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Dodge Dakota Owners - Meet the Members



  • maldbnsfmaldbnsf Posts: 3
    I have just 3000 miles on my truck. Done a lot of work to it (see the web page below)I think the quad cabs, all brands will be the next mini van for the family.

    Don Mallett
    Fort Worth, TX
    '00 QC 4x2 SLT+, 4.7L, 3.55 rear, 4 speed auto, H/D Service Group, K&N home brew air filter, Cat back Flow-Pro Dual System, Mobil 1 Oil & Gear lub., Oil cooler, 180 T-stat, Tonneau cover, Autolite 3923 plugs.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Just back from 70 miles of backpacking in the mountains of New Mexico with the Boy Scouts. Dropped a belt size as well as turning 50. Can't think of a better way to keep a positive attitude.

    Use the Quad as my daily driver. I started with the basic SLT package and have the following stats:

    Light Driftwood, 4.7L, 5sp manual, 4x4, 3.55 rear with LSD, T&H group, HD package, 4W ABS, bucket seats, heated 6x9 mirrors with the defrost solid rear window, PENDA liner, TekStyle soft tonneau, ball on the bumper for light towing, added the Mopar door sills, front slush mats and rear tray, installed the $13 mud flaps all around, am adding Catz MSC "real" yellow fog-lights in the factory holes by next weekend. Don't have the overhead compass / temp console. Picked it up May 4 and just passed the 2,500 mile mark this week. Plan to have it a long time so I purchased the shop manual (Big Orange Book = BOB).

    Married and have two sons, 20 and 17, and all of their friends in our refrig. Did I mention that I had to allow my wife to get two kittens, named "Black" and "Tan", in exchange for her allowing me to get the Quad. Live in the relative flatlands of central PA within an hour of tpmiller's home in "hard-coal country" and 2.5 hours from bookitty's Phila-hood.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Spike, happy birthday. If you are looking for the notch that you lost, I think that I may have inadvertantly found it on my belt. Well, growing is good. happy that you had a good and safe trip. I'm proud of you.

  • impy2impy2 Posts: 50
    Name: John

    Age: 26

    Education: Bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering.

    Origin: West Virginia

    Occupation: Project engineer/industrial engineer/foreman. Work for Consol Energy, which is a major coal company nation wide. Too bad I have to spend 9 hours a day underground, but at least is have given me the opportunity to buy a Dakota.

    Vehicle: 2000 Dodge Dakota Club Cab Sport, 4.7 liter V8, 5-speed stick shift, 3.92 axle ratio, tow package, fog lights, tire and handling package, power everything, premium sound, premium overhead consol, sport plus group, 31" tires, skid plates, sliding rear window, flame red, agate interior. I love this truck.

    Hobbies: Sea doo'ing!!!! Water skiing, knee boarding, slalom water skiing and anything else that Aquaman would love to do.

    I am married with no kids. (maybe in 1 or 2 years.)

    dream vehicle: Dodge Ram 2500 loaded with the 8.0 liter V10 and 5-speed. Or a Dodge Viper. (consol energy does not pay me enough yet to afford the Viper, but at least my wife has no problems with me buying one if I ever get the chance.........she is a really cool girl!!

    impy2- "impy" is my nickname. My dad was also called "impy". The name just kind of carried over a generation and stuck with me. He was the first "impy" and I was the second "impy"....Hence the name "impy2"
  • tecknoteckno Posts: 30
    I live in (believe it or not) Cool, California, located about an hour NE of Sacramento. I am a 39 year old elementary school teacher.

    I own a 2000 QC, 3.9 liter, 2wd, 5 speed with a 3.55 axle ratio. The truck is driftwood color w/ agate interior (and griege headliner). I have the SLT Decor Group (A/C, cruise, tilt) and the SLT Plus Decor Group (T&H package, power locks, windows and 6x9 mirrors). I ordered the truck (via on 4/11, it shipped on 5/12 and was
    delivered to my house on 6/7.

