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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • 0435004350 Posts: 26
    Reliability is so-so. Have brake linings and rotors checked before buying.

    Gas mileage. Only about 18 on the highway, maybe 14 in town. Requires premium.
  • Hey Guys....

    I'm new to all of this.... and I need help trying to decide what to do. I am pondering about buying a 2005 ML350. It has 39,000 and seems to b in good condition. This will be my first mercedes! So, I'm a little excited... Based on all of your knowledge about ML350... Do you think this is a good purchase?? What problems do these trucks usually have??

    Thanks in advance!!
  • my friends drive a 2000 ML320 with 178k miles. they came to visit last night and when they went back into the car to go home, the car started as normal but they could not put the car into any gear. it will not move into any of the gears and had previously never had the problem. as an extra bit of info - it is about 10 degrees outside but i'm not sure that the temperature is related to the problem.

    does anyone have an idea of what miht be the source of the problem?
  • chumsaechumsae Posts: 61
    My 2000 ML320 did the something along that line, in two variations. The owner's manual showed me the path to freedom on one, which was the shift lever could not be moved out of PARK. Here, locate the small access flap near the lever and insert a small screw driver to release the lever.... then replace the switch at your convenience. Was less than $50.

    The second variation was being able to move the shift lever but the transmission at first would not engage in any direction. This too at low temperatures in the teens F.
    No fix, as this problem went away by leaving it in DRIVE and waiting a couple of minutes. We live in a mild climate so it never happened again.

    This was a real love-hate truck for us. Eventually, at 150K miles, hate won out and we sold it. Way, way too much went wrong. We could not trust the local dealer service department as they had one mode of operation : maximum charges
    for minimal work. :mad:
  • thanks . . . i found the fix for them. i didn't have time to type the whole story but this used to be my wife's vehicle and we sold it to them for $2500 a couple of months ago. it was a love/hate for us to and we kept it for as long as we could but got tired of having to spend 2-5 thousand dollars on some kind of repair each year. i just purchased my wife a new gl 320 and she loves it, so i gave mb another chance to prove themselves.

  • Dear Rajesh:
    would you please send me a copy on oil usage and the related info incase if I need my engine to be rebuilt by MBZ.( your reply above)
    my 2000 ml320 - I found window switch need to be replaced as per the mechanic. now. Few months ago we changed the starter. It didn't start in the parking lot. Any clues or useful info on these repairs. I appreciate your reply.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Rajesh hasn't logged in for a while but he posted an email address back at post 6899.
  • Hey I've recently bought an ml320 1998, I've got a couple concerns that hopefully someone can finally help me out with.

    The first is that when the truck is idle, like at a stop sign or red light, the engine jumps a little, the rpm is at about 500 nd seems like the car wants to just turn off..

    The second problem is that on turns I hear a clicking sound if I press the accelerator while turning..

    When I had a diagnostic machine put on it, I was told I had to replace the stop lamp swiotch or switches and to replace the transfer case...does that seem right? And what are the approximate costs to these repairs...I live in nyc

