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Acura MDX (pre-2007)



  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Absolutely right, I brain-locked there. To me, the "essential" accessories are the cargo net, cargo tray or liner, cargo cover (if you drive without the third row deployed), and rear mudguards. All-season mats if you have gunk on the ground. sells these at good prices with free shipping and all these are self-installable. Can't believe some dealers charge a half-hour labor to put in stuff like the cargo tray or cargo cover.
  • vp16vp16 Posts: 23
    Thanks for your input. I'm leaning toward the splash guards, body side molding, moonroof visor, and perhaps the cargo liner. Fortunately, I already have a cargo net and will put it to good use. I did ask the dealer to throw in the splash guards. By the time they stopped laughing, my lunch break was over. My best bet is probably order it via the internet and install them my self.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    Sorry for all these newbie questions since I never thought of buying a MDX until about 30 minutes prior to going to the dealer

    Newbies are welcome! We're looking forward to seeing more of you here!

  • We picked our MDX up last saturday and love it. We got the rear mud guards, cd changer and roof rack.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Finally after 8 months I got the opportunity to drive my MDX in treacherous SNOW conditions. It snowed about 8 inches at about 8700ft off the Mount Rose Highway near Lake Tahoe. The highway is extremely windy and fairly steep. Going up-hill in the snow was a breeze and felt comfortable with it. No problems.

    Going down it was not quite as sure footed. Especially in a windy steep road. So the VTM-4 was switched on and it was very sure footed after that. Since the VTM-4 can only be switched on at first and second gear the MDX tends to decelerate nicely by itself with all four wheels in traction while making the steep turns. Only draw back is that the engine revs up as the MDX's speed increases. The Michelin Cross Terrains did their job. Didn't slip at all.

    I had one emergency maneuver when some idiot was playing chicken on the snowy highway. I slammed on my brakes and the anti-locking-brakes came on. The MDX slowed to a stop with out the back fish tailing. This was quite impressive, I thought. The other driver swerved at the last minute to avoid me. What a jerk!!

    The snowy drive was overall good and felt safe. The MDX passed my snowy treacherous road test. Not as good as my old audi but good enough. Now I'm the process of putting on Manik Step bars with all the rubber mats and Cargo liner from "Weathertech" to protect the inside carpeting from wet snow. The MDX and I are ready to defeat winter this season. If only our American troops would do the same in Afganistan.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Now that I have had my MDX (base model) for over 1 year (got it on the first day of national sales delivery) and have put over 15,000 miles on the MDX, here are my impressions. This car was #541. Last I checked, over 43,000 have now been built. Just noticed a white MDX on a car carrier today so the 2002's must be arriving!

    General Observations
    - Overall, my MPG has been around 18.5 (combined city + highway). Gas mileage never really improved as the engine was loosened up.

    - Wind noise has only been a problem for me at high speeds (i.e. above 65mph). I have driven both touring and non-touring models and still believe that a good source of the wind noise is caused by the roof rack's close placement to the sunroof. Still, as with many others, I think wind and road noise can be improved
    - After unbuckling the second row seat belts, they tend to not quite fully retract. This then causes them flap around and to knock against the plastic piece next to the doors. Very annoying!
    - Wife claims there are some blind spots in the rearview mirrors. Personally, I have not noticed any.
    - After a while, the brake pads tend to loosen up and start to "pop" when braking after reversing directions.

    - Overall quality: I have had zero defect problems with the car (minus the initial air bag recall)
    - Paint quality (emerald green) is excellent. I do not have any paint chip problems as previously reported by others.
    - Love the versatility of the 3rd row seat
    - Like the cargo capacity of the vehicle
    - Like the easy entry/exit into the SUV. Much easier than other SUVs

    Wish List
    - Wish the standard Trip Computer calculated average miles per hour on a trip.
    - Wish the car came standard with Xenon headlights
    - Wish the car only required regular instead of premium gas
    - Wish the car had separate heating/cooling controls for driver and passenger sides
    - Wish it had an DVD/TV entertainment option much like now on the 2002 Honda Oddysey

