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Dodge Dakota - Quad Cab



  • ohc_babyohc_baby Posts: 116
    You're really all out of luck. The dealer will never touch that, as it's a huge liability issue. Personally, I'd nonchilantly pick up the switch from the parts counter and wire it in per the Factory Service Manual. If you pick one up, I'd be happy to help, as I have a 2001 Manual.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    I think that it is illegal to install the switch in a Quad cab. The only vehicles that are allowed to get the switch are those that do not have a full rear seat. The manufacturers went through hell to get the NTSB to concede that airbags were unsafe for children in vehicles without rear seats. Before you install the switch, you may want to look at an extended cab full size pickup. Depends on your needs, but as an example, the Chevy extended cab has plenty of space and side doors, but 'may' be available without the switch. The catch is that baby carriers are not able to be mounted in the rear seat properly. You might also check on whether or not you can get a medical certification that you need the airbag deactivated. I do not know the details, but I think that there is an exception for special needs.
  • The only real danger from the airbag employing, is for kids in an infant seat. These are usually mounted with the child facing the seat. (backwards) The force of the employment can cause severe head/neck injury. If the child is able to sit in the seat, you shouldn't have a problem. If anything, move the seat further to the rear. Remember, getting hit with an airbag is much better than getting hit with a dashboard.
  • tuvtesttuvtest Posts: 237
    As usual the mainstream media has blown a subject out of proportion without showing all the facts. As a Firefighter/Paramedic we have access to more detailed reports of the accidents then have been reported. Not to diminish any loss of a child, but all but a handful of the accidents (3-4 kids if I remember correctly) have been sourced to improper placement, attachment, belting, sizing, ect. of the children/child seats by parents involved. The media jumped on the whole airbag issue with it's usual uninformed fervor and blame the easy target of airbags rather than placing responsibility with the parents. Airbags are great safety devices and have saved many more lives than is commonly reported. I would encourage anyone thinking of disabling their bags to really give some thought to if theat is the best course of action or just the easiest.
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    I have a 99 Ram 1500 Quad. I have the airbag switch. When my 5 year old sits in the front seat, which is most of the time, I have the airbag turned off. He is also always in a booster seat. It is amazing how many people do not know the proper way to belt a child into their safety/booster seat.

    I have test driven trucks before with my 5 year old son. When I moved the booster seat over to the test vehicle, the salesman always inadvertantly says "so that is what the H-clip is for. I always wondered how you used that on my kids seat". Scares the hell out of me to hear so many people say they don't know the proper way to use the H-clip. These are the same people who want to sue the seat or vehicle manufacturer just because of their own ignorance, or lack of desire in learning the proper usage. Most people do not like to take responsibility for their own actions. If you are currently using a child safety/booster seat, and you don't know what the H-clip is, please take some time to find out.

    On another note, I feel confident that if I put the front seat all the way back, and properly belted my son in with the airbag on, I don't think he would make contact with the bag. That would all depend on how well the seat belts tensioned and the nature of the impact. For now the switch will remain off.
  • mk39mk39 Posts: 18
    Many thanks for the informative responses. I have three children ages 5,7 and 10 but often transport their friends as well. Infant seats are in my past - so no problem there. I contacted the DOT Auto Safety Hotline this morning and am being sent a form to apply for the switch. They say that the need to transport four children is reason enough for approval.

    If I'm understanding tuvtest and bobsyvee correctly, my 10-yr-old would probably be safer with the airbag on, seat all the way back (when I have a fourth child in the truck) than with the airbag off. Any comments?
  • there is no deactivation switch on the q/c because inf or small children should be in the back seat. there are teathers for securing car seat in the quad. the reason why the club cab have a deactivation switch is because there is not enough rm in the back seat nor the proper belts. your kids are safer in the back my 2 cents worth.....
  • ohc_babyohc_baby Posts: 116
    slickwilliedj, he has four kids to tote (read back a few posts). I'd definitely retrofit the switch into the dash - but that's just me.
  • Looks like Dodge has extended yet again the incentives on the Dakota (among other models). In addition, they now will allow special finance rates from 0.9 % to 4.9% (and higher) depending on length of loan to also be applied (no need to choose one or the other) .... Does anyone know what the rates are and for which term ?
  • Whoops.... disregard that last message on incentives .... I misread Dodge's incentives on their website .... you choose the rebate OR the special financing (wishfull thinking I guess).
  • tuvtesttuvtest Posts: 237
    I would say that your understanding is correct. The only additional thing I would add, which I'm hoping you didn't put in because it's obvious, is the 10y/o must be belted.
  • mk39mk39 Posts: 18
    You're right - in my vehicle, we don't move until all seat belts are fastened - always, no exceptions. My kids have been warned of the dangers so much that they are scared to not have them fastened. I'm hoping that will also be the case when they are riding with friends who are not so diligent.

