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Acura MDX (pre-2007)



  • railrrailr Posts: 36
    The base model comes with Goodyears... the Touring option comes with Michelin Cross Terrain tires.

    '01 Mahogany TP w/Nav, 18" wheels..... (pics)
  • nydivanydiva Posts: 6
    Thanks MetMDX
    I started surfing the net a few minutes ago and saw the Larchmont Acura Dealership-- I will go there Saturday.
    Unfortunately, as a 1st time new car purchaser and a female... I may be seen as an even more "easy" mark.
    The salesman at Curry wanted to sell me a car that someone had ordered and did not pick up, and he never offered a test drive, or anything!
    I left feeling a little stupid, especially since I did not know what options I should have factory installed as opposed to what I could buy later and have installed.
    Aaaaaugh this process is not as simple as one would believe!
    I will let you know how it goes Saturday. Is there anything in particular you think I should look out for or ask the salesman?

  • railrrailr Posts: 36
    Don't buy any options with the vehicle... rather buy them from for a fraction of the price and either install them yourself, or pay your dealer's service dept. to install them -- you'll probably save over 50%. If you're a member of, they even run monthly specials.

    '01 Mahogany TP w/Nav, 18" wheels..... (pics)

  • lhrandlhrand Posts: 24
    As far as locking the deal, at least at our dealer, just getting on the waiting list doesn't commit you to buying the car. So if demand started settling down and they started negotiating on prices, people on the list could just bail out of their original deal and try to cut a better one, although this would put them at the end of the (shortened) queue again. And this is assuming they were vigilant about what was happening in the market for MDXs, which I'm sure many aren't.

    At our dealer, they have what is purportedly their MDX waiting list written on a whiteboard in the showroom, with names getting checked off as they get their cars. Lots and lots of names still un-checked. I would think this would be pretty nervy if they were making it up, but who knows.
  • sanand5sanand5 Posts: 33
    My local dealer wants $150 for the 7500 mile maintenance (oil change, VTM fluid change, fuel injector cleaning and some more unnecessary items). I can buy the VTM fluid for under $20 from Acura. Has anyone changed this fluid themselves or had an independant reputable mechanic do it for you?
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 265
    Don't feel stupid. 90% of the people walking into dealerships don't have all the facts either before or after the purchase. Tell the dealer you've surfed the net, done your homework, and you're not the average female consumer (the best defense is a good offense).The MDX is not real complicated. You either get base or touring and after that, like railr said, buy "accesories" at the "hondaworld" site and either get a friend or the dealer you buy from to install after the purchase (unless you can negotiate them down to the Acura.Com website pricing). This is supposed to be representitive of what the "average" dealer will charge. However, we all know NY is NOT average when it comes to anything! Good Luck !!!
  • wongj00wongj00 Posts: 4
    I bought my MDX in February and really enjoy driving it. I do have a few complaints though:
    1. Wind noise is higher than I expected and I don't know what Honda/Acura can do about it?
    2. Navigation System - I live in North Carolina and is very frustrated that the DVD does not have the small town maps. It has a lot of maps in California though but I may drive my car to California once in my life time?? It seems to me that Acura should have the DVD map grouped by regions with more digitized map in that region instead of try to cover the entire US.
    3. Roof Rack - there is no horizontal bars on the side and how can I tie my luggage bag tightly (most of them needs to tie to front and side). By the way, does Acura offers any accessary on this?
  • bkg101bkg101 Posts: 5
    Has anyone tried Leasing an Acura MDX, what is the monthly payment for leases? Do they even lease them since they are hard to get?
  • lisamplslisampls Posts: 20
    I'm leasing mine for what I think is a very reasonable down payment and monthly payment. My down is going to be around $1500 (unless I want to up that amount), and my monthly payment for 15,000 miles/year for three years is going to be around $530/mo.
    I didn't want the high payment to purchase it because this will be my first SUV and I THINK I'm going to like it...but you never know.
    I am currently leasing my 1998 Honda Accord coupe and like the thought of getting a new car every few years without paying the taxes, taking a hit on depreciation and trying to sell it for a profit when I want to get something different. I am definitely NOT a "buy-a-new-car-and-drive-it-until-it-dies" kind of person.
  • I took my MDX in for the recall this week.....and yes they had to unplug the battery to do the service.......and when they were done and attached the battery they could not get the code for the radio to work because the number 5 key was not did this pass inspection is beyond me....I might expect this in a 15K auto not in a 40K auto. Dont get me wrong I really love the MDX I am more disappointed with the service and the treatment from the service department........I think Acura and/or the dealer should have offered @ least a free oil change for my time wasted taking my car to the dealer....that is why I bought Acura based on its reliability....I dont have time to take my car in all the time...I have a Camry 5 years old that has never seen the dealer.........
    I also think that the Honda engines have an edge on the US companies but everything else is slipping...My 1987 Honda Prelude was the best car I every owned as far as build & reliability..since the 80's the Japense companys are slipping in quality....I know some of you will disagree but that is my experience.

