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Dodge Dakota Owners - Meet the Members



  • steak2k1steak2k1 Posts: 24
    Hey guys and I trust there are some ladies here too..?

    Name is Theo (Tay-O): live in Calgary, Ab, Canada
    Tech Sales: Welding Automation (oil/gas country big time.!)

    2005 Silver SLT 4.7 magnum QC
    Roll n Lock Cover (no, it isn't totally waterproof.!)
    KnN CAIntake
    Magnaflow SS Cat Back Exhaust (sounds great)
    Reese Cl III Hitch
    Long Tranny cooler
    LeBra...(It don't look bad at all.!)
    Sythetic lubes all the way.

    Just waiting for superchips to come out with a programmer which is supposed to be around end Aug/Sept.

    Great Truck but: Lousy cloth used in interior, just look at it and it gets dirty. The rear brakes may as well be non-existant. (like to know if anyone changed these out for disc's..??).

    I also tow a 22' KZ "Coyote" HTT ( Hybrid Travel Trailer),w/ 2 kids and the Financial Adviser (my wife.!). All in all about 43-4400 lbs loaded (no water, minimal food + clothes and gear). Been thru the Cdn Rockies with it and although I did have to go 1st gear (50kmh @ 4200 rpm), at Roger Pass..the rest of the trip was fine in "two/haul" mode. Gas mileage sucked but that is to be expected I guess.

    Great a lot of good advice here and appreciate that.


    Theo AKA Steak2k1 :P
  • gretjnsgretjns Posts: 1
    Name is Gretchen and I love my truck. Bought new in 2003 it has 61k miles on it.
    Quad Cab SLT (I think)
    2wd Atlantic Blue w/ Jason (paint matched) hard tonneau (LOVE THE HARD TONNEAU)
    4.7 V8 Automatic
    Added Tranny oil cooler and suspension airbags for towing.

    Service related items:
    Front and Rear main seals at 60k (thank you warranty)
    The other recall items
    A/C head (again extended warranty well worth it)
    oddly - emergency brake shoe fell off the mount.

    Tows 4k competently and regularly.

    The model I bought doesn't have the two toned paint and does have the chrome bumpers. I've had people stop me to tell me what a great looking truck I've got. I have to agree.

    The only really odd thing I've noticed is due to the long wheelbase it bounces pretty bad over certain stretches of interstate. I put airbags on it last weekend to assist with the trailer squat and this seems to have helped the boinging as well.

    I hated the last car I had and I've never looked back on this purchase. I'll have it paid off next spring and plan to purchase another Dakota when I wear this one out.

  • Im here in oregon and have yet to take my '01 4.7l v8 4x4 cc to the sand but i have taken it up in the mountians here. what type of 265/70 are you running? the previous owner of mine had super street tires that were crap offroad. since then ive gotten some all terrains.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I find it interesting that you think the long wheelbase contributes to "bouncing". Most folks consider a longer wheelbase as REDUCING the "rocking horse" effect.

    Also, the factory shock-absorbers on the Dakota are junk. (mine were leaking fluid after about a year.) The very best shock absorbers you can get for the Dakota are the "Edelbrock IAS". These are a "monotube" design which are installed upside down from what regular shocks are. This is due to the patented design that "senses" the wheel motion and adjusts the stiffness. (slow motions are STIFF while fast motions are SOFT)

    After installing the EDELBROCK IAS shocks on my Dak, I instantly noticed less lean in the corners and less dive during braking (both slow motions). At the same time, the expansion-joints on the highway almost dissapered (fast motions).

    Of course, the pressure in your tires as well as your choice of tires contributes to the ride-quality too. Tires labelled "LT" have a stiff sidewall and will make for a harsher ride.
  • Bought a 1997 dakota about a year ago in ALaska. Just moved back to Wyoming.

    truck specs
    97 dakota sport
    205478 miles
    V6 engine
    5 speed manual trany

    No problems with it on the 3000+ mile drive home and nothing since I bought the truck. Couldn't ask for a better truck to drive!
  • Hey everyone, I have a
    '97 dakota bought brand new (my 1st vehicle)
    4x4 ext cab, V-8 engine. I now have 143,000 miles on it.
    It has taken me to many a rugby match.

