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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • transpowertranspower Posts: 212
    Elevatorguy: I recently rented a 2005 Laredo with the V-6 engine. I'm a Hemi fan, but I must say that the power of the V-6 surprised me. It wasn't "tepid" as one car magazine put it. I averaged 18 mpg for the two days I had the Jeep.
  • Thanks for the info Transpower. Anybody else out there have any mileage figures they can post?

  • cesmdcesmd Posts: 2
    One of the parking light bulbs in my 2000 JGC headlight assembly has burned out. The dealer tried to remove the headlight assembly but could not. The jack screw comes out but the three pins behind the light are frozen in their sockets. The dealership said the only way to replace the bulb would be to break the whole headlight assembly. Does anyone have any suggestions or have had a similar experience? Thanks.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    I've never heard of one having to be broken out to be removed, although they can be very stubborn. The three pins are metal but fit into a plastic socket so it's not like they are rusted together. Throw on a pair of work gloves (to save the knuckles) and grasp the headlamp assembly in opposite diagonal corners. Rock it back and forth while pulling outward, aggressively, it will come out. You might also be able to pry at the top with a large flat blade screwdriver. Here's a link to a pic that shows the location of the 3 mounting sockets:
  • crwmlwcrwmlw Posts: 13
    Ok here's what I have. I have an '02 Grand Cherokee Laredo with the RB1 Navigation radio I put in last week. I have the newest DVD 05064033AC. Heres the problem, at slower speeds (residential) my location on the map is ALMOST dead on. At highway speeds I can be well past an exit by a few hundred feet but on the map on the screen it shows me coming up to the exit when Im already well past it. Seems to lag a bit. Also I know these units arent meant for real time but close. The map jumps rather than a smooth even flow. Is this normal? Am I expecting too much? Chuck
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    The map should not "jump" around. I have an RB1 and is is incredibly accurate at any speed or location with no "jumping". I am not sure of what is causing your problem, what kind of reading are you getting for # of satellites on the info screen? Is the antenna installed correctly?
  • sthdsthd Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2000 GCL with high mileage. I want to get it running in as good a shape as possible and if anyone has any advice - like what kind of spark plugs have been found to work the best with the 4.7 or if there are any aftermarket parts that are a must. - it would be a big help
  • Can any 2005 JGC owners give me a realistic gas mileage figure for the 4.7L engine which comes as a standard option in the limited model? Thanks!
  • Hi, I cant seem to figure out how to reset the tune-up reminder in the center console for Grand Cherokee 1995 Limited (the console that also shows which 4X4 mode your on and which door are open, etc)

    The manual states that I should press the select then the set button for a least 2 seconds during starting. Didn`t work.

    I also tried pressing the 2 buttons before turning the ignition on, but the display goes into a diagnostic mode.

    I also tried going into the setup menu, and change the interval between tune-up, that didn`t reset the reminder neither.

    I find that feature very useful, and would apreciate any help...

  • meijidemeijide Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 grand cherokee 4,7L. The problem is that is everithing ok with the truck, but sometimes (i dont know wy) the instrument panel deads, all the ligths switch on (the check engine, the alarm theef, check gauges, the tacometer and speddometer dies...everithings go wrong. The switches of the doors doesn t work...)The only thing that i see with the DRB III is that the bat iod voltage (on the BCM) goes from 13,80 to 17,55. When the voltage comes to 17,55, is in this moment when the instrument panel goes crazy. The cherokee still working, but the doors and the panel not.
    If i disconnect the alternator there is no problem, the BCM works perfectly, but my battery dies...
    I allready change my PCM and BCM and everything still the same way....
    I have a DRB III becose i am a repair shop, so if there is a way to fix the problem with this tool or another way please tell me
    (Sorry by my bad inglish, I am from Argentina i did my best)
  • shorty101shorty101 Posts: 30
    I have driven just about every SUV out there and I have it down to two the, Buick Ranier and the JGC. I have one main concern at this point about the JGC that is holding me back from making it my first choice. I am worried about the front seat comfort for a person who is six feet tall. There is plenty of leg room but I am worried about the head room. Is there anyone out there who has a 2005 JGC who is six foot or taller and can tell me about the long term comfort of this vehicle?
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    I'm guessing here so I'm not sure if this is right.
    I believe you hit the select button until it shows the tune up reminder and at that point press both the select AND set button simultaneously for at least two seconds. You have to press and hold both buttons at the same time.
    Is that what you did?
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Did you look at the DRB and check the charging system? It appears that you may have either a bad alternator or a corroded (rusted) battery terminal.
    I would disconnect the two battery terminals and clean them with a wire brush. Make both the terminals and the battery posts nice and shiny.
    You can also use baking soda and water to clean off any acid.
    I would also pull out the battery IOD fuse and clean the blades of the fuse and reinsert it.
  • forty9forty9 Posts: 2

