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Volvo C70



  • mlm3mlm3 Posts: 2
    Visited a few dealers on Long Island in NY and the two leasing agents they seem to use are either Volvo or Chase. They are all for 12K miles/yr. Volvo had a 39/mnth w/58% residual and 35.5MF. I received two Chase quotes. The first was a 36/mnth w/60% residual and 34MF. The second was a 39/mnth w/58% residual and 32MF. I have not tried to negotiate these further yet but the sales people claim their is no room. I would like to hear back from anyone that was able to move these numbers and by how much.
  • I am interested in a C70 LT but keeping my options
    open on the 328. It seems like every car I have
    looked at has the upgrade stereo. Is it worth the
    money? Does anyone have the standard stereo & how
    does it sound? Do all stereo installations have
    the speaker in the dash? Is traction control worth
    the $550? One concern I have about this car is that it is not selling well & I can see the company stopping production leaving us with a white elephant for resale. Any comments?
  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    I bought a new 2000 (red) C70 LT with options 17 wheels (worth the extra)leather,sun roof and wood dash (wife idea). The stero sound great (added the 6 cd changer)do not think it's worth the extra money to upgrade. Traction control, in Florida I fine little use for this option to justify the extra money. I order the 2000 because for the first two years, they had to train production people, open a new factory and build a new designed car. By now I think they have worked out most all of the early production problems and it's really a S70 with different skin. I have own the 850, 850 glt and the S70, and have had no problems, so the design is good and proven. I fine for the money, the LT is a good buy and you will have a car that not many people have. I to thought about the BMW, but it's been the same style for years. I now have 1,400 miles on mine and please with my decision.
    Good Luck
  • howeemhoweem Posts: 1
    I got a lease quote in LA in early 1/00 of 57% and 50% for 12K miles at 3 and 4 years. The residual, when multiplied by 2400, came out to 8.68%. The salesman also said there'd be a $650 loan origination fee, which is about $150 or $250 too high. So my quote wasn't so great.
  • First, I'm mechanically challenged and blonde. Hope that's not being too redundant. Now the other problem.
    Last November I bought a C70 LT Convertible. It's a great car with the exception of a high pitched sound coming from, what I'm told by the local dealer, "timing gear". It's especially irritating when driving passed structures which causes the sound bounces off the walls. Now the Dealr's main mechanic says that each Volvo has their own unique noise and that this is just a little louder but normal. I can't believe that a sound like this is normal in a $40+ car.
    So you non-mechanical challenged people puleez let me have you ideas on the problem and let me know what you think I should do. Thank you.
    Mechanically challenged in Tarpon Springs. :-) Jack
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #205:

    1) Arrange to test drive another C70 convertible from off the dealers lot for comparison. If one can't be found drive the low-pressure C70 coupe as the engines are the same.

    2) If they don't sound the same, insist that the dealership fix the problem. Also make sure you keep a paper trail of the times you have asked the dealer to address the problem. If they hesitate for a moment don't feel bad about taking your service business to another Volvo dealer if that's an option. If it isn't tell your dealer you want a meeting with the regional representative the next time he or she comes into the dealership (typically every 2 weeks or so).

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for responding to my problem. I'll be at the dealers this weekend to test drive a new C70 Convertible with the chief salesman. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks a bunch. Jack
  • I'm considering the 236hp c70. I'm used to all-wheel-drive so the change to FWD is going to be tough. The alternative is the Audi S4. What problems has anyone had that I should ask my Dealer about? I know I will need traction control in the Colorado snow but what other options have you found to be good/bad? Is the intermittent wiper setting really only one setting or is it rain sensing? I can't find out for sure. It seems very comfortable-does that continue for long trips?
    Thanks for your help......
  • I just purchased a used 1999 c70 LT with 12K miles. It came with the Leather & Sun Roof package along with heated seats, STC and Standard audio system. The car is in mint condition. However, my previous car was 1998 s90 (Lease) with all the toys with no heated seats. My issue is the s90 had the premium audio system and the C70 does not. I've checked with my local volvo dealer and they recommend that I replace the existing sc-81x (60 Watt) radio and upgrade to the sc-901 (100 Watt) which has 3 CDs in dash. These cost is about $900. According, to volvo the new radio would replace the old unit with NO need to upgrade the original factory installed SPEAKERS. My question: Has anyone does this kind of radio upgrade and did the original speaker system actually deliver the high quality sound you expected? Please advise. Thanks, George
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #209:

    ghurtado, the SC901 option on your car is a Dolby Pro-logic surround sound setup and has some of the best speakers available for a car anywhere (DynAudio). If your dealer told you there is no need to upgrade speakers they either don't know what they're talking about or they are simply trying to be cheap by giving you the better head unit without the actual components of the better system. At a minimum they would have to add the center channel speaker which sits on top of the dash. Also, the SC901 option on this car is a 400-watt system, not 100. Have a look at the options for this car on the Volvo website so you can go in armed with info. when you speak to your dealer again.

