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jchbsjchbs Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Volkswagen
i'm thinking of buying a New Golf TDI. has anyone
had experience with this engine that they would
care to share with me? and, i am unclear as to
whether the turbo diesel will be harder on the
environment than the gasoline engine. i understand
the tradeoff with mpg, but is that enough?


  • I've wondered myself. I've not read anything that strongly points one way or another. I'd think if you do mostly highway driving the TDI would be a good choice. The MPG difference is quite significant and the newer diesels pollute much less than older ones. The one to get (but of course the USA isn't going to) is the VW Lupo which offers a Diesel that gets 95-MPG !!! Not a typo. At 60 MPH/95 MPG you could go 15+ hours on 10 gal. of diesel!!! But with every US company competing to make a bigger SUV we must be in the minority to even give a darn about such things. I'm only 32 but even I remember waiting in line for gas during the 70's 'Oil Crisis' It will happen again I'm sure, just a matter of time. Do a search on "auto pollution" and you may find some more info. to help you. I've posted the question to a couple enviro. related mesage boards & I'll post here any response I get.
  • jofmjofm Posts: 1
    I don't have the link but you shouldn't have trouble finding it. I don't have a TDI but did go out for two test drives. Wow! Now I understand why TDI owners are so enthusiastic. This must be the most underrated engine in the country. Anyone who says the Golf/Jetta/NB TDI's are slow have not driven one. Now I understand why torque is more important than HP as far as making a car feel peppy. If you don't like having to take your engine to over 4000 rpm to get the best acceleration, then the TDI is for you.
  • I have my 99 Golf GLS tdi since May.This car performs better than all the other small cars
    I had before,and I don't have any problem during city or highway drivings.The turbo engine transforms this car to a pocket rocket and day to
    day driving is a real pleasure.I get between 50 to
    60 miles per gallon and I save 40 dollars/month
    comparing to my old Honda Civics.If anybody has any specific question about this car,please
    ask me and I will try to answer.
  • The URL of Fred's TDI forums (also with links to useful FAQs) is:

    Many hours of interesting info about VW's secret weapon await...
  • Yes, the Golf Tdi is an excellent option, it has the same performance than the gas engine/115hp (it feels stronger tough), but the gas mileage and the long term reliability is just WAY better. It's a pitty that we can't enjoy here in the US the 115HP Tdi versions.
    The numbers for this race-diesel? jejeje!:
    0 to 60 in 8,9 secs.
    1/4 mile in 16,5 secs.
    Top speed of 128 mph
    50-55 miles per gallon...!
  • I have had mine since Feb. 24th . I love it. It is my 9th VW / Audi, but my first diesel. Marvelous engine, incredible mileage. I am also certain it will last longer than a similar gas engine. And as for performance, well with a chip the horsepower goes to 110-115 and the torque to 182-196 (depending on manuf.). Truly an amazing little car. The most fun has to be the fill-ups:

    "He man, you know that pump is diesel?"
    "yes... I know it is."
    (puzzeled look)

    Never fails...gets a good laugh out of the truckers on the other side of the pump.
  • My diesel Rabbit will be turning 18 in February. I bought it brand new. It's got over 267,000 miles on it and it still gets 42-45 mpg. When my Y2K Golf GL/TDI arrives in the next week or two I expect it will be the last car I ever own! Thanks for all the glowing reports, everyone! I KNOW I made the right decision in buying this car.
    BTW, this diesel puts out less carbon dioxide than a comparable gas engine. See "Fred's TDI Page".
  • Hello. I am considering buying a 2000 Golf TDI for my husband. He loves the car and the mpg, but we're wondering about acceleration with the lower hp. Is it "peppy"? My husband likes to drive his current 5-speed Ford Festiva like a racecar out of stoplights, etc, which is why I ask. Also, he wants to use the car to haul a small trailer for lumber, etc. Anyone had experience trying to pull anything with this car? Thanks.
  • Joy, I don't own a diesel VW, but have test-driven one and I owned an '88 Ford Festiva, so I should be able to help. Most people are probably laughing at the part about your husband driving his Festiva like a race car, but I have to agree that they are fairly peppy cars that handle like go-carts. He will love the big 4-wheel disc brakes and taut suspension of a Golf, which handles great, and will like the power increase, too. The biggest improvement in going from Festiva to Golf, though, will be in interior noise. Festivas are tin boxes that resonate with every harmonic of the engine and road, while the Golf, especially a diesel one, is very quiet on the freeway. They are a bit noisier at idle, but quieter than the standard gas engine most of the time.

    Other comments to above questions: VW claims a 20% reduction in CO2 with a diesel, which passes TLEV (Transitional Low Emissions Vehicle) status as defined by CARB (California Air Research Board.) I think this basically applies while the car is being driven consistently, because the exhaust is still a bit stinky at idle, and you can get a blue puff out the tailpipe when accelerating hard.
    And careful when posting mileage numbers. One of the above posts shows a mileage of 50-55mpg for the 115hp diesel, but this is in miles per English gallon, which is larger than a U.S. gallon. (The Brits haven't completely switched to the metric system...) The 90hp 1.9L engine posts 42/49mpg here in the States, but posts more like 60 in the U.K. That 115hp version probably gets more like 38-40mpg over here.
  • lckclckc Posts: 2
    I just got back from test driving the 2000 Golf GL TDI! I was trying to decide between the Honda Civic and the Golf. What an encredible difference! Peppy? Definitely! I think it corners great as well as delivering an awesome ride all around. Icabod1, if you are still there, I have some questions which I believe you might have the answers to. I asked the dealer if he had heard the oil horror stories (about the Jettas? primarily) and if they were relative to the Golfs. He hasn't heard of any problems, have you? Also, he said because of the shipping overseas the car was wrapped in plastic and a type of sealer was spayed on the bottom so the car would be air-tight. He believes this is what trips the O2 warning when it starts to burn off. Does that sound factual? Also, have you heard of any problems with this series so far? Yet one more question, MSRP on the basic GL TDI here is 16,195., would 15,000. be a reasonable offer? These questions are, of coarse, for feel free - any additional knowledge will be much appreciated!
  • How does the TDI start in cold weather?
  • with a key, unless your in a big city...

    little humor?!?
  • alextalext Posts: 63

    yes, I think so.

