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I have a 2011 that only has about 20K miles on it. I'm the little old lady that only drives it to church on sundays, except that I don't go to church and I'm not that old. lol. However, with less than 20K it has already had 2 motor mounts replaced and just needed a new battery. Yes, I live in AZ where the summers will kill anything, but at least 5 our of 7 days, it's garaged. So, I guess my questions are, 1. is it odd that it already needed motor mounts, 2. Some maintenance is timed based, so what should I do as far as maintenance for a 5yr van, although it only has 20K and 3. What can I do, since I don't drive it very much to keep it in good shape. When I took it in for the motor mounts, the mechanic told me not driving it is almost as bad as putting a lot of miles on it.


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    I am in the same situation. I have a 2015 GC that has 10,600 miles on it. I mostly drive it on the weekends and occasionally during the week as I have a work car for M - F. I get a oil change and tire rotation every 6 months and will probably do the routine stuff sooner than the manual recommends. For ex, if the book calls for Transmission and/or spark plug maintenance every 10 years of 120,000 miles, I'll probably do it every 8 years seeing as I know I am going to keep this van til it dies like I do will all my cars. I even got the lifetime warranty. also do battery test every other oil change.

    The rest I am still trying to figure out the best way of going about it.
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    It's definitely true that some things on a vehicle deteriorate with age along with the number of miles. Batteries and tires come to mind as two items that are usually date-stamped for a reason.
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