    Again, I thank you for your information!
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    When hauling a child in the front seat, I always make sure that the seat is all the way back. It may be obvious, but sometimes the seat gets moved forward.
  • ohc_babyohc_baby Posts: 116
    I have one squeak and one rattle that I can't track down. The sqeak is like a very light popping noise coming from the rear driver's side slider glass or there abouts - like something adhesive tacking, then being pulled off, every time the truck hits a bump or sways. The rattle seems to be coming from the shifter or passenger-side footwell area and rattles every time the truck hits a bump. Does anyone else have either of these or has defeated them?
  • Bought a 2001 QC 3.7L (wish I got the 4.7L), 5spd, 4WD, SLT, towing packageP235/75R15 tires. I also have a rattle in the right front side when going over bumps. I also have a very annoying whine/hum coming from the rear when cruising at about 60MPH and when coasting at 40 MPH.

    I've had it back to the dealer to check it out. Of course they couldn't locate the problem. I just filled out the survey form and noted these problems.

    Let me know if someone finds the solution for these problems.

    Overall I'm very satisfied with the truck.
  • kojak3kojak3 Posts: 25
    Has anyone attempted to swap the center front seat for the console that comes with the bucket seats? Just got my new QC with bench seat and am debating the console. Was at the dealer today and they pulled it up on the parts computer. Looks like it can be done since the "bench" seat in the QC is really 2 buckets with a "20%" middle seat.
  • Received a set of black tubuler bed rails for my '00 Quad for Christmas, but have decided to go the cap route. The bed rails were never installed. If anyone is interested please e-mail me ( Will sell for very reasonable price. Can send digi pic if interested. Thanks!
  • I don't suppose you got a total for parts to do the swap?
  • I looked it up in the shop manual for the 2000 Dakota (what I have - 2001 should be similar.)
    First of all I don't understand why bucket seats are a $200 option as the bench seat is much more involved/complicated than the buckets w/console

    1. Bench seats. It appears to be mounted to a total of 8 points, 4 on each bucket. The seats are removed as an assembly. The center seat mounts with 4 bolts to brackets/ears that come off of the inside bucket seat mounting rails. From the drawing they appear to be part of the stamping and would require being cut off with a hacksaw or similar device. If you were installing a "custom console" you could leave the ears intact and mount the console to the center seat attachment points.
    I think that with the ears removed that if you wanted to use a generic console like you might find in WalMart or the like would work here as well.
    If you were a CB radio fan or needed to mount a commercial 2 way radio it too would work well between the buckets.
    The new Chrysler mini vans are advertised with a removable console, possibly something like this might also be a viable alternative.

    2. The easy part, installing the factory console. The factory console on a 2000 Quad/club cab requires a bracket to support the rear of the console and the front appears to be directly secured to the floor pan. The console also appears to "key" into the front of the mini "console" (book calls it a bezel) that surrounds the floor shifters. Mine is a 2 wheel drive with a 5 speed, the bezel in the drawings appears different than the one on a 4 wheel drive Dakota. It could just be the drawings as I've noticed quite a few errors when comparing the book to my Dakota. (as an (snide) aside here, I expect that it will only get worse as all the remaining Chrysler workers are replaced by on-native English speakers. I also suspect with all the layoffs and belt tightening the Damlier people will make that the future Dakota won't make my next best buy list) Back to the subject the parts list for the console show;
    1) cup holder mat
    2) accessory bin mat
    3) floor console and
    4) bracket.
    Hope this makes sense. Rick

    PS looked at a 2001 Viper. They have a really cool looking emblem on the hood that looks exactly the same size and shape as the Dakotas. Hmmmmmmmm
  • gator72gator72 Posts: 115
    Does anyone know the web address to access Technical Service Bulletins for Dodge Dakotas? I would appreciate it if you would post it.


