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Mercury Cougar



  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Why don't you look into a V6?

    Do you prefer a 4cyl?
  • I've been trying to look up some info on the Special edition and the Eliminator. So far the only news I was able to get are somewhat general. The S.E. will have All-Wheel-Drive suspension, a 3.0L 215HP V6, 18 inch wheels/tires, improoved front fascia with integrated fog lights, dual spoiler, integrated exhaust pipes. The Eliminator, it seems, is going to be a supped up version of that: turbocharger, etc.
    However, does anyone have any info on the prices and the approximate dates of availability? I was just at the dealership and worked out a pretty good deal on a 2000 v6 ($19,400, fully loaded, minus leather), but I am tempted to wait for the S.E. as long as it's not going to soar into the mid $20's
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    No Official word has come of either the Cougar-S and Eliminator these were prototype vehicles that traveled the Auto-Show circuit.
    the Cougar S was the AWD version
    the eliminator was just to show what could be done cosmetically, here are some links.
  • Fredly, thanks for the info on Special Edition. I guess, it's going to be a long wait, huh? Well, I have a couple of weeks to make a decision. Thanks again.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    The Special Edition / Eliminator, as fredly stated, was just a prototype "concept" vehicle. The real world special production model will actually be the Cougar S: I think the following article about the Cougar S should interest you. Just click on the link:
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    That seems to be the Wings West body kit and spoiler you are descibing, easily purchasable. And for Special ED plaques if you really think you need em, FMC has no factory released Special ED. Not yet at least.
  • My wife and I are interested in the Cougar, but we are having difficulty finding a 99 in our area. We would like to take advantage of any incentives available, and the 99 had a $750 rebate until Oct 1st. I wonder if this will increase for any remaining 99s, but since I cant find one, I doubt it. Oh yeah, by the way... The dealer I went to most recently had 10 on the lot, none of those were a MTX. Why is this?
  • I've just started looking at the new Cat. Nice car. I also test drove an Eclipse. It felt a little better but the Cat has great looks.

    Like others here I was interested in the best way to get a good price. Each car has so many options it's hard to know what ur comparing.

    Do you folks print out price quotes and take them to the dealers? I was offered 1% over invoice for a '99. I'd like to lease. Can u get a better lease (higer back-end loaded lease) on a 2000 do u think?

    Any forum members out there from upstate NY? What kinda deals are you seeing?

    Big thanks!

    P.S. If u get a close-to-invoice price, do they cut way back on the trade-in value? I have a '96 Neon.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    You both should visit the main New Cougar topic in Townhall at:

    Cougar Support Group (CSG) Part 4 (Topic #627)

    You will find lots of support there. Don't miss the first few New Cougar topics which have been "frozen" because the New Cougars generated such interest and each topic was frozen by Edmunds at about 500 messages.


    With the strong demand for Cougars, it is unlikely that you will find a large selection of '99's outfitted as you would like them. Your dealer can do a computer search to determine if any other local dealers, with whom he'd be willing to swap, have an MTX in stock. Some dealers stock up on ATX's because they are used to selling larger automatic transmission cars such as Lincolns and big Mercurys. The New Cougar is a whole new market for them and they don't quite understand it yet.


    One percent over invoice is not a bad deal. It is highly probable that you can make a deal for $100 over invoice. Don't forget that you will have to add any local regional advertising cost to whatever the resulting figure is. If you want the best deal, it is imperative to take all of your printed cost information with you to the dealership.

