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VW GTI (All styles)



  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Not in the US, as far as I know. I think you can or will be able to get a 6 speed 4 motion, but I don't really know much about it, seeing as how it's not offered in the US. What I really wish they would do is import the Audi S3 quattro 1.8T to the US.
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    I agree... it's a really nice car! (I like the GTI 4-Motion a lot too).
    What annoys me is that the GTI's are a lot more pricey in the US and you don't even get all the 'cool' equipment! (like Recaro seats, for one, and proper speed rated tires for two!)
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Yeah, that does suck. If I could get a S3Q 1.8T here for around 22 or 23K USD I'd jump all over it.
  • cennis1cennis1 Posts: 30
    I bought a sliver 2000 GTI GLX in February. After shopping several local dealers and hearing that same old "limited production" BS I went to a couple of web sites that put local dealers in touch with you and make offers. Within 12 hours I heard from two dealers, one for $600 over invoice and the other $650 over. I drove home the next day in a silver GLX with tan leather. No hassels at all. Great car, aside from the soft suspension. My 91 GTI 16V had a nice suspension, but aside from that was really poorly made.
  • jangwoojangwoo Posts: 2
    Dear GTI'ers:
    One of my remote key for VW GTI-VR6 98 does not work. I changed batteries but no luck. I guess the remote needs to be programmed again(I guess so since I had similar experience with my Maxima 96, and after re-programming, it worked just fine.) Any one can help?
    pls e-mail to
  • nautikernautiker Posts: 32
    I am getting ready to buy a silver 2000 GTI GLX VR6 within the month and wanted to know from those of you that have one if you have had ant problems reliability-wise with the VR6 engine overall. Obviously, there probably aren't too many miles that have been logged for a 2000 model year but any feedback will be appreciated. I have never owned a Volkswagen (let alone any European make of car)and am still a bit hesitant about overall reliability. I can't say enough about the car's performance, utility, fit and finish, and bang for the buck. Coming down to the wire and want to make sure it is everything I think it should be 20k miles down the road. . .
  • gchu2gchu2 Posts: 3
    I live in Massachusetts and i'm in the process for shopping for the best deal i can get for a glx. Because the 2001 model is coming out within the next month, i'm hoping i can get a bargain for the 2000 model. Can someone tell me how much they got their glx's for? which dealer i should contact? and how much should I be targeting for. I noticed that some of you said that you got yours for 1500 under sticker and some got quotes for 600 over invoice?... where can i find these dealers or internet contacts? Thanks !!
  • gchu2gchu2 Posts: 3
    Where are you getting these deals?
    Jberg16: which dealer in MA and who should I look for?
    Cennis1: which internet site did u get these those quotes from?

  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I got my GTI GLX for $1000 under MSRP at Quirk VW in Quincy. At the time, Bernardi, Wellesley, and Minuteman were not willing to deal. However, that was in August of last year, so things may have changed.

    Decide what you want and what you are willing to spend. Then start calling around to dealers. I think you'll have better luck if you are making an offer on a car they have on the lot. If they have the car and you have your checkbook, then they really don't want to see you walk...

  • nautikernautiker Posts: 32
    I am the proud new owner of a 2000 GTI GLX in silver. With all of the research I have done over the past 3 months, my car-buying experience was effortless and pleasant. If I can make any suggestion to those of you who are looking for a 2000 GTI...get one soon! The 2001's are already arriving in this area and the dealers in this area are making decent deals on the 2000's. I got my GLX for $1k under msrp WITHOUT HAGGLING!! I had a decent down payment and pre-approved financing. I pick up the car this friday...can't wait to take some road trips asap. I wanted to thank those of you who posted their opinions. . .It helped me make my decision to spend $22k a lot easier. Wolke9 signing off. . .(Cloud 9 in German) Can you guess what's going to be on my plates. . .
  • cennis1cennis1 Posts: 30
    I used www.autoadvantage and www.autobytel and, as I have already said, had a very positive experience. Heard back within 12 hours and the dealer I went to honored the quote he had given me without trying any BS.
  • I plan on purchasing either a 2000 GTI GLX or Honda Prelude within the next 2 weeks, just can't decide. I have driven the GTI, really like the VR6, but the Honda handles a little better. I am also aware that the 2001 GTI GLX will be out soon, can anyone tell me any difference between the 2000 vs 2001? I am also interested in knowing what the GTI has been purchased for, the best quote I have gotten is 22,200 + tax, tags.
  • I plan on purchasing either a 2000 GTI GLX or Honda Prelude within the next 2 weeks, just can't decide. I have driven the GTI, really like the VR6, but the Honda handles a little better. I am also aware that the 2001 GTI GLX will be out soon, can anyone tell me any difference between the 2000 vs 2001? I am also interested in knowing what the GTI has been purchased for, the best quote I have gotten is 22,200 + tax, tags.
  • I would get the GTI. It is much easier to make the GTI handle better. Plus the 2.2L VTEC is not nearly as fun as the VR6. I personally like the looks of a Prelude better, but the GTI will is not an ugly car either. I would consider a GTI GLS 1.8T. You can get it loaded with Leather for about $20,000. Then if you add a Neuspeed Chip ($500 and 24 more hp.), a set of Yokohama AVS Intermediate 205/60 R15's($500 mounted), and get a set of TOKICO 5-way adjustable struts($500). It will be better then both in handling and power.

