Do we get good car deals if we buy on December 31st?

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Just checking if we get good car deals if we buy car on last day of the year on December 31st


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    Generally yes, but it depends.

    The last day of the year/month/quarter may be another date for dealer bonus purposes.

    The dealer may not need to sell any more cars "at cost" to make quota.

    Some dealers are "hungrier" than others.

    If you know what you want, I'd hustle up some email quote requests right now. The work the two or three lowest quotes against each other.
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    Agreed with what @stever said above, but be aware that most of the incentives are valid until 1/4/16, so don't feel 'pressured' to make a deal today. The same deal will probably be available tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday (if your dealers are open) or even Monday.

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    That was also true in 1998 when I purchased a new van. I drove it off the lot on 12/31. The salesperson told me a week later that the last day of the "month" for Nissan's bonus money that year was January 4.
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    As a general rule, models in demand, don't have special clearance sale :smile:

    Try Hyundai and Nissan . They are always ready to move cars off the lot .
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