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VW GTI (All styles)



  • I recently bought a 2003 GTI VR6 and was surprised to find out that the fog lights that were supplied in the 2000 GTI/GLX I had before this one, have been dropped as a supplied feature by VW, as of this year. Do I look to the aftermarket ? Would the lights be an extra that can be put in by VW service? (The fog lights were inside the headlight cluster..... so I wonder. Would appreciate any help. Fog lights really come in handy on country drives!
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    you can buy the headlights with the fog lights, but need to be wired in.

    A decent guide is

    You can also purchase fog light kits that goes into the grills from Hella.

  • 8u6hfd..
    Appreciate the detailed help! I will most likely go aftermarket...Fog lights mounted apart from the headlights look better(I think)
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    It looks like you're from NYC...check out
  • Just got back from Rapid Parts and saw the Hella Micro DE's They are in grills that set right into the lower right and left. Very nice. How difficult wold it be
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    since I have you here (I'm converted_vw on the vortex)....

    I plan on doing the same myself to the Golf.

    If you want to do the OEM switch need the switch. You can get the Euroswitch for about $57 (check the classifieds for the never ending group buy on the vortex).

    The actual wiring from the kit, not sure...but the site I posted earlier may be a good guide to use with the Hella instructions
  • 1hokie1hokie Posts: 36
    Hi all. Just joined in, so go easy on me. I'm looking at the GTI's as a replacement of my current car. I was able to test drive an '03 VR6, fully optioned. This will not be the car I will get (b/c of price). I'm looking at the 1.8T with *gasp* an automatic. (my current car is stick, which I love - the VW's clutch feel I hated, and there are many other reasons why I need to get an auto this time around, but I'm aware of the decreased performance.) I had a few questions from reading stuff on the net, and was also looking for general opinions on the purchase.

    First, the steering wheel issue. I read a few posts back something about the steering wheel on the '02 model being different (4 spoke and thinner?) than the '03 or the leather optioned '02. How big is the difference, and are there pics available of the 4 spoke wheel somewhere?

    Next, stability control. The '03 has this as an option - but not the '02 1.8t? Is this correct? Does the '02 still have traction control? Is this a feature that is needed on the GTI?

    Next, leather. The '02 leather option only mentions the front seats, while the '03 option says all seats. Is this a typo for '02, or do you get cloth seats in the back?

    Next, performance. Nowhere can I find acceleration numbers for a 1.8T with auto. I suspect a full second slower than the manual (so about 7.5 0-60 now?) but couldn't be sure. Also, has anyone tested the auto and can tell me what it's like, and how well the tiptronic works, etc?

    Next, future models. I would hate to buy a car, then turn around a year later and see they have redesigned it significantly (hence Mk3 to Mk4 etc) or came out with a better model I would have waited for. So, when is the Mk5 due out? Is this the same as the Golf5 I read about? Is the Golf5 coming to the states, and what are the specs etc? What about the R32? I would love the 4motion in a GTI - is this happening in the USA soon? 3.2l VR6?

    Thanks in advance. I can wait to buy, but I'd prefer to get something within the month. The '02s are a good bargain now ($1,200 under invoice), and the '03s have special financing for the next few weeks (not great, but a slight savings).
  • dle01dle01 Posts: 37
    I recently test drove a used, fully optioned 2002 GTI VR6 with only 10k miles. It had the 170hp VR6 with the 5speed, rather than the 200hp with the 6 speed. I came away quite impressed. Here are some observations:

    The interior was very comfortable and luxurious, and the driving positon was great. I felt instantly at home in the car. We also have a Passat, and the detailing is quite similar.

    The engine had great torque, and good power. The car felt fast -- the 200hp must be a rocket! The shifter and clutch were similarly smooth, and there seemed to be little torque steer.

    High speed cruising was effortless, much like the Passat only a little more wind and road noise.