    I do not own the JGC yet (hopefully will by the end of the month), but have test driven it. I am 6-2 and there is plenty of comfort in the new seats. From what I have heard, a lot of the JGC interior comfort has been modeled after Mercedes Benz. If you are still worried about head room, I suggest taking it for another test drive as I am this weekend. Hope this helps. - Forty
  • shorty101shorty101 Posts: 30
    Thanks for the advice. I will take it for another test drive. I plan to purchase mine no later than May 30th. I think that it is a very nice automobile.
  • Hi- I have a 2003 JGC Laredo 4.0L and it is in the shop now because when I am going up a hill, with gas pedal to the floor it wont accelerate (This is not consistent), but is happening more frequently. Any thoughts? :confuse: By the way, up until the past month I had great acceleration on hills. Its also been in for the tranny 3 times now, rear clutch was stuck, replaced that and some seals etc... I hope someone can give me some feedback- and thanks ahead if you do!! :)

    Second question: Yesterday, same thing, wasn't accelerating as I was going up a hill, then about 2 miles up it finally sounded like it kicked/punched into gear (downshifted)- felt like tranny was going to drop, lol- and it went up to almost 5000 rpms- now that has happened many times in the past too, but dealership told me that is normal (I cant remember the technical terms he used RE: why it is normal) does anyone know if it is normal to do this?
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Depends on the hill but yes, that is probably normal. It's basically downshifting into a lower gear hence the higher rpms. 5000 is not abnormal.
    Depending on the load of the transmission you may have just not quite had enough load on the engine hence it "was not accelerating" and then "kicked into gear". I would not consider that out of the ordinary.
    The 4.0 L engines are good engines but they don't have a ton of power.
    It may feel to you to be a "rough" transition but that's pretty much how Jeeps are.
    When mine downshifts, it's very noticeable when it does.
    I have 166,000 miles on my transmission and it hasn't hurt it so far.
    You may want to move this topic over to the "problems and solutions" board.
    That's a more appropriate place for it.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    Check the Ground G200, located in the center console area (next to the AECM - ORC). G200 is the ground for the cluster and the BCM and is commonly loose on WJ's. If loose, the dash gauges or lights can either totally drop out or flicker. Remove the G200 nut on the stud to thoroughly check the ground. If ok, then check the BCM power feeds.
  • Thanks for the reply. It makes me feel better to hear from someone other than the dealership that this is normal for jeeps. I wouldnt be so paranoid if I had not had so many problems in the past (especially with a newer vehichle). Well if they dont find a problem, I will not worry about this, because what you wrote does make sense. Thanks!! PS: Not that I do not trust my dealership, they have been great, its just easy to miss a problem at times.
  • Did anyone you ever find out what to do about your brake problem on your Jeep Grand Cherokee? I've had the same problem with my brake rotors and pads. I have a 2000 JGC too and have had the brakes changed at least twice and the dealership is telling me I need new rotors and pads again. When I step on the brakes the steering wheel shakes so bad it scares me. The brakes were just changed in August!
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    are required to resolve the issue once and for all. The new design from DC should fix it, but I think you could probably get aftermarket calipers to fix it. Once warped, you really need to replace the rotors and pads. Again aftermarket could help you.

    We got rid of our Grand not too long ago, but if we had kept it, that was the next thing on my list to do.

    1. Original (from 1999 model production through May 10, 2002 (Teves, black color with open-sided bracket)

    P/N 5011973AA Left front caliper MSRP: $141.00
    P/N 5011972AA Right front caliper MSRP: $141.00
    P/N 5018592AA Pad kit, front MSRP: $177.00
    P/N 52098672 Rotor, front MSRP: $ 65.10 (each)

    2. New (from May 11, 2002 production onward: (Akebono, silver color "fully closed" style)

    P/N 5093181AA Left front caliper (all-new) MSRP: $140.00
    P/N 5093180AA Right front caliper (all-new) MSRP: $140.00
    P/N 5093183AA Pad kit, front (revised) MSRP: $ 163.00
    P/N 52098672 Rotor, front (unchanged) MSRP: $ 65.10 (each)

    3. New kit package (fits all 1999-2004 Grand Cherokees)

    P/N 05093174AA Front caliper & pad kit package -
    (Includes left P/N 5093181AA and right P/N 5093180AA Akebono "fully closed" style calipers, revised P/N 5093183AA brake pads, P/N 5012437AA attachment bolts, and P/N 6035832 banjo sealing washers). MSRP $220.00

    It is imperative that the following items are checked:

    1. Thoroughly clean the surface of the wheel hub/bearing assembly where it mates to the brake rotor. The hub surface must be free of corrosion and dirt so that the brake rotor rests flush against the hub.

