Need October lease numbers for 2017 santa fe

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Can someone please give me lease numbers (Money Factor and Residual) for 2017 SE Ultimate and Limited Ultimate AWD with 15k miles/yr for 36 and 39 months. Located in NJ

Another question, when I was looking up incentives, there was $500 rebate for 36 and 39 month leases using "special lease rates", What does that mean? Do they increase rate/MF to offset this rebate? Thanks in advance.

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  • cabowabo67cabowabo67 Member Posts: 9
    Thank you for 36 month info. Any info about 42 month lease (MF and residual) and your opinion of 42 month lease. I figure with Hyundai's warranty, I should still be covered for the duration of a 42 month lease.

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