    The cargo area was quite large for a car this size with the seats folded (this is important to me). The seats fold fairly flat.

    Like the Passat, the car had a great ride/handling compromise especially considering it has 17" tires.

    And, of course, I love the understated look -- more "stylish and restrained" than "boy racer."

    I have read many tests where the autowriters have complained about the handling. I wanted to see what they were talking about so I pushed the car through some tight turns on a road I know well. I found the turn in a little numb -- there was a distinct hesitation while the body rolled before the car's weight set up and the tires gripped. This is not a deal killer for me, as I rarely drive at the limits, but the turn in feel could be sharper. I should note that I've not tested any other recent performance cars . . .yet.

    The center stack is poorly designed - the radio is too low, and those silly cup holders are useless!

    In summary, I liked the car a great deal and will seriously consider one when I'm ready for a new vehicle (within a year hopefully). I was wondering if any of you VR6 owners could give me your thoughts about the engine's reliability and gas mileage. Also, has anyone driven or bought the 200hp version and if so what are your thoughts on the extra 30hp and extra gear? I'm leaning toward a VR6 primiarily because of torque and smooth high speed cruising, but will probably drive a 1.8 for comparison before I buy.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    Here is the Autoweek article on the R32:

    Volkswagen chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder confirmed to AutoWeek the performance-oriented R32 Golf is indeed coming to the U.S. market. We last reported a decision on whether to sell the car stateside was dependent on whether it could meet U.S. crash standards.

    Apparently, the car passed the tests because now Pischetsrieder is saying the R32 will arrive within the next year as a 2004 model.

    The R32’s launch date depends upon how quickly the car can be adapted to meet U.S. certification standards, he says.

    Expect 5000 to 10,000 R32s priced somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000 to be earmarked for the United States, although Pischetsrieder left the door open for more if demand exists. Technical changes from the 237-hp European R32 will be limited only to those required under U.S. standards.

    5,000 to 10,000!!! starting at $25k!!! Sign me up!!! Seriously - I dropped my GTI off at my dealer for service today, I'm writing a deposit check for an R32 when I pick it up.

    VW currently sells a VR6 4Motion Golf in Europe - I've seen and sat in one. The R32 is VW's answer to the WRX and Lancer EVO VII. Knowing the VW performance tuning scene like I do - I can't wait to see the performance goodies that will be available for the R32. I want a 300 HP all wheel drive hatchback - the R32 appears to be my ticket.

    Check this out - The VW R32 German website:

    The sound of that 3.2 VR6 is awesome - download the movie as well

  • This seems to be the story on the Hella Micro DE's...from my research at least....Rapid sells them for $160, which is good, the Euro switch they sell is a VW part,boxed, the switch is two positions on the pull out aspect. The first pull out turns on the fogs the second pull out turns on the rear fogs(which I was told only come into play if one has European taillights fitted, that have room for a rear fog). The switch also has a parking lights position, so with some electrical tape, and the printed instructions, one can rig the daytime running lights to be turned on at will, and not on all the time. Rapids price for the switch is $94 with tax, high but I went for it thinking the cheaper one for $55 or so might be two positions , or may not allow the running light shutoff. OK.
    The Hella's come with a toggle switch, which would go into one of the positions between the vents in the dash center but my GTI VR6 has all those 4 positions occupied, with heated seats controls, and other decided against the toggle because I couldn't;t figure out where it would go(where I would mount it)
    Now, this is important...
    If you decide to go with using the Euroswitch, than you have to snip off the connector that would have gone to the toggle switch, and you have to put in its place the very tiny, .85(cents) partVW 000 979 133 .Rapid had the part.
    Rapid wants $225 to do the complete install. I would like to attempt it but not doing these things on a regular basis make me lean toward not taking a chance. I was told it's a 2-3 hour job...and that's if one knows what their doing. Any ideas?
  • I had a 2000GTI VR6,and now I have a 2003 VR6. The latest version is much improved. The car rides firmer, is a bit stronger on power. (the 6 speed is ok; the gears need to be changed more often....I'm; not quite used to it yet....but I think I will appreciate it soon. The Monsoon radio was great in the its much better. The controls are easier to see and easier to use, The in dash CD works better with the trunk changer. The 2000 was not as good, and I always had the problem of the dash player not resuming play after the car was shut off, and back on. The in dash cd in the 2000,had to be replaced twice....and still didn;t work I gave up....on that minor annoyance. The new one has better cup holders....really, the rear cup holders are gone.
    The rear view dimming mirror is better, now having an on off switch, and seemingly does a better job of dimming he lights (Why VW does'nt have dimming on the side mirrors is beyond me. That's where all the glare comes in from!!
    Yo! VW !! listen up...
    Its like the old GTI was ok but now its got it'self really together, The new one is what the old one should have been. Also, the way too low hanging oil pan of the 2000 has been raised up.
    Get the new one!
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Right now there is no final word on the R32....

