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Mazda MX-5 Miata (2005 and earlier)



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Actually, it may even be the other way around.

    Lots of hot-lapping Miatae are wearing a hard top, no?

  • persona in us, and that's why we have both the Sebring and the Miata. :-)
    I understand "dgraves1"'s comment, but just didn't want him or others to generalize/compartmentalize all Sebring convertible drivers into stuffy, comfort-seeking individuals that have no fun factor.
    Actually, though, I often try the "Miata" wave with Sebring owners and usually get this "look". And most often their tops are up, poor misguided souls. OTOH, I give Miata owners the wave, and still get that "look". And there are way too many Miata owners around here who have their tops up, also. Bless their poor misguided hearts.
  • "Maybe we have the Jekyll & Hyde persona in us"....
    Don't know where the rest of my subject title went to.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Save the wave! :)

    Funny thing happened today. Well, not so funny I guess.

    I was coming into my garage at work, and the wooden gate that went up came down too soon - right on MY HEAD! Ouch!

    I bit my tongue, too. No injury, just a bit of a shock. The gate did manage to bend my antennae, which is the power model and is now ruined. It won't come down at all, obviously.

    So question, what do I replace it with? Should I get another power antennae, and if so can I just get the mast itself? It is easy to install, and are there instructions anywhere?

    What about those rubber ones? Is the reception just as good?

    I was a bit peeved, but the security folks were very apologetic and nice, and agreed to fork over $250 no questions asked. I can do this myself and maybe even come out ahead.

    Appreciate any help/tips.

  • I could use some Help!!

    I stopped by a dealer and he had what I wanted:

    Red 2001 - but it was a Basic with extras, like leather, Bose sound, cassette added, extra breaks, and sticker price was $26,010. The dealer said he would take $1,000 off.

    Isn't that high. It is not an LS.

    Are there different posted Sticker prices???

    Can the dealers post what they want??

    Help please. Anew.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    juice, you'll be the guy with the gate coming out of your head -- actually, you're lucky you didn't get hurt, or worse, get the Miata dented! Ohmygawd.

    RE: the antenna -- several of the aftermarket suppliers at offer antennas, both the rubber ones and the electrics. With all the wiring done, the install should (famous last words) be pretty easy.

    Take care.
    Joe W.
  • Wow, that had to have hurt. Man, the perils one faces (in gargages) if you have the top down, eh? I was glad to read that the garage is willing to throw some money your way. Whew. Sorry 'bout the car, too. Let us know what you end up with.
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    Hi all, this is the first time I'm posting on Miata. A couple of days back, me and my friend went to a Mazda dealership to buy a Miata. We test drove an automatic first, 'coz my friend was interested in getting one with an auto shift. Somehow, I did not feel that the car runs smooth enough neither does it have good pulling power. I had to redline to get some pickup. And then I drove one with 5-speed. It wasn't much different, except that I could accelerate it to a higher rpm on every gear.

    The second concern is that at 60mph, both cars were running at 3000rpm, b'coz of which the car was too noisy and shaky. We could also feel every little bump on the road, felt like the suspension weren't good enough to isolate the jerks from the cabin.

    Both cars were 1997 model with less than 30k miles.

    We wanted to know if this is the case with every Miata or is it with the two we drove? More specifically, is the Miata so under-powered?

    Any comment on this would be appreciated.
  • davidb72davidb72 Posts: 174
    Well, you can come autocross with me one weekend and try to keep up, then we'll see how underpowered it is.
    Seriously though, the Miata is not a Corvette, a Mustang, or a Camaro. The strength of a Miata is perfect handling, not brute force acceleration. A Miata can be made quicker with a Turbo or a Supercharger.
    If you or your friend are looking for a fun to drive, basically maintenance free roadster, then the Miata may be for you, if you are looking for something more powerful, you may want to go look at used Mustang GT's.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Anew: I dunno, but that sounds high to me.

    Joe W: yeah, I saw a new power antennae at Moss Motors for $80 (seems steep), as well as a rubber one for $12 or so. The catch is, I'm planning on a car cover and the rubber one may get in the way.

    Can I splice into the existing wiring, or do I have to run it through again?

    I'm waiting 'til they pay me off first. $250 was the estimate, I want to get paid before I fix it!