    If you want your best deal do your price homework and sell your Neon privately via a newspaper advertisement. Trade-ins are a black art, and the dealer always has the upper hand.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    Sorry, I should have mentioned that the New Cougar Support Group can be found in Edmunds Townhall at the : "Coupes, Convertibles and Sports Cars" Conference.
  • So far all reviews seam to enjoy the cougar. well, get over it. the v6 lacks power where other manufactures are putting out the same power in four cylinders. the molding does not form to the sharp contours of the windows and interior properly providing areas for leaks. the radio system is typical ford, continuous break downs with replacements (which ford replaces new radios with refurbished, direct from a service managers mouth), lumbar system is ample to break when very tight and the cloth opening where the seats fold up and down is exposed. it has sharp design but there is many design flaws that are looked over. the fuel guage will not show full if you fill with you car electirc on. it waits till you shut it off and turn it back on before it shows full. the break pads are unique to cougar and fail. the large amount of break dust and fast wearing pads prevents you from buying expensive wheels which would add to the look of the car. the electric window, locks, mirror buttons become extremely hot when the car is left in the sun and if you have short arms, very hard to reach. it's a nice ride but not worth the 19,000 most dealers are asking for it.
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    Anyone that paid over 19000 for there cougar shouldn't have, I bought mine loaded minus leather and sunroof, and even after TTL i was well short of 19000. And so what if a car in its first year runs into problems most do. I still look at my car and say hey, its mine and then I look back at all my first round choices back when I was deciding, and still can't see myself in any of the other cars... well maybe the Contour SVT... but I didn't seriously consider that one.
  • eldog1eldog1 Posts: 1

    I'm new to this site and would like to say that I am buying the new cougar this weekend. I live in the Washington DC Metropolitan area and the prices for the 1999 cougar V6 are running about $16900 exclusive of the dealer incentive of $750.00. I struck a deal (I think) with one of the local dealerships for a 1999 Spruce Green Cougar V6 automatic with sports package and power sunroof for $16200. I think I got a deal, what do you think?
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    Sounds like a pretty good deal, I know Ford was offering 1000 off 99 leftovers and 500 off of 2000's
  • heyeckheyeck Posts: 1
    I purchased my '99 V6 in May. After getting the run-around and shaft from a Montclair, NJ dealer, I demanded my deposit back and went over to Morristown, NJ. I got the same car for the same price that night. Ever since they I've been really pleased w/my Cougar.

    Silver, V6, manual, 16" Allum wheels, Sports Package, Conv Package, no leather, no ABS, and no Side Airbags. After taxes $18,500. 2 months later Mercury/Ford lowered the Invoice price. Oh Well. It's a GREAT Car. I still get A LOT of looks from the ladies.

    The AC broke though. There was a leak in the hose, but the dealer replaced it immediately. I've had nothing but FUN since then.
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    Just checked mine was 18411, with taxes- tags were
    about $40, V6MTX sport, conv, abs, traction, and
    side airbags. Ordered in March 99 got in april.
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    Phew Just got out of sportscars conference, somebody is seriously having problems over there, hopefully not smart enough to find us over here.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Scott, I am totally blown away by your comments in post #167. Based upon what you've said, I can't believe that you own a New Cougar. My experience with mine, since delivery in late July 1999 has been nothing short of pure satisfaction.


    You ought to use the Spellcheck feature here.
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    I got about the same package for the same price last July (98), but had to wait till Dec. for delivery.

    $18,500 out the door. 6.9 financing through my credit union at work. 3% better than the banks and Ford.

    Skip G.
  • Hey guys! My dad is considering buying me, or helping me with payments, on a new car. (I'm only 18.) I want the Cougar so bad! I would definately get the V6. What can I tell my dad (a.k.a. Mr. Practical) about the Cougar that will make him want to get it for me?
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    Ok here goes/

    Its safe= front(std) and Side airbags(available), its not considered a sports car to insurance agencies (its a hatchback or coupe) keeps the cost down.

    Its bigger than most cars, so you can lug your stuff to college if thats where your heading next fall or currently there.(I know cause I hauled alot of crap in mine)

    Its nimble so you can avoid the other drivers on the road.

    Practicality: a list for your dad.
    you can fit a load in it.
    its affordably priced.
    insurance is lower cause the EPA calls it a Hatchback.
    its safe.(airbags and side impact beams 4 or 5 star crash ratings look em up.)
    it performs well enough to keep you safe in emergency situations

    and you can put people in the rear without folding them in half.
    and great gas milage.