    Currently being crash tested - supposedly ran into a few issues with the rear crumple zone and the haldex all wheel drive system.

    MkV will be here as an 05 model.

    - Anthony
  • dle01dle01 Posts: 37
    Thanks for your thoughts concerning the 2000 vs 03 VR6 GTIs. I would definitely like to test out the newer one.

    What has your experience been with gas mileage? I'm more concerned about real world highway cruising mileage than I am about around town (which I know will probably be in the high teens, low 20s).
  • Highway(on the 2000)VR6, I always got between 26 if I punched it,and 29 if I was super careful always reset the odometer when I gas up, and always (with a hand calculator) figure the mileage. The 2003 has only 600 miles on it,but on a run to Vermont last week, it got 28 on the highway. I think once its broken in, after the first 5,000 it should get better. The 6th speed seems to be ok for crusing. (To tell you the truth, I miss the 5 speed. I would like the bigger engine with a five speed.)Good luck!
  • dle01dle01 Posts: 37
    Thanks for reply ralphieboy. That is certainly acceptable mileage, and about what I would expect. I have heard the 1.8ts get in the low 30s, but that is the trade off for the bigger engine. Our V6/5speed Passat has always gotten an honest 30mpg on the highway cruising fast (80-90) which I think is exceptional. Even so, 26-28 is not bad for a sporty car with a V6.

    Why do you miss the 5 speed? Are the ratios in the 6 speed that much different?
  • seguyseguy Posts: 133
    I get 35 on the hwy with my 02 1.8T. VR6 is nice too. Hard decision, but a few back to back test drives cleared things up for me. Oh, the $$$ difference was the clincher for me. I figured I could use the $$$ to use on upgrades for my 1.8T. If money weren't an issue, I probably would've went via VR6.
  • The engine power band is broken up into 5 parts rather than 6. Each part (for me) has more character. If they had left the 5 speeds with the same ratios, and added the 6th, like an overdrive that dropped the rpm's 1,000 or so, for highway economy. That would have been better. Ok.... the 6 speed feels like a better transmission, but its not the quality, thats being discussed. Rather, cutting a pie into 6 parts rather than 5. Also, a shift from 5th to 6th requires that one put a little....not much...but a little pressure to hold the shifter away from you otherwise the upshift, easily turn into a down shift, as the shifter has a tendency to drop into 4th
    Would I take an old 5, over the new 6 ? No. The transmission feels much improved. I am very happy with the car, and I may get completely used to it.
  • dle01dle01 Posts: 37
    I'm interested to drive the 6 speed to compare; although 5 speeds have always seemed like enough to me. I thought the 5 speed in the VR6 felt like a good transmission, so the 6 speed must be a significant improvement. The 2002 VR6 that I test drove is still available, and I'm considering making an offer on it if its not sold in a couple of weeks. It would be worth it to me if I could get it for a somewhat discounted price (meaning the dealer would have to give me a fair price on my trade, which they were not willing to do 2 weeks ago). If not, I'm not too concerned because I'll be in a better position to purchase in 6 or 8 months, and would like to seriously consider the 1.8t vs. the new 200hp VR6. Thanks for your thoughts ralphie and seguy.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I don't know where you heard about the crash issue - the VR6 all wheel drive Golf has been on sale in Europe for years - The Audi TT uses the exact same all wheel drive platform as the European Golf and it passes crash tests with flying colors. Your sources are wrong.