    Any way, my headlights have oxidized over the years, they are now VERY cloudy and even with new bulbs, they are very dim at night.
    Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution? I appreciate any help I can get on this matter.
  • You can use a polishing compound, toothpaste or Brasso to clear up the haze followed by a protectant like 303 or paste wax. Also you can consider a new lens or light unit, they are readily available on ebay and easy to change.
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Most automotive supply houses have a kit for polishing head and taillight lenses. The above mentioned will work also.
    I use white Dupont polishing compound (very fine) and a soft cotton buffing pad on a drill motor. Be careful or you will put burn marks in the plastic and they are almost impossible to get out.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Here is a link to somthing which may help clean up your headlights.

    Keep in mind... after "polishing" plastic headlights, they often will "haze over" much quicker than they did originalally. This is because the manufacturer coats the lenz with a protective layer. Polishing will remove this protective layer.

    Some of the headlight polishing "kits" have a final coating you put on AFTER polishing. This treatment may help the repair last longer.
  • Looking to purchase a used "BOB" big-orange-book dealer service manual. I never did purchase the service manual when I bought my dak.. Anyone willing to part with theirs and/or no longer need it?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Just a slight correction... the shop manual for the 2000 Dakota is Orange. As I recall, Dodge changes the color of the cover for each model-year.

    BTW: The name BOB (Big Orange Book) seems to have "stuck" as a nickname for Dak shop manual reguardless of the model-year

    Have you looked on eBay for a shop manual?
  • Search for "2001 Dakota Manual" on eBay, to find any that may be out there. As already pointed out by bpeebles, the covers aren't orange for 2001, as they look like this:

    I sent you an email with additional information, that may help.

    Good luck! :shades:
  • I did do a quick search once on ebay and was looking for an orange colored book..will search again. Thanks guys.. Gery
  • Not sure if this is right forum but I need some help with a
    question concerning mounting a Snowway plow frame on a 2004
    Dakota. Does the front facia have to be altered? Have owned a 1993 EXT V8 since new and need to replace while I'm still working. Truck still runs fine and it has plow affixed to it now. Have towed it all over the US behind our motorhome until buying a new Liberty in 04. Used the plow frame to mount tow
    bar mounts and works perfectly. Would like to do the same to a newer Dakota. May have to purchace a new frame as 93 may be different than an 04. Anybody plow with their Dakota? Steve
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The only thing I can add that may help you is that the frames are different from '93 to 2004.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    After almost 8 years as a well satisfied Dodge Dakota owner, I have traded in my truck for a new 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4X4, with manual transmission (6 speed), limited slip and the tow package. Since moving to Florida (we spend 7 months here, and 5 months at the NJ shore) I have been longing for a convertible. We still have my wife's 1999 Wrangler which stays in FL and her Jeep Liberty that we leave in NJ. This forum has always been so very helpful from the very beginning when we were chasing down delivery information through the period where there were many questions and bright guys like Bruce Peebles (among others) who always seemed to provide answers. It has always been a pleasure. Thank you.

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    All good things come to an end. We will miss you Bookitty.

    BTW: Did you ever notice that we became members of Edmunds on the VERY SAME DAY!!

    Take care
    Bruce P.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    April 13 2001 is the date the current database started keeping track - there are a lot of us with that date ;)

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    After 6 years and 88K miles of faithful service, my 02 QC, 4x4 is being replaced by an 08 Nissan Titan SE, 4x4, Crew Cab, long bed. The family is just outgrowing the QC. The back seat and bed are just getting too small. So, it's on to something larger and hopefully as fun as my Dakota has been. This forum has been great and I'll miss all the helpful discussions.