    That seems practical to me..
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Good luck!!!!

    As the owner of a V6 Cougar, let me tell you this is a great car. (eventhough my cat is in the body shop for repairs).

    Also, tell your Dad that you will help pay as much as you can afford. I'm sure he wants you to have a very reliable car as well. He does not want you to be stranded on the side of the road does he?????? Let him know that you can get a V6 for around $17,500. Great deal!!!
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    What dealership did you visit? I'm interested because I, too, am in Wash/Metro area. I've had very interesting experiences with my dealership, and may be able to give you some info if you chose that particular dealer. Glad you've chosen the Cougar, and be sure to check out the Cougar Support Group #7 over in Coupes Convertibles, and Sportscars Conference. You'll find gobs and gobs of info there!
  • Does anybody have the traction control option? Is it worth adding on?
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    I'll tell you after this winter
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    Actually I did do a good test of the traction control the other weekend,
    I was screwing around and decided to take the cougar on a grass incline
    fairly steep for a vehicle. Well I first tried with the TC off, I didn't make
    it half way up, I tried again with the TC on and the cougar went up
    without a complaint I was impressed.
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    Went through a Chicago winter without it and didn't have a problem. Having the stick shift is an advantage over the auto when getting it rolling as you can use the clutch as a torque modulator. An automatic can't be driven the same way.

    I see more people spinning wheels and getting sideways on the ice than I like to think about.

    As far as handling in the slop, the cat did real well. Actually much better than I thought a car with wide tires would. I've got the Goodrich Comp T/A's so I can't say how the Firerocks act under the same conditions.

    Good luck!!

    Skip G.
  • mizmiz Posts: 1
    unlike the rave reviews and comments for the new cat, call me a dinosaur, but the previous original rear drive cougar can't be beat. as the owner of a 93 cat, it have had little problems and lots of horsepower to boot with the 5.o liter mustang motor. I will never understand why progress always equates to front wheel drive underpowered junk!
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    These types of opinions will always be around, perhaps if you just accept the fact that the cougar isn't the same car at all Its just a name. Perhaps if they gave cars numbers, like model #507 we wouldn't have this problem of course then comes the problem of trying to sell #507. Just the other day I was talking with a co-worker telling them how much I like the look of a certain new car, good design, nice lines, pretty good performance too, I then told him that it was unfortunate that they called it "impala" since it really doesn't have anything to do with the impala I know and love.

    So miz go take a hike and realize they are not related other than by a name, it would be like you and some another steve out there, I wouldn't make the assumption that both of you were the same thing....
  • I thought I would post this to help people considering a new Cougar. I am a male (not ALL cougar buyers are women) and 6 feet tall. I had been driving a Celica for 14 years and when it died, considered (and tested) a Mustang, Eclipse, Saturn SC2, new Celica, Acura Integra and the Cougar. I picked up my new '99 cougar last week (at several hundred $ below invoice). It exceeds my expectations.
    Comparison - Eclipse is a better drive but too small and dealer would not negotiate since it is a "hot" car right now (at least $18K). The Mustang was too squishy for me and insurance would be VERY high (>$2000/year). Saturn - I kept hitting my head on side getting in and out and no power - too plain vanilla. Acura - nice but more expensive. Celica- deteriorating in quality and much more expensive and not available.
    To my mind the Cougar was far superior in terms of interior amenities and value for the dollar. It is a very comfortable ride, obvious good looks(a head turner), decent sound system, very tight ride and steering, great stick, and if you can pick one off the lot, you can get a good deal. There are a number of 99's still on lot and dealers really want to get rid of them for the '00s - and there is nearly no difference except colors. I bought a manual V6 with Convenience package with spoiler and pinstriping for $16.3. My only feeling is that the car is a bit under powered and I have been having some trouble with the trunk release.
    In summary, I am extremely happy with my choice, feel like I got a good deal for a car that will hopefully be reliable (as the Countour and Mystique have been), VERY comfortable, good ride and great looks. I would definitely recommend it!
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