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Saturn Vue Transmission Problems



  • dannositodannosito Member Posts: 2
    I located a supplier w/ 3 year 100k mile warranty !
  • mc3568mc3568 Member Posts: 1
    My parents bought a used Saturn Vue 2004 with the Vti transmission. The transmission went out and GM offered to pay half with the next transmission having a 100K warranty. They did this and the new one went out in less than a year. GM payed for the next one and it lasted until yesterday (2-3 years). Now GM won't honor the warranty saying that as a result of their bankruptcy they are not obligated to. My Father then questioned the gentleman and said,"I thought GM cared about their customers?", to which the man replied,"Oh, GM cares very much about their customers." I have owned 3 Chevys, and currently a Colorado, but I can't say I'll ever buy another.
  • addidas40addidas40 Member Posts: 14
    This post is for all of the people who have had problems with GM. I have also dealt with GM regarding the faulty Vti transmissions and GM goes through the so called process of opening a case but they will not do anything. They might split the cost with you to repair a defective transmission that they installed and it costs about $6000.00. So that means the customer has to pay $3000.00 for a transmission that was no good to begin with. This is not a bargain and if you read further many people have had trouble with the new transmissions. There was a class action lawsuit but GM filed bankruptcy and is no longer obligated to fix the problem. Here are a few things that you can do below. GOOD LUCK

    Information regarding the class action lawsuit

    You can file complaints with :
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

    Better Business Bureau

    Post your problem for the VTi transmission on forum boards

    Write your local politicians
    Congressmen, local officials and attorney general you can find your local officials at c-span. You may have to Google your state and attorney general separately to find out who that is.

    Last but not least you can write the CEO of GM
    Mr. Daniel Akerson
    CEO GM
    300 Renaissance Center
    Detroit, MI 48265

    Here is the website for the lawsuit that was filed.



  • drfarmerdrfarmer Member Posts: 2
    Have a 2008 Saturn VUE with less than 58,000 miles. Vehicle had to be towed on labor day to a GMC dealer. They informed me that we need a new (reman) transmission. Called GM who would look into some assistance. None is being offered,. Dealer wants $3800, repair will take a week, and I could rent a car for $25 per day. This is our 10th Saturn and we currently have a 2013 GMS Terrain. This is the last GM product that we will purchase. Besides my family, I will let all of clients and business associates know of the great customer service that we received from GM.
  • drfarmerdrfarmer Member Posts: 2
    So far GM is not going to make any allowance toward the replacement of the transmission with less than 58,000 miles on it. Although they have a 100,000 mile warranty, we bought the car over 5 years ago. Had the fluid changed at a client and they put in GM fluid. The repair order says "fluid was black and smelled of burnt cluth material". Then they refuse to offer any financial assistance because "we are not sure what fluiod was put in".
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    edited September 2013
    An oil analysis runs around $25. My guess is that you could get the transmission fluid analyzed for around that amount too. But not having the dealer work on the car for that last transmission fluid change isn't going to help in your battle for getting any after warranty help.

    The Secret Warranty
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hi drfarmer,

    I see that you've already spoken to GM Customer Service about your transmission. I'd like to take a second look at your case and possibly address any additional questions you may have. If this interests you, please email me your full name, VIN, contact information, and/or case number. I can be reached by email at [email protected] [attn Amber].