    PS: I was working with a salesman and he showed me how easy it swap the chip in and out for warranty work. What a great guy!!!!!
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    I read posts from people wanting to buy 2000 gti models. In NJ, the models are very scarce now and we are a month away from the 2001 models. I would say 'watch out!' and don't end up paying more for a 2000 model!!!
    Noone knows of course whether prices will go up or down, but it's never good for a buyer when there are few cars to choose from, and I've heard that the 2001 cars are stacking up by the harborside...
  • cinemafiacinemafia Posts: 57
    I figured it would be easy to swap the 1.8T upgrade chip when taking it to teh dealer to do maintenance, the only think I was worried about was whether their diagnostic computers would be able to tell whether it was in or not? Hell, it's worth it either way! 190 hp would be so sweet...
  • quint3quint3 Posts: 20
    Definately, get the VW. The Prelude is an exercise in frustration. And I'm not just talking about the motor.
  • I am getting the GTI, got it through my credit union buying service for 21,798 excluding tax. They don't have silver, but they said in 30 days the 2001's will be out. I have to check on that.
  • My check engine light came on last week accompanied by the "Emissions Workshop" message. The dealer replaced the O2 sensor but that did not work. Has anyone had the same situation? A friend said he thought the catalytic converter might be backing up.
  • vwgti2000vwgti2000 Posts: 4
    I own a 2000 silver GTI GLX and I have had the check engine light come on but in my car. My family we have the 2000 GTI,two 2000 Golf GL's,a 2000 Beetle GLX which we just picked up three weeks ago. Our black Golfs engine light came on @ 4k miles and the service people replaced a fuel pump relay, so 1k miles later, this past week it came on again in the same car and we brought it back to the dealer, they looked at it and they came to the conclusion that this time they had to replace a secondary air change-over valve.So of course they didnt have it in stock so hopefully this week they will have the part.2 CHECK engines on in 5k miles. Next we have our 2000 Beetle which we just picked up 3 weeks ago and yesterday at 1600 miles the check engine light came on another car with problems.Of course I will call tomorrow morning and make appointments for both cars and they will tell me make sure u remembered to "click" the gas cap otherwise the light will come on. But obviously it not the stupid gas cap.
    Unfortunately we are bring these 2 cars to a dealership that some how broke my windshield on my 2000 GTI GLX.Any other info on VW's reliablity would be greatly appreciatied.
    An unhappy VW owner
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    I bought a 2001 GTI GLX this sunday and it's a great car. Paid 22,500 + Tax and tags. Mine is Reflex Silver with Black Leather...Mmmmmm. Here is my question though. Whenever the A/C is on, there is a high pitched whining sound coming from the engine. Is this normal?? It goes away when the clutch is engaged and when I turn the A/C off. Also, it seems that the Monsoon speakers make the door panels in the front vibrate when heavy bass is played. Is their any easy way to fix this?

    - Anthony
  • iamcdniamcdn Posts: 2
    I am about to test drive a 2001 GLX in 2-4 weeks. From what I have heard up until now, there are a few modifications to the 2001MY. Granted, this has yet to be confirmed, but here goes: 1)Multifunctional Steering Wheel (radio control?) 2)Upgraded suspension (awaiting spec sheet)- after reading the open related topics, it appears that it is needed 3)17"Rims (no tyre data available). If anyone else out there has heard anything, please post.
  • hemant7hemant7 Posts: 9
    1) Steering wheel controls for radio volume & channel (also changes tracks if playing a CD)

    2) Upgraded suspension which is stiffer and better than before but most enthusiasts will go for after market add-ons of they are racing.

