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Ford Escort ZX2



  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    It IS an escort.

    Body panels, windsheilds, lights, and any other cosmetic change does not make it another kind of car.
    The engine is different, but then, many cars come with different engine configurations right? The ZX2 is an Escort with the Zetech.
    All of the cars guts except the engine are the same. The suspension is the same, just tuned a little tighter. The drivetrain is the same. The chassis is the same. Have you driven the sedan? It is very similar. I personally think this is speaking well for the sedan rather then the other way around so don't take it personally.

    Sorry to disappoint, but you drive an escort. And if you are happy with your car it shouldn't matter.
  • hudraheadhudrahead Posts: 169
    Yes, there is a deep kinship between the Escort and ZX. There is a "tuner type, boy racer" here in town that has dropped a ZX engine into a Escort Wagon. It is tweeked a little too and goes like hell. He told me it was a really "simple" almost a bolt-in swap. He really surprises a lot of the street racers at the local outlaw drags.Who'd expect a Escort wagon to smoke the tires off the line ?

    Whatever happened to "photog", never see him on here anymore ?

    hud :):)
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    I was never once deterred when my '94 Escort was actually called an Escort. And there was more difference between the regular LX and the GT back then, then there is between the ZX2 and Sedan now. The biggest dissapointment when I purchased my Z besides reverting back to an Ford engine was the lack of rear disc brakes, which the GT did have.

    hudrahead: I've always liked the idea of 'sleepers'
  • 2002zx2man2002zx2man Posts: 20
    The ZX2 is an Escort??? Hahah...just kidding. I think everyone who owns either an Escort or a ZX2 knows that they are the same car, derivatively. However, it's hard to imagine when driving a ZX2 that it ever spawned from the Escort. I know on the inside they are the same, but outwardly, I like to think the ZX2 projects its own image. I think this may be one of the reasons I like the damned car so much.
  • rickgonzrickgonz Posts: 87
    Don't follow me yet?

    Should we start calling the ZX2 a Mazda MX3?

    Here are the cars derived from the same Mazda 323 chassis:

    - Escort LX and GT 1997 and years before that.
    - Year 1998+ Escort and 1998 ZX2 and Mercury Tracer
    - Mercury Capri convertible in USA (Ford Capri in Australia where it was made)
    - Ford Laser and Lynx in Asia and South Africa.
    - Mazda MX3 both 4 cyl and V6.
    - Mazda 323 F, S and C in Japan and Europe
    S was the sedan, C was the hatch and F was a 4 door fastback hatch.
    I understand that some Korean cars made until 1999 were also based on that dependable platform.

    So should they all be called Mazda 323s or Ford Escorts?

    They are each different from each other that they deserve their own names.
    I insist Ford made a mistake when they first marketed the ZX2 as an Escort because they did not have any marketing dollars to give it its own advertising budget. They realized their mistake too late to stem the damage, but they still did correct it. Take a look at Ford's website.

    'Nuff Said.
  • rickgonzrickgonz Posts: 87
    it appears to be hibernating for the summer, specially as the ZX2 folks are having their 2nd National Zetec Meet this weekend. The forum is still alive and well at:
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    According to Edmunds, there is a 2003 ZX2.

    It is the last "Escort" derived car.

    The platform dates back to 1991 and is related to the Protege.
  • 2002zx2man2002zx2man Posts: 20

    My girlfriend and I had the opportunity to test drive a Sunfire, which I suggested after reading one of your last posts. I'm not sure if it's just the dealership and it's care for their cars, but the 2002 Sunfire just drove terribly. The steering was very touchy, and the exhaust sounded horrible. I know it might just be wear, but it only had 17 miles on it, and it was a 2002! As far as comfort, it was "decently" comfortable, but I did not have a lot of head room and I'm only 6 feet tall. My head was practically hitting the roof, and my seat was back as far as I thought it would go.

    The 3000 dollar incentive is hard to pass up, but a fully loaded Sunfire is only 300 cheaper than a fully loaded ZX2, which is far more worth the dinero. But, I'm sure you've already bought the Sunfire for your lucky new employee.

    You gotta hand it to Ford; they keep making very affordable cars that are extremely comfortable and fully loaded (with the exception of the 350000 2002 Thunderbird, which always boasted it's affordability until now).
  • 2002zx2man2002zx2man Posts: 20
    That was supposed to read 35000 as in thirty-five thousand, not 350000 as in three hundred thousand. My stupid bad.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    The Sunfire is a POS built for drivers who don't really care very much what they drive as long as it's cheap and comes with some free featurs "Pontiac-built for drivers" is one of the funniest, misleading slogans I've ever heard. I have yet to meet a car enthusiest who drives a Sunfire.
  • hudraheadhudrahead Posts: 169
    2002zx2man: The Sunfire would not be my personal choice either-------- but that's what the gal wanted and let's face it a MSRP of 17K less 3k rebate $1500 in GM card points and another $1500 from the dealer puts the thing @ 11K, fully loaded,Monsoon sound, Sun Roof, AT, power everything AND that sweet 2.2 Ecotech motor (very impressive engine)so smoothe you actually need to look @ the tach to see if it's running at idle,(something you can't say about the ZX engine for sure), no kiddng !! The handling is not as crisp as the ZX but for a grocery getter type it's plenty good enough. A lot of people must agree as they outsell the ZX by something like five to one. Everyone to their own taste as they say.

    regards hud :):)
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    right on, freddy_k!
  • The new fires and cavs with the 2.2 ecotec engines are far more advanced than the old 2.2 engines. The new body styles are also a big leap in the right direction imo.
  • 2002zx2man2002zx2man Posts: 20
    I guess with all the Pontiac incentives, it's hard to pass up. When was the last time you saw a ZX2 commercial? I see freakin Sunfires on TV everytime I turn it on. Advertising sells, which is why the ZX2 isn't selling as much as it could.

