chain had jumped and they couldn't tell how much damage was done until they pulled it apart. We were most likely looking at having to rebuild the entire engine.....this dealership said it would take them a month before they could get to it so we had it towed back to our normal place (another $200). They have had it for over a week and finally got around to looking at it, we were told today the catalytic converters that are bad. They have to be changed out before we can figure out for sure if it is the timing chain is bad but we have to pay for the catalytic converters again because they were done at another shop. The shop is refusing to stand by their warranty because something is wrong on the car that caused the converters to go out.....I wanted to tell them "YES!! The exact same thing that caused it the first time and you didn't fix it!"

    I have no plans to ever buy another GM product after all the mess we have had with this Traverse. The whole reason for buying a new car was to have something reliable that we could take trips with our I have a piece of junk that I wish someone would just come steal so I could file an insurance claim and be done.

  • Bought a 2011 traverse in august of 2013. It had just under 28k on it. I got the remainder of the bumper to bumper warranty, as well as the dealership offers lifetime engine and drivetrain as long as you get it serviced through a certified gm dealership. I drive it about 20 miles a day round trip for work, and have taken it on a few 500 plus mile trips. It has 35+k on it now and I gotta be honest, I haven't had an issue yet! I have a tendency to be a heavy accelerator and haven't had any issues with this "gear searching" I have even let other family and friends drive and not one has said anything about it other that it's comfortableness and smooth ride. My only complaint has nothing to do with the performance of the vehicle but rather the sound system and the not being able to push the button to talk directly instead of having to go though a few commands. But that has to do with my base model. Sorry you guys are having problems but it's all good here! Hopefully it'll stay that way bc having a newborn me and the wife can't afford costly repairs.
  • scottmar73scottmar73 WinnipegPosts: 1
    Have a Traverse less than 4 years only less than 80000km and Vickar Chevy Winnipeg took me for $4k all new struts front and rear, gearing on the steering, when does a manufacture standby a warranty? Sorry what warranty, go to the dealership because think they will give you a true service, not take me for a ride because they have call backs that they need to fix, way to go GM your TV Ads of 160000km warranty and tested in the harshest conditions smell of BS!!!! How to win customer and influence people, Really!!!!.
  • smashlingsmashling Posts: 2

    Bought this car in April 2010. First ever brand new car. First car that wasn't a Toyota. I was impressed by the commercials, the print ads and the consumer reports recommendation. Got a LT2 Travelers Edition with Navigation, bluetooth, remote start and other niceties. Loved the drive, loved the design, loved the space.

    It had 53,000 as of today.

    Have had issues from very early on. All the usual, Steering Rack, Actuator, Water Pump, had to replace both the front and rear brakes and rotors, transmission slipped a couple of times on the highway, new tires at 40,000, Air Compressor, rust on the wheels, paint came off some of the instrument buttons, rubber seal came loose on the trunk etc etc. I had it dealer maintained to the correct schedule. Some of these items were fixed under warranty, some of these items cost me a lot of money. There has been several recalls that I have had to bring it in for.

    I could not take it anymore. I was afraid to own it once the five years was up. The water pump failed two weeks when we were on vacation, that was the last straw.

    We just bought a Toyota Highlander, older, more miles ... and we paid more than our Traverse was worth. I am not writing this to be a hater, I wanted to own and enjoy this car for 10+ years.


    Yesterday, I was nearly killed when my 2014 Chevy Traverse LOST All Engine power. No warnings, no sounds, lights went off for "tracktion control" while the engine lost power. I nearly escaped an accident on a busy NJ highway. I am in shock. Isn't this what happened with these GM cars and congressional inquiry? Scary.

    My Traverse was purchased in January. After I drove it off the lot, we had the light go off for "Traction control." They "repaired" the matter, claiming it was a computer chip error. I should have returned it back then.

    I was almost killed yesterday when my 2014 Chevy Traverse lost engine power. I was almost hit trying to veer 2014 Traverse off highway. The car is now at a Chevy dealer. I will not put my young children back in this death trap. I want my money back. I am very angry. I work hard for my money and drove a car for 10 years without one incident. My new traverse, almost killed me and my spouse yesterday. I filed a complaint with the National highway safety board. Everyone file a complaint. This is a death trap. Go to Thanks for this forum!

