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Dodge Dakota - General Topic



  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Joe, when the dealer checked the battery, did they use a battery testing meter where variable loads can be achieved? I had a battery problem with my 1995 Dakota, and also a boat battery that operated similar to that which you are experiencing. I checked both batteries with a preloaded battery tester and they read "okay." I borrowed a variable load tester, and when a heavy load was applied the voltage plummeted. Worth a try if it has not yet been done. I just hate a mystery!

  • Am I the only one thinking the reason 5/30 is recommended is to bring up fleet milage
    averages? This saves DC a bundle.
    Temperatures are pretty moderate in the northwest in the winter, If I lived in a colder climate,
    I could see it. I'm sticking with the 10/30 unless someone can convince me otherwise.
  • Here's a tip:
    If you ever want repair parts for items listed in the MOPAR accessory catalog, forget
    Bought a bed extender from dealer ($235). Later broke one of the little plastic holddown [non-permissible content removed]
    (my fault). It was only then that I found out dealers cannot get any parts for this stuff.
    They claim DC will not even tell them who makes the stuff in this catalog for them.
    No more dealer accessories for me.
  • tuvtesttuvtest Posts: 237
    I would have agreed with you on any older engine design, but the 4.7 was designed around a thin oil. It's clearances are very tight (hence it taking so long to "break in") and thicker oils do flow more slowly when cold. Cold start up is the hardest part on an engine, and any delay, however small, in getting oil flow to metal surfaces will significantly increase wear.
    Have I convinced you? Well, it is your engine and you are allowed to do with it as you wish. If it were me, even in the temperate northwest, I would use 5w-30. If I were in the southwest I might agree with you to go to a heavier oil. just my .02
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    Look at the changes in recommended viscosities over the past two decades. As engines get more sophisticated and tighter toleranced they have decreased the recommended oil weight. In fact, Ford and others are now recommending 5w-20 oil. Don't be surprised if the manufacturers standardize on 0w-20 synthetic within a short period. The public want longer life for their engines. The only difference between 5w and 10w is during startup, so it does not affect mileage that much, but it does affect wear.
  • Well, you got me second guessing myself. So, I called three local dealers about the use of 10/30 wt oil in the 2001 4.7 engine in the Pacific Northwest. Here's what the service manager at each dealership said:

    1st dealer: "No problems with using 10/30, we routinely use it in the 4.7's we service."

    2nd dealer: "We recommend 5/30 because of better protection during cold starts and better mileage. We have no problem with you using 10/30 since 5/30 is only recommended, not required by owners manual."

    3rd dealer: "10/30wt is perfectly o.k. around here, but we suggest you call DC customer assistance for warranty implications."

    DC Customer assistance (@ 1-800-992-1997): "10/30 is O.K. to use if you prefer, however if you do your own service, PLEASE keep receipts and records."

    I'm stick'en with the 10/30 guys, you can't convince that new "tighter clearances" are the reason for 5/30. If that were the case, why would they continue to recommend 30W on the other end of the spectrum. Same tight clearances, right?

  • What about "Prolong" or "Dura-Lube" as apposed to "Slick 50"? I'm assuming you wait the same length of time for the break-in period before using...? I have 3k so far. I'm a little worried about the stated 500 miles in the book for the 4.7 as apposed to the normal 5-10K. I used Prolong in another car and it helped milage wise. I still have the car at 170K miles. No engine problems. Yet. Comments will be appreciated.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The 5W30 is obviously the better choice given what tuvtest has stated. Why don't you try to convince those of us that have been INSIDE engines and seen what the difference is.

    Why should I ignore the engine-designers specification and use a LESS stringent SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) oil grade?

    It is easier to manufacture an oil that spans LESS of a viscosity range.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    Why would you want to use an oil that is offering less protection? You can use straight 30w oil if that is your only concern. The cost is not any difference between 5w30 and 10w30. The 5w may add 20-30,000 miles to the life of the engine by reducing startup wear. It is your vehicle and feel free to do as you please.
  • ron35ron35 Posts: 134
    billisacrook - The Mopar bed extender as well as the bed extenders for other manufacturers is made by a company called Amp Research. Their website is - you can obtain any repair parts needed directly from them. Another source is Nissan Dealerships who are also Amp Research authorized dealers.

  • ferousferous Posts: 226
    Just when you think you have heard it all. You can't buy Mopar service parts at Dodge, but you can at your local Nissan. :|
  • Ron35- Thanks, called them up and part is ordered. Wonder why
    the local dealers couldn't help? It wasn't like they didn't try,
    they just couldn't find any info on these products.
  • On 2-5-02 my truck was in the dealer lot, after two months of agonizing wait. I ordered it on 12-4-00, and some of you shared in that agony, as you answered my "Dakota 101" questions that you had answered 10 times before. Thanks for your passion about what I know to be a great truck.
    On delivery day I had a quarrel with the dealer before driving away, but the Dakota owner prevailed (stuff I had learned here gave me an advantage), and that was the only low spot in the day. In the end, Bald Hill Dodge/Subaru in RI dealt with me honestly. I now have 500 miles on my truck, and am astounded.