    Biky: welcome to true sports-car ownership. Mine '93 is loud, rides stiffly, revs high at highway speeds, and has a cramped interior, but I LOVE it!

    You have to rev the engine to make power; this is a sports car after all. When do you, and I mean all the way to redline, you'll be rewarded with better performance.

    Honestly, though, from your initial impressions, this may not be the right car for your friend. If a smooth, quiet ride and straight line acceleration are priorities (rather than handling), you may want to consider a Toyota Solara V6 with a supercharger from TRD.

  • shaw10shaw10 Posts: 14
    I've read lots of comments about how the original tires are not very good when it comes to rain and snow...I'm considering a 2001 LS that has Bridgestones (Turenzas?) as that the tire that people are talking about...if not, what various brands are people getting as stock tires that rate so low (I do plan to get snows for the winter, any how)...thanks to anyone with feedback !
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Biky, you and your friend, if you want to enjoy the Miata, need to make sure that the car is rarely under 3500 rpm.

    Your post might mean you'd be happier with some of the other cars suggested, but if you're in doubt I suggest you go back to the dealer and try it again, this time not going into 4th until you're up around 60 or so -- listen to it sing!

    Take care.
    Joe W>
  • Juice: Robuck sold me a power antenna for $135. Sounds like a lot but it's of high quality. It mounts to the inner structure of the car. The rubber duckys just mount to the sheet metal of the fender. Kinda flimsey. Tried one & took it back. I think the electric one from Moss is a universal & not as good as the oem one. Just my 2 cents worth.
  • I'd have to steer you away from the Miata, also. Come to think of it, I think my '91 LeSabre 3.8L would probably beat my '00 Miata - on the quarter mile. The Miata is NOT a dragster - if you're into sheer G force from straight acceleration, do yourself a favor and look at other vehicles.

    Personally, I LOVE my Miata. I also realize it's not a 'vette, 'stang, or Viper. It's a reasonably priced, packed full of fun sports car.

    Just trying to keep everyone happy, even those who eventually don't buy a Miata.

    Jim M.
  • bikybiky Posts: 20
    Thanks for yr views, David, Joe, Jim and Juice (3 J's) hehe !

    David, I'm sure you'll leave me way back on a race, I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L. But I believe it's smoother than a Miata.

    But if everybody has the opinion that the Miata is a good roadster, I'll try driving it again and redlining it this time. Hope it feels good then.

  • It's most fun on curves. Take it out and try it on a curvy road, if possible. That's where the superb handling comes to play. And that's where you will leave those Mustangs/Camaros behind. It's not going to win on the straight-aways, but it's amazing how easily it maintains the same speed on curves as on straight sections, while other cars need to slow down. (We are not the racing type, but we have found the joy of this in our Miata - awesome handling.)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Chuck: thanks for the info, I'll keep that in mind.

    Shaw: for driving in snow, you'll want a Subaru. Just kidding.

    I bought my Miata as a 3rd vehicle used for pure enjoyment, but my Subaru gets all the foul weather duty, and it's great at it.

    I'm not sure I'd want a Miata in the snow belt. At a minimum, I'd get winter tires mounted on steel rims to swap when the seasons change.

    Beth makes a good point, though. The handling limits are awesome. I hardly have the courage to explore limits that high, and mine is bone-stock.

    Imagine if you upgraded the springs and shocks, and added front and rear subframe braces, shock tower braces, and a roll bar. Not to mention rims and tires!

  • Hello everyone,

    I bought a Miata early this year and I've been really enjoying it. I love the car! It really is sweet!

    The reason why I'm writing in is to find out any advice on how to drive it better. Do's and don'ts. What is this 'heel and toe' driving for instance? Is red-lining bad for the car? What can I do to prolong it's life? All advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Also. If anyone knows of a good Miata club in Atlanta or nearby I would be most grateful if you could tell me about it.


  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Lucky you! What a fun car to start learning to (really) drive in!! Suggestions:

    1) Somewhere in Georgia is the mother of all Miata Clubs, MCOA -- look at for a link and also all the local clubs.

    2) Once you've found the club and have attended the meeting, you'll find out about the Auto-X events they sponsor and run. Go to one, and several, and then some more -- you'll learn a lot about driving!

