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VW Passat Wagons (GL, GLS, GLX & W8)



  • sniper5sniper5 Posts: 9
    I live in michigan. Is there a luxury tax on a 30 grand glx wagon? VWGUILD, when should I order my GLX to ensure that I get an 02 with factory CD?
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    At this point in time I would suggest ordering mid-July...Week 32 is the
    current commencement date of that *running change*. Feel free to email me
    for any changes to that schedule...
  • jimn5jimn5 Posts: 1
    Here in California, children under 1 year old are required to ride in a rear facing carseat. Just bought a 2001 Passat Wagon and can't install my 10 month old's carseat. The rear middle seat belt secures the base alright, but in the rear facing position, there doesn't seem to be anything to tether the top of the carseat. The built in tethers in back of the rear seat will work fine for a front facing carseat, but I need something in the other direction. In many other cars, the tether for rear facing car seats is attached to a part of the base of the front seat which anchored to the frame. Anyone know anything about how to solve this in the passat wagon?
  • dervishdervish Posts: 19
    I always love that nice, clean, understated look of this wagon until now. Just checked one out at the dealer and was very disappointed. VW put too many bright and "chromy" parts on this car. The tail lights are so distracting, especially on a darker color body. Also, the nose seems to stick out a bit too long.

  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Posts: 121
    The hood is stretched out apparently so the new W8 engine will fit. As for the overall new look, you're not the only one with the same feelings about the chrome etc --- the new look was meant to give the Passat a more "upscale" appearance. My sense is that half of VW enthusiasts like it, the other half don't.

  • bay734bay734 Posts: 1
    Passat wagon won't accelerate evenly for 40 secs.when cold. Runs fine warm. Service has no answer. Anyone with this problem? F.
  • linablinab Posts: 1
    I have just started to shop for a new car and thought that my dream car was a Passat GLS -- good price and safe. Then I test drove the GLS in Arizona when it was 100 to 104 degrees. First, the driver's seat was not especially comfortable. Second, the A/C was only slightly better than my 1988 Volvo. Granted it had been sitting in the sun on the lot. Next we drove the GLX, just to drool. The driver's seat was infinitely more comfortable -- to the point that I decided that I couldn't buy the GLS. The A/C was far superior as well. The GLX had been sitting in the shade, but it was over 100 degrees. Is the V6 that much better at cooling? Is there really a difference in the driver's seat or did the heat affect me? Anybody else have any experience with this? Also, since I probably won't buy until the fall or winter, is the 2002 a better car? The CD trap on the 2001 (I don't really need a 6 CD changer for more than $500, but I'd like a CD player in the car) makes me nuts and I've heard that WV is improving the warranty. Thanks.
  • hamajunhamajun Posts: 12
    I felt the same thing. I bought a 2001.5 GLS in last weekend. I live in Nor CAL, the temp is around 85-100F these day. As far as A/C, my 98 Mercury Tracer is better than the GLS. I think that's because of Passat is bigger room than the A/C can take care of. I would recommend make it dark-tinted.
  • 59er59er Posts: 30
    The seats are the same on the GLX as on the GLS. The only difference is that the GLX has power controls-- so maybe you were able to adjust them more quickly to your liking. Certainly, stting in the sun would be a big factor as would the color of the cloth or leather, as well as car exterior color. Some on the VWvortex site have reported needing a shot of coolant to get their a/c up and running. I am not aware of complaints on that site regarding A/C on the 1.8 engine but you could post over there and find out.
  • sartoriosartorio Posts: 2
    My dealer in Brooklyn located a GLS 6 wagon/lux/monsoon/homelink. It has been in port (Delaware) since May 18. Any estimate on how long to get to Bklyn? Is $26,091 a fair price? Also, I've called around the tri-state to find out when 2002's would be in the dealerships and I've been told from early-August to November. Any insights on this? What is the difference between 2001.5 and 2002's?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Will be happy to help...Tell me more about your Variant...Tiptronic or 5 Speed?
    Leather or Cloth? And both Exterior & Interior colors...and is your Dealer Bay Ridge
    or Kings? Feel free to email me with the details of this very specific issue...
  • mweixelmweixel Posts: 1
    I have gotten very frustrated looking for Passat wagons in central and western PA. We have checked with some 15 dealerships, virtually none of which are interested in looking around for a 5sp LS. GLXs with 4Motion seem to abound, but lower-end models are nowhere to be found.

