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Lexus RX 300



  • robin007robin007 Posts: 4
    can you explain more with what you meant by the $1500 value package?

  • cas5cas5 Posts: 8
    If anyone is really interested in saving $ on a new RX 300 they should go to I did and got a bid of $35,385 for one with the value package. The only problem with the deal was they would not give me enough for my 1998 GS 400 as a trade.
  • rx2000rx2000 Posts: 11
    I see that the 2001 Rex has a rubber bumper guard on "wegstereo" picture (don't know whether this is standard or option). Anybody can help me on the part number of this bumper guard and approx. cost for it (place to buy will be nice too). This will be a real saver for the bumper. I already scratched mine.

    Thnks in advance
  • Melanjian,

    The "rear brush guards" were a dealer installed option. $895. If you're in NY try calling Rallye Lexus at 516-676-4000.


    I didn't pay extra for the rubber guards so I don't think they're an option.
  • I just wanted to share our recent weekend experience in a Lexus RX-300 on a 4WD course in country New South Wales (Australia). Besides having a great time with our newly acquired Lexus (actually an imported Toyota Harrier) we learned a lot about our vehicle and negotiating real outback conditions.

    First, let me say that we were the standout vehicle in a class of Patrol's, Land Cruiser's, Pajero's, Grand Cherokee, Rodeo's etc. Even two purpose built vehicles from 4WD suppliers. We felt positively naked sitting next to these others. But hey, we have taken vehicles beyond their normal limits before and this was our chance to see what we could and could not do in this vehicle.

    You should understand that the Lexus RX is not imported by Lexus here yet. It can be imported in right hand drive from Japan as a limited import used car. Same basic AWD 3 Liter vehicle as the USA but for minor cosmetics and radio and steering wheel mounted manual shift buttons. We did add a Jaos front bash plate to it - which proved a handy addition.

    The first day started with a drive on river bed sand. The Lexus managed the course with both inflated and deflated tires. Some bottom scraping over rises but overall we managed the course with the pack.

    Afterwards, we went to a specially designed track full of rises, dips, drop-offs, mud holes, etc. Even the drivers of the other vehicles were apprehensive. The instructor picked on the Pajero to show how easily it could be stuck on just two wheels with no getting out of it with its traction system.

    We were horrified to see the sheer drops into mud pits and the articulation of several obstacles but the instructor thought we might actually make it round. Of course all the other drivers had been chuckling and egging us on.

    So I took it on the course hoping to not destroy our vehicle. All the other drivers jumped out of their vehicles to come see "it's the Lexus, it's the Lexus!" They came to watch this dwarf 4WD do the same course they were struggling with.

    Guess what? Aside from some bash plate scraping, we managed the whole course with flying colors. While the others dropped into low range and fixed their diffs, we just popped into manual first gear and off we went. Our maneuverability helped overcome obstacles the others took on awkwardly. The gathered crowd broke into applause.

    We also managed the steep descent and hill climb but had to use the brakes rather than extra low gear. Not ideal, but it worked on the short hill. The water crossing was equally uneventful - we actually managed it better than some (again, everyone gathered to watch "it's the Lexus!")

    Talking to the instructor later he said that we easily outperformed the M-Class, two of which had been on the course and whose drivers went away in disgust. The two things the Lexus really lacks to be a more serious outback drive are a low range (for climbing/descending long loose or slippery slopes) and a couple of additional inches of clearance to drive over small rocks and to clear the raised centers of tracks. A better set of off road tires would also help. If I could find a way of raising and then lowering the vehicle for roads I would do it.

    But the thing is, we bought the Lexus to get us comfortably, economically and safely TO destinations where we would hike and camp, and so on. It's our weekend getaway vehicle. There are many such roads around us here and long distances between destinations. If the road gets too rough we either fix it or we stop and go on foot.

    Many other 4 WD folks seem to only be interested in driving to a spot having a cup of tea and going off again. Meanwhile they burn fuel like no tomorrow, vibrate the passengers to distraction, scare the heck out of car drivers and wallow on the freeways.

    My wife are very happy with our vehicle and the weekend proved to us that the Lexus is capable of more than most people think. When I get some pics of the weekend I'll be able to post them.

