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Mazda Tribute



  • I have a 2001 Tribute LX. When the air conditioner is on there is a very slight squeak that occurs every minute or so. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • Update on my 1 year old tribute:

    Yes, it has been 1 year since I've purchased my Black fully loaded 2x4 2001 ES tribby. First, I had the model with 3 recalls. All 3 recalls went unfounded with no problems. Yes, it was an inconvience having to bring in for recalls, But being a 1st year model you can always expect one or two recalls.
    Two features that I would make improvement to on future models are: sturdier and longer sun visors and brighter interior cargo lights. These are very trivial items that are easy to live with.

    So many posts I've read complained about flimsy door handles and how the gear shift obstructs radio controls; neither of these have been problems

    After 11,000 miles the average mpg is 20.
    Now for the rest: Super responsive and peppy V6 engine, great transmission. I trailer twin Sea Doo's and have never been disappointed in towing & acceleration. Very comfortable interior including leather seating, plenty of leg room front and back seats. Great sounding audio system w/6 disc changer. Oil changes are super easy for the do-it-yourselfer.

    Overall, this is a very fun and responsive SUV. Excellent ride, holds the turns like a sports car and if I had to do it all over again I would be purchasing the Mazda Tribute again. For this price range of SUV, You won't be disappointed !

    P.S. : If you are looking for decent prices on Mazda accessories check out
    They have signifigantly lower prices that my local dealership would not match. I purchased the clear bug deflector and the cargo mat.

    Good Luck!
  • I recently attended a Jeep 101 test drive event in the Philadelphia area. We were able to test drive the Liberty on a constructed off-road course which was more than I would have ever expected any 4 wheeler to handle. Very steep hills, a row of 12" diameter tree trunks, very large rocks. The Liberty ate it up! I can guarantee that the Tribute could not handle this course.

    On the road course, the Liberty handled well with a smooth ride and nice tight steering. I don't think it is quite as fast as the Tribute.

    The Liberty has a very interesting interior which I felt was a combination of good quality and some very cheap pieces. The glove box is absolutely junk, the radio buttons are very cheap feeling, and the mounting brackets for the seats are all exposed. This was all on a top of the line loaded model. The rear cargo area is not very large.

    I stopped at a Mazda dealer on the way home to look at the Tribute, and was much more impressed with the quality of the Tribute interior.

    I don't think I will ever have much need for any serious off-roading, so I'm more inclined to go with the Tribute.
  • Does anyone know of a rack that mounts to the existing cross bars of the Trib. that I can use to mount a bike and kayak? I know I can buy a Yak bar to add to the existing cross bars, but that sounds like duplication.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Just wanted to update everyone on the Tribute status...for 2002.

    the 4 cyl model will be very short lived in the model year, to increase v6 production. So if you want one, get it now.

    4 cyl production for Europe was cencelled. This will free up 15,000 units for US. The V6 will be the only model offered in Europe and it does not sell well compared to the 4cyl. this to slow down demand and increase more profitable US sales.

    At this point...we have been told only 35% of Tributes will be built with moonroofs. 50% max build capacity of ABS brakes...side airbags will be an on/off problem solid build numbers yet.
    We have been told to expect a increase of availability around the 3rd quarter of 2002, until then there will be product shortages and many more orders than the ability to build will continue...the extra units and ramping up of suppliers to build more units should be working by then.

  • We brought our 2001 Tribute LX home on July 27th. We now have 1000 miles on it and no problems to report!
    We love it and everyone we've shown it to has loved it. We're averaging about 20 mpg, with a lot of stop/go city driving.

    For those inquiring about cost, we paid about invoice ($23,100 w/ taxes and destination) for ours, in Wisconsin. It also has: hitch pkg, audio pkg & ABS side airbags/brakes. Supposedly, someone had ordered it, but bought something else after waiting too long. It was their only Tribute on the lot.

    It was really hard to find 2wd/automatic in silver/black/blue in our region. Most of our choices were 4x4's with the beige interior (personally, blah!).