    There are no rattles. The engine is a joy to hear and feel. The driver (me) wants to rev it, and pass anyone on the highway, because I now can. The tranny is as it should be; long throw'ed like a truck, but effortlessly smooth. The ride and handling are very precise. I've yet to wring the bugger's neck, as she ain't broke in, but already my wife wants a louwer exhaust note. Having come up from a tiny Mitsub 2wd (which I spun in the snow the night before I got the Dak) this truck w/ 4X4 is a thrill rather than a discouraging: "I'm gonna get stuck on this hill.." experience. I spent several months reading everything that I could about 4X4 pickups, and I've learned a lot.
    This forum is the most friendly, thoughtful, and best informed. I almost said "mature," and as that is appropriate chronoligically, it ain't me.
    For the first time in many years, I've bought an expensive product that hasn't disappointed.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Doug, it's great to hear that you are so happy with your new Dakota truck. Congratulations, and the best of luck. Thanks also for your kind comments regarding the forum and the people involved. Although this was not my first Dakota (1995 Dakota Club Cab, 5.2 5 speed LSD SLT +++) I too learned a great deal from these folks who are not greedy and/or bashful when it comes down to sharing information. Have you made the ultimate RI endurance run? Driving on East 6 from East Providence, RI to Seekonk, MA without stopping at the Home Depot. I've tried several times, but have not as yet been able to accomplish the feat.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    I've added a folder to the Dodge Dakota Owners that contains linked current Dodge Dakota discussions that "live" on other Town Hall boards. If there discussions you would like added to this folder, please let me know.

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  • tuvtesttuvtest Posts: 237
    Thanks, Great Idea.
  • My wife's family live in E. Prov, so I too have had many opporunities to drive past the Depot, but haven't managed it yet. If they develope a pill that will keep me out of Home Depot/Sears/ Woodworker's Warehouse I'll be rich!
    Next time you're planning a trip to RI drop me a line at and we can get a meal.
    I'm a novice woodworker, so I've learned to accept my need for power tools and sundry other toys. Since I got the truck, however, I'm afraid that I'll also be stopping at all the speed shops!
    Be Cool,
  • tuvtesttuvtest Posts: 237
    we have that same disease here in Chicago too!
    My worst problem is my boss gave me a company Home Depot Credit Card. Ohhhh the temptation. We don't have a Woodworker's Warehouse though but maybe that's a good thing.
  • For those who wonder if the quad will carry lumber. And anyone else --- thought you all would enjoy this.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Old Chinese proverb:

    "One picture is worth a thousand word." Never more true.

  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    Or, one picture is worth three thousand pounds! There are some realy smart people in this country and they all must live in Florida.
  • stnickstnick Posts: 177
    And you know in this day and age, the lumber yard that loaded it will certainly be sued !
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    GO BPEEBLES! Love your posts!
  • misterlvmisterlv Posts: 1
    I've heard that it's possible to track a new vehicle order this possible, and if so, how do I do it? Thanks...
  • ohc_babyohc_baby Posts: 116
    You'll have to call Chrysler to get this shipping info and carrier. If you can get the tracking number, you can usually track it on the carrier's website but cannot do it directly through Chrysler. has more details. Be careful though - if it takes a wrong turn and you know it, it'll drive you nuts!
  • ayrowayrow Posts: 99
    Ok everybody,

    I have been getting a ton of requests on how I had the sunroof installed in my 2001 QC.

    Sorry it took so long, I just got back from a skiing trip and had to wait to build the web page where you guys can see all of this.

    For information and pictures on the installation of my sunroof, go to this link:

    If you missed it, you can see the leather seat upgrade at this link:

    Please let me know what you think.



  • bcarter3bcarter3 Posts: 145
    A friend of mine just took delivery of his 2001 SLT Quad, 2WD, Buckets, Towing, etc. When he was doing his acceptance inspection he noted that there is no hood insulation installed and the console not only does not have the light, it has no provision for one. There is no hole for the switch which seems to be an integral part of the light. The insulation situation is easy enough to correct. Has anyone recently taken delivery of a Dakota with bucket seats and found the console without the light? This one was built on Feb 28.
    Still having a ball with my 01 CC, 4.7, auto,loaded. Unpacked my Roll-N-Lock tonight and will install it in the morning. Love this forum!!
  • If your talking about the "light" on the inside lid of the console its missing because there is not supposed to be on there!! That is for a small box of tissues.. but in the catalog it does look like a light. the light is in the front of the console near the power outlet.

  • bcarter3bcarter3 Posts: 145
    No, I have the buckets and the console. On my friends console the light is not there. When the light is installed there is a switch that protrudes up and shuts off the light when the lid is closed. This switch is part of the light assembly. There is no hole for the light/switch assembly in his console. I'm not sure but I think that this light is new for 01 and he may have a 00 console. The outlet is installed and there is power to it. Someone with an 00 with buckets can probably provide an answer. I have the tissues in the lid on mine.
  • ayrowayrow Posts: 99
    So, I have seen this discussed but have yet to determine an answer;

    I have a 2001 QC, 4x4, 5spd, TH, Skid, etc...

    Is there a way to put a tow hook(s) on the front of this truck?
    I cannot believe that Dodge eliminated them!!! What stupidity is this??

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