    See 'ya!
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Interesting post!
  • malhokcmalhokc Posts: 83
    These can be purchased at much cheaper prices from
  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    Here's some more info for you techs. Changed my oil today and can give you the ID on the "Cup Type" filter wrench you will need. As you recall, the best way to access the oil filter is from the front of the engine. This wrench when fitted on a 3/4 inch socket wrench and a short extension, will get that filter off. The wrench is a 73mm 14 flute size. I got mine in Advance Auto.I looked at the A/C Iilter, which is in the glove compartment area, to the right of the CDDCartridge area. At 15,000 miles, it was pretty dirty. Not even bothering with Lenexusrices, I called my Toyota dealer and they wanted $35. This is a modest little thing! So, I have ordered it from Iron for $21. I tried to clean the filter, but it needs to be changed regularly, at least every 20,000 miles. For more info, write me at rered
  • I am considering buying an RX after Ford buys back my Escape under the lemon law. I am debating between the Pathfinder and the RX. How is the gas mileage on the RX? How many miles does it take to get decent mileage? The stats have it better than the path.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
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  • johngreisjohngreis Posts: 70
    To #1392

    I have a 2000 awd and have had it on many long trips (13000 on odometer)and always get 22mpg at 70 mph. I once went on a 400 mile trip and set the cruise at 63 mph and I still get the same mileage. City is about 18.
    By the by - I use only 87 octane and have never had a ping.

    Good luck
  • I'm looking at both new 2001 and low-mileage 2000 models, both with the Premium Plus package but no NAV (which I don't need, anyway). I live outside Wash,DC in the Virginia suburbs, and so far I've got two dealers down to $38,200 from the $40,601 MSRP package. This is about 6% over invoice. Do I stand a chance of getting much lower on the price, and if so, how much? I found a 2000 RX with very low mileage with the Premium Plus package, in showroom condition, and (yes) the Badawful Integrity tires, for about $35,000. Does this price sound too good to be true? Of course, I would insist on a CarFax Report. I prefer the 2001 for: the VSC, TRAC, HID lights, and the new blue vapor color. Other than the color, is the premium over the 2000 worth spending for these items? I plan an absolute minimum of off-road or blizzard condition driving.

    Lastly, is the CD Changer/Slacker located in the 2000 model, but in-dash in the 2001?

    I would appreciate your comments.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you're thinking of buying a 2000 RX AWD to save money then why not buy a FWD RX and save some real money. Without Trac you might never notice much difference between a FWD and an AWD RX.

    The addition of Trac on the 2001 makes the RX a REAL AWD.

    If you happen to be as old as I am then once you have driven on asphalt at night (in the rain?) with HID you would never go back to "ordinary" headlamps.

    2001 CD = glovebox...still.
  • I must say I done a lot of research on the RX but you are the first one to bring up this issue. Do you know personally, or know of any test data available, that describes the handling and braking similarities of or differences between these two models?
  • mkdwyermkdwyer Posts: 4
    Does any know if the dealer's chrome wheel option includes just the wheels, or is there more to it, like upgraded tires also, and if so what type/brand? Two local wheel shops quoted me $700 for a set of 4 RX300 chrome wheels on exchange, which seems like a big savings over the dealer. I'm trying to decide which way to go on this and looking for input. thx.
  • bcjacob1bcjacob1 Posts: 39
    Is there a way to automatically lock all 4 doors on the '01 RX AWD? On my '00 Audi, the dealer was able to reprogram the computer in the car to lock all doors at 15 mph. Just curious if there are any hidden features in the Lexus computer - there are a ton of hidden features in the Audi.
  • mlevinedcmlevinedc Posts: 45
    I have a 01 RX300 on order with the chrome wheels and every available option exc. for Nakamichi and Gold Pkg, They told me the chrome wheels include the spare, therefore I am getting 5 chrome wheels, not four as the tire shop may have offered you in trade. I am also told I will be getting Bridgestone Dueler HT All-Seasons and not Goodyears with the chrome. My local (big multi-store outfit) said there was no way to get a decent set of chrome wheels for 850.00 (Lexus dealer cost).

