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Volkswagen EuroVan



  • It sure is hard finding one around LA. Are there any with the weekender option to be had out there?

  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    You're just catching on?

    I'm convinced that VWoA exec's attempted to take one of those Japanese management seminars, but accidentally ended up in a kamikaze history show instead. They've been flying there company into the ground ever since.

    We've told them for years we want Beetles. Especially ragtop beetles. And Eurovan's. Especially poptops, diesels, and manual tranny models.

    They sent us Rabbit's, and Dashers.

    Recently VWoA's products have been vastly improved. Hopefully, the will soon make rational marketing decisions regarding transporters, Urovan or New Bus.
  • No kidding. I've been calling every VW dealership within 75 miles of Boston for the past several weeks inquiring about the Eurovan, and the best I've heard is that it's "on the dock and should be here in a couple weeks". I even asked for a brochure from VW 0f A and haven't seen that yet. I got tired of the runaround and ordered an Acura MDX that I'll see in October. If the Eurovan comes in before that I'd love to see it, but I'll probably never know because none of the dealers I spoke to bothered to take my number!
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    isn't it? Can you imagine how well you will be treated when you bring a Eurovan in for service? VW has been selling just a thousand or so of these a year, most in California and Washington (the State). The dealership that doesn't care to sell you a Eurovan probably doesn't have a mechanic that has ever seen a Eurovan. You will have to pay $75+ an hour to teach him or her to fix your van.

    I'm holding out for a passenger Sprinter.

    It's being imported this summer. Narrow and tall, like a Eurovan. Diesel engine gets 30mpg+. See

    The site only shows the ugly tall roof vans, but low roofs will be made after the plant fills the large order from Fedex.

    And rumors are that Vito will replace the Caravsparetrannyvan/Voyager/T&C. We can only hope...

    Bigger vans has remained the domain of the Detroit3. There is no reliable and (relatively) economical bigger van on the market. I wondered how long it would take for Toyota to enter the market. Or VW to make a serious attempt. It seems ChryslerBenz will be the first.

    I started a Mercedes thread, but no one seems interested.

  • 98buggy98buggy Posts: 1
    I also have been looking for a 2001 Eurovan GLS in the Boston area and have found nothing. They are all at the port and are suppose to be released in about a month (for VW it will probably be 2-3 months). I've had this same thing happen to me when I bought my 98 New Beetle TDI. I waited and waited. I went to my local dealer a few days ago and they did have a brochure. Not much of one though, a fold out poster, but its a start. My local dealer does want to sell me a Eurovan, but I know some dealers will not.
  • zavfejzavfej Posts: 13
    We just received news that our Weekender is arriving in Delaware Monday 4/9, and to our dealer a week after that. We'll believe it when we see it, but this time it seems real.
    I called VWoA HQ and spoke with some folks there; I was told that there was a tire issue that needed to be worked out between VW and (they thought) Michelin. It is apparently resolved now.
    I will post my driving impressions in a few weeks (I hope!)
  • jjgittesjjgittes Posts: 54
    The Mercedes Vito Marco polo looks great. I hope they bring it to the usa and kick VW with its goofy attitude re: the EV/weekender right in the ..... Only problem, the Vito will probably sell for the price of a 26 foot winnebago. Oh well, it's not like VW gives away its silly ev's either.
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    it will be as a replacement for the Dodge Caravan/Voyager/ T&C, wearing the appropriate Chrysler badges and appropriate price tags. MB will not bring Vito as a its own product, just as it did not bring Sprinter under its own name plate. MB wants to remain a high end marque on these shores.

    Vito Marco Polo (camper) and Vito F (weekender) are converted by a company some of you may have heard of, Westphalia.
  • mthaslammthaslam Posts: 2
    To any 2000 EuroVan owners (no 2001's available yet!) need your help on towing capabilities of the EuroVan.

    I have always owned VWs(Golf, Jetta, Rabbit and even the Rabbit Pickup) but my second car is a Dodge Grand Caravan Mini van. Just picked up a 2001 Golf in exchange for my 1990 Jetta Now looking to exchange my Dodge for a EuroVan (2001).