    Thank you

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • tom403tom403 Member Posts: 1
    Verry sorry you had a failure. Did you change the fluid at the correct interval? Did you take a long trip on a hot day that was against the wind sustained for a few hours or a season of rush hour in the 90 degrees climate? My 2004 Vue in my opinion never had adequate heat dissipation by design so; I change my transmission oil every season whether necessary or not. Twice; in 158k miles the transmission oil was scortched however it was caught in time because of the seasonal change. I service my own vehicles for the past 35years including farm equipment and run two US brand vehicles each over 300k miles.
  • karljessekarljesse Member Posts: 2
    I took remarkable care of that vehicle. It was my buddy and I gave it all the service and more. The VTI is a faulty design and there is a court judgement to prove it. That transmission never should have been put into that car a second time. Period.
  • spaskospasko Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Saturn Vue, the transmission filed about a year ago, fortunately 1 month before the warranty expired. The dealership was wonderful, fixed it quickly and it didn’t cost me a cent. Yet here I am ONE year later and the transmission quit again. I should also mention that my car failed in the middle of a busy intersection – with two young kids in the backseat. This time the warranty has expired and it looks like this will cost me $4700 if I want it fixed. To make matters worse – I’ve had to take it into for service two other times this year for various other reasons. This is my third Saturn and I have sung their praises until now. I bought this car looking for something safe and dependable for my family – which this car has proved be neither. My first Saturn was a 1996 SL which I drove to 200K and it was still going strong – yet my 2008 Vue has needed transmission work TWICE at under 57,000 miles??? Very disappointing.
  • tazman74tazman74 Member Posts: 1
    my girlfriend and I have a 2005 Saturn vue awd I was wondering if the settlement is still good and if u have any ideas plz let me know. We don't have the money to replace the trans.
  • llb5515llb5515 Member Posts: 1
    This is my 5th Saturn, first one with an automatic transmission. At about 60,000 miles it started the shuddering on occasion. Finally narrowed it down to the transmission wasn't down shifting properly. My husband thought it might be the torque converter, but Chevy garage dismissed that.
    Imagine my delight when I called OnStar for an unrelated question, and they asked me if I had received a Customer Satisfaction Letter from GM. I asked them what it was regarding and I was informed that my car may develop problems with the transmission and the symptoms described were exactly what my car was dong! The helpful person told me to talk it to any GM Certified garage/dealer and they know about the letter and will take care of it. After reading these posts though, I get the feeling it won't be that simple!
  • heatherp62heatherp62 Member Posts: 1
    GM is playing games and lying about things with this. Mine went last week. Bought the car second hand through a reputable dealer. The big selling point was the new transmission just installed. 12K miles and one year plus 2 weeks later the transmission is shot. My mechanic (who is also the dealer) was NEVER told that he should not have put a second one in, but GM INSISTED they told dealers not to sell them since they want these cars off the road. My mechanic has never seen a case where this close to warranty end that it was not honored esp. when they know of a problem. And this was a part of the 2009 settlement along with offering 5k for a trade in. They did offer the mechanic the 5K trade in on a car I do not need as compensation.
    I called GM Rep and was lied to more than once. He did acknowledge that this is a problem, but after that nothing except the run around and lies. 1) Rep says when I mention the lawsuit that GM won...which they did not. 2) Saturn was sold in 2009. Which never happened and GM as a part of the bankruptcy agreement aka bailout was responsible for Saturn cars through their other companies such as Chevy. 3) That all people were told of the problems back in 2009. I am seeing a good many were not and kept putting in transmissions that should not have been sold. When I called the rep out on all this, it suddenly became GM is not going to do anything, it is not their problem and it is the certified GM Parts Dealer's (a local Chevy Dealer) responsibility. So beware, GM is not willing to make good on the deal they made with the courts and government.
  • bismarck318bismarck318 Member Posts: 49
    No it likely will not. They will do the Re-flash for you, & hopefully that may (or may not) fix the problem, beyond that you will be hard pressed for anything else.

    Over the past 3-4 months my Vue is developing a shake under acceleration peaking around the 63 MPH mark.

    If this again is related to this TSB or Recall GM has failed me, it was suggested these symptoms may now be related to a balancing solenoid that was overworked due to a failing Torque Converter.

    Good Luck on this & keep us posted! I felt a sense of relief when I got the recall notice, as I had complained a couple times to the dealer already.
  • kbingamankbingaman Member Posts: 1

    I have the infamous 2004 Saturn Vue and I have loved it so far. My car has been a very good car. When it had the transmission problem back in 2010, I switched it to a manual to try to avoid getting another "bad" transmission. I had no idea that the problems that I was having with the car still had to do with the transmission problem, and now I'm pretty sure that there's no way for me to get any kind of warranty/settlement fix done on it. It is back in the shop right now for an unrelated problem, but I do experience the "engine power" problem along with stuttering when either at low speeds or when idling. I was told that it could be the exhaust manifold along with the O2 sensors which didn't make sense to me. (I have car experience). My solution for the whole issue is to drive my baby to her dying breath and pray that I can afford a new car when she finally goes. I have poured thousands of dollars into getting my car fixed and I think that this will be the last GM product that I ever buy. Which is a shame since I work for GM in skilled trades (experimental auto) and am a 6th generation GM child. If GM won't stand behind their product for even an employee, it is obvious that they don't care about standing behind their products at all. I simply can't spend my money with a company that doesn't care.

  • teejay68teejay68 Member Posts: 1

    We also have a 2008 Saturn Vue with 76K. It is in the shop now after the transmission started slipping. The powertrain warranty expired in Aug and we have already spent $1200.00 on an issue with the heater. We will never buy a GM product again. That being said, the dealer is working us and we will only pay 60% of the cost to rebuild the transmission, not sure what the cost will be exactly but the service manager quoted around $900.00. We feel strongly that this is a known issuse and GM is refusing to admit fault. We plan on trading it in within the year.

