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Nissan Pathfinder



  • Where do you live? Do you plan on keeping the PF longer than 6 years? Most rust protection packages are a rip off. The manufacturer usually provides a warranty against rust longer than the general 3yr - 36k miles BTB warranty. I have never had a car rust even my 15 year old Camaro, or any car for that matter. I do live in the SE only get rare snow, and we don't ususally use salt on roads.
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Just like to check a few assumptions here...I calc the invoice for a 4X2 LE with all but nav/ent to be about 29,600 including destination (I always include dest in invoice 'cause it's always charged...does everyone else do that when figuring invoice? For example although the carsdirect invoice figure include dest, the edmunds figure does not). So, assuming Frodo4's 28,500 also includes dest, that's $1100 under invoice..easily the best I've seen in the states. With the caveat that it's not one of those left-over part-time 4WD models, this is quite a deal.

    Lisafrsandiego...keep in mind that the carsdirect price does not include LSD (which I assume is included in the frodo4 est) which is $217 invoice.

    Just want to be sure we're doing apples/apples here.
  • How is the Pathfinder re: insurance costs?
    Is it listed on the 'most stolen' list or anything else I should know about?
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    Okay, according to Edmunds, the invoice price for an LE 4x2 with EVERYTHING except nav, ent, and LSD is $29,211 (don't know why Edmunds doesn't list LSD as an option for the 4x2). Invoice for LSD is $217, so total comes to $29,428. Since this is a 2WD model, the old "stick" version or AWD doesn't apply.

    Frodo4, your price is almost $1000 under the US invoice. Like Sanandton said, that's a darn good price. Sorry if I have misled you. I didn't check on the invoice prices yesterday. I guess I was comparing apples and oranges (US and Canada).

    About the insurance thing for the PF, this was one of the reasons I bought the PF. I compared it to the 4Runner and the Forester and the premiums for both vehicles were higher than the PF. My rep told me it was cheaper to fix the PF. I suggest checking with your insurance company first.
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    Got about 8" of snow last night (first real dumping in the Pacific NW). PF All-mode 4wd performed flawlessly. Just turned the knob and into 4wd it went and vice versa.
  • Hi guys,

    thanks for the replies. Yes, after dealing with various dealers, I was able to negotiate $28,500 for a PF LE 4x2 with all options except tha NAV & ENT. The other charges I supposedly have to pay are tax (which in FL is 6.5%) the tag fee, about $200.00 and then what the dealer calls "dealer services or title. The total all inclusive price comes to $30,949.24. I would assume that this dealer services is the destination charge.
    I still think its a pretty darn good deal and at 3.9% even better.
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    OK - so you paid $28,332 + $540 dest = $29,072. Then tax of $1877, then title/reg of $200 which is $30,949. That's a great out to $555 under invoice. Invoice on your LE 2WD is $26,640 base + $2467 options (inc LSD) + $540 dest = $29,627.

    If there's something wrong in how I did this, please let's fix it so we're all on the same page. This is the #1 question asked on this site so we should agree on how we calculate 'how much is this over/under invoice'. I know it was the only way I could make sense of the 'what price should I shoot for' question when I was purchasing and the input I got here was extremely helpful.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    highup: The 3.5 L engine has solid lifters....sorry. My Altima has solid lifters
    also and uses PL24457 oil filter with 4 qts of oil. Nissan must have changed
    oil pans?? Steve
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    Hey Tom,
    Having some time on my hands (everyone's out because of the snow!!) so I'll go through your numbers. I agree with the $28,332 figure but how did you figure the option price? Here's what I got (all Edmunds invoice $). Let me know I'm coming from left field:

    LE 4x2 - $26,637
    dest - $540
    leather - $1,560
    mats - $58
    filter - $38
    hitch - $305
    moulding - $73
    sunroof deflector - $42
    LSD - $216

    Total Invoice w/destination: $29,469 <==this is also what I consider true INVOICE because that is what the dealer has to pay (not including any incentives or holdbacks). Anything else, such as tax, title, registration, ad fees, etc. are different for different regions. What you actually pay depends on supply/demand and your negotiation skills.