    1A. Make sure the back of the rotor (mating surface) is clean prior to installation.

    1B. Make sure the rust preventative is removed (cleaned) from the rotorsprior to installation.

    2. Each front brake rotor must be match mounted to the wheel hub/bearingto obtain the least amount of rotor lateral runout. The assembled lateral rotor runout of each rotor and hub assembly MUST BE verified to be 0.001 inch (0.025mm) or less. IF THIS CAN NOT BE ACHIEVED THROUGH MATCH MOUNTING THE ROTOR, THE ROTOR MUST BE MACHINED USING AN ON-THE-CAR LATHE.

    3. The surface of the wheel where it mates with the rotor is cleaned of any corrosion and dirt.

    4. The wheels are torqued to 100 ft/lbs
  • ls8ls8 Posts: 16
    I am only at the 1000 mile mark (but my experience is that mileage usually improves a bit after the first couple of thousand miles) and am averaging around 17-18 with plenty of city driving. On a couple of short trips have averaged about 20. The window sticker is 15/20.
  • ls8ls8 Posts: 16
    HAve a 05 Limited for two weeks and love it. Drives about as good as a luxury car - very quiet and smooth, yet very stable and flat on curves.
  • crwmlwcrwmlw Posts: 13
    As far as it jumping is concerned its smooth but a bit jumpy compared to other navigation units I've seen, Maybe its not as smooth as I expected it to be???? The antenna is installed just as it shows in the site.
  • crwmlwcrwmlw Posts: 13
    Its not real jumpy just doesnt seem as accurate as other navi systems. Maybe Im expecting too much from it?
  • crwmlwcrwmlw Posts: 13
    The antenna is installed as the instructions indicate on, Im getting all 8 satellites, maybe im expecting too much. My wife works for Acura and before I bought the RB1 I was looking at the navi's in the Acura and there is no jumping at all.
  • I have a "99 JGC Laredo and just had it in the shop and had to have the new calipers placed on my Jeep that were explained in the other reply post to you, for a wonderful net price of 500.00. I am completely appalled that this is happening to our vehicles and there is nothing to be done about it from the Jeep company.You can see my original post under the " Jeep problems" section,it is msg #1111,if you would like.My mechanic thankfully had a heads up on the situation so I was able to just purchase the new caliper replacement part w/o having to spend money several times on rotors over and over again.Good Luck!
  • Hey all, I've owned my 2001 JGC Limited for almost two years now nearly trouble-free but I'm new to the board. I was wondering if any of you have seen this product on the internet; it is a BMW-style "projector beam" headlight assembly with "angel eyes" halo surrounds. It looks like it would add a ton of look to the nice but ordinary GC. It is a complete assembly that is supposed to just replace the original headlight assembly easily and hook right up. Anyone with any experience on this modification or similar products to upgrade to HID-style lighting? Was it easy to do and have you had any issues with them?

    Thank you in advance, happy Jeeping! ...Matt
  • Hi Paule, thanks for the advice. Tried it. And also different combinations. Nothing seems to do the trick. Even the mecanic about 6 months ago, managed to do it. But coudn`t tell me because he was trying different combinations also.

    Just exactly when am I supposed to press the select button alone, because when you turn the ignition on, the display shows rightaway the reminder. So I tried pressing it just after (say 1 second) after turning the igition, tried pressing at the same time, and finaly just before turning the ignition on. Then both buttons together !!!???

    I guess I`m going to return at the Jeep dealer again, I`m sorry I would have liked to get it by myself. But hey we can`t get everything right in life!!!

    Thanks again, if you have any thoughts on that let me now....
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Sorry Pat, I was just taking a stab at that one. Apparently it doesn't work.
    Just for clarification, as soon as you turn the vehicle on and the reminder is showing, at that point I would press both buttons at the same time for 2-3 seconds.
    If that doesn't work, I'm out of suggestions. Good luck.
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