    I'll check back in a few months!
    Good luck to future buyers, sounds like it could be tough in the next year...(#786)

  • I just ordered my loaded 2002 ES V6 4WD Calypso Blue Tribute yesterday. The agreed upon price was $25,600 ($900 below MSRP)including the side airbags, luxury and tow packages. It was the only one in the Chicago area that is on it's way in the color with the options I wanted, all but one. The perimeter alarm is not included. Not having purchased a car since 1988, I am unfamiliar with what I should due in terms of an alarm system. The dealer has never installed an aftermarket Mazda perimeter alarm. The cost should be $69 for the alarm and approximately an hours worth of labor to install. They are estimating the entire cost will be approximately $150 to install it. I live in Chicago and live across the street from the train and on a major street. My concern with alarms these days is that the vibration of the train and traffic that this alarm will be going off all the time. Does anyone have any recommendations as to the route to take as far as getting an alarm that won't be a nuisance? I simply want an alarm that will go off if someone tries to break into the car (i.e. open the door with the alarm activated) and not simple vibration. Also, the dealer said that if the perimeter alarm is installed by them, I will be able to use the same remote as I would use for the keyless entry. If I go elsewhere, it would mean an additional remote. Are these my only options?
  • Hi:
    I have the perimeter alarm on my tribby. I have to say its really nothing. IN my experience, it only goes off if the doors are opened. It does not have a sensitivity switch or any way of triggering if your vechile is bumped, jostled, or banged.
    I believe its sole function is to sound the horn and flash the lights once someone has broken in and opened the door. The only way i have been able to set it off is to open the door from the inside (i sat in the car, activated the alarm and then gave it 1 full minute, i opened the door-then it sounded-i suspect it works on a voltage detection-the dome light comes on). So when combined w/ your magical key it proves additional protection.
    Personally, its a very average, if not blasse alarm, it doesn't set when you close the doors (you have to activate it each time), it doesn't chirp to inform someone who has bumped into your car that there is an alarm present...
    so it doesn't do alot of things an aftermarket alarm does. But if you want a quiet alarm system, its probably for you
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    I think breaking glass will set it off. Maybe you could test breaking a glass bottle in the car.
  • I saw a couple of 2002 ES models at the local dealership. The new green and titanium metallic look very sharp! They both had a lot of options and were over $26K, which is out of my price range.
  • What does the Calyspo Blue look like?
  • Based on your feedback, I think the perimeter alarm will be just fine. Any thoughts about the fact that it's an aftermarket installation and the dealer has never installed one before? I'll also check out some aftermarket shops that install alarms and see what features they offer and at what price. I appreciate your opinion.
  • Calypso Blue is one of the 4 new colors for 2002. It replaces the Galaxy Blue Metallic from last year. It is similar to that but a little darker. I think it's nice. The Titanium is a classy looking color. It blends nicely with the bottom moulding. It was just a little too much grey for me. I wanted something less bland. The other new colors for 2002 are the Dark Titanium Mettalic, Light Cypress Metallic and Glacier Silver Metallic.
  • Along with smehder above, I'm also looking for a way to mount a kayak and bike to the existing crossbars on a Tribute. Anyone have any information on this?
  • have seen a couple 2002 tribs on lots in the past week--salesmen seem not to know much about any differences btwn the 2001 & 2002 tribs--can anyone help?? thanks-this forum is informative and interesting!
  • Are barbarah1 and I the only bikers/kayakers with tributes? Or are we the only ones that need help finding fittings for our tributes? any help out there???
  • The DX and DX V6 now included standard 16" alloy wheels, remote keyless entry and privacy galss. All trim levels have new front bucket seats with adjustable headrests. The DX model also has the rear bench seat with adjustable headrests for 2002. DX V6 production will end on 9/30/01, increasing LX and ES availability. Anti-lock brakes are standard on the ES and the side airbags remain an option. Powertrain is unchanged. Interior: new higher quality floor mats are standard and added driver seat adjustable lumbar support (LX/ES). 16" alloy wheels are standard for all trim levels. ABS(AB1) is now a stand alone option for the LX trim. Side air bag package(AB2) is available along with the ABS package. 6 way power driver seat for LX trim. The popular equipment package is deleted for both the DX4 and DXV6 models. Deleted ABS/SAB package. Offered as stand alone options. Trailer tow package now includes "flying M" receiver cover. New side step tubes added as a port installed accessory. Large cneter console for DX V6 added as a port installed accessory. New colors included Dark Titanium Metallic, Calypso Blue Metallic, Light Cypress Metallic and Glacier Silver Metallic. Carryover colors are Classic white, Chestnut Mica, Desert Metallic and Mystic Black.
  • Hello,
    I've got the factory rack on my Trib. and am able to use Thule mounts on the factory cross bars. Thule makes a lot of different sized mounts to fit factory cross bars and you may need to experiment with what works if they don't list the Trib. in their parts/fit book. I got mine at an REI where they let me take different ones out to the parking lot to find the right fit. Sorry I can't remember the Thule part number, but I think I ended up with some that we're supposed to fit a Ford Explorer.
    Another option, which might make for a sturdier rack, would be to find some mounts that grab/fit onto the side rails. Then use Thule or a Yakima cross bar set and remove the factory ones. I've found that the factory cross bars aren't that "tight" and definetly aren't "bomber". And the Thule or Yak bars could extend out farther to accomadate lots more gear.