    To figure what frodo4 actually paid ($28,872.53):

    $30,949.24-$200 (title, reg, etc) = $30,749.24, then
    $30,749.24/1.065 (less tax) = $28,872.53 (w/dest)

    That's $596.47 UNDER invoice.

  • levkolevko Posts: 3
    I understand that in Canada you can get SE with AWD for no extra charge. Does it come (or could come) with climate control also? It looks like here in US, SE can not be equiped with climate control. Am I right?
  • Got my 2001 PF LE 4x4(All-mode) two weeks ago. It has all options except Nav. & Ent., and the price came to $30,830 (excluding tax, registration fees). I thought it was a good deal as it's below invoice a few hundred dollars.

    Already put 1500 miles on it by driving to ski resorts on weekend, and am very happy about the new PF. The only thing discomfort me is the Bridgestone tires.

    Last weekend, we got 4-foot new snow at Pacific NW. During the trips to the resort and back, the PF spun out *TWICE* !!! Almost got us killed. Both were under Auto-4WD. The first time was at 45-50 mph (yes, I know, it's a bit too fast on snow and ice), but the second time was at 15-20 mph. After I switched to 4H, it seemed it held the road surface so much better.

    Later when talking to my friends about this and analyzing the situation, we figured it was most likely because half of the road surface was covered by ice, and the other half by snow, which caused different traction between the left wheels and the righ wheels. And the computer that senses the slippage operates in a front-rear fashion, in other word, when the rear wheels starts slipping, it transfers power to the front wheels. However, in the situation I encountered, one of the rear wheel had good traction (on deep snow), so the 4WD was not engaged automatically by the "confused" computer. Does it make sense?

    Anyway, I learnt my lesson, and would always use 4H or 4L in that kind of situation. Trust my own judgement rather than the computer's.
  • Well, I phoned an rep about 60 miles from where I live (San Diego, CA)and received the following quote this morning:

    Pathfinder LE 2x4 with all options except Ent/Nav
    MSRP: 32,293
    First he quoted: 28,995
    Then I told him I had a quote for $29K from and that Frodo4 was getting his for 28,500 and that's what I'd be happy with.
    So he came back with 28,600
    Extras: 45 doc fee
    418 license
    5 tire fee
    2148.39 tax
    31,216.38 Total

    How'd I do? Should I do this? Will I be happy? Is it fun to drive a PF? Will I love it for 10 years? Is the 2x4 good for our flawless weather? What will the resale on it be in 5 yrs, 10 yrs?

    Thanks so much... I'm getting excited!
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    Let me start by saying, here in Canada we have a very small market (less than 10% US market). We have no 2X4 Pathfinders, no 4 cyl., no Nav. system, etc.

    Yes, the SE comes with the AUTO 4WD (if you order the automatic xmission). No, the climate control is only available on the LE.

    Hope that clears it up a bit. Feel free to ask any more questions, the dealer is just a local phone call away ;-).
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The Fridays freeways chat is starting soon (5-6pm Pacific). If you're new to it, stop by and have a look around. Hope to see you there!

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket and Accessories message boards
  • I would like to thank you all for the great info and useful discussion I have attained on this list. A couple of questions. Does anyone know if the headrests on the leather seats are also leather? I was told at the dealership that they are but they seem like vinyl to me. Secondly to the other Canadians out there. Where do you find Vinylex? I have had no trouble finding the Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner but the Vinylex seems harder to find. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I asked a good friend that works in the parts department
    where I purchased my PF and looking at the sales brochure
    it looks like the only leather is on the seat surfaces,maybe
    the steering wheel cover and gearshift. Personally I wished I
    ordered one in cloth. The Lexal leather cleaner/conditioner
    is the most recomended....Steve
  • Hey everyone!

