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Acura Integra



  • I've read that the 0-60 time for a gsr is around 7.1 seconds, and the lighter, more powerful type r is only .1 of a second faster. what gives?
  • I'm really thinking about purchasing a used 1997 Integra but I'm not sure...
    I'm on a real tight budget and I don't think I can afford the Accord.
    Any advice on the Integra?
  • I have a '94 Integra LS. Love the car, but there is a problem with the antenna. It make a loud noise when it goes up or down. The dealership said the gears on the antenna motor are striped and it would cost $300 plus labor to fix it. I'd rather just cut the power to the antenna motor and leave it up all the time, but I don't know how. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Any more advice on the Integra?
  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22
    What advice are you looking for about the Integra?
    If you want reliable and efficient transportation get the LS. If you want something a little more performance oriented get the GS-R. I have a 96' GS-R and love it! With either car you won't be disappointed...

    Good luck,

  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22
    Go to for info about your antenna. It should have a link to an audio page which will have the info you are looking for.

    good luck,

  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22
    Where did you get your numbers on the Type-R?
    I believe the Type-R will actually do 0-60 in about 6.5 seconds.
  • I got the numbers from motor trend. another question: has the type-r always had the 195 hp engine? (maybe that would account for the difference-the #'s I read were for a '97). thanks for your response.
  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22
    The Type R has had 195 hp since it was introduced.
    I searched around the web and found a Car and Driver article that tested the Type R with a 0 - 60 time of 6.6 seconds. Check it out at:
  • ss7ss7 Posts: 3
    Thanks for your input Jock02& carlady
    I bought 96 RS with 36k on it for 12K. I wanted to have LS(love sunroof) but could not find in my short time period. I was very much in need of car.

    gonness, I think you should check with acura dealer before cutting down the power for your antenna because if it is very delicate and could easily break if you take your car to carwash(if you keep it open). I saw it breaking in front of me when i was in a carwash few days back. The guy who was washing in front of me broke his while washing with his radio on.(yes! it was acura integra).
  • Hello -first time poster long time listener-
    I think ill buy a 2000 LS Integra this weekend with some aftermarket leather as i wasnt to big on the spoiler (looks good on some cars not on this one thats my 3 cents anyway) and so my question is about possible incentives --Edmunds doesnt list any out now for the 2000 as there wouldnt be any just yet it being a new car --however i know they spin those out every so often (not only at the end of the model year) but cyclicly or in a pattern --anyone have any guesses as to the next time they might have an incentive or any customer rebates for 2000s(i know they had some for the 99s not to long ago)im sure it has to do with how well they are selling and the market etc... also any ideas or thoughts on Aftermarket leather --anything at all -- Thank You -Talk Soon
  • Hi,
    I am also interested to buy integra LS 2000 in 2/3 weeks. If anybody had done a deal for the same recently, then pls advice me about the pricing.
    Also I want to know if there are special deals for thanksgiving.. Whats the diff betn LS and GS trim (sedan only) apart from leather interior.
    Thanks in advnc.
  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22
    Check out
    You will probably see the best deal you can get on this web site.
    Incentives are rare for Acura/Honda - I would guess that you won't see anymore until next year.
  • Hi,

    I am about to buy a 2000 Integra GS coupe.
    1. should I expect invoice prices?
    2. when does the next gen Integra come out?