  • frustrated2014frustrated2014 Member Posts: 1

    I bought my moms 2003 Saturn Vue a few months ago. While driving with my toddler the transmission goes out. The mechanic said its not worth repairing because he can't offer me a warranty because GM doesn't offer one and the cost to repair it is around $4,000 - $5,000. GM replaced the transmission for my mom a couple years ago. Shouldn't a transmission last longer than 2 years? HELP!!! What's the first step I need to take in order to get this repaired?

  • swihartsaturnswihartsaturn Member Posts: 1

    I have a 2006 Saturn FWD V6, and the torque converter is malfuntioning. Can this be fixed with a reflash or am I looking into a repalcement?

  • shs456shs456 Member Posts: 1

    i rebuilt a cvt trans in my daughters vue,did a little machining in the problem area,upgraded the piston o-ring and it's going strong 50,000 kms so far....

  • leigholeigho Member Posts: 3

    My daughter has a 2004 Saturn Vue with 138000 miles on it. She took it in because when driving on the freeway it starts to vibrate/shake/shudder at about 45 or 50 and keeps it up even at 70 mph. She thought it was tires or alignment but when she took it to a local repair shop, the tech said she needs a $6000 to $8000 transmission! I've read the threads and it seems like the transmission issues the shuddering went away at 50 mph. Anybody have a suggestion? She's moving from San Antonio, TX to Michigan in 2 weeks and I don't want her to drive it home if it's going to die on the expressway in the middle of the night. Help.

  • geno59geno59 TexasMember Posts: 23

    I own a 2008 Saturn Vue Xr 6speed transmission with 84,000 miles. Should I have the transmission repaired, the defective parts before it to totally breaks down? I feel there is something not working right, but still able to drive it once I get on main highway on 5th and 6th gear. What would be the best thing to do?

  • geno59geno59 TexasMember Posts: 23

    The dealership will cost assist 45% of cost to repair faulty transmission. I am happy with that, because something is better than nothing. Can't wait to have tranny repaired and take a trip without worrying of being stranded.

  • kartboarder22gkartboarder22g Member Posts: 4

    That's great geno59, and I'd be a proud customer like you if GM at least met me nearly half way. My transmission went out last weekend at 76k on my 2008 Saturn Vue and I've been waiting for a week for an answer back from GM on any help with this repair. Everytime I call in to Saturn/GM my District Specialist tells me she is having trouble contacting the dealer. This is disturbing to me that a car this well maintained loses a transmission before 100k. I even paid $600 to have my transmission, trans. diff. and rear drive module flushed around 50k at a Chevy dealership.

  • kartboarder22gkartboarder22g Member Posts: 4

    GM finally got back to me and have no desire to help out in anyway. Sad, cars only made to last a to around 75k miles. GM vehicles are off my list as potential future vehicles, I suggest others stay away from them too!

  • s022651s022651 Member Posts: 1

    i purchased a 2006 saturn vue new and currently have 135000 miles on it. in 2011 they issued a recall for transmission problems and i took it to cadillac dealer( who is the only one servicing saturns now) they reprogramed the powertrain control module because the vue was juddering in drive at speeds between 30-50 mph they told me that should take care of the problem and sent me home. it ran fine for a few months but slowly started to do the same thing as previous, i then called the cadillac dealer and explained the problem and they agreed to look at it. well the tech took for a 2 min ride and stated he could not detect any problems and pretty much told me there wasn't anything i could do and if it happens again i would just have to live with it. so i continued to drive it and slowly it started to increase the frequency of the juddering. but thought i would just "have to live with it". so last fall wqhen they started issusing recalls for other GM saturns, i researched to see if my car was on that list too. i then came across a memo from GM that they were going to extend the original recall for the transmission problems till spring of 2015. so i called a different cadillac dealer and asked about my car and its problems.( i thought a different dealer would work with me to resolve the matter) they told me they had not heard of any such memo that there was nothing they could do. so i dropped it. and last week my transmission went out. it was juddering so bad i could hardly hold it in the road. so i called customer service at GM and they told me that they probably wouldn't do anything about it. but might tow it to the dealer( the closest one is 25 miles) and look at it but if they decided not to cover it i would be responsible for towing and analysis or repairs. well i explained thet is my only car i am retired and on social security and have a handicaped husband with no way to get medications or to the doctor. and we have no extra money for a new car or repairs. i truly feel it is the fault of the transmission problem under the original recall and feel GM should honor it. when i retired i had my vue paid for and only 90,000 miles on it so i figured it would last me a very long time, but not so i guess. it is such a shame because i love my saturn in fact it is my third one.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132