    Best Regards,

  • I've been searching for years and years for answers to these questions.
    When taking off from the house down the road I put my foot on the gas pedal and the truck rpms rev up real high and it doesn't change gears until I let off of the gas pedal. Then it shifts into gear.
    This happens all the way down the road going up to 70mph.

    Also, my cruise control doesn't work. I checked the fuse and it's fine.

    Does anyone have any clues as to why I'm having these problems.
    Please advise and thanks for your help.
  • I just bought a '99 Dakota from an auction that didn't come with an owner's manual. I would like to get a manual for free and was wondering if anybody had a line on any thing like that. For the mean time, I was wondering if I could get the process to take it into four-low. I had a Durango years ago and I kind of remember there being certain gears and speeds associated with the process. I would be greatly appreciative if I could get this information about four-low.

  • 93 Dakota 4X4 V8. I have a very frustrating intermittent electrical problem. I get a voltage spike on the meter, the fan etc rev's up and the check engine light comes on. I happens about once a day and lasts only a few seconds. THE ALTERNATOR HAS JUST BEEN CHANGED. So that isn't it. My mechanic (who I do trust) says it is a "wiring problem" and is at his wits end. It spikes for a few seconds and then runs just fine. (The computer has also just been changed too for a different reason.)
    This is a very low millage vehicle which did a lot of "sitting in a garage" before I got it two years ago. It runs like a dream otherwise.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • The computer (ECU) has been changed too
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    hey, haven't been here in a while! oilfield's been real busy lately. gonna miss bookitty's wit and wisdom, as he's gone the way of andy_jordan - andy and i got roped into the 'co-hosts' spot on this forum wayyyy back in, what, mid-late 99 or so. bpeebles will remember, he's always great with the little details... ;-)
    anyway, just dropped by to say hi! we still have the 2000 quad which we got the day before thanksgiving in 99! it has gone over 200k with nary a visit to the shop yet. only parts replaced (by me) are the usual mobil 1 with the k-n filter, and 5 sets of tires to date, except for the set of rt's i used to autocross it back in 2000. they're hanging on the wall and the truck will go to my daughter in 3 years when she can drive. just graduating the oldest one now, and i bought her a chevy cobalt.
    she's the reason for my absence these past years, as she was dx with an inoperable brain tumor (craniopharyngioma) a few years ago. it's the same tumor that lou gramm from foreigner and scott hamilton the skater both had. you just radiate and hope for the best. we believe she's going to live a normal life now, but she'll be short at around 5', as all of her hormone sites were damaged.
    anyway, just dropped by to say hello, and i'll check back in from time to time to see how things are going. glad to see so many of the old familiar handles still around!!!
    looking forward to the new dak diesel model, since there's been a couple running around the firestone test track down this way for some time now. i'm sure ya'll know a lot more about that stuff these days than i do, since i spend most of my time in a motorhome either trying to keep all your tanks full or going to classic rock concerts. will have our website up soon, and again, i'll start checking in a bit more often.
    vaya con dios muchachos,
    jack b :-) in
    midland, tx usa
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Hi themacguy !

    Thanks for the kind words.

    WOW-- your 2000 has over 200K miles on it!!
    If you recall, I took delivery of my 2000 about a month before you did. However, I only have about 85K miles. I look forward to another 100K miles (if the body holds together)

    Can you tell us more about the Diesel Daks? Is it the 4-cylinder DetroitDiesel that has been used in Daks from Brazil?

    I have a Diesel VW and LOVE the 56MPG. (that is over 700 miles per 14-gallon tank!!!)
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    my quad's miles were put on in just over 4 years. it sits covered now, with maybe a couple hundred miles put on it now and again. i was running about 40k a year, at 120 miles per day to the oilfield and back. my partnership split, which is typical with trust babies (my ex partner) in the oil business these days, so in late 04 i pretty much parked the truck. i usually take the old 89 v6 dodge raider into downtown, or maybe the lincoln ls we bought in late 04 on longer trips. but i've missed the dak, so i'm spending some time in it too now. sure is a nice truck. looks new, runs new, don't even want a new one. heck, i think they're cheaper now than back then!?!