    Good luck.


  • Rollie,

    Thanks for the helpful advise. I Check the Volvo website and contacted Volvo USA Customer Service. They looked into my Audio Upgrade issue for my 1999 c70 and confirmed that SC901 radio is correct upgrade for the existing sc-816 radio. The 1999 c70 comes with 12 (DynAudio) speakers. However, they too were not to sure if a speaker upgrade was required and suggested that I contact a local dealer to check what is included with such an upgrade.

  • bad_roobad_roo Posts: 3
    Anybody agree with my views? I wrote this for The Times in the UK after going on the C70 Convertible launch...


    "Your car parked in front of the villa, peacefully resting with the top down, after making love to miles and miles of winding country road in the hot sun." Perhaps this excerpt from the Volvo C70 Convertible's press kit explained the car's languorous air. Had it been tempted to roll over and nod off, I was reassured that ROPS, the roll over protection system would spring forth in order to maintain cranial integrity. Suitably heartened by this, and with "the paintwork almost shivering with lust, seduced by the last rays of the sun," I finally got to drive the car.

    Having been on sale in America for some time now, the C70 Convertible has been promised a European launch for at least eighteen months, but production bottlenecks at Volvo's Uddevalla plant had delayed this. With processes suitably streamlined, 350 cars will be made available to British buyers this year, 200 of which are already spoken for. The hiatus in supply has allowed the car to be further developed and refined, and torsional rigidity is much improved to levels which will have BMW drivers squinting in envy into their vibrating rear view mirrors as the bluff corporate grille hoves into view. Volvo's design director, Peter Horbury, draws attention to the barchetta look with tapering bonnet and boot, and the horseshoe shape of the passenger area. It now seems a long time since he commented that with the C70, Volvo had finally kept the toy but thrown away the box. Unlike most toy cars, however, this one looks curiously undersized in the rear wheel department, and even with the larger 17 inch items fitted, there is a blandly flat area of stylistic bloat between wheel arch and window line.

    The C70 Convertible will come in two guises, the light pressure 2.4 litre variant, and the tyre shredding T5. Most buyers are expected to opt for the 2.4, and it was this model I chose to drive. The square, vaguely cack-handed interior will reassure most existing Volvo owners that the rightful place for design sexiness is where it can't be seen by the driver. Sprouting from the centre of the dash in place of the satellite navigation system is a speaker of unspeakable ugliness, resembling a half buried pill box, one of ten that comprise the astonishingly competent Dolby surround sound stereo system. The seats are superb, soft yet supportive and electrically adjustable to allow meagre access to the otherwise spacious rear. Whilst lacking the feelgood factor of VW-Audi interiors, there is an expensive solidity and quaint lack of aesthetic concern that serves to reinforce the C70's niche.

    Steering, gearchange and pedals all have a somnolent lightness of touch, devoid of any great feel. The ride is serene, making the road surface an abstract concept and handling limits are best left unexplored. The engine and manual gearbox combination feel like a bad automatic, due in no small part to tardy pickup, but with the automatic box, the C70 is transformed into a car no longer trying to appeal in any way to sporting enthusiasts. It's a sedate, middle aged, vaguely stylish tool in which to waft about appreciating the stereo, the sunshine and the subtle composure of the cosseting ride. Genuine faults are few. The glass rear window is set too high, creating an insufficient view of items close at hand, the boot is small and awkwardly shaped, and the hugely bulky steering wheel obscures many of the instruments. With ten-second electric hoods now the industry standard, the thirty-second Volvo operation seems appropriately dignified, with the six motors taking care of proceedings without recourse to manual clip or tonneau, before adjusting the stereo to best suit the new acoustic environment.

    Whilst undoubtedly a classy performer, the C70 Convertible lacks a certain devilment, an impish touch to the design or execution that fires the imagination. It appeals on a self satisfied, overfed, bouffant level that will have ladies of a certain age queuing in mild anticipation, and will no doubt be seen making love to mile after mile of Brent Cross multi-storey ramps. It's a superior offering to Saab's 9-3 Convertible, but for genuine fun and a car built with passion, the Alfa GTV Spyder is a car that genuinely shivers with lust albeit over every bump and in every corner. As Volvo becomes swallowed into the Ford mainstream, the C70 Convertible's place as a final unalloyed piece of Swedish eccentricity is guaranteed. The world is a duller place without oddball Swedish offerings, and for that reason alone it deserves to succeed.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,461
    Hey, sounds like my description of a Jaguar!But who could argue? Volvo buyers don't want too many surprises or too much of an edge, and the car does not offend in either category IMO.