    The incentives are needed, however, since you are paying almost the same exact price for much less features (ex, anti-theft, remote keyless entry, power locks, power windows, etc). I walked out of the Ford dealership with 11,500 to pay. Not too bad for a much better automobile.
  • 2002zx2man2002zx2man Posts: 20
    I did not see "what the gal wanted.." in your previous post. That's explaining a lot, actually. Not being sexist (which I am, naturally), but I do not see any guys driving Sunfires in my area. I believe that is a good thing.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    "The new body styles are also a big leap..."

    All GM did was change grilles and taillight panels on the 2003 J cars. No "new body styles" at all!

    I'm glad the ZX2 is around at least one more year.
  • hudraheadhudrahead Posts: 169
    2002ZXman: I was very pleasantly surprised at what GM has done with the 2002 Sunflops. That engine has totally transformed the car into a pretty nice piece. granted, the basic design is dated but it takes GM about 10 years to debug/perfect anything they build unles they just give up before that. Witness such gems as the Fiero, Riata Beretta etc . LOL

    Also surprised at the near perfect level of fit and finish as well. The factory at Lordstown finally got their act together. Perfect paint, panel fit and interior plus NO squeeks, rattles or leaks (yet). The pix of the re-skinned 2003 Sunfire are VERY nice. Too bad it will only be built for a year before they start all over again in 2004 with the euro platform thing.

    by the way my son had a ZX2 (1999) he loved the thing, put 88K on it, no probs. Fell in love with a Mazda Proto5. Nice car as well but pricy.

    regards HUD :):)
  • with the new body style. Gm could spice it up with the classic plastic body cladding we see on the Aztec.
  • 2002zx2man2002zx2man Posts: 20

    I've seen the pics of the 2003 as well, and they are MUCH easier on the eye than previous models. You mention the ZX2's engine being rough at idle, but I don't notice anything too unusal, probably because my old Honda Accord's idle was extremely high (you almost wanted to put on the emergency break at a stop light just to make sure the car wouldn't take had a mind of its own).

    Not slamming the Sunfires, as they have come a long way, but I just feel they have a longer way to go. ZX2's aren't perfect either, well...for me they are. I love the damn things. LOL
  • hudraheadhudrahead Posts: 169
    ZX2man: I wish Ford would keep the ZX2 in the lineup and tweek it into a SVT version as they have the ZX3. I know the looks of the ZX3 appeals to the "baggy pants" bunch but the looks are just too goofy for my taste. I would buy a ZX2 for sure IF they would offer it in a factory turbo or supercharged version.

    The only other drawback I found in the ZX2 was the gearing. It really needs a taller 5th gear or better yet a six speed. 95% of my personal driving is interstate and that 'lil 2.0 winding away at way over 3k rpm @70 mph on the other side of the firewall gets a little tiresome. It really needs a higher gear to slow it down.

    enjoy your car you'll love it.

    hud :):)
  • rickgonzrickgonz Posts: 87
    In case you liked the Start concept car, you can add your voice to:
    Ford Start
  • vjoe_udovjoe_udo Posts: 30
    I got my ZX2 in early 98 and it has been
    very trouble free, but I'm having a problem.

    I get in, turn the key to start the car and
    I hear a click and that's it. I turned the
    key a few more time and samething.
    I open up the hood and look around, leave
    for about 10 min. Come back and it starts.

    This happened 2 times in the last month.
    Any guesses on what the problem could be?
  • 2002zx2man2002zx2man Posts: 20

    Not sure, considering I don't know much about the ZX2 engine or ignition components, but it sounds like the early stages of a problem with an electronic ignition module, or your ignition module ignitor (same thing, as it goes my tons of names). I had one go out on my older car, and I needed a small fortune to fix it (when you're in college, everything is a small fortune if you need to buy something).

    Hope it's something less expensive!
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    "I wish Ford would keep the ZX2 in the lineup"

    There will be a 2003 ZX2 and maybe a 2004. The front face is changed to a real grille. 15" wheels are standard, along with a CD player.

    Edmunds has pricing information already.
  • Just keepin this alive.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    It's been 1 year without my Z and I don't miss it at all :-)
  • Well...I was thinking another post would have been more enthusiastic. Oh well...3 months with my 2002 Z and it's running beautifully! Yeah....that's better.
  • 4564 miles, no problems yet. Anyone have any word, or pictures of the 2003 model yet?
  • Just changed the front brakes on daughters 99 zx2.
    65000 miles and no trouble except for rough idle which seems to be a common problem. Can anyone tell me the torque on the 2 bolts on the brake calipers that i removed to change the pads?
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