    : )
  • Peppy, great gas mileage, and stylish. On the highway, it drives as nicely as my dad's $60k Mercedes. Who would want anyhting else?
  • Just got an e-mail from a VW dealer offering a "special" price on a '00 Golf GLS TDI w/lux pkge in the coler I want (silver.

    Price is $18,700 + tax/fees???

    Any thought from you Golf afficianados out there about this deal? Appreciate the input
  • Sorry the above post is price infor for a GLS NOT a GL.

  • Good question on starting the Golf TDI in cold weather does anyone have a serious answer?
  • merpmerp Posts: 1
    A diesel actually has lower noxious emissions than a gasoline engine altough it has higher particulate levels. So I all boils down to pick your poison. I'll take the higher mpg's anyday.
  • Several testimonials regarding the cold weather starting of the tdi motors. From what was posted on Fred's tdi page my next car will have a tdi motor. Next question? When is VW coming out with their all wheel drive vehicle?
  • Just received our new silver tdi gls ten days ago and have nothing but praise so far.
    My husband is over 250 lbs and 5'11 and fits comfortably as both driver or passenger. He is used to driving a bmw 325 which he has suddenly abandoned!! I have my own specific needs because I have one arm and am only 5'1. Quite the couple u may be thinking,however, this car does it all. The three things I especially appreciate are the pump seat adjustments that handle with ease, the extraordinary handling and great visibility. I never get fatigued driving long distances. Fuel economy has been great. Our only concern is cold weather starting as we live in Montreal,Canada with lows of -30f. We paid the equivalent of $16,200 US for an automatic with the cold weather package.
  • How well does the VW Golf drive in the snow? I'm cautious about its size and how well it drives in bad weather?
  • Hey, i'm also from montreal. I was thinking of getting the new golf gl tdi but the diesel model brings up the price of an already expensive car. How much do you pay for diesel per month? I'd like to get a diesel because our 72cents/liter gas rates are crazy. Just wondering when the extra cost for the diesel engine will pay for itself.
    By the way, having only one arm, don't you find driving extremely difficult? As I recall the golf tdi was standard transmission only. Must be hard to drive, especially if your right arm is the one thats not there.
  • We have only driven 2000 kms. but I think fuel consumption is about 5.5 litres/100 kms. I guess this means total fuel costs are about half of that of a gas engine. Our car is automatic,and feels peppy. This tranny has only been available since 99. The car was $24,000 so it seems expensive but we feel it outperforms any thing else in this price range. By the way (as a lefty only) it is tough to drive a stick but trust me it can be done. Please do not share this info with my insurance broker!!
  • can i stir up a little sentiment on whether two or four doors (actually three or five) is better? i'm leaning toward the two-door model, for value and because i like the way it looks.
  • I was helping my brother out by picking up some information on the Beetle while he was out of town. I was talking to the sales person about gas mileage and he told me about the TDI engine ane let me drive a 2000 Golf TDI GLS. I loved it and it was very peppy. The only thing im worried about is the long term reliability, i had a 90 passat and was very dissapointed in the car it was horrible. Ive had a honda since and love its reliability although a very boring car to drive. Should i take the persieved risk of owning another VW? Im nervous about spending 19K on the Golf TDI but its soooo cooool. Any comments welcome. Jeff, Dallas, Texas
  • Go with the 2-door, and use the money you'll save to chip it and to plus size the tires & wheels.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Go with the 4-door and you'll save money on doctor's bills! ;-) All that reaching in to pick up groceries, etc? Very bad for backs!

  • jfink1jfink1 Posts: 1
    I'm from Minnesota and I'm presently looking to come back into the car market for a new car. I owned a 1983 Rabbit Diesel and loved it. I put over 265,000 miles on the car. I got rid of the car to a friend who drove the car for another 83,00 miles.

    I presently have 150,000 miles on my little 1991 Corolla LE, from Toyota. I'm considering going back to the Volkswagen Golf TDI because I like the car and it seems to be a little peppier than the old Rabbit on the test drive. I'm breaking one of my old rules in not going over 200,000 miles on a car before considering buying a new one.

    My usual practice is to by a car for the long run. They're quoting me a price of 16720 dollars American for a 2000 Golf TDI. Does this seem resonable to you folks? Does anyone have problems with the new injection system versus the old standard glow plugs when I was last in the market. Finally does anyone have an opinion of longevity of this engine and the car body itself.

    Any help in this area would be appreciated. I'm considering picking up the car next week. One last thought does anyone know if 6.9 for interest on a loan is considered standard int he market today.
  • You can put groceries in the hatch - its huge. The 4-door probably provides more protection for front passengers in a side crash. Looking for objects to the side is not as obstructed in the 2-door because the B-pillar is further back (longer doors). I have driven a 2-door car for the last 15 years and I have trouble adjusting to the 4-door B-pillar. Also, 2-doors are easier on entry/exit. If you seldom carry more than one passenger, a 2-door would save you money.
  • Anyone with experience with cold weather start-up in a TDI? Seriously considering purchase of one, but am a bit concerned if this could be a problem.
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