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  • HolliwoodHolliwood Posts: 46
    I think it was the HT, it was loaded as far as I could tell, except for the 5 spoke wheels. Everyone is right about the seat comfort, it was the most comfortable car I'vr ever ridden! But, it was out of my price range, I was quoted a 36mon/12K lease of $714!!! Get real it ain't worth all that!

    Volvo needs to subsidize their leases, I hear the C70 is not selling well anyway. Is this true?

    I'll probably get a BMW.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well the sales story is a little of both limited production and slow sales. Volvo can produce as many C70s as they can S70s, but they aren't selling all they COULD build either. Great car, just not enough interest in a 2-door Volvo. A full 70% of Volvo's world wide business is get ready.....wagons!

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Line 2 about should have read "Volvo CAN'T produce".

  • odeanodean Posts: 1

    Really? Point me in the direction of that dealership! No kidding I'm shopping and the best quote I'm getting is about $3000 off MSRP. Would love to know the area where you are seeing such advertising. That's worth a plane ticket. Feel free to e-mail me directly:
  • carstevecarsteve Posts: 4
    I live in Los Angeles. Area dealers have been consistently running ads in the LA Times regarding those discounts on the C70 convertibles. There are Volvo dealerships in Pasadena, Thousand Oaks, Santa Monica, Calabasas, and a few more. You could start with these. There is also another named Bozzani Volvo just outside LA, I think Covina. I heard they deal too. Good luck!
  • dolamitedolamite Posts: 8
    I have been researching numerous cars as a replacement for my current 1996 Geo Prizm for the last year. Since I purchased the car (which was new) I have longed for something with style, performance, and creature comfort. I'm sure you're thinking...a Geo?! Ha-Ha. You're right, BUT at the same time I have realized that this Corolla-clone was the BEST financial decision I have ever made...short of DELL stock a few years ago. Considering the current fuel crunch, I continue to gloat when I get 35MPG to the gallon. Lastly, my maintenance expenses have been virtually non-existent on this car. The only maintenance: tire replacement, new battery, blinker fuses, and brake pads.

    Getting to the point.....I am somewhat torn between the BMW 323Ci and a Volvo C70LT coupe. I am considering both cars for the same reasons: performance, safety history, fuel economy, good reviews from consumers and the press, a price-point within my budget, and most of the creature comforts I desire. My concern is that the C70 will be a car that will not retain value similar to a BMW 323Ci. The dilemma is in local BMW dealerships selling cars for full sticker due to a strong local economy/demand (Austin, TX) yet Volvo dealers offering anything on the lot for 2% over invoice before any negotiating. My other considerations would be the MB CLK320 (mostly out of price range), Lexus SC300 (aging model soon to be re-done), or a SAAB.

    Every time I see a C70 coupe, which is rarely (both a good and bad element) I am taken by the looks. But at the same time I think to’s a Volvo. Aren’t Volvos for soccer moms, accountant dads, and their hippie-children when they turn 16?

    From what I have read on this board, owners are pleased with their C70s for reasons including: AWESOME sound system, some of the most comfortable seats in ANY car, backseat comfort, styling, performance, etc. What are the downfalls of C70LT coupe ownership? My desired car would include: leather & sunroof package, five-spoke wheels, premium audio upgrade, and wood trim. Should I consider anything else or exclude an item like the wood? Would the dark gray interior best compliment a black exterior?
  • carstevecarsteve Posts: 4
    It seems we have similar tastes. I have been salivating over the C70 since its inception. For me the only obstacle is cost. Currently I drive a 97 Maxima SE. It is a very quick car, but I am also yearning for something a bit more stylish.
    I am also considering the new 2001 Acura CL-S. I suggest you look at it, and take it out for a spin. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, especially the price as compared to the C70 and BMW.
    I have one on order, and will most likely get one. I live in LA, and Volvo dealers havent been moving too much on the price of the C70 coupe. Although the Acura CL-S is selling at MSRP. They are very hot right now and most are sold prior to dealer delivery. However, a fullt loaded CL-S with a nvigation system stickers for 32K - about 9K less than the C70HT.
    Regarding color, I like the tan or light gray interior with a black car (the CL-S does not offer a light gray as a choice). This is obviously a personal preference issue. Regarding resale, I think the Volvo will have poor resale value, unfortunately. As for BMW's, the dealers are too snobby for my tastes. They are good cars, but usually poor lease programs. Good luck on your decision.
  • Carsteve, here on the east coast they're not coming down off MSRP on a new C70 either. You're right about the resale value. I'm a volvo technician, and at our dealership, we had 2 98 C70 hardtops sit on the lot until september 99. Just couldn't move them. The 98 convertibles were a disaster, and we ended up shipping several of them back to Jacksonville for volvo engineers to fix the tops on them. The 99's and 2000's haven't given much problems...yet. for those of you with a 2000 C70 (or any other 70 series) with the high pitch noise coming from the engine. This is coming from inside the timing cover. If your dealer tells you it's normal, they're lying. tell them to replace the piston cooling valve. there is a service bulletin out on it, but beware the part may still be on national backorder. It took us 4 months to get our first one. Hope this helps.