    According to the 2001 EuroVan Specs, it has a towing capacity of 4400 pounds, yet it only has a 2.8L V6, 201HP, 181 lb-ft torque engine (... the 2000 EuroVan has a smaller engine and less torque).

    The question is: Does anyone pull a 3500 pound trailer with a 2000 EuroVan, and if so... do you find the EuroVan meeting the 4400 pound towing capacity expectations? Can you go up a hill without getting out to push..?

    What I find difficult to rationalize, due to the fact that I can not find one to test drive or find someone who pulls a trailer with a Eurovan, is that the 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan has a 3.8L V6, 215HP, 245 lb-ft torque engine with only a 3800 pound towing capacity. Yet, the EuroVan has 4400 pound towing capacity with a 2.8L V6, 201HP, 181 lb-ft torque engine....smaller engine, less torque but more towing capacity...?

    My fear is that the EuroVan will be a great mini van, but will be disappointing when it has the trailer on the backend.

    ...As you can tell I need a vehicle that can tow a large trailer across country and not just on the flat roads from the dealer to my house.

    ...any feedback would be appreciated.....would love to stick with VW's....

    P.S. My dealer tells me that the 2001 MV weekenders are packaged in Germany, and that the MV weekenders have not arrived in the USA, however the GLS and base MVs have arrived and are in Port in Houston, Texas.

    As for brouchers...good luck....I have ordered three times from the VW web site...with no response....

  • I just got quoted $29,911 for the subject vehicle, deliverable in 5
    weeks. How does this compare to what others are getting?

    Thanks for feedback.
  • mthaslammthaslam Posts: 2
    $29,911 is not a bad price...what city...? In Milwaukee, WI the going price is around $31,250, at least the price I have been quoted...little-to-none negotiations...that included destination fees but no title fees.... no delivery date.....
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    >>>What I find difficult to rationalize, due to the fact that I can not find one to test drive or find someone who pulls a trailer with a Eurovan, is that the 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan has a 3.8L V6, 215HP, 245 lb-ft torque engine with only a 3800 pound towing capacity. Yet, the EuroVan has 4400 pound towing capacity with a 2.8L V6, 201HP, 181 lb-ft torque engine....<<<

    Funny, I wasn't aware that Caravans could tow themselves around for more than 30,000 miles without requiring new tranny. Tow with one of those? No thanks.

    Seriously, there's more to towing ability than horsepower and (especially) torque. Brakes, size of the tow vehicle, coolers (tranny and engine), and many other factors all are important.

    Of course, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that the manufacturers cheat a little.

    Folks here seem to be considering or trying to buy Eurovans. You may be better served by talking to the folks who already own Eurovans on the list at:

    Those folks may be able to tell you how well you can tow with a Eurovan.

    Personally, I would try not to tow unless it was significantly less than the rated towing capacity, by that I mean half or so. Most people forget that towing capacities are listed for empty vans, yet most people tow with a van full of family members, luggage, and vacation gear. Those oversized American butts seated in your vehicle further decrease your the amount of weight you can tow behind your vehicle.

  • Looks like we lost the postings from 4/11 and 4/12. No wonder the board wasn't available for awhile... feels like I'm in a time warp. At least the "Volkswagon Euro Van" thread is gone. It's hard to spell Volkswagen.

    One person, waiting for a 2001 Weekender, asked today (4/12) if anyone had added a second, deep-cycle or RV battery, to their MV. No, I have not. I have a 2000 EVC with second battery in place. But I'm sure it's possible, with effort and care.

    J. C. Whitney ( has a "complete auxilliary battery kit" for as little as $47 (year-ago price). Does what you want to do, but it looks like it's specific to GMC and Toyota, apparently because it plugs into the alternator. Also has a "dual battery charging system," as little as $30, but the amp rating is low. I say that because my dealer has tested mine for 80 amps from the alternator to the coach battery. A discharged battery would presumably draw 80 amps, and would ruin an underrated device.

    Camping World ( has a "Sure Power Multi-Battery Isolator" and kit. 95-amp Isolator is $38; kit is $27. Less if you join their club. Maybe there's a Sure Power web site, too.

    Then there's the battery box -- you probably wouldn't want the battery in the passenger compartment. The EVC places it in a separate compartment in the