    Does anyone (VWGuild?) have any feel for how quickly (or slowly) things are coming to this area out of the port? If the only recourse is to order something, I might have to go back to considering Outback...

    Thanks in advance.
  • maulanamaulana Posts: 55
    we also live in upstate New york.

    May I ask you what dealer you went through to get a GLX for 28,000?

    I would love to be able to get a smilar rate.


  • evilizardevilizard Posts: 195
    GLX 4 motions in abundance eh? Must be nice.
    Recently we tried (hard) to get a GLX 4 motion wagon in TX. Could not be had. The conditions for purchase were
    Full MSRP
    No control over Interior Color
    No Control over exterior color
    No gaurantee of delivery time (aside from not within 8wks).

    The Subaru VDC I wanted was on the lot for 3K less. Identical feature set except for the spiffy keys and tiptronic trans. Bigger trunk to boot

    Try Texas, we have quite a few GLS's floating around. They are nice cars.
  • sartoriosartorio Posts: 2
    Sorry, I forgot to give you a lot of info. Thanks for replying so
    We are dealing with Bay Ridge. It's reflex silver on gray cloth and
    it's 5 speed (which we were seeking). Ideally we were looking for a 5
    speed GLS / 4 cyl / no options (flexible on exterior and int color). We
    contracted this for $22,100 (this includes destination). But of course
    this was near to impossible to find. 2 months later this V6 showed up
    in port, so we agreed to it, even though we compromised a fair amount.
    Any advice and insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank again
  • zeusmanzeusman Posts: 3
    Just got an 01 1/2 Passat GLS, the AC is fine down here in sunny Florida, but the gas milage has been not what I anticipated. Getting 16 mpg combined and that's driving gingerly. That is big SUV numbers, not happy was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same. Our is the 1.8 T with auto Tranny. Like the wagon otherwise.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    An automobile...any type...Needs, at very least 1000 miles of *break in* before
    you can begin measuring MPG. And then you need to do it over the course of a month,
    in a variety of driving conditions that are normal for you for that period of time.

    MPG are also directly related to How You Drive...
  • hiwaysanityhiwaysanity Posts: 216
    Just returned from a 1,500 mile trip, all freeway, in a 2000 GLS V6 Tiptronic, and averaged about 30mpg. That was in cool weather, no A/C, and driving for mileage (mostly cruise control, 70mph.) When broken in yours should beat that.

    Wind has a big effect. Beating into a headwind was about 3-4 mpg lower than with a tail wind.
  • mcbuddahmcbuddah Posts: 3
    I lived in Slovenia for 8 months and fell in love with the new Passats. I am a grad student and likely could buy two 4motion Passats with my loan debt. So, how can I convince my mother she needs to buy a new Passat Wagon 4 motion so in 6 years I might be able to afford to buy it from her. She luckily finished her lease on a 1995 Trooper. I personally think she would love a Passat GLX 4 motion wagon, but the 32k is too high for her! Ok, so maybe she doesn't need the 4 motion and GLX.

    In any case someone tole me that they don't import 4motion 5 speed Passat Wagons to US, is this true? Maybe I will have to go to Wolfsburg some day (when loans are paid off).

  • echiburuechiburu Posts: 4
    We just bought a 2001 Passat Wagon (love it!). The manual says that using a cell phone will interfere with the computer system in the car and could cause electrical problems. It says I should buy a special antenna (for about $100). Does anyone know about this? My sister says that is silly and uses the cellular all the time. Please let me know what you are all doing.
  • echiburuechiburu Posts: 4
    One more question: What type of gas is recommended for the 2001 Passat LS V6?
  • glxwagon4moglxwagon4mo Posts: 121
    "Owners manual not to use cellular phone" Now there are valid reasons for not using a cell phone while driving (unless you have a hands-free setup)...but causing electrical failures is NOT one of them. We've had our '00 GLX 4Motion for a year and have had no electrical problems whatsoever -- and we use our phone in the car.