    Just my thoughts..
  • cebocebo Posts: 1
    What's the deal with the roof rack NOT having the side bars--which are necessary for my luggage carrier? A salesman at my local dealership,when asked, didn't offer any advise.

    Thanks for your input.
  • voorherfvoorherf Posts: 6
    If I buy full size Spare tire will it fit under the MDX and replace the donut? Or will I have to continue to carry the donut as the spare and just store the full size tire in the garage. I have ordered the touring package (late July/early Aug delivery) and the parts guy is quoting $250 for the rim and $150 for the Michelin.
  • cmkm1cmkm1 Posts: 1
    Any thoughts out there on whether the Touring Edition is worth the extra $2600? To the exception of seat memory and power seats for the passenger front seat, it's my understanding that one can purchase a remote DC-Changer and roof racks extra and save about $2000.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    (Sigh ... I wish the search was working here since I know I've left messages on whether or not the Touring Package is worth it ...)

    Purely personal choice. I don't think a financial planner would find them "worth it," but if there are items in it you'd miss by not having them, by all means go for it.

    The 6-CD changer you can add to the base is a cargo-compartment-mounted CD changer, and not the nice in-dash unit you get with the Touring Package (it's really "in-dash", in the center console, unlike some other SUV's that call "in-dash" in the glove compartment!).

    The Touring adds Michelin Cross Terrains instead of Goodyear Integrity's, seat/mirror memory, tilt-down-in-reverse passenger mirror, some audio changes (like the CD changer), roof rack, and a slightly different wheel design.
  • mdx1mdx1 Posts: 63
    I have the touring package and a full size spare which fits perfectly at the same spot. The cost for a matching touring rim and the tire is about the same as your dealer told you. Since Michelin Cross-Terrain is non-directional, the spare can be used in the 5-tire rotation.

    BTW, is anyone interested in the compact spare I don't need?
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Funny when I bought mine yesterday one of the topics was the spare. Acura opted not to include a full size spare for the reason of: when a driver gets a flat and he replaces it with a full size rim, the driver in effect will forget to fix the tire, thereby when he gets another flat he has no spare. The driver with the standard small size spare will in effect be motovated to fix his flat.

    I thoght that was a some pretty good justification for the cheap small spare from Acura.

    On a seperate note I see the side airbag light come on then off every once in a while. I figure it could be some loose wiring. Might need to have that check.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Thought at first you buying an MDX instead of an X5 was an April Fool's joke ;-)

    You probably already ruled this out, but just in case ... do you have anything in the passenger seat when the side airbag light comes on? Do you drive with your body leaning over, head out the window?
  • wongj00wongj00 Posts: 4
    It is certainly a personal choice but I don't think it's worth $2600. I bought mine without the Touring package but have the dealer throw-in the roof rack. The 6-Disk CD-Bose is nice but not top rated (I heard better Bose system than in MDX). Driver side power seat and tilted side mirror when reversed are debatable options (for me anyway). Michelin all terrain tires are nice but the last time I went to the rocky is twenty years ago. So...
  • wongj00wongj00 Posts: 4
    I detected one Lexus RX300 on the street that
    it has two hooks on each side mounting on the roof (does not have side bars either). I think it is a smart feature. I wonder if Acura does that?
  • thewormtheworm Posts: 80
    We did opt for the Touring. Liked the looks of the rack, the 6-disc in-dash CD, and power memory seats.

    Since my wife & I both drive the car, the memory seats have proven to be a great feature. I also find the tilt-down mirror, which I thought was superfluous at first, to be a pleasant and highly-usable surprise.

    While the BOSE is nothing extraordinary, it's adequate and the 6-disc in-dash is great (tho yes, you could do the under-seat version on the base).

    I'd buy the Touring model again -- but as you've no doubt figured out it's all a personal choice. We didn't really look at it financially -- it was more of a "do we want these features or not?". Of course, if it were $10k more it woulda been a different story...but the $2600 seemed in the realm of value for us.
  • nydivanydiva Posts: 6
    Thanks MetMDX! I went to Larchmont (Acura Westchester) and I was more than pleased with the service when compared to Curry Acura. Sadly, Curry loses a lot of customers to Westchester Acura due to the lack of integrity and professionalism on their part... and Westchester Acura keeps the customers by not following in the footsteps of Curry.

    I ordered a Touring MDX 2002 model! Which I should get in July or August (I don't really mind - just more time to get a bigger sizable down payment).... the 2001's are done... and I am getting it at MSRP (which I was told should be no more if at all $200 more than the 2001 model).