    Thanks for all the positive feedback. I am going to see the dealer tomorrow to hopefully seal the deal. Loboy - your numbers are right on, that's what I figure to pay as well. My method was simple - after reading through Edmund's and getting the exact price - I sent an email to each Nissan dealership in my area. They all replied with different numbers. I took the lowest one,(which by the way was still pretty good at $28,799.00) and said flat out I was willing to pay $28,500.00 - The guy faxed me in writing the acceptance.
    Now all I need to know is if I'll be happy with the PF b/c I haven't even test driven it yet. Too caught up in this stuff (plus planning a wedding) had no time. Looks like tomorrow is it.
    Let you guys know how it turned out.
  • mjowmjow Posts: 7
    I got my Super Black Pathfinder EL 2X4 with everything but Navigation and TV for $28,200.00 at the end of November. I believe You can do at least this good, maybe better considering rebates and incentives. Try Call the dealership and ask for Art Mary. I am sure you can work out a deal. I felt like a got a fair deal!! And they had about 50 on the lot - all trim levels, all options. Good Luck!
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    So...the difference in our invoice prices was the leather...I had $1734 (because that's what I paid on my 4WD) and you had $ I look and see that the 2WD invoice price is different from 4WD. Checking the fine print I see that there are indeed less seat adjustments/memory settings on the 2WD version. How about that. This makes my invoice number too should be 29,469 (base=26,637 + opts=2292 + dest=540).

    I'm probably spending too much time on this, but I think it's important for us to standardize on the term 'above/below invoice'. Invoice is base invoice price for the model + invoice price for options + dest (same everywhere, $540).

    It seems that frodo4's case is a bit confusing becase the dest charge isn't clear. A quote of 28,500 + 540 =29,040. That's $429 under invoice ($29,469). This doesn't agree with the other numbers, so I don't know what's what.
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    Your deal seems even better...assuming 28,600 includes dest. That's $869 under invoice!

    Those added charges seem a bit high, esp the 418 license, but given the great deal, who cares.
  • The quote I posted above was the exact numbers I went over on the phone with the dealer. I haven't tried any "fax attack" approaches or on yet.

    After test driving again yesterday, I am wondering whether I should choose a 4x4 or AWD instead of the 2x4. It was explained to me that being able to take it off road or in icy conditions was the whole point of having such a vehicle.

    Is the 4x4 going to be safer than the 2x2? What about resale value? Are 4x4s much more desirable? It is worth the extra $$$?
    Thanks everyone for chatting with me about this!
  • For all you nice folks out there thinking about buying an all wheel drive pathfinder. I have been living with the Infiniti version for a year now. The drive system is great with two drawbacks. The first, and a minor one, the system bucks when you shut off the truck. Sort of like being bumped from behind. It will not do it if you allow the truck to sit at idle for a minute before shutting down. A minor annoyance. The second is the gas mileage! I get an average of 12-13 MPG combined!
    Just thought you should know.

    P.. I am a relaxed driver, not lead footed at all.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    marlin98: I have a 2001 PF LE with AWD and I am very impressed
    how smooth mine changes from 2wd to 4 auto and back again. What year
    is your Infiniti? I also change the oil in the trans and transfer case to Valvoline dura-blend. Made the trans shift smoother also. I'm getting about 17-18 mph driving in the mountains on ski trips rarely using O/D. There might be a valve sticking in the transfer case hydraulics?? Steve
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    I just bought my Xterra...(2001 SE, 4WD, Auto Dimming Mirror, Mud Guards, Floor Mats, Filter, totally USELESS moonroof, alloy wheels and stock 16" tires for $24,600 including frieght). The vehicle has minor problems like a warped side mirror and the fuel guage registers 1/3 full when fully filled with gas. I hope Nissan will fix this or I will have to return the vehicle under the lemon law.

    Other than these minor issues, the Xterra beats the heck out of my more expensive Ford Explorer and my new Pathfinder. I read all the reviews that stated the Xterra drives like a truck (Frontier Chassis) and The Pathfinder drives like a car (Maxima Chassis). In reality, the Pathfinder has a less room, offers the same lousy mileage and costs a lot more. It just looks more upscale if one is into form over function.

    Sometimes the Xterra's 4WD grinds when I try to put it in 4WD. The Pathfinder does not have this same problem, but cannot shift on the fly as well.

    Oddly enough, my friend and I were offroading and his Pathfinder got stuck in the mud, even with a superior engine while the Xterra navigated without a hiccup! If one is not into a beautiful vehicle with all the options, maybe the Xterra is the better option for offroading? Heck, even on pavement it drives like a charm.