    BTW the recommended fuel for your V6 is 91 octane or better.

  • I picked up my 01.5 GLS 1.8t 5spd last Wednesday (6 weeks from the assembly line in Germany to my driveway, as promised by the dealer). In short, we love it. Can't comment on the AC (we've used it, but it's been cool in MA) or mileage (we're just closing in on 1k miles). But we love love love this car. Even my wife, who seldom expresses feelings for motor vehicles, comments on it.

    The buying experience was less than I hoped for (bait and switch in the extreme; being bounced between three brothers (family dealership), two rounds apiece, in the course of an hour's worth of shopping. Ultimately, a fair price, so why all the [non-permissible content removed].

    Went to pick it up. Salesperson was indifferent, at best. And I know it's a little thing, but I wasn't even "handed the keys". It was left running outside the service bay after it was inspected. Well, not running, really. It stalled. And then it ran rough. And then it stalled again. VERY disappointing: new car and I can't even safely get it into traffic. So, back it goes. More indifference by salesperson. (If I had just made a sale and the owner couldn't get the car out of the lot, I'd be all over him making sure he was as happy as could be. The following day, he leaves me a voice mail expressing his sorry and offering a free detailing when I'm in for the 5k oil change. Whatever.) Turns out (after 90 minutes of diagnostics and test drives) that two of the plugs had fouled -- a result, the tech thought, of all the stopping and starting as the car was shuttled around the dealership in preparation for its happy owner. Everything has been fine (flawless) since then.

    Thanks again to VWguild for his help to me (I learned more about the status of my car from him than I did from the dealer) and his contributions to the list.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Congratulations!!! Sorry to hear about the less than perfect Delivery, but glad to
    hear that all is well now...Enjoy! And Welcome to the Volkswagen Family...
  • hiwaysanityhiwaysanity Posts: 216
    "Uncle Whitney"?
  • My girl friend has a 99 Passat GLS Sedan and needs to replace her VW-provided tires. Does anyone have any recommendations for good replacement tires for her model that might help it handle as good or better than the factory-provided tires? She drives curvy roads in Northern CA, so she doesn't need tires for snow. But it does rain there a lot in the winter.

    Also, I'm trying to find a 2001.5 Passat GLX Wagon with a manual transmission. (No dealer in CA has one on their lot so I might have to wait for a 2002.) My question is: Has anyone with a GLX Wagon tried using a lower profile tire and have they found it to improve handling? Or is it best to stay with the same profile and size as the factory-provided tires? This question also applies to my girl friend's 99 GLS, which I believe has smaller diameter tires on it, right?
  • sniper5sniper5 Posts: 9
    Paul, Get in touch with vwguild. He has an email and web site. I was chating with him the other day and he had a 5sp glx silver stone grey/elk leather in port at San Deigo. I was looking for a automatic and he may be helping me with that.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    I would suggest, no doubt, the best in the business for
    all thing relating to Wheels & Tires.
  • spellboundspellbound Posts: 77
    The GLS models come with 195/65/15 sized tires while the GLX upgrades to 205/55/16. I agree with VWguild, check out, they have a very good selection of tires & wheels and a very nice website with customer ratings etc. Even if you don't buy there it's a good place to shop. For the stock size on the GLS I believe the Dunlop SP5000's are popular.

    Do you know if she has the luxury package and therefor the alloy wheels? The reason I ask (shameless plug)is that I live in the SFO bay area and recently purchased a 2001.5 GLS V6 wagon with the lux package. I've since upgraded my wheels and tires to 16" from the tirerack and am looking to sell my stock "Wellington" alloys and tires. They have only around 900 miles on them and are equipped with 195/65/15 Goodyear Eagle LS tires.

    Please email me at if you are interested.
  • Thanks for the info about! What a gold mine of data. I'm going to recommend that she buy the Yokohama AVS db tires, which are highly rated by the tirerack tests.
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