    I am glad to be a part of this message board and just having read the thread on purchasing accesories via Hondaworld and not buying the MDX with all the "stuff" included.

    I want to thank you for all your help and when the salesguy asked if I was referred by someone I told him "yes" but that I did not know your name :-)

    Also--isn't there somewhere in Acura headquarters or web site that you can make a complaint on a dealership? I mean I know they are individually owned but wouldn't Acura want to know how they are being represented by dealerships??
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Japanese reliability played a major factor on the descision. MDX I own now.

    As for the air bag light its off now but does come on now and then. The dealer told me that the MDX computer does random checks of the system and when it does the lights sometimes flash. I have never heard this so keeping my eye on it. Have you heard of such thing???? BS from the Dealer, perhaps???
  • After coming inches from purchasing an Audi allroad, I did an about face this morning and ordered a 2002 Acura MDX (Granite, Touring). Many makes and models were serious contenders but the MDX's overall package, especially it's interior space, swung the decision in it's favor (in spite of the lack of immediate availability).
    I made a $1000 refundable (or so they tell me) deposit and should expect to see my vehicle in September. I agreed to pay MSRP because that is the best that buyers of the MDX have been doing lately. I also understand that the price of the 2002 model may increase. My question is, should I have arrived at a final price before making my deposit, and should I have it in writing? My dealer was unwilling to do this. He promised that I wouldn't be charged above sticker nor would they be willing to negotiate on a price below sticker. I'm concerned that a substantial increase in the price of the 2002 model would place this thing closer to the realm of the expensive German car that I passed over. Also, is it wise to place deposits at more than one dealer and see who comes through faster and cheaper? I chose this particular dealer because they rated very high on the site. I just hope my blind faith is rewarded at the end of this long and frustrating wait!
  • lhrandlhrand Posts: 24
    Congratulations on making your purchase! I'm glad you had a good experience.

    I am curious, since you will be getting a 2002, did they say anything about any changes? Or will they roll straight into ones labeled 02's without any modifications? We are expecting ours in June but if there is anything to be gained by waiting a month or so, would certainly do so.
  • lhrandlhrand Posts: 24
    We ordered our MDX some time ago so we did not have your issue about the dealer not being willing to put the price for the 2002 in writing, but one thought is to perhaps approach them again after the '02 prices have been set (but before your MDX comes in) and get a written contract at that time. That way if they try to weasel out of your verbal agreement, at least you won't have waited so long to start searching for another car.

    Actually, though, I would think the opposite would be more likely. I don't think that demand for MDXs is going to get any stronger than it now is in the next few months, both because of the chilling of the economy and the likelihood that most people who were eager to get one are already on waiting lists. So I doubt they will be in much of a position to pressure you on price when you take delivery. Who knows, of course.

    Good luck! Did you hear anything about '02s being any different from '01s?
  • Thanks for the advice Lisa, I'll wait for the '02 prices to be announced before I decide what to do.
    My dealer told me that he doesn't expect any changes other than two new color options; white and a something-pepper red (sorry, I forgot what he said exactly).
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    That's probably "Firepepper Red". A very conspicuous colour that one of my friends has on his '01 3.2TL. I'm not sure how it will look on a bigger vehicle like the MDX though.

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • rtr1rtr1 Posts: 4
    Just got my new MDX Mesa Beige with Touring package on Friday. I am very pleased that I ordered the touring package--to me the extras are all nice options and the $2600 is not out of line, given what you have to pay for an MDX. I believe the value will be recovered partly when you go to sell or trade-in the vehicle later down the road. So far, I am very pleased---and have yet to experience any of the problems and quirks noted here on the message board. I am a former RX300 owner (for 3 years) and can definitely tell that the MDX is not as quiet as the RX300---which better insulation and soundproofing ought to easily correct. But I think the MDX handles better, is much sportier and roomier, and is about on a par with the RX300 regarding comfort.
  • nydivanydiva Posts: 6
    the only differences between the 2001 AND 2002 MDX as I was told by the sales person may be that OnStar will be an option... I too was curious as to what other great perks I would get -- I put a $250.00 deposit down (which I was told was refundable-- no reason I can see me wanting a refund) and I got a contract paper which says delivery date of July/Aug and in the "price" field the sales person put MSRP.
    He also informed me that he really had no idea what the price on the 2002 would be but that it should not be more than $200.00 more than that of the 2001.
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 265
    Congrats on your purchase! I'm wondering however, and maybe someone else on the board knows, but I was under the (maybe mistaken) impression that the 2002's weren't going to be out till October. Did Acura move up the timetable/production?
    Any input appreciated. Thanks !
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