    30 days to delivery, I can't wait.
  • arturitoarturito Posts: 16
    you may want to scroll back to # 1384 for pricing info i live in no. va. and bought a 01 fwd rx in fla two weeks ago for price and avilability let me know if you want details also i think i saw some info on $1500 factory discount being discontinued in a previous post in this forum yet i saw it advertised in the current issue of newsweek magazine go figure! arturito
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I believe the "speed-sensitive auto door lock function" is only supported on LS and GS models.

  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811
    You can do better with an independent tire shop for chrome RX300 wheels. Besides, it gives you a chance to dump the BadYears or the Duelers and put tires on the RX that it deserves.

    For not much more than the $850-900 they want to charge you for just to have chrome wheels and the same tires, you can have four (4) chrome OEM RX wheels (on an exchange basis) and Michelin tires, either the LTX or the Cross-Terrains -- both of which are vastly superior in all ways to the OEM BadYears (Duelers are not as painfully Out-of-Their-League so you could keep them without major depression).

    I have a new 2001 RX and I had my local tire guy chrome the four wheels and install Cross Terrains; with road hazard warranty, I think the total with labor was about $1070. And I have four Badyears sitting in plastic bags that Lexus can have back in three years.

    The chromed wheels look great, with the same gold-plated "L" Lexus logo initial in the center cap. I used the tire guy's subcontractor plating service a few years ago on a different vehicle - never had a flaking or defect problem. And if there is a problem, the wheel goes back and I receive another one at no charge.

    Easy decision.
  • gohuskiesgohuskies Posts: 40
    I have been RX300 shopping in the Northwest and discovered that two Dealerships, one in Portland and North Seattle are controlled by Kuni in Portland and that the Bellevue and Tacoma dealerships have the same ownership. Therefore, they control which options and option packages are available in the Northwest. One option that is not readily available is the "Nakamichi Audio System Package" which includes HID headlights without the Navigation system. The audio package requires a special order, which they discourage and requires 3-4 months from order to arrival.
    I have found one Northwest dealer who is very competitive on pricing and will accept special orders. The dealer is "Kendall Lexus of Eugene", Oregon, contact Dan David at 800-43-Lexus.
    Also, many good tire shops and some dealerships have local chrome, exchange wheels for $800-900. In my case I have used the same tire dealer for three previous sets of wheels and have found the quality to be superior to original factory plating.
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    MPG in town averages for me:
    2000 Nissan Xterra 4x4: 15.3
    1999 RX300 4x4: 18.7- "regular" fuel.

    I bought my chrome wheels from the person who supplies the local Lexus dealers. The dealer gets 1795 for a set of his wheels. He charged me $550 including the labor/rebalances.
    You can also check:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Other than tractors on the farm in Arkansas I first learned to drive in the AF in 1958 in New Hampshire. Often had to drive out on the runway ramp there and at Goose Bay when it was icy and covered with snow so they gave us a good lesson so we would not have to pay for damaging a B47 or KC97 or worse.

    Spent a few years in central Montana to boot.

    My conclusions about RX FWD vs AWD vs AWD & Trac are first, Logical, but also draw on my many years of driving RWD and 4WD in rather adverse conditions.

    Living in the Pacific Northwest as I do I have sworn that I will NEVER own a FWD vehicle and the 2000 AWD RX is the closest I ever hope to come to aborting that stand.

    Lexus dropped the limited slip differential from the 2001 options list because the Trac system makes it needless.

    With its normal, or latent, 70/30 front to rear torque distribution the 2000 RX AWD is basically a FWD vehicle until there is enough differential wheel "spin", front to rear, to heat the viscous fluid and thus increase the amount of torque delivered to the rear axle. Notice I did not say "rear wheels".

    In the 2000 it would have been the job of the (optional) limited slip differential to "decide" which of the rear wheels would get the (most) driving torque.

    I really no real idea how long it would take to "heat" the viscous fluid to a level sufficient to couple additional torque to the rear axle but I suspect that the number would certainly be in the range of many hundreds of milliseconds when the vehicle is first started after setting outside all night in a sub-freezing climate. I even wonder if one could rely on as much as an 80/20 torque distribution in such circumsatnces.

    It is my understanding that the Lexus Trac system uses the ABS wheelspeed sensors to detect that a given wheel or wheels have lost traction and will instantaniously apply the brakes to any wheel or wheels that spin "out-of-control".