  • Hi Achiang,
    I am also looking for the GS model.
    But sedan with AT. Will u pls tell me what deal u get so that it may help me for dealing.
  • I know that acura integra hold their resale value pretty well, but i was interested in knowing how easily they sell. And which models sell easier.
  • Hi there I am from Tasmania which is a State within Australia. I have just brought a Honda Integra 89 model I paid 8000 for it. it has 130000 on the clock and is in really good condition do you think it was a good buy?
  • I have been looking now at some Integras. I am NOT a Honda person. Almost every car I have owned came from the (hiccup) lovely state of Michigan. The 1980 and 1986 Civics I had were horrible, the '80 lost its timing belt the day after I bought it, and the '86 blew its head gasket 130 miles after I bought it (temp gauge was stuck halfway between C and H). The girlfriend bought a 1998 LS hatchback, automatic, and she loves it. I found a 1994 sedan (automatic) I wouldn't mind owning, but I really want a standard shift. The dealer showed me a price of $8500 listed on the window sticker for that sedan with 78K. Then when we went inside to discuss a deal, he started up at $8995. Then he went down to $8250, then when his manager came over to work on me, they started back up at $8995. I looked at several book prices on this car, including Edmund's, and I figure the car is worth $6500-$7000 cash with those miles and the non-factory rims (the rims have Honda logos and look like they came off a late-eighties Prelude). I do like the car, and the automatic chirped the tires from 1-2 AND 2-3. This is an automatic, seriously. Maybe it's about to break, I don't know, but I'm searching for my standard shift before I drop an $8000 note on another car. Anyone have problems with Acura dealers unable to price their cars properly? This was Lindsey Acura in Columbus, Ohio.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Two thoughts on aftermarket leather : Extremely expensive and (usually) poor quality. My friends dad wanted to get the front bench in his Monte Carlo covered in leather and they told him it would be about 3 grand. As far as the price of Hondas in Tasmania, I have no idea what the current exchange rate between here and Australia is, so I can't tell ya. In the US the car you described, depending on what options/type of integra it is, could be worth anything from 2,000 to maybe 4,000 USD. You might want to be more specific, as you didn't list whether it's an Rs or an LS, what options it has, what type of shape its in. I'm also assuming by 130000 on the clock you're talking km.
  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    It's not that the dealers can't decide, they play games and try to get as much money from you as they can.
    I would seriously recommend a 5-sp. Integra ('94 & up). They 're faster than the autos and the manual gear box will never brake. Automatic Integras are usually very reliable though.
    Dealers always price their used cars high so they can start negotiating down and pretend they 're giving you a break on the price.. Make him an offer of $6700 and watch what happens. He 'll probably come back with $7500-7900. Tell him you researched it and the the car is worth no more than $7K. Stick to your guns and maybe go up to $7,000 and he 'll call you back eventually after a few days. Used cars sit in the lot for a long time and they 're usually eager to get rid of them. I 'd personally look for a 5-sp.. It 'll be cheaper than an auto.
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • I have owned my '90 Integra LS, Hatchback, 5spd, for 8 months now and put about 19k miles on it. Damn I love this car! The styling of the 2nd generation Integras (1990 to 1993) is bolder and better than the 3rd generation, almost everyone agrees, even the 3rd generation Integra owners. I drove a 1999 Integra LS Sedan, automatic and MAN WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Right away I noticed my 9 year old car has better acceleration and handling! Personally I think the best Integra ever would be the 1993 Integra GSR, 160 hp in a 2600 lb car is pretty zippy and looks cool as hell! As far as you people looking for NEW Integras, the 2000 Integra Type R seems like a lot of bang for the buck, 195 hp street race car for under $25,000 list. Sign me up! 'Course, I'm holding out for an NSX-T.

    For more info on 2nd Generation Integras, visit this site!
  • I just purchased an integra GS coupe with automatic transmission for $20,700 including the acura floormats,(optional dealer item).I am impressed with the power for a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder.The stereo system is also excellent.I recomend the floor mats as they provide very good protection as well as look vey nice.The only other additional charges were tax title and registration,no advertising fees.I hope this helps out anyone thinking about buying one.The only problem with the car is getting away from my wife.Good Luck and let me know how you do.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    For those of you who are planning to purchase soon, try I priced a number of 2000 Integras and most of them were below invoice, even the GS-R. I have not had any personal experience with BUT I went through the bulletin board (also here on Edmund's) and found a lot of positive feedback.

    My sister recently bought a '99 Integra LS Coupe (the old fashioned way) and she was able to get $18750 + tax. I thought that was a decent deal until I saw another '99 Interga LS Coupe at a local dealership down here in Orlando, FL for $17,653 + tax. Year-end is the best time to deal.

    I'm not sure how the 2001 Integra will look like but this page seems to speculate:
  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    ryuyszh: The '90 Integra LS is slower than a '94-'00 LS by at least .5s to 60mph.
    Although there is only a 10hp difference the '94&up Integra 5-sp is noticeably faster than the '90 LS. My friend had a '90 LS (nice car - white) 5-sp. which he had bought new and I had driven it several times. In '94 when the new Tegs came out we had raced a couple and always lost. Then my brother bought a '95 LS which I also drove at least a dozen times and it was definitely faster. Your '90 LS will kill an auto G3 Teg no problem though.. Most 0-60 times tested by major car mags for '90-93 Integras were 8.7-9.3s (5-sp)
    G3 Integra RS/LS were always 7.9-8.5s (5-sp) but if you want to believe your car is faster, that's fine by me. Don't forget the new Tegs you test drove were not broken in and I don't know if you redlined them or not. They get a lot faster after a few thousand miles. Also don't forget that you probably test drove them with a 200lb salesman in it and compared it to your car when you're by yourself and no passenger. 200lbs will rob the car of about 8HP.
    intocars: $20,700 for a GS?? Sounds like a lot
    I paid $19,890 for my '99 GSR through That's $400 under dealer
    invoice. 'Crikey' is right. You can get Integras at or below invoice these days because they 're not selling too well due to the new Celica and a lot of other new models out by different manufacturers. This is the best time to buy one though because next fall they 'll be selling for sticker. They 'll be redesigned and have more power and will be more in demand than now.
    When I went to buy my car last June, the dealers' lots had about 15-20 Integras sitting there collecting dust. price was $20.3K which was pretty good ($22,550-MSPR). I haggled with the lady at carsdirect and told her about a $1K dealer incentive that was in effect, etc. etc.
    2 days later they dropped it to $19,895 and I locked in on that. The dealer still made about $600 (plus 2%holdback) due to the $1K factory-dealer incentive. I remember people here on Edmunds paying $17.6-17.9K for 5-sp. LS's.
    Now that's a great deal. ABS, sunroof, CD, 4wheel-disk, power/w/l/cruise for under $18K.
    My brother paid $18K for his LS (w/spoiler) in '95!
    But your GS has leather, auto tranny & rear spoiler. Should be about $20K (dealer's cost without incentives or holdback)... You didn't do that bad at all. Sticker on an auto GS is about $22,200, so you saved about $1500, not bad.
    Congrats, enjoy your new car!
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • I'm not saying my 1990 LS coupe is faster than a brand new G3 LS coupe. I did NOT fail to mention that the G3 Teg I was driving was AUTOMATIC, 4 DOOR, and BRAND NEW. I did forget to mention that my girlfriend was a passenger. The new Integras are pretty nice cars but the styling is soooo bland and generic and that quad headlight thing is hideous! I certainly wouldn't mind a new GSR or Type R but I would definitely get the Japanese front end conversion. Still like my '90 though and I'll keep it till I have enough for my NSX. hehe.