    I have added a rubber bed mat, a tailgate protector, body side molding and a Yakima Q-Tower rack.

    I currently have about 2K miles on the vehicle. No problems yet, (except for that little dent from the door opening into a concrete barrier!).

    Thanks to Andy_Jordan and Thermacguy for working at getting this forum going. As a reader of the "old" message boards, I gained a lot of helpful, friendly information on the QC, and reading the posts certainly helped pass my time as a "QuadWaiter".
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Welcome and thanks for registering.

  • tjumptjump Posts: 14
    Hey Teckno,

    I saw that you have the Yak Q, and I have a question. Which clips did you use to mount them, and how did they fit with the door frame & weather stripping?

  • kingquad1kingquad1 Posts: 37
    just got my password. just wanted to say hello to all and thanks for all the information that was passed along by all the "quad" owners. It has been very helpful. thankfully, I haven't experienced and problems ( trans, etc). THIS IS THE BEST TRUCK I HAVE EVER OWNED!. been driving Chevy's for 30 yrs. HANDLING, PERFORMANCE, STYLING!I have started to ADD things to it. add LINE-X sprayed-in bedliner as soon as I picked the truck up. very impressive! will add WESTIN safari bar and nerf bars shortly. what I plan on doing is having line-x sprayed on both. should help keep maintainance down to a minimum. also, intense performance is offering air intake tubes with S&B filters. should be as good as K&N. that's it for now.
  • bsparxbsparx Posts: 84
    Boy, its hard to heep up with all the QC forums. I've been a frequent lurker and occasional poster in the old QC boards and the newer Owners forum (muchas gracias to those responsible for moving us forward)

    Ben Sparks, screen name o' bsparx (

    No relation to Cowtown Aggie (Preston ) that I know of, but maybe the attraction to the QC is genetic...

    Patriot Blue 00 QC 4x4 4.7 auto with everything but rear defroster and power seat Put on a leer cab-high shell, but not the fancy one. Didn't want the Durango look, or I'd 've bought one of them.

    Live in Oakland, CA so I'm hoping to see newquad, carls5, guanner, quark99, and ??? on the road.

    Married, with 2 boys, 26 mo. and 3 mo. Bought the quad off the lot on my birthday (31) in February, because I couldn't figure out how to get 2 child seats into my 2.5 door F150 supercab. Also do as much surfing as I can, so if you norcal quadders see a longboard on the roof in the summer or a shortboard in the back in the winter, that's me. Spend most weekends waterfowling in the fall, so the Lab has always liked my trucks. Both of these are on hold, though, anytime I can't tear myself away from the little fellas...

    Love the truck and these forums are damn good too. Thanks, everyone

  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    With your young ones, did you get the child safety stuff for the back seat?
  • bsparxbsparx Posts: 84
    No, haven't needed it yet. The older one is very big (41 lb / 39" at 24 mo. checkup) and uses a booster-type seat. The baby is still in a backward facing one which clips into a base you strap down with the belt. When he's 20 lb/1 yr and goes to forward facing, I will go in for the tether attachment for his side.

    BTW, the roof in my DD QC is higher above my head than that in any of my Fords (82 Ranger, 87 Mazda Ranger, 91 Exploder, 92 F250, 98 F150) which is something I notice as I'm 6'3". Anyone still on the fence about buying a Quad, don't worry about the comfort. My back thanks me daily for the negative roll suspension ( now I realize Fords handle like rowboats) and the bucket seats. I'm 220 lb and think its a great ride (6600 mi so far). Have fun everyone....
  • tecknoteckno Posts: 30
    Yakima clips Q62 fit the roof of the QC. Although there is very little room between the door and roof, the clips seem to fit well. It LOOKS like a good fit, there is very little crushing of the weather stripping and no extra wind noise.
  • myersedmyersed Posts: 102
    Teckno- does the clip actually mount so as to compress the rubber of the seal against the roof, or is the rubber lifted away from the roofline so as to compress the clip direcly to the roof?