    and i figured this diesel thing was more well known here than my just talking to a couple of test drivers in ft. stockton at a local truckstop there over the last, about 5-6 months or so... all i really heard was 2.2 liter, bluetech(?) and 'tdi' (i actually asked one of the guys) - for sure those were the exact words, dunno about spelling. also mentioned was 'tdi' and '4-banger' and i'm pretty darned sure these same guys have been out there (on the track) in dodges and mercedes over the last several years - mostly high speed cars and various trucks - i saw one of the first new challengers out there, and it was moving pretty good . don't think i remember anything about veedubs or detroit diesel. i'd remember cummins (see below) or detroit or international, because we're looking at replacing our 95 winnebago elante with a diesel pusher in the next couple of years, so i've been watching those motorhome capable engines for a while now, and i'd know if i'd heard of any of the main diesel companies being out there. lots of cummins ram trucks on the track. oh, and i think there've been some cummins in some ford trucks lately, which is weird enough, and what's up with that? don't quote me, but i'm pretty sure i saw one at lunch with the emblem on the fender and the whole front end was covered in a very large, and very ugly, bra thingy. lots and lots of vettes and vipers and (loud) mustangs there all the time in the hot months. i know a lamborghini, like the one carty beal had loaned out in odessa that crashed at high speed and killed that father/son combo last year, have been running over 200 mph recently, testing some new fangled high speed tire. i think that story even made the news.
    remember this is primarily a tire testing facility, but it's also used for high speed and long haul testing in desert conditions (very hot and very dry). in the late 70's our san angelo based corvette club ran some laps out there. we also had our original 1976 26' gmc palm beach fwd (455 olds) motorhome up for a commercial back in 1999 for the centennial. they also wanted our orig. chevy 70 1/2 cheyenne super pickup and my 78 silver anniversary vette for the same dealy, but it got canned at the last minute. i'd sold the s/a vette but knew where it was, and we had the other two vehicles stored at the ranch. bummer.
    anyway, glad all is well with the site. looks like it's really grown in scope. i remember when we had just a few main topics, and we'd all be hanging around at night typing on our 28k and 56k modems like madmen. pretty intense there for a while anyway. i'll sign off now and let somebody else have the bandwidth. will be around some. stay in touch all.
    jack b :-) in
    midland, tx usa
  • gpg429gpg429 Posts: 4
    I am looking at buying an 07 Laramie QC but cannot find a spec sheet that shows the standard features and options. I looked at Dodge site but have had no luck. Would appreciate any assistance.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    haven't checked in here in a while, thought i'd stop by to let ya'll know a coupla things recently noticed out near the firestone test track (or whatever it is these days) near ft. stockton, tx.