    My dealer has heard from VW that the R32 will be here around next summer. They are taking deposits for the R32 - started a waiting list this week.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    the Golf 4Motion is V6, not VR6.
  • I really love this car. DO you think i could get a 2003 gti 1.8t with automatic transimission for the mid 18k range?
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391

    If you read VW Driver magazine from the UK, it's V6 4Motion...

    And you can get the 2.0L 4Motion, 150 TDI PD 4Motion, & 130 TDI PD 4Motion

  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    They left the R out - it's a VR6, a regular V6 wouldn't fit in a Golf. VW doesn't have 2 versions of the 2.8 or 3.2 engines they are both VR6.

    I took a look at that website - you can only get 4Motion with the V6 meaning VR6.
  • inigocoinigoco Posts: 51
    There is a 2.8L V-6 in the VW lineup. The Passat V-6 is a 30 valve V-6, same as the Audi 2.8L engine. That engin would not fit in a Golf chassis hence the use of the VR6 which is a much more compact engine. The 3.2L VR6 is just a newer, larger VR6. It is 3.2L and has 24 valves. It will likely take the place of the standard 2.8L VR6 when the 5th Generation VW's come out in a few years, but we will probably see the motor first offered in the R32 and likely the EuroVan as well.
  • In Germany, they leave out the "R". The engine may be a VR6, as we know it here, but there....(and my information comes from walking into a VW dealer in Munich this past June) I mentioned that my GTI was a "VR6". I asked was the GTI, sold in Germany with the "V6" badge the same car? I was told it was. I asked why do the Germans eliminate the "R" since it designates a particular style of V6 design VW/Munich told me that the Germans leave out the "R" because VW feels the "R" is not necessary, V6 is enough.. Rickover is correct. Its just left out . The V6 engine I was also told would not fit into a Golf engine compartment.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    " don't know where you heard about the crash issue - the VR6 all wheel drive Golf has been on sale in Europe for years - The Audi TT uses the exact same all wheel drive platform as the European Golf and it passes crash tests with flying colors. Your sources are wrong.

    My dealer has heard from VW that the R32 will be here around next summer. They are taking deposits for the R32 - started a waiting list this week."

    There has been no official press release that the car is coming. VW sales leaked to their dealers that the car is coming to create interest in it.

    They are still testing the rear crumple zone for US standards, and the Audi TT is different than the Golf 4motion. There is an issue with the floorpan - but it shouldn't be a big deal. Trust me, my sources aren't wrong.

    And yes, the VR6 is called the V6 in Europe.

    - Anthony
  • This is fairly official word that the R32 is coming to the U.S.:

    "Performance-oriented R32 Golf is U.S.-bound, Volkswagen chief says" I think the title of the article says it all.

      Here is a link to the Autoweek article from 10/15.

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Also, for more discussion on the VW Golf R32, come join us in this new discussion: VW Golf R32. Thanks for your participation.


    Hatchbacks & Wagons Host

  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Yes, and the article says what, 5,000-10,000 R32s to the US? BS. There will be a max of 1,000 units to the us. He also said a starting price of $25,000. You're looking at atleast 32,000 for the R32. I'll get you my info later today.
  • Just got this car today.... My first car and im sooo excited. This thing is a friggin rocket and the tiptronic is sweet. Is it possible to get the 337 body enhancements as aftermarket parts for the 1.8tgti?
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