    The Xterra is marketed for a far different crowd than the Pathfinder, but as an owner of both, I have to say the Xterra offers a bigger bang for the buck! I only wish Nissan would put the Pathfinder engine in the Xterra!
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    1. antennas: Might get better signal from all directions. My Stanza has 2 antennas just like the PF. The radio detects witch antenna is picking up the best signal and uses that antenna. 2. tires: The speedo and computer are calibrated for tires that came with the vehicle. 3. Noise from rack: Is the noise comming from the rack or the wind deflector we paid $40+ for. I removed the wind defectorthe same day I got home and no noise sence. 4. K/N filter: Acording to all the tests they are worst then the cheep paper ones!! Amsoil foam are the best!!!!. 5. Outside air temp again: Have to drive over 15 mph for 100 sec. before the thermometer reads correctly. Then updates every 40 sec. Cheers
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    1. The 2 antennas are called a diversity antenna. They are used to optimize radio reception depending on AM/FM, interference and distance from transmitter.
    2. I know you can fit a 17 inch wheel (245/65/17) as this is optional on the QX4. As for other combinations, I don't know (but I know a couple guys on this board have gone through the effort with their 99.5/2000 PFs).
    3. Other than removing the crossbars, I significantly reduced the noise by moving both crossbars near the back of the rack.
    4. I know the K&N improved my mileage on my 99.5 PF LE with the 3.3 L engine (about 5%). I am logging my results with a K&N on my 2001 LE right now (as is bgritz...gritz, any results??) and will get back to you soon. I have not noticed any improvement in HP or throttle response using the "seat of the pants" measurement method.
    5. On my 99.5 PF LE, the mileage improved dramatically after around 5,000 miles and I continued to see significant improvement right up until around 10,000 miles (where it was at least meeting EPA figures).
    6. The temp sensor sits low in front of the radiator. As meca2 states, you have to be driving a certain speed for a certain amount of time for it to start registering changes to try and avoid recording trapped heat around the engine or from the road. I believe Jon Lofquist once quoted the "logic" the sensor uses from the shop manual...Jon??

    Hope this helps. Good luck with the faq.
  • I believe its a great idea going to Canada to purchase your new Pathfinder. But how can you beat 3.9% financing here in the states, compared to at least 7.5% with a local bank. Has anyone found out if you can use the Nissan special rates in Canada
  • I am ready to purchase a 2001 LE Pathfinder with everything except the TV. It has the NAV, Body Side Moldings, Leather, Tow, Microfilter, Limited Slip...They are asking $34,000. I believe that is under dealer cost. Should I got for it?
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    You can do better than $34,000. I bought both an Xterra SE and a Pathfinder. My Pathfinder matches your specs exactly (except for the towing package) and I paid $31,011.00 including destination. I paid this in a high socio-economic area where prices are generally higher.

    Nissan has hidden incentives for dealers above and beyond the 3% holdback in February. If they sell a certain amount of vehicles, they still make a huge profit. On a general rule, you have to walk out of the dealership twice for a good price and let them call you back in the morning. Pathfinder's are moving very slow; hence the 3.9% interest rate to boost sales. Many dealerships are overstocked and have to sell before the end of February.

    I have to say, I am thrilled with both vehicles, although the Xterra's fuel guage is not working properly. The Xterra has more room, but less ammenities and a totally worthless moonroof that is obscured by a roof rack. However, it drives like a dream off road and I am thrilled with both purchases.

    After owning many Ford Trucks, I will NEVER go back! Anyone want to buy a black 1996 Explorer (Goodyear Heavy Duty Tires) Sport with 53,000 Miles, all service records provided and every imaginable option? LOL.

    Bravo to Nissan for soing such a good job with their entire product line!
  • I have a 2001 PF LE AWD with Bridgestone tire and had a similar problem a couple months back. I was driving in Auto-4WD after about a six inch snow fall. The road was completely covered with snow and it was difficult to determine exactly where the road was. Unfortunately for me the road curved left and I didn't. My right front tire went off the edge of the road only slightly at about 30-35mph but I went into a spin anyway. Similar to your situation, I: 1) almost killed myself, 2) switched to 4HI immediately afterword and didn't have any further problems, and 3) came to the same conclusion you did.
    Has anyone else had this problem and is our conclusion a valid one? Or is it possibly something else (inferior tires)?
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