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    First of all, Volvo's Beige or Light Taupe would go best with Black to me. Everyone has a BMW coupe, be different (sounds like someones add campaign doesn't it?). Get the Volvo. However you must remember that neither of these cars are going to be anywhere near as cheap to run/maintain as your current car has been. You must remember that. I'm not really sure about the C70s resale yet, they are so rare. Normally I would be shouting BMW, BMW, but in you've brought up one of my favorite cars that is so under-appreciated in the sport-ute/lux-sedan crazy market. This time I have to vote for the VoVo. Red over tan, Black over Taupe or Red over Black will just stun you. Or you could the Black over Black thing like a lot of lux-car buyers do. They have a dark blue too, that goes good over that Taupe. I like Green, but Volvo's website is so jacked and I haven't seen any Green C70s on the road so a trip to a well stocked dealer is in order here. Good luck.

  • carstevecarsteve Posts: 4
    Yes, i forgot about the Nautic Blue. It is a beautiful color, especially with the beige interior. I have only seen one green one. I do see a lot of silver and white C70's in LA. The black and blues are rarer. I also like the moondust, but have also seen only one. It is real close to the silver color.

    Are there any other mechanical issues you can tell me about regarding the C70 coupe. I appreciate the info about the engine noise. I still really like the C70 coupe, but they don't seem to be dealing on them much.
  • carsteve,
    Aside from the normal 70 series problems, the C70's are bad about door lock motors going bad, and they are much more expensive to fix than the S/V 70's. And they sometimes have problems with the windows hitting the bottom of the door making a rather bad bump sound. If you're planning to buy one, go with a model year 99 or 2000. The 98's had way too many recalls and other stuff that was really annoying such as replacing the rear quarter windows. 99 brought volvo an all new computer system that is working out very well thus far, plus the 99 and 2000's have a 7500 mile service interval. Also I should mention that the 2000's also have a 5 speed auto instead of a 4 spd. it's holding up fine as well. Best of luck in your purchase, and if I can be of any help feel free to let me know.

  • carstevecarsteve Posts: 4
    I appreciate your insight. Thank you for the info. Unfortunately, the car is still a bit too pricey for my needs. Although I still love the car!
  • gomez7gomez7 Posts: 1
    I test drove a C70 today and noticed a steering wheel shimmy. Salesman told me it's typical of front wheel drive convertibles. Anyone else notice the shimmy? Is it typical? I can't believe Volvo is unable to fix that problem.
  • kievkiev Posts: 1
    I own a nautica blue c70 with beige interior. It is a beautiful combination and Volvo's blue is unmatched.
    I completely agree with volvoscott on:

    a) engine noise at high rpm
    b) bumping sound from the door window

    I have already requested twice my dealership to take care of b) and they could not so far.

    Also I had to do twice recently wheels balance. I do not know what is wrong. Dealership says it is typical for heavy 17' wheels that they get out of balance so easily. Anybody knows is it true? I do not believe it.

    Also I am waiting for replacement of my wind shield due to upper rubber track layer defect.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,461
    No, FWD cars do not shimmy by nature...this is just a smoke screen either for dealer laziness or an engineering problem with the car (wheels and/or tires probably, so not a huge deal to fix). If it persists, you may have to either petition the Volvo Zone Office to switch the wheels and tires or spring yourself for a set that are balanced and constructed correctly.

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  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    In December bought a C70 coupe with 17" wheels. It now had 5000 miles and have had no wheel shimmy (speeds up to 130) and the steering is rock solid. Have had NO problems, more questions like "Is that a Volvo" and you need to fine a good Volvo dealer that does not feed you a line of BS. Think my car is proof that the C70 is a fine machine and I drive it like a sporty car should be driven. In Daytona I have an excellent Volvo dealer and the car was deliver right.
  • Volvo is apparently coming out with a Volvo S60.
    The S60 is suppose to replace to S70.
    Get all the latest information at:
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