    3) optional 17" wheels are factory installed. Tires on these are Michelin Pilots 225/45s

    I got a Silver one a week ago, one of ther first ones from the port.. Very nice!

    Can someone post on the break-in regime?
    What maximum speed? Max revs? How many miles before break-in is over etc..
    Also anyone have info on when to change gears? i.e. preferred rpms?

  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    I just got a Silver/black 2001 GTI VR6 the past weekend, and I smile every time I drive it. The dealer told me that there wasn't a break in period for the engine. I guess it really doesn't matter since I bought the car with 120 miles on it. I usually shift under 3000 RPMs since the engine has plenty of torque. I did once rev it to 7000 RPMs while in 2nd gear...ZOOOOOM. I do wish that the VR6 had some more top end power, but it's ok. Do you have 17" wheels??? I couldn't find any dealers in my area that had the wheels. The dealer said that they wouldn't be out for a while (later in the year). Well I didn't have a car and I couldn't wait for them. I might just get some aftermarket 17s with summer tires. E-mail me if you want to...

    - Anthony
  • hemant7hemant7 Posts: 9
    None of what I asked is in the manual.
    I was partly responding to iamcdn and thanks to adg44, I will be emailing you..
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Calm down. Take a deep breath. There you go. The manual has absolutely no information about break in or maximum safe speed in each gear? I doubt it. Every single manual I've ever seen has that info. If you can't figure out what RPM to shift at maybe you should have got an auto so you wouldn't have to decide for yourself.
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    My Golf GTI manual has a 'guideline' as to how to drive during the break-in period. If I remember correctly, it stated that you should avoid driving at more than 75% of the top speedometer reading (which I think is 140mph) and to avoid high engine speeds (it does not specify the rpms limit) for the first 600 miles. The top speed limitation is really not an issue on American snail-speed highways...

    Personally, I stayed mostly beneath 4000rpms (which really isn't a problem, given the high low end torque) and only after 1000 miles, I started revving up the engine (but never beyond 6000) every now and then. Made an early oil change at 1200...
    The manual also says that after a demanding drive, the turbo engine should be allowed to run in idle for some time (30s-a minute or so) in order to cool down.

    This car and the engine is a blast to drive, and really smooth too when you're more in the mood to listen to a classical CD! In fifth, you rarely go beyond 4000rpm (can't remember exactly, but I think that yields about 80 mph or so).

    Personally, I'm very happy about the choice of the 1.8 over the vr6. The difference in weight allows for comparable performances, and the handling on the 1.8t has been given better reviews.

    I don't know if and when VW is going to bring over the 4-motion GTI (ca. 210bhp and 4-wheel drive). In Europe, the Vr6 was retired a couple of years ago and I believe that there is another engine (5 cyl - 150bhp) available on the 2-wheel drive GTI.
    In most reviews though, it was superseded by the 1.8t.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    A turbo timer, I think, is never a bad investment on any turbocharged car. They're not too expensive, but I'm not sure how hard they are to hook up, shouldn't be too bad though. Buys peace of mind, plus it's cool getting out of your car and locking it while it's still running knowing the timer will shut it off in a few minutes.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    On my 2001 GTI VR6, there is a knocking sound coming from the drivers side door/window. It really only happens over bumps and rough roads. Also, there is a rattle coming from the underside of the passenger seat. I moved the seat up (like someone is getting into the back) and you can hear the rattle whenever you move the seat around. It goes away when I put pressure on the seat belt latcher-thingy (do you know what I mean?? The thing you hook the seat belt into!) I tried tightening down the bolt that secures the latcher into place on the floorboard, but I really couldn't turn it anymore (I don't have the right tool). Does anyone else notice these??? Other than those two problems, the car is perfect!! Oh, the right front door panel vibrates and rattles whenever heavy bass is played. Is their an easy way to fix this?

    I just got EBC Green Stuff front brake pads installed today. It really stops the car much faster, and they don't have any brake dust!! It's a great thing to get. The pads for the front run about 100 bucks, and 50 for the rear.

    - Anthony
  • ataieataie Posts: 84
    currently have a 96 GTI (4 cylinder), and am looking to buy a 95 GTI VR6. any general comments on this model? also need to know if these have timing belt or chain?
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