    Good luck!

    BTW, I'm the guy who hates my Door/Light/Sticky Ignition chime and no one responded to my request for info on how to disconnect this annoying feature. One more time, HEELLPPPPP!!!!!

    (Gotta Love Ben Stein!)

    Trib On,
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Several of us investigated this to reprogram the headlight chime and the only answer found was to use tools to mechanically disconnect the sounder and lose all the chimes.
  • I'll give it a shot!
  • I stopped at a Mazda dealership on Sunday to look at the 2002 Tributes, they had 5 Tributes parked near the detail shop. Monday I emailed the dealer for prices and they sent an email back saying they have one 2001 in stock for sale ( great terms) and we will not have 2002s for another month or two. So, I answered back giving the stock number of the Tribute I was interested in and in return, they sent an email back saying yes we have them but can't release these cars for another month or two. At another Mazda dealer in town they have one in stock and will sell, but not what I wanted. All Ford dealerships have escapes in stock & for sale. Go figure.
  • Hey JimV,

    I'd be more than happy to totally lose the chime mechanically, but I can't find it.

    Do you know where it is under the dash?

  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    You might locate the sounder by listening through a piece of hose like a stethescope. Someone else reported success disconnecting it. If you do decide to "operate", tell us the details. If it's not too hard I might be interested in putting a switch in the circuit of mine. I would often like to leave my headlight switch always on to have daylight running lights for safety and the overintrusive warning chime is a real nuisance.
  • smehdersmehder Posts: 18
    Thanks for the rack info. I have found that Yakima has a Mighty Mount for existing Trib racks ($ 30 for 4) that fits some of their racks, but they do not recommend any racks other than the ski attachment. They have said that the Trib cross bar is not solid enough to hold the bike. Anyone have a different opinion.
  • tlc8tlc8 Posts: 4
    Don't know if you've looked here or not but also has rack accessories for the Escape that I assume would work on your Tributes.
  • Thanks! I pick up my Tribute in a week or so and will get started on some research. I appreciate any other opinions out there on racks as well.
  • edster1edster1 Posts: 12
    Anybody know where to get info on how much a new car is de-valued due to it being in an accident? My Tribute, with 8,000 miles, was recently hit by a "sweet little old lady". $10,000 worth of damage! Thoug it is supposed to be fixed "as good as new", it is now in the data base as a "wrecked car". How much lower than blue book is its actual value now?

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    If they labeled your title as salvaged, they have to buy you out of it.
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