    3) With a good modern transmission, you don't need to know anything about heel0&-toe, but it IS fun, so you can have someone demonstrate for you at the Auto-X or, once you learn to drive pretty fast, my nuimber 1 recommendation is to enroll in a good driving school -- Skip Barber or one of a nuimber of others offerede around the country -- and they'll make you go faster than you ever dreamed you could ... without being terrified!

    Take care.
    Joe W>
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Atlanta? You're lucky. Plenty of Miata club meets and such. Good location for 'em. DC (for me) is much worse. Haven't heard of anything at all.

    Agree with #3 above. I believe Panoz has a school right in town for you. Again, location...

    Redline is 7000 and there is a fuel cut out just above that point to prevent you from doing any damage. It makes power up high, from 4000rpm and up, so don't be afraid to wring it out. Heck, you're actually SUPPOSED to rev it to 6000rpm every 100 miles or so to prevent carbon build up in the cylinders.

    How to make it last? Miatas are reliable, so just don't forget any scheduled maintenance and odds are you'll be fine.

    Mine is close to 30k miles so I did the fuel filter, oil and oil filter, spark plugs (wires were already new), pcv valve, air filter, radiator flush, and wipers. I also plan on doing the differential fluid and transmission fluid in the next week or two. Not even a full day for all of the above.

    Consumer Reports just came out with their 2001 buying guide. I was amazed that my 1993 Miata has not a single black dot. Not even half-black! For an 8 year old!

    Some brand new cars aren't that good!

  • davidb72davidb72 Posts: 174
    Look for the book "Going Faster" Subtitled-"Mastering the Art of Race Driving" It was written by the guys and girls at the Skip Barber Driving School. Very interesting reading, gives you a real insight into driving well.
  • You are in such good luck. It's called the Peachtree Miata Club, and they have all kinds of weekend fun, all throughout the year. I know because we were a member until we just recently were transferred to Mississippi. In fact, the hubby & I were the new "joint" secretaries of the club, & then the husband up and gets transferred.

    Anyhow, go to this site to get some info on the Peachtree Miata club:

    They are a great bunch of people and you will learn alot about your Miata. Also in the Atlanta area (in Alpharetta) is the Miata Club of America. They usually have a few events each year also, & it's right there, so it's cake to participate in those also. Be sure to find out where the Nov. or Dec. General meeting is being held, and drop by to check them out before you join. The meetings are fun, too, & are held on Monday evenings, once a month.
    LMK if I can help out any further with this.
  • Sorry, don't know why my titles keep messing up.
  • To Joe, Juice, David and Beth. Thankyou very much for your responses to my questions.

    Aijaz : )
  • A good companion to the book "Going Faster is the tape "going Faster". The book & the tape are from the Skip Barber driving school. They will help you understand the basics. If you truly want to learn how to drive fast consider taking a drivers school. It's money well spent.
  • OK. This may sound really silly but are there any good films out there were the hero or heroine (have to be politically correct (smile) ) drives a Miata?

  • I need a little help here. I'm trading in my 94 vette for a 99 Miata. A local dealer in Ft. Lauderdale has blue 21K mile miata with the leather package and no ABS. They are throwing in a certified Mazda warranty, 12 month 12K mile on top of the factory warranty. Three questions, first, whats a fair price? they are asking $19995. Second will they trade the the tan top for the black one on the car next to it? And third, if i get a base model, how easy is it to add the wind screen? A different local dealer has an $18000 mile green one for $16999 with trade???, whatever that means, the tires are shot, is that a good price?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Can't think of any Miatas featured in movies. At least not off the top of my head.

    '99s are so recent, it's hard to compare. In Florida demand should be high, so the prices sounds fair to me.

    The top swap would be a royal pain. I'm sure there would be several hours of labor to do that. Is the dealer willing? Depends on how motivated to sell he is. You can ask, of course.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Also, the 2001 has more power. 155 horses now. If you're coming out of a 'Vette...

  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,374
    My local dealer (southern NJ) has been trying to clear out the last couple of '00s for a while. They have a base model, pretty much no options, MSRP of 21.2K (approx) advertised for $17,990 (after rebate of 1K).

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

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