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Dodge Dakota - General Topic



  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Allen, I absolutely hate when that happens!

  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    The tach for my 2001 QC (4.7) doesn't have a redline, nor does the manual mention what redline is. Anyone have a clue? Thanks.
  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    my 4.7 auto has orange at 5500 then red at 6000 and maximum reading is 7000 but i hope to never see any of those :o).

    hope that helps.

  • I got a recall yesterday :(

    According to the notice "The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system on your behicle will not detect a catalyst failure as required by the Canadian emission standard"

    The remedy requires the dealer to "reprogram your vehicle's Powertrain Control Module"

    The really bad news is that this affects some 2000 model year Ram Vans / Wagons, Dakotas, Ram Pickups, Durangos, TJs (Wranglers in US), Cherokees and Grand Cherokees - so I'm guessing it is going to be a long wait to get it fixed.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Andy, I have a great idea. Why don't you wait until you are once again incarcerated in the Bahamas. That way you can leave the truck at the dealership with the luxury of time on your side.

  • As I have repeated many a time - innocent until caught!

    Actually I managed to find a dealer near the office who will do it for me tomorrow - gotta love five star dealers. The dealer where I bought the truck went bust a couple of months later - I knew I got a good deal, but I didn't realize it was that good!!

    Incidentally guys, I am starting to position myself for transport requirements when I move to the middle of nowhere next summer, so the Dakota may be sold in the next 6 months or so. Wifey keeps pointing out that we need a BIG truck for the dogs and she wants a second 4x4 (but honey the XJ-S is almost as practical). Current favorites are a GMC Sierra Crew Cab 3500 (Dodge don't make a crew cab 1 ton) and a Jeep TJ (Wrangler) for wifey. No definite decisions yet.
  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    dont go off and use all your wis dum hehehe on other trucks for other people, we like you here with us, dont go, dont go!!!!!!!

  • That's what camper shells are for (dogs)(or wifing units). BTW - I thought you already lived in the middle of nowhere (Stouffville). I sure had a $#@% of a time trying to find you last month. Anyway, you might as well look at the Avalanche - it's 'just' weird enough for you guys up there in the land of frozen white. Trade the XJS.

    But don't sell the Quad. You (and we) will regret it. I'd probably inherit bookitty for this board thing, and we all know he's a cat - hatchoooo! - guy. And trucks are (still) dog 'things.'
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    As Boo always says, "None of my best friends are dogs." Besides, Andy can't leave us. We have the negatives. Jack, I heard that Precious Pebbles was moving to "the middle of no where."

  • 96g1196g11 Posts: 88
    The 4.7L engine will not let you exceed redline. The computer is supposed to be programmed to cut fuel and ignition back if the engine reaches it's programmed max. rpm, sort of like a rev limiter on most motorcycles today.
    This is in theory! I wouldn't want to test it on my quad.
  • It doesn't work!!

    At least not on Canadian vehicles - it just comes up so damn fast in 2nd gear!! Beat the *** in the souped up Civic though!!
  • For those of you that are interested in finding out more of Grand Lake and what it has to offer. Check out and There are many tourist attractions in the area like Darryl Starbird's Museum, the country music shows, The Cherokee Queen tour paddlewheel boats, Har-ber Village. Har-ber Village is one of the largest antique museums in the nation. It has over 100 reconstructed turn of the century rustic homes. Lodging ranges from Shangri-La, a 5-star resort with 36 holes of championship golf, to numerous camping facilities. Anyone with questions about the area can check out the web addresses or ask me on this forum.
  • Branson, Missouri is what, about an hour or so east of Ketchum, Okla. (the lake resort area of the meet)? Convenient to anyone traveling from the east or n/e US I suppose. Nice spot to visit.

    Timing: probably since steve mentioned June, the mid to latter part would be ideal. Say, pick the 23rd (a weekend) of June and go one week forward and one back. Earlier (16th) would be slightly cooler and benefit the yankees ;-), and the later week or the 30th, but still the weekend before the 4th of July, would miss most of tornado season (benefit the SW folks who drive through Okla. and / or Kansas and / or parts of Texas).

    The Drive - in approx. 'weird Jack miles' would be
    From: To: Ketchum, Okla.
    Grand Lakes area miles hrs

    Midland, TX " " " 675 10
    Houston, TX " " " 621 9
    Denver, Colo. " " " 767 11
    St. Paul, Minn. " " " 651 9
    Erie, Pennsylvania " " " 994 14
    Montgomery, Alabama " " " 750 11

    Just a sampling, and figuring the mapping program I used for the distances doesn't usually pick the best routes - might shave an hour or more off each. But people have to eat and, uhh, stuff, so add it back on plus any sleep-on-the-ways -- can drive any Dakota for 12-14 I'm sure; I've driven 12 hours straight and been ready for more, easy -- and you can get a rough estimate from where you might be. Except for Houston - those guys should add a DAY to any trip they take. And that's just for the around town stuff!

    Consider two tanks of fuel each way from the above cities. That's $200 roundtrip unless certain politicians get restrictions put on us 'big oil' companies; then just ADD 25% to that! lol Anyway, if driving straight thru, you might get by for an Arby's 'hurler' or blue plate special X two each way, that adds $15 per stop if two adults eat, and about $10 per kid (mine) on top of that. Plus, figure about $100 per night at the local 'non-vacancy' sign ($75 if not lit). Add in some antiques, a couple of beers (kegs) and some real live entertainment (a_j knows some REAL LIVE types). So, Jack's math gets to about $5-600 for his stripped trip. But maybe a_j's 'Stripper' trip might run say, $5k (with bail). But he gets a roomy named 'Max.' ;-)~

    Take into consideration we are looking at a couple of more 'spots' to go to. One might be up north and the other out west. (The TX folks might also get together this fall, there seems to be a whole passle of us). Could be a lively summer. I'm game, R U?
  • ohc_babyohc_baby Posts: 116
    Yes, the 4.7 is limited in both speed and revs. I've seen them both already. Atlanta has a great highway called GA 400 that is straight and sleepy at night. She hit an indicated 115 mph at 4500 revs in 4th when the limiter hit. When the fuel cuts, it hits you pretty hard, almost like you're on the brakes. My '01 Quad is governed at EXACTLY 6000 revs and 115 mpg, as indicated on the dash. Good thing they're not Firestones, though they're not speed-rated anyway.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Wow!, 115 mpg at those speeds is truly great. I get about 20 mpg @ 60 mph. Make me one just like it.

  • ohc_babyohc_baby Posts: 116
    No, it's governed at 115 mpg, you know, downhill in neutral... no, that's 99... I must have meant mph.
  • Can't get anything past that 'Amber Fox' can we?
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Yesterday (10/04/00) I drove from my home in Langhorne, PA on the PA turnpike (exit 28) to my aunt's home in Flourtown, PA (exit 26) and then we went back onto the turnpike to I-476 (Blue Route) south to I-95 and took I-95 to Bel Air, MD to visit my niece. Traffic was light, except for the "Left Lane Louie's" that inhabit the left lane and go 58 in the 65 zone. Actually, these are people who are training to drive "pace" cars. Despite that, the road to my niece's farm is twisty and hilly (2nd and 3rd). We drove around the area, and on the return trip encountered heavy stop and go traffic due to the supper rush and an accident. Miles per gallon read 18.2 on the computer readout, and my calculated mileage conferred. I am pleased with that. Cruise was employed for the most part on the limited access portions.

  • Was told remaining 2000 Quad cabs are now getting a $2,000 rebate. Rick
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    I haven't seen anything current after 10/02,except for the farm bureau discount (which i think is good to 7/31/01). However, in my research of the FB discounts, I found that the Oklahoma FB offered a $500 discount on Ford trucks, at least in the recent past. I always wondered why the Dodge discount didn't seem to apply there.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    Just got back from Galveston. Average over the 1500+ miles 16.4. Found a W-M in Huntsville with $1,339 gas and at least four Quads in the parking lot. (2-green, 1-black and five includig mine. We considered staying in a motel around Vinita and found the rates to range from $25-40 for moderate non-smoking rooms, 2 adults, queen beds. The $40 was for a new Super 8 at Big Cabin. Expect a little higher in season rates, but not bad.
  • steel45steel45 Posts: 21
    01, QC, V-6, 5 Speed.
    Just traveled from western NJ to Providence Rhode Island area, 20 mpg.
    Approx. 1000 miles on vehicle.
    Not bad?
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Hi all,

    Well, after a couple of years of viewing the townhall, I think that the Dakota Quad Cab 4x4 will fit my needs the best.

    Can anyone recommend a dealer in the eastern- central New Jersey area?
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Bob, when you say Eastern, NJ are you referring to
    Mercer, Monmouth or Middlesex County? I bought my Quad at Reedman in Langhorne, PA. The initial experience with the salesman, was horrible but the truck manager was great as was my deal. Are you aware of the Farm Bureau discount amounting to
    $500.00? If you are not aware, please click on this link (in blue) for information. One must be a member for 30 days prior to accepting delivery. The cost of a membership is $75.00 in PA and I think that NJ is that or less. If Langhorne, PA is convenient, please Email me, the address is on my profile and I will provide a name and number for you. I tried several dealers in South Jersey (I have a home on LBI) and the interest level ranged from "ho-hum to duh!" I felt initially that I would receive better more personal attention from a smaller dealer, but I finally purchased from Reedman where this manager really treated me well and provided the service I needed. For me, that worked out very well as they are quite close to my home. Good luck, let me know if you need any other information or guidance.

  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    I knew bookitty would help!

    I live in the town of Edison.
    Middlesex county NJ.

    Langhorn is a bit of a ride for me.
    I would like to deal with someone a little closer "if possible".

    So this would be Middlesex, Union, Somerset county area.

    Did you send faxes or emails to different dealers in order to find one who would deal close to invoice? Autobytel?

    Thanks for any input.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Bobby, actually I visited them because I was on the road. What I did, was to produce from the Internet, an "invoice" at dealer cost so that I would have a platform upon which to launch my quest. I also tried Internet deals, but got the same B/S as from the dealerships. It's easier with an ordered vehicle, because you have a grip on the options, etc. as opposed to working numbers against an inventoried piece that may have more or fewer options than you desire, and the negotiating becomes much more confusing. I sent a response to your Email, that explains some of what I did.

  • Has anyone installed a JET performance module on their 4.7 dakota. Sales rep said a 16-18 rear wheel hp would be gained. Factory warranty would no be voided. I need to know if it is worth the 289.00
  • Trying to find "shelly" he had a picture of his black Quad on the "madcanuck"s" web page.
    Liked the running boards on his truck and wondered where he had found them.
    Thanks for any help.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    A while ago, someone posted that the dealer reprogrammed their engine computer to improve the gas mileage. By now the results of at least two tank fills must be known.

    Please update, we all could use and extra 2 mpg.
  • ohc_babyohc_baby Posts: 116
    Reprogramming the 4.7 is both a good and bad thing. They're usually reprogrammed as a result of pinging. When the engine pings, the computer retards the timing, then tries to advance it back, searching for a happy medium, costing gas mileage. When the dealer flashes the ECM, the primary change is a 4 degree retard on the timing, which loses 10 to 20 hp, but eliminates the pinging. I'd install a 180 degree t-stat and colder plugs (in fact I have) to resolve any pinging before I'd allow a dealer to retard my timing.
    As far as the JET chip goes, I've seen nothing but disappointed owners with the JET. 10 to 20 people on the Dakota Mailing List ( have tried it and none have gotten near the recommended gains.
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