    Overall, I have been very pleased with the MDX and would recommend it to anyone.
  • vp16vp16 Posts: 23
    Just picked up the Touring w/Navi today at the dealer and had my first drive of 50 miles or so. I am embarrass to admit that I never test drove or even sat inside the MDX prior to purchase. Lucky for me those recommendations from friends were right. This SUV handles beautifully. Probably better than some cars I have driven. The seats were very comfortable. And then there's the ample headroom (unlike the QX4, which I did sit in once). The ease of entry and exit makes it feel like a RX300, but with much more room and IMO a better interior. The center armrest in the RX300 was just sad. So was the highlander for that matter. The navigation system in my '99 TL was excellent. This navigation system is even bigger and has more detail maps. It makes the ML430's COMAND system look archaic. Having $1550 off MSRP, a $2000 lease tax credit, and not having to wait (Took delivery 2 days after purchase) were unexpected bonuses.
  • vp16vp16 Posts: 23
    The 18.5 combined MPG doesn't sound impressive. Two things may improve your gas milage. First is a all wheel alignment. I bought a new 4-door sedan this year and it ran flawlessly until one day I ran into a curb and needed an alignment. After the alignment the MPG improved by 1.5 mpg. The car prior to the alignment ran perfectly stright and handled great! But you just can't argue with numbers. Second is using Mobil 1. Again, my mpg improved by about .5-.75 after the oil change. Hope this helps.
  • Can someone explain what the "leasing tax credit" is? Also, vp16 stated that he got $1550 off MSRP. Are the 2001's being discounted? Had the Acura dealer call me yesterday, has a Black base MDX on the lot and my name is next on the list. Need this info ASAP. Thanks for the help.
  • vp16vp16 Posts: 23
    In Texas, when you lease a vehicle, the leasee must pay the sales tax for the full price of the vehicle at the time of lease. This is highly unfair since you really should 'paying' for the portion of the vehicle that you're using. So, if this is a 3 year lease, the residual value is 50% (just an example) of the sale price, then you should only be paying sales tax for 50% of the price. Not so in Texas. The leasing company or the bank stand to gain from your misfortune. When the vehicle is returned after the 3 year lease, the state will credit the leasing company or the bank with a LEASE TAX CREDIT of 50% of the sales tax that you paid up front. Of course this money doesn't go to you, but to the bank. The bank or leasing company can use this lease tax credit to pay for the sales tax of newly leased vehicles. In my case, is like getting $2000 off of my sales tax. So the sales tax on my vehicle was only about $420. This significantly reduces your drive-out price. However, most leasing company have a big account full of these lease tax credits and will give you this lease tax credit if you know what to ask, mainly you want lease tax credit. The leasing agent I normally use allways gives me full tax credit on my leases (which is like getting your MDX tax free). Of course all this only apply to Texas.

    As for the $1550 off MSRP, I'm not sure how that happened. All my associates paid full MSRP and had to wait. One of my associates mentioned that his Acura dealer emailed him regarding taking orders for 2002's and had a 2 2001's available. I called the dealer late that evening about an hour before closing. They happened to have the color/options I wanted-silver touring with navi . I offered $37000 over the phone. He laughed and said come in and we'll talk. That happened to be the last day of the month, and 1/2 hour before closing, which helps you with negotiations if the salesperson need to make quota. They countered with $38500, so getting a $1000 off MSRP was possible off the 2001s. Another 10 minutes later and it was $37900. Didn't have to buy any options either since the MDX had no extras installed. The next day, the salesperson told me that their last MDX demo with 1000 miles was sold with $1500 of add-ons for $500 under MSRP. So, I just might have been lucky. It doesn't hurt to ask and negotiate with your current dealer. Good luck.
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    I have always suspected that a good deal was possible occasionally but only after the grizzly bears had eaten their fill and so full that they would burst. After selling so many at MSRP with options and stuff they just felt like being benevolent just to close out the model year. That is my opinion. Enjoy it. The bottom line $$ at Acura dealers across the country must be fabulous the past few years. The 3.2 TL saved them. The MDX raised them. I hope they did not loose too many customers with that MSRP attitude when times get tough. And history shows that times always get tough.
  • I was curious to know about the navigation system. Is it accurate, useful? Is it worth it? I appreciate your help!
  • Funny you should ask. I normally find the Nav system a cute toy, with some basic usefullness. However, today, I couldn't find the local NY DMV, I just knew the street it was on (obscure at that), and the Nav system led me right to it. That was very satisfying. If you have a poor sense of direction, it can really be useful. If you live in and around a large city, the Nav system can very frequently NOT calculate the most direct way to get somewhere, even though it claims to on screen. I happen to have a very good sense of direction, so for me the Nav system is probably not worth the 2K price. Unfortunately when I bought my MDX, it was Nav or Nothing!
  • I think it is a waste of money unless you often travel to places you are very unfamiliar with.
  • sometimes freeways are backed-up, dead stopped and then you need an alternate route. Off the beaten path. That you never took before because you knew where you were going.