  • Try You can find TSB's, and much other info.
  • TSB

  • kojak3kojak3 Posts: 25
    Thank iowabiggguy for the info. I didn't price out the console although its less than a $200 difference if you order buckets from the factory. I haven't had a good chance to really look at doing this other than looking on the computer at the parts department. I recovering from major surgery and its tough enough to just sit in the truck let alone bend, twist and turn looking at doing the swap. If I can make the swap happen, I'll order the new console from Dodge.

    My 92 Dakota I just traded in had a bench seat which didn't really bother me--in fact it was pretty darn comfortable. I like the amount of "shhtuff" I could put into the console versus leaving all over the cab.

    Yeah, veryone is figuring why didn't I just order the buckets. I needed a new trcuk right now and oculdn't wait another 6-8 weeks for ordering one. Also, I cut a VERY good deal on this one. In the end, if the swap isn't easy, I'll keep the bench.

    More to follow.
  • Well I kinda proud of myself. I photocopied the pertinent diagrams from BOB. I then fed them through a sheet scanner, cropped, resized and posted in the following url. When you get to the photo album click on Dakota and you can see the differences between bucket and bench seating.

    I hope this allows you to visualize what I tried to explain in words. Rick

  • I had a 2000 Quad built in Feb 2000 (4x2) with the convenience package (locks, alarm, cruise, etc). I did not get the o'head display pkg. Can anyone tell me if the wire harness is in place for the overhead pkg as well as the necessary connections so that I can just purchase the display module and pop it in???????
    If it is not that easy can anyone tell me what is involved???? On the 4.7 I'm only getting 12.32 MPG local @#$%^&;*. I guess I need the display to learn how to use the gas pedal. Try to teach an old dog new tricks. Would like lots of feedback.
    Thanks Allen
  • I just got my 2001 quad with 4.7, auto, 4x4, sport plus, leather, deluxe overhead, skid plate, trailer tow, cd. I must say, I love this truck. It is VERY powerful, VERY smooth on the road and I am surprised that dodge has not gotten more recognition for this truck.

    My only concern is this.... My truck shifts out of overdrive VERY easily on the highway. On the slightest incline, with seemingly plenty of power to spare...wwwwWWWWHHAAAA .... there it goes ... out of overdrive. I have not towed anything yet, but it this is any indication, I will just have to turn the overdrive off when I do.

    My brother has driven a similar quad and he had the same comment about that 4.7 auto. What gives!! Does anyone know if dodge has identified a problem or if they can alter the shift points. Feedback?? Same problem?? Comments??


    PS, I am comparing this to my wife's V8 4x4 explorer which NEVER has needed to shift out of overdrive on the highway.
  • Schoonover: I have a 00 4.7 auto regular cab and have never experienced your problem. In fact, I have never had to use the overdrive lockout button since I've owned the truck. Seems to chug right up the hills at anything over 2000 rpm. Anything lower than that you are probably better off that it downshifts so that you don't lug the engine down. I have the 3.92 rear end versus the 3.55, but I don't remember anyone with the 3.55 mentioning that problem either.

  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    i have the 2000 4.7 3.92 auto and a friend has the 2001 same and his kicks out of overdrive all the time. i dont know why it does. we drove some hills together and it was a big difference. mine kicked out on one hill and his kicked out most every hill. i told him he must have gotten the 3.55 rear but we looked and he had the 3.92. i thought it was very odd!!

    good luck.

  • on a Mitsubishi dealers used lot today. Asking price was $20995. Was 2wd with sport plus,pwr. overhead group,4.7,3.55 axle with lsd,tire & handling group, pwr win & locks, cassette with cd changer, linex spray in,16000 miles, aftermarket alarm,and sliding rear window. Was a 2000. Anyone out there got a feeling for what a reasonable offer on this quad might be? I have a 99 dak club cab to trade. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Come on Guys... the multispeed mission (45RFE) is DESIGNED to do this. What you are most likely sensing is the UNLOCKING of the torque-converter.

    Although it is a 4-speed mission, there is still only 3 "gears" that are used during acceleration. The 4th "speed" is a special 2nd gear used for kick down.

    Lets remember that the 45RFE was SPECIFICALLY built for the 4.7L V8 Hemi engine and is COMPLETELY computer-controlled... including the time-to-change-gears and the holding pressure on all of the clutches. (to reduce parasitic losses)
    Since this engine has a "peaky" power band, the 45RFE is "tuned" to keep the engine at the most efficient RPM.

    In any case... this is not a problem as some have suggested.
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