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  • robjr47robjr47 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Vue 2.2, purchased brand new. After 255,000 miles, I had to replace my tranny. Since then, it seems as though my mpg has changed. I used to get somewhere between 290-330 mpg, depending where i purchased gas, now only 275 max, I am hoping it just cheap gas now-a-days.......any thoughts?
  • ohiodriver66ohiodriver66 Member Posts: 1
    I own the infamous 04 Saturn Vue (vti blah blah blah)...dealership replaced on May 21, 2nd transmission went out on Tuesday, May 26. Now the new one has been installed. Is this the luck of the draw? Or do all of these transmissions fail within 4 days?
  • dragondriver84dragondriver84 Member Posts: 1
    Have a 2004 Saturn Vue 149,000 on a transmission that was rebuilt around 20,000 miles back in 2008. It shutters until getting up to highway speed. From stops it hesitates and jerks a few times before going again. When shifting from any gear to Drive again it hesitates 3 seconds before even responding. Until I reach highway speeds of 60+ sounds like a gear turning and a shuddering sound even idling. Just wanna know what I can do before I start putting money in. Its a 4 cylinder Front wheel drive Automatic. Thanks
  • jose845jose845 Member Posts: 1
    HI EVERYONE i have a 2003 saturn vue awd 2.2l 4cylinder automatic and it runs fine and all but for some reason it whont shift pass 1st gear it just stays on 1st can any one tell me y  thanks
  • bamaphilbamaphil Member Posts: 1
    Hi GM Customer Service, would the recall #10285 (Feb 2011), as mentioned in previous posts, include replacement of the PCM?

    I have a 2004 Saturn Vue, 3.5 V6, (purchased December 2003) and I noticed a shudder on it right away as a great many have in this post. I took it to the dealership for the suspension recall (2004) and after I mentioned the shudder they also did something to the PCM programming. It didn't do much good, and the issue continued over the years and I just figured it was normal for an automatic - this was my first automatic after 10+ years of driving a manual.

    I have been extremely diligent in maintenance over the years and have regularly changed the transmission fluid with the Z1 fluid, however, after putting more than 200,000 miles on the car, it recently threw a code: P0962 - Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid A. After changing the part, it turns out the issue is the PCM.

    With the shudder issue, and the CPC Solenoid controlling a smoother shift, one would think the two are related.

    I have received horrible customer service with my local GM dealership, so I'm hoping you can help.
  • mcelwain90mcelwain90 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004saturn vue and a couple weaks ago it started popping like the cv shafts were going  out and last night i was driveing and it popped really loud and stoped going but the cv shafts are fine any Suggestions
  • drarcb70drarcb70 Member Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a 2006 Saturn Vue for my son. I can't figure out if it has the Honda transmission or if the transmission has been recalled.
  • homer39homer39 Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2017
    GM is no help. I have been trying to communicate with GM regarding my 2007 Saturn Vue Honda Torque converter issue. I am being totally ignored and they deny there was an issue with my vin Number. I have the exact problem most people in this forum list have described. I send copies of the original customer service letters and they simply will not admit the issue exists or ever did. It should have been a complete recall officially so these denials would not be met with the same responses I have been getting. So frustrating!
  • BananaGirl1999BananaGirl1999 Issaquah, Washington Member Posts: 1
    edited December 2018
    I am a college student and I bought my first car about a year ago. It was the 2008 Saturn Vue 4 cylinder automatic. I bought it at a second hand car dealership and took it for a test drive, everything seemed fine (It had less than 100,000 miles). I was driving home for the holidays when my car suddenly with no warning started losing power. I pulled off to the side of the road and popped my hood to see what was going on but before I even opened my hood I could see flames coming from the inside of my car. I yeleld at all my passengers to get out and start carrying stuff away from the scene before the car exploded. I lost a lot of personal items in the fire and my passengers and I was placed in a massive amount of danger. Luckily we were pulled away from the flames before anybody got hurt.  I don’t know what to do since I can’t just buy a new car, I’m a broke college student. I’m very tempted to call attorneys to look into the situation. I don’t know who should be blamed for this ( GM or the car dealership ) but I want some answers. The car has been discontinued due to safety issues and therefor I feel that the car should not have been sold to us in the first place. I acknowledge that I should’ve done some research before buying this car but my life and other college students’ lives where put in danger. It was a very traumatic experience and don’t wish it on anyone. DON’T EVER BUY THIS CAR !!!!! 
    I have a 2007 saturn vue green line this is the third transmission I had a used transmission installed now it does not change gears it stays in 2nd gear can any body help me with my problem.
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