    This "delay", inherent in viscous clutch systems would also help to explain why my two Jeeps, an 87 and a 92, would always perform much better in adverse conditions in (part-time) 4WD rather than (full-time via viscous clutch) AWD.
  • kuangtickuangtic Posts: 14
    I live in Beaverton, OR and I am going to buy a 2001 RX300 AWD, who is your sales person at Lexus of Portland? Is the car you get a demo unit or brand-new one? To get that price ($500 over invoice, what did you do? Do you have to haggle a lot?

    Thanks for info.
  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    Sue....... had a 98 Pathfinder before I bought a 2000 RX. It's pretty much the difference between a car and a truck. While competent, with many nice features, and a much improved engine, the Pathfinder still has that truck suspension and you will feel the bumps everywhere except at highway speeds.
  • Hello to all my felow man kind Lexus RX300 owners.
    First of all, I can't believe you complian about the RX300. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING IN THE FIRST PLACE??? That you would be able to go "off road" ?? If you wanted to go off road get yourself a Ford Explorer!! The RX 300 was NOT designed as a "off road" SUV anyway. If you were RESPONSIBLE, and an educated person, you would have done your "homework" and research the RX300. I love the RX300, it is a great SUV, and for people to complain about it is STUPID!!!! If one little thing is out of placed, everyone yells about it. I would like to see you guys try to build a BETTER SUV and sell it!!!!! It's a Lexus , therefore, it is going to be Expensive, what you thought it would only cost $1,000---NO WAY--Put You foot where your mouth is!!!
  • mooretorquemooretorque Posts: 241
    If that was "first of all", can't wait to read "second".
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811
    BigO -

    I can't put my foot where my mouth is; from all your previous posts (under a different name now, eh GT?), don't you remember that's where us yuppie RX owners store our Starbucks supply?

    Glad to have you back; it's way too tame over here. But try to calm down before that ol' blood pressure overheats...hey, did you ever take delivery of the Santa Fe Dream SUV or are you still putt-putting around in the '83 Mustang with 900,000 miles?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    When I bought my first Lexus, a 92 LS400, in late 1991, I did so because I had decided that it was far and away the best car for the money in that class. That car is still in my "family" today and it has NEVER been back to the shop for repairs. But I would be the very first to tell you that it is not without design flaws, or design aspects that really cannot be called "flaws" but design aspects that clearly could easily be improved upon.

    Lexus' motto was "The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection", and now it has been changed to "The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection", either way it is an acknowledgement that "we're not there yet, folks!".

    Now, I "live" in the electronics manufacturing segment and I firmly believe that customer feedback is the MOST valuable feedback we can obtain for improving our products, and yes, even sometimes discovering and correcting design flaws that somehow slipped by us.

    Maybe you live in the sunbelt and can't quite accept that the further north you live, sometimes an "off-road" condition comes to you, not you to it.

    But, just as an example, the MDX does not have an HID option. I will bet you odds that the many people who have asked the dealers "why not" will have a positive effect and the 2002 will have HID.

    I bought a 2000 RX AWD because I KNEW it was the best value for the money. I also knew that it had some shortcomings such as the lack of true AWD. Had not Lexus come out with Trac in 2001 I would probably be driving an MDX today and be looking for an aftermarket HID upgrade.

    I don't wish you to get the impression that a trade-up this often is the norm for me. I put 250,000 miles on each, a 78 Ford wagon, and a 75 Ford wagon.

    I very pleased recently when I found that now has a "channel" through which owners can comment or register complaints about the cars.

    So, I bought the Nav system because that was the only way I could get HID. The Nav system has definite flaws, but at the same time I have admitted that it has been helpful on several occassions.

    The RX's have the same basic Climate Control design flaws as did the 92 LS, and I am surprised that neither Lexus nor Denso has acted to correct these. But then Denso is the HVAC supplier for the majority of auto manufacturers and thus most of those exhibit the very same flaws.

    Lexus Vehicles are ALL, far and away, within their individual market segments, the best that can be had for the money thoughout this world.
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    Lexus just sent the brochure. Anyone seen this thing. Seems like a waste to eliminate that nice Walnut for the stainless steel crap. Perhaps some will like it. Outside looks nice and perforated leather seats is nice touch.
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