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Our sincerest apologies to learn that you've experienced this concern while driving. I can certainly understand your displeasure! The safety of you and your family is of the utmost importance to us at General Motors. If you'd like to discuss this further, we're happy to investigate this further and document this for internal review. You may reach out to us via email at attn:Andraya. Please be sure to include your full contact information, last 8-digits of your VIN, username, mileage and dealership name.


    GM Customer Care

  • andyusmc1andyusmc1 Posts: 4
    The same thing happened to us last week in our 2014 Equinox.on 275 Tampa loosing power,dash says loss of engine power,holy crow going 70 on a 4 lane highway thank God we were in the left lane where there was a breakdown lane,avoided a rear end crash by a hair got into the breakdown lane car was dead. I suffered with the oil problems of the 2010 Equinox why were we so foolish to buy another. We also want to be rid of this car but will be loosing a lot of money also don't want to be in this death trap.Scared to drive it.
  • I recently reached out to customer service at GM and am awaiting a reply. I own a 2010 Chevrolet Traverse and am having quite a bit of trouble with it. It currently is sitting in our driveway and will not start. Since we picked it up from the dealership - bought used - we have had starting problems galore. Battery and starter replaced from the start. Also, after several non-start occurrences we took it to our mechanic ( not a chevrolet certified one ) and in wisdom, were told to have it diagnosed by the Chevrolet computers. We had the vehicle towed to the nearest Chevrolet mechanic. Point one was to have the aftermarket remote starter removed. We had that done. It ran okay for about a month or two but began with the same non-starting issue again. We had it towed back to the dealer who suggested we have the control module replaced. Had that done, and drove fine for about a month and now still having the same issue. There are an endless list of possible fixes. But none seem to be working. At what point do we cut our losses? We have paid over $1000 on repairs and still haven't fixed the issues. Anyone else have success in fixing a similar problem? Thanks you so much.
  • kerryvakerryva Posts: 2
    edited October 2016
    We also had 2 situations when our safety was jeopardized in our 2011 Traverse -- engine blew while driving up a mountainous highway and engine blew again a little more than a month later while our 18-year-old was driving on a windy country road. Yes the engine really blew both times. First time we had a complete top-end rebuild. Got the car back, two weeks later, the bottom half of the engine failed with the entire engine needing replacement. About $17000 has been poured into this car over the past summer, and we're not done yet. Now both catalytic converters are shot (probably from bad exhaust, fuel etc. from blown engines). We were fortunate that warranty covered most of first 2 events. Now we get to go through all of this again and praying warranty covers this as well.
    We've had use of our car for about 8 of the past 20 weeks. this is insane.
  • Warranty so far not covering our $2500 repair of a car that we no longer feel safe driving. A well titled thread.
  • I had contacted Chevy Corporate on the steering issue on my car while it was still under warranty. Needless to say there were no help. I went to the dealership many times because of the steering alone. Since then I have other issues with my 2011 Traverse. Now the car shuts while driving! It sounds like a lot of GM owners of different vehicles are having the same issue! I guess there will not be a recall until someone dies over this!

    Some of the issues included all 4 struts were bad under 100,000 miles, rack and pinion going up, steering issues, leaking from the steering column, 3 times the ac actuator has gone up, issues with the lift gate failing, life gate one time injured my father-in-law!, timing chain failing prematurely, and now the stabilitrak and traction control is going off. The vehicle shuts up while driving! My wife got stuck on a bridge and was put in danger due to this. Now the Traverse sits in the driveway.

    My wife said a warning was displayed about reducing engine power. The Traverse went down to 20MPG and then shut off on a bridge. This is very unsafe and needs to be investigated!
  • I've got 4K miles on my 2017 Traverse and I regret the purchase. The Infotainment system is terrible - it gets confused, locks up, and reboots - usually when I plug a phone in, but it's also occurred when shifting to reverse and the backup camera engages. The Sat Nav doesn't include traffic or weather (this is a Sirius XM add on with a monthly fee). My Toyota includes Traffic and Weather at no additional be honest I thought they all did. The fuel economy is poor; driving mainly local I get about 13 MPG. Lastly, the Onstar module failed, no connection or SOS. It actually failed several months ago, but without a warning light or notification I had no way to know that it failed...glad I didn't have wreck where I needed it. I would love to turn back the clock and get the Highlander that I had considered at the time of purchase....Toyota's are 100% worth the price premium over this Chevy.
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