    Or took a trip to a different area of the county during the 3-7 years that most people own the same vehicle. But then you can always gets maps from the Auto Club.

    Which work fine unless the freeway is backed up. Or if all the streets aren't marked very well. At night. In a downpour. When you're late.

    To each their own.'re probably right. It IS better to stay in your home territory...and post messages to Town Hall.
  • 02mdx02mdx Posts: 64
    Has anybody bought their MDX at either Acura of Dayton or Superior Acura in fairfield, Ohio? Could you post your opinions? Did they force any accesories, under-coating, etc?

    Has anybody bought the new 2002 MDX yet? What do you think?
  • When does the new 2002 model come out? I'm helping a friend shop using Priceline but they don't have it on their website, and neither does Edmunds.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    Pricing available at 2002 should be at your dealer any day, my dealer had one yesterday.
  • Well, after being on a wait list for a 2002 silver touring model for the last six months, we have decided to make the plunge on a new 2001 silver touring model. The deal seemed to be EXTREMELY fair and reasonable. MSRP $37,450....selling price $35,200 with splash guards and burlwood shift knob. vp16 is right..there are deals to be had if you find a good dealership and a nice General Sales Manager. I will definitely give a perfect CSI report to the dealership I am working with. Picking the vehicle up on Wednesday and then making the 7 hour drive home. Can't wait.
  • Hi all!

    I've been enjoying reading the messages in this forum since March, when I was torn between the X-5 and the MDX. I think the better value is in the MDX, and put myself on the waiting list--I expect to take delivery of a Tafetta white, Touring, Nav. towards the end of the month.

    My question is, with all this talk about good deals on the '01s, what can I expect to pay for an '02? I'm a long time client of this dealership (I own a 1995 Integra LS)--which happens to be the only one in Austin! I'll make the drive to Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio if I have to--but I don't want to start over on the wait list!!

    Any thoughts? Anyone had a good experience with Texas Acura dealers? I'd appreciate any input :)
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 130
    been to 3 dealers 1 was 2000 over msrp,another was 3000 over msrp and 895 over for running boards (must order)
    are there any dealers selling at msrp in tri state area on 2002's all would deliver in feb 2002
  • Hi all!

    I've been enjoying reading the messages in this forum since March, when I was torn between the X-5 and the MDX. I think the better value is in the MDX, and put myself on the waiting list--I expect to take delivery of a Tafetta white, Touring, Nav. towards the end of the month.

    My question is, with all this talk about good deals on the '01s, what can I expect to pay for an '02? I'm a long time client of this dealership (I own a 1995 Integra LS)--which happens to be the only one in Austin! I'll make the drive to Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio if I have to--but I don't want to start over on the wait list!!

    Any thoughts? Anyone had a good experience with Texas Acura dealers? I'd appreciate any input :)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    I've been enjoying reading the messages in this forum since March

    Wonderful! It's great to see you posting and we're lookking forward to hearing about your X-5/MDX experiences!