  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    Sorry about that, you wrote:
    "I drove a '99LS automatic & MAN what a diff.."

    I thought you meant you drove both auto & manual!
    :-) I read it again and it doesn't look that way now, oh well. Yes, your '90 LS 5-sp is definitely faster than a new auto Teg.
    If someone was selling a '93LS 5-sp. and a '94LS auto with the same mileage for the same price, I 'd buy the '93 w/5-speed. The autos noticeably lack the performance of the 5-sp. Tegs and get worse mileage. I believe in getting the most out of an engine and an auto tranny does nothing but injustice for the Integra's excellent 1.8L 140hp eninge.
    Hey, when you get your NSX, could you let me drive it a little, maybe around the block?
    I 've driven my brother's '98 Type-R many times and I can only imagine what the NSX would feel like.. I guess my imagination would have to do for now :-)
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • lelflelf Posts: 3
    I have a '94 Integra LS 5-speed. I've put 4k miles on the car since it was purchased with 58k miles. Since then I've replaced the entire radiator system ($630), 2 sensors ($500) because the check engine light would come on and limit the car at 3500 rpms, and also it would stahl occasionally. The distributor cap and rotor ($70) was also replaced fearing this could be the problem. It was due to be changed at 60k miles anyway. I even replaced the battery because it was looking a little too worn. Has anyone else had problems like these?
  • Acuras and Hondas are usually good, reliable cars. However, since you bought the car with 58k miles (relatively low) and it has had that many problems since you bought it already, I may be inclined to think that the prior owner beat the living hell out of it, didn't have it regularly serviced (oil changes, tune ups, etc) and may have even raced it.

    By the way...
    '90-'91 RS, LS, GS...130 hp
    '92-'00 RS, LS, GS...140 hp

    '92-'93 GSR...160 hp
    '94-'00 GSR...170 hp

    Just some info. for y'all.

  • ryuyszh; The 94 and 95 non VTEC Integras actually had 142hp, but it was reduced to 140hp from 96 on up. I'm not sure why this was though. Also, way back when, I had a 91 Integra LS and my friend had just purchased a new 92 LS with 140hp. We raced after his car had been fully broken in and I beat him by just a bit. We then swapped cars and he proceeded to beat me by roughly the same amount. After trying to figure out why, we happened to notice in some specs that he had, that the 90-91 Integras were geared shorter than the 92 Integras. Why did Acura do this? The hp increase was negated by the taller gearing. I guess maybe so they could advertise 140hp at the time without suffering in the fuel economy ratings? Interestingly, in late 94, he traded his 92 in for a 4 door 5spd. LS and I still had my 91. Again, after his car was broken in , we raced and I beat him and then we swapped, and my 91 was still faster. Believe it or not, the only "mods" that i'd done to the 91 were rapid fire plugs and Duralube. I ended up driving that car until 1996 when I traded for a 96 GSR (I was gealous; my wife had a 94 GSR at the time). That 91 LS was a great car and in the 110,000 miles that I drove it, the ONLY thing to break on it was the antenna mast at 89,000 miles. I didn't do my first brakejob until 80,000 miles and everything else was original. By the way, when I did my last oil change on that car at 108,000 miles, it still was not using a drop of oil!
  • I have a 92 legend coupe (which I love) and was having it serviced at the dealer, they gave me a loaner 99 integra, and I loved it, it had great handling and great pep for a 4 banger. Only one complaint, the classic 4 banger engine noise, after having a smooth growl of a V6, a 4 banger just won't do, but it did have more nimble handling then my huge [non-permissible content removed] legend, which is understandable.

    My 2 Cents
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