    I have not seen these roof racks and am not clear on the mounting system and how it is actually held in place. I am wanting to get a roofrack system that will be well above the roofline for my canoe.

  • carls5carls5 Posts: 62
    Ben and Ward (Techno). Glad to see some more N. California people signed on. I'll be looking for you on the Highways and byways of N. Cal.

  • tjumptjump Posts: 14
    I had a Q-tower based rack on my previous vehicle, and the clips went only against the body. I can not conceive how the clips would go OVER the wx stripping as that would a) destroy the stripping, and b) make the door leak water. The Q-towers, when properly mounted, have a STRONG grip on the body. I haven't put the Q-tower rack on the top of my Quad yet because my wife was nice enough to give me the Mirage rack for my birthday - so I don't yet need the roof rack to carry anything (considering putting it on her Tercel though).

  • tecknoteckno Posts: 30
    There are two different rubber seals, one is attached to the cab around the entire door, the other is along the roofline only (down to the bottom of windshield). I am not sure exactly what the "official" term is for these seals? The clips are shaped to fit OVER the upper weather seal. After curving over this seal, the clip is bent (about 90 degrees) to place the end, against the metal between the top and bottom seal The clips lightly touch the top weather strip.

    Looking at the truck and clips before mounting, I did not see how it could possibly work. After mounting I was impressed w/ the fit I can't say for sure how weatherproof it is , but I have had Yakima racks on my last 2 vehicles w/o a problem.
  • tecknoteckno Posts: 30
    Should we continue the rack discussion in Dodge Dakota "Accessories"?
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Yes, it would be better if this particular topic were to be left open to the new members and for welcome notes. Thanks for your considerate response.

  • rotondimrotondim Posts: 27
    Name: Mike Rotondi
    Residence: Hamilton, New Jersey

    2000 SLT Club Cab 4x4
    Two Tone Patriot Blue, Driftwood Wheel Flares and Mopar molded side steps. 4.7l Automatic, HD, Tire and Handling Package, Agate interior and a number of other options to make this a comfortable vehicle.

    Thanks to the members once again. The info and advice provided here has been a big help to us all. Let's keep up the good work.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Welcome, Mike. We are gathering a group of folks from the Eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey area (Bucks, Montgomery, Lehigh (PA),Mercer, Burlington, et al (NJ). This is going to be the very best owner's club ever.

  • yank2yank2 Posts: 49
    Yank2 Crystal River Fl.

    X snow bird
    Building contractor Crystal River Fl. 30 years
    Old like bookitty.

    00 Quad Garnet Red and Lt Driftwood Slt Plus
    4.7 Auto 3.55 H.Duty group Tow,Tire & handling, Power everything
    Add ons Three piece Bug sheild,Vent Shades,ARE Tonneau,Wheel flares,Starboard runningboards,KN filter.

    Problems with only 1776 miles
    Front wheel Alignment,Paint work,bed alignment, rearend whine. All fixed but dealer had truck in shop a total of 30 days.

    Other auto and trucks at present
    2000 Saturn Dealer rental
    3/4 ford ext van,40th Anniversary corvette 6 sp. 79 Tran Am. 55 shoe box.

    Even with all the problems I still love the Quad and hope that is the last time I have to take it to the Dealer.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Yank, I'v got shoes and socks that are older than that.