  • Hello folks,
    Production began on 10/23/01.
    I was offerred a 2001 the last week of Oct. I asked the dealer about a discount off the MSRP, due to the resale loss down the road. They declined and we continued our wait. Last thursday, 11/01/01 the dealer called back with our new 2002 S/S Premium model. We purchased it the next day. We paid MSRP which is .9% (~$400.) more than last year. This is a token amount vs. buying a "year old" model and taking the resale depreciation ding. Aditionally, we live in So. Calif. and were quite amazed that in just over 1 week our MDX was built in Canada shipped from Buffalo, NY and into our hands. Finally, we were on our waiting list for about 6 weeks. I hope this is helpful to some and encouraging to others, Happy Motoring!

    P.S. Neither my wife who drives the vehicle nor myself saw any value in the Navi. Sys.. This is probably attributable to living in a big city (L.A.).
  • I been reading the messages in this form for the last few weeks while trying to decide on which SUV to purchase, the information on this board from everyone was very helpful. Thanks.

    I've decided on the MDX vs the Highlander. I was looking at the Highlander Limited 4wd, V6, Leather, Sunroof, side air bags, roof rack, JBL stereo, etc, and was comparing it to the MDX Basic (which has just about everything listed above (-JBL 6 disc).

    Both Vehicles have a MSRP of $35,000+. I can get the Highlander at around 33,000 thus saving $2000.00. I test drove the Highlander twice and the MDX twice, both vehicles drive very nice, but I felt the MDX had a better quality feel to it. I like the looks of the MDX over the Highlander and I feel the 4wd system on the MDX is superior to the Highlander. I did like the leather on the Highlander, I think it may have been a little better quality.

    When it came right down to it I would rather invest $35,000 in an Acura vs $33,000 for a Toyota. So I will be making my deposit within the next week, my question is should I spring for the extra and go with the Touring model over the Basic? Is is worth the difference? What do some of you think?

    Thanks for all the help and great information....Almost ready to order!
  • I went through the same process you did. MDX v. Highlander. 3 weeks ago My wife took delivery of her base MDX. We didn't feel the NAV was worth it either. The Touring package is nice, but we didn't feel it was needed. We love her new car!
  • The navigation system is wonderful. I use it almost every day to go to new places. 19 out of 20 times it finds the optimal path to take. It is well worth the $2000 it costs.

  • Hi All. been reading this board for about a month. it's been fun and enlightening and so I finally decided to join and post, as my question is one I cannot recall seeing very much about (maybe with good reason).
    I've finally persuaded my wife that the MDX might -- just might -- be a viable alternative to a Windstar minivan for us and the 3 kids (10 and under) for daily and weekend driving and the occasional 100-200 mile trips to other East Coast cities. Her beloved '92 Saab9000 is starting to disassemble and she's fed up with it. Anyway, since she's not sold on getting an SUV for the long term (we tend to keep our cars about 10 years) she's wondering about LEASING one. We've never even considered leasing before, so my questions (finally) are:
    Are dealers offering MDX's to lease?
    What are the most likely down payment/monthly payment scenarios for the base edition? Do I have a choice of 3 or 4 years on a lease?
    Anything else I should keep in mind in considering a lease? Like is it realistic to think that with 3 kids I'll be turning the vehicle back in in good condition after 3 or 4 years? (I'm not looking for explicit lease vs. buy arguments here, I know there's another board for that).
    Our nearest dealer here on Long Island is Island Acura Saab in Wantagh. Anyone have personal experience with that dealership?
    Sorry for making this first post so long and thanks in advance for any and all help.
  • has anyone used GPS on a palm (or similar device) instead of the bulid in navigation system? i know GPS probably costs you $200 and for $500 you can get a very good hand held device. my friend also said the screen of his casco is only a little small than the screen of his ML. they come with a lot of accessaries that you can attach to your dish and they look nice. (not the cheap one you see it in fry's) if it works, who will buy a navigation system which will cost twice as much and couldn't be taken out when you change vehicle.
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