  • My 2000 ml has started losing oil. Doens't burn it, but the oil level drops to replacement level in about 2000 miles. could this be a faulty exhaust gas recirc valve?
  • I had the same problem on my 2000 ml, only it was on the back lid. Unfortunately the dealer charged for the repair. Another reason I'll probably never buy MB again.
  • jca123jca123 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 ML320. The ETS, ABS and Check Engine lights are staying on. Sporadically, the Brake light will come on along with a beeping noise. The speedometer will drop to zero. I can maintain the speed but can not accelerate. If I come to a complete stop, the car will not shift out of 1st gear. Most of the time I can turn the car off and start it again and everything goes back to normal witht the exception of the ETS, ABS, and check engine lights - they stay on. What can you suggest?
  • Hi deborahn,
    my car has the same problem and a mecanic told me that I need to replace the fuel pump, because is geting bad and at some point the car won be able to start any more until I replace the part. Also he show me how to replace it and is easy.
  • I have a 2000 Mercedes ML320. While the car is running, it will die for no reason. Then it will crank over, but will not start. After about 1/2 hr or more it will start. A mechanic told me that I need to replace the fuel pump, I would like to know if someone has a second opinion related to this issue.
  • I have 240,000 mi on my 1998 ML320. It runs perfectly. My mechanic says I should be thinking about replacing the timing chain. I don't believe he has a lot of experience with this many miles on this kind of engine. What do you think?
  • Not sure if this has been corrected yet, however, wanted to add my 2 cents. Had the same issue with my ML320 and it turned out to the crank position sensor. I found that these typically go bad in the MB's and it's an easy fix. Shouldn't cost you more than $200 from a shop or if your handy you could do it yourself.
  • I have a 2005 ML 500 and i have changed virtually everything since it started overheating.(fans, reservoir cover, etc
    The water in the reservoir starts to boil and immediately reduces to almost zero. The temp is only maintained at 100 degrees at a speed of 80-mph after which it just starts to rise to the red zone.
    This is really concerning for me as i can no longer take a road trip cos of the fear of what might happen.
    What can i do?
  • aycinnycaycinnyc Posts: 1
    Hi, I know this is a old post but I am having the same problem with my ml 500. I did everything tune up, oxygen sensor, and air flow meter. I felt dismay today but after reading your post I feel a little better. Do u live in NYC ? I need help with this bc these two lights keeps coming on. Please help????
  • csrich47csrich47 Posts: 2
    I know this is an old thread but my search led me here. I purchased a 2006 ML350 the other day and between the time I test drove it and the time it was delivered to me, they changed out the front brakes only (not at my request nor was the light on) and now the brakes are mushy and almost on the floor. I'm trying to decide if I want to cancel the deal if they don't replace the rear ones to. Any thoughts anyone?
  • ppgacoloppgacolo Posts: 1
    Just a guess but I would check to confirm brakes were bled correctly. Check the Brake Fluid level. If fluid is dark, it is old and probably has air bubbles or water. Brake fluid is hydroscopic and should be changed annually. If they just slapped a set of pads on the fronts, my bet is they did not address the fluid and allowed air into brake lines.
  • I also have a 2000 ML320 and I had the same problem. My mechanic thought I also needed a new fuel pump. So after $600, I picked up the car and about 2 miles down the road, it shut off again. He had it for another day or so and when I got it back, it was fixed and has been right since. I was told the new fuel pump they put in was a bad fuel pump but I personally think it was a much easier fix once they figured out what it really was but wouldn't tell me since I already spent the $600.
  • I have a 2000 ML 320 and sometimes when I am driving, my brake light will come on and a beeping sound will start. If I stop and turn off the car, it usually stops. I took my car to my mechanic and they couldn't figure out what it was and told me to take it to the Mercedes dealer. Has anyone else had this problem and what was the fix?
  • and the car started missing. Like it was running on less than 6 cylinders. The first thing I thought of was sparkplugs. Called the dealer today and the service advisor says it's probably not the sparkplugs but gave no clue as to what it might be. Question 1) how can you diagnose a car's problem without seeing it? and 2) is this some kind of game to see how much money they can get out of me? 3) what else could it possibly be? Any ideas on question 3 anyone?
  • Fuel pump from Mercedes Dealer $905. New fuel pump from Amazon $125 plus shipping and found a mechanic who would put it in--Try and get the parts #'s and find someone who will not rip you off. The mechanic will not guarantee the work - however, if they know what they are doing and the part is new--you have lots of $$ to save. Dealer charged $149 to just make the diagnosis:(
  • intmikintmik Posts: 6
    My 2001 ML320 has the same identical problem with the radio. I get the " No CD changer Installed "message. What was it that the MB dealer changed on yours? And how much did it cost you? Was it a programming issue or installation that fixed it? Thanks.
  • fpcfpc Posts: 1
    I have the same problem on my ML please HELP
  • Jandini, how did you ever get your ML320 repaired? if so what was the problem?
  • cupertinocupertino Posts: 15
    Hi greporyx,

    can you share the found with us ?
    what was replaced ?

  • jerryvan1jerryvan1 Posts: 1
    have you checked the the Thermostat ?and what type antifreeze are you using
  • tms4016tms4016 Posts: 1
    You don't replace Timing chains, you replace timin belts. But, after all, it ia a ML320, that has the motor and parts built with very unreliable parts. It is one of the worst cars I had. And, now the Kelly BLUE BOOK LISTS mine at $2000, although it is in mint condition, Florida car, always garaged, 1 owner, driven by a 50 year old female, never in accident, but because of the reputation the ML class has, they went down in value like the housing market. I have one problem now, my fuel pump relay keeps getting hot till it melts. I changed the fuel filter, almost $100, I payed like $30 for an BMW M3 fuel filter. I have cleaned the fuel pump very well, but still, the relay gets hot, very hot, and then melts. The car starts perfectly and drives perfectly, untill the relay melts for the fuel pump. I would never take it to the dealer, I don't even take my "baby" BMW M3 1995 with only 60k miles, and mint condition. I take it to a small shop that only specializes in BMW, no other cars, and the 4 technisians that work there have about 20 or more experiance with BMW. Delers are not trust worty, and have the time they don't know exectally, and it takesthem forever to fix your car, not to mention, dealer charges 4 or more time more for service and parts than a small local very specialized shop. The ML320 has 150K miles. Had brake problems in front for years, till I stoped going to the dealer and went to a very trustworthy place, with excellent mechanics. That shop does not speialize in any particular cars, but it was breaks, so I didn't need special dignostics. And, since then, no more front calipers getting stock and burning the pads. Now I have to figure out why the car is burning the fuel pump relay. I replaced the fuel filter, took out the fuel pump and cleaned it as best as I could. It started normally, liek before, but the relay started to get hot and eventually, was going to melt. Other relays a ok.

    In response to your timing chain, I believe that there was a recall for those timing chains, so check with the dealer to see if there was a recal. I remember mine making a hole for some reson in the cover, and when I took it to the dealer, I am pretty sure they replaced it for free. The car was no longer under waranty, but it has been about 6 years. So, that is why it is hard for me to remember exectlly. But timing chains usually last forever, unlike the timing belts, I have a Toyota Tundra with 200k miles, and it is still running with the original timing belt that is ruber and can crack or strech, but metal chain, why would you have to replace it? Did the mechanic at the dealer showed you the condition of the timing chain? And were they going to charge you? Good Luck.
  • tim1041tim1041 Posts: 1
    I own a 2005 ML500 the air blows cool and sweet. It's a good thing that you don't own a 10 year older Lexus LS400 that was referred to in another post, which could freeze your arm off... or something else for that matter. I sure wouldn't want to freeze any thing off, arm or other what ever was refered to. I also own 2008 ML550 with the air ride suspension. I've never frozen any thing off in that truck either. I love both of of these trucks. I think an AC expert could figure this out very quickly.

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