  • yank2yank2 Posts: 49
    I lost a pair of socks hunting in Pond eddy PA in 1959 are they mine.
  • tiltboytiltboy Posts: 63
    Man, I guess I posted about the time everybody jumped into the new forum. I was beginning to think I was the only one excited about my new QUAD! name: Kyle Maddox user: Tiltboy age: 33 residence: Huntsville, Al. (Zonk's neighborhood) Quad specs: 2000 Quad 4x4 Bronze, 5sp, 4x4, 3.55 diff, SLT, loaded with everything I could think of. Paid $500 below invoice with the FB rebate. Totally happy with my truck. Just need to sell the Ram QC to be complete.
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    Kyle - I was wondering when you would jump in the Owners Club with the info on your new truck. Once again, congratulations!- zonk
  • bobsyveebobsyvee Posts: 63
    Jim Hendrickson
    Born in Chicago 46 years ago, now in a
    NW "suburb" of Chicago, closer to Wisconsin.
    Controls Engineer
    Ordered my QC 3-17, arrived 5/16. Paid invoice.

    2WD, 4.7, auto, 3.55 lsd, SLT+, tow pkg,
    4wheel ABS.
    Amber Fire Pearl / Lt.Driftwood lower.
    Agate Int.

    The only problems since I took delivery, are
    a mis-aligned front bumper, and the silver paint
    flaking inside the light housing on back of the
    cab. 4500 miles thus far. I am chalking the booming with any rear window open at higher speed
    to a design mistake. I'm getting WindeFlectors to
    solve that.

    "bobsyvee" is from the Vintage Formula Vee I have.
    A 1968 Vanguard Vega. Jerry Mong in Ohio had built "Bobsy" sports racers, and the name kind of carried over. Road & Track's June 1968 issue called it the "Sexiest Vee Yet".
  • bpmanningbpmanning Posts: 13
    Hi, Everyone
    Bill Manning from the state of Maine(Southern Maine)
    37, Married 15 years, (no children yet)
    I purchased a 2000 4x4 SLT Club Cab. Two Tone White w/Lt. Driftwood lower
    4.7, Auto, tow package, HD service Group, 3.55 LSD, SLT Plus Group, Fog Lights, 1800# Payload.
    no additions yet. Plan on a spay on bed liner (had on in my other truck 93 S10 4x4 no comparison to my Dakota)and either a fiberglass or roll top tonneau. not sure which yet.
    Thanks to all for the info on this site. Helped me make my choice.
  • xena1axena1a Posts: 286
    Hi folks. My name is Tim Gill and I live in Tucson, AZ. Just got a nice deal on a '00 Dakota Reg Cab 4WD. I was lucky to find this truck at Chapman Autoplex in Scottsdale and paid Invoice for it. Internet searches showed that it was the last one of this type in Arizona. I traded in a '99 Mazda B3000 4WD. The Mazda was a very capable vehicle for off-roading, so I don't want to dis it too severely. But for road trips (I drive from AZ to CO once or twice a year), it was, in all honesty, underpowered and noisy. So, I started searching for an upgrade. Stumbled across the Reg Cab Dakota and made a quick decision to purchase the truck (it qualified for the $2000 rebate, so that helped). Many people prefer the the CC or QC Dakotas, but the Reg Cab fits my needs fine. In fact, this truck feels more like a slightly scaled down 1/2 ton instead of an oversized compact. It looks great, has an outstanding drive train, and is very roomy and comfortable. The details:

    2000 Regular Cab 4X4 SLT Plus. 4.7L with 5-speed manual. Two tone White with Driftwood. Mist Gray interior. HD Service Group, Skid Plate Group, Fog Lamps, 3.92 Axle Ratio, LSD, T/H Group, Power Door Locks, Mirrors, Windows and Remote Keyless Entry, Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel. Unfortunately, 4 Wheel ABS, Sliding Rear Window, and Tow Group were not available. Oh well, I was lucky to stumble onto this dream of a truck, so I shouldn't complain! I'm very pleased with my purchase...
  • mailman54mailman54 Posts: 111
    Timothy, glad to see I am not the only 00 Dakota 4.7 Regular Cab owner. I have a 2wd with automatic and love it. Also have the 3.92 gearing and wouldn't trade it for anything. Happy RCing!

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