    just back from ft. stockton (tx.) again, and i had been down to alpine and was eating at the dairy queen when a dodge of some sort pulled in, and two guys got out and went inside to eat. i casually walked out and noticed it was a dakota sized vehicle with different wheels on it. 4 doors, short bed and mostly clad in some kind of plastic sheeting in several areas, had a bed cover over it, which looked store bought. the front end had a cheap kind of bra on it, looked cheesy, actually, real cheesy. the paint job was a dark silver/grey color with a dark(er) interior in cloth, i believe with a large center stack that doesn't look anything like a dak dashboard.
    from what i could see without gawking at the interior and getting myself in trouble. two things jumped out at me: a LARGE (single) exhaust with heavy, heavy soot in it that didn't smell quite right when i took a small sample and smelled it (dropped my keys at the rear of the truck and swiped my finger in the exhaust (pretty warm, ouch!). and two, there was NO gap behind the cab, between it and the bed, like my dak quad cab has. the sides were smooth from the front all the way to the taillights!!! just like one of those honda jobs. the bed was taller than my 2000 as well, as the main selling point for me on my 00 quad cab, at 5'9" tall, was that i could reach over flat footed and nearly reach the center of the bed while i was standing next to it. the one i saw the other day would require a small step ladder or maybe a step stool. speaking of which, i don't know if it was a 4wd to make it higher, but it had regular center caps on the front wheels and it didn't have a separate shifter on the oddly shaped floor hump.
    another surprise, when i went back in to refill my root beer, the guys had just picked up a to-go order and were walking out the door, so i went out in the parking lot and asked the passenger about all the plastic on the thing and he said two words, 'test mule.' that's it, then they got in, started it up and DIESELED off down the empty highway towards marathon. not only that, now wait for it, you gotta wait a little longer here, yep, it had a slight turbo whine. i'm not kidding.
    it's definitely, positively, absolutely a diesel dakota quad cab. and whether they were showing off or late to an appointment back at the test track near ft. stockton, that thing m-o-v-e-d! so i think now the post i made a while back might have some oomph to it. if dodge builds it and it's anything like i saw the other day, i will be the first guy in texas to have one in my driveway. i'm pretty sure that it's a finished truck, because i've seen some kinda, sorta test vehicles over the years in that part of texas that just were not 'finished' vehicles. other than the wheels and maybe the smooth, attached bed, this thing was very probably a 2010 dak quad cab under the plastic. it just sounded like a real, finished truck. man, it moved too...
    cain't hardlee wait!
    jack b :-) in midland, tx usa
  • its an extand cab dak that has seen its share of sawzall blades, cutoff wheels, cutting torches, welding, and custom frame fabrication..... bought this truck in nov. 07 as a plain, stock daily driver. wrecked it in jan. 08. repaired the wreck damage in feb.08 and decided, "why stop there." first came 22in rims and tires, window tint with some custom graphics, some custom interior work, and some bada$$ audio and video mods. mar.08 i decided to lower it. well it wasnt low enough with the 22s so i traded them for a set of 20s. in apr.08 i realized lowering it wasnt enough for me. with the help of BIG JAMES, off came the bed, and we started cutting away everything that the factory put there for no reason.( like the e-brake linkage...who needs that???) made an 11inch notch with custom cross bridge over the axle and cut out part of the stock frame. installed the slam 8 bags in the back and moved to the front..... cut away a huge chunk of the stock frame in the front and plated what was left. made the bag brackets and installed the bags. then ran into problems..... after we cut out the stock weel tubs for wheel clearence and cut out the center of the bed for the notch and bridge clearence, we realized that the wheels were a hair too wide to tuck. so after riding around for a month with no bed and my air tank, gas tank, compressers and and whatever else mounted to the top of my frame(cause, this is still my daily driver) i finnally got a set of 20s that tucked. they were made for a honda, and drilled to fit my dak. oh..........and the new drive shaft was olso installed. yeah... the stock one got severed in half when it rubbed the back of the cab while draggn :( had to cut out a section of the cab floor and custom fabricate a tunnel for clearence. in june i cut out a majority of my roof and installed a sliding rag top. i recently shaved the backend of the truck by removing the taillights and welding in steel plates and body working it to a smooth finish. olso installed a reverse tailgate handle kit and shaved the stock handle. then welded in a 3in deep tag box at an angle in the tailgate. the 4 link rear suspension, snug top, and some custom metalwork in the bed will hopefully be done within the next few weeks or so. then some paint by feb. 09...... all of the work to this dak was done by big james and myself... and all air suspension and hardware was supplied by rodney from ABOVE REALITY.... custom doesnt come in a box.......
    dragg, destroy, and let the sparks fly...................
  • mtrialsmmtrialsm Posts: 159
    I said good-bye to my '01 Quad Dakota in Dec.'08. It was a good ride since new.
    The same problems most Dakota owners had over the years. Overall I say it was
    a good truck and ride. I wanted a new truck. Drove a new Dakota then a new Takoma,,,,well you guessed it, I purchased a new '09 Tacoma double cab long bed.
    I missed my old Dakota for about a month (sentimental). But now really love the new Takoma. The 20 to 22 mpg sure helps also!
    Thanks for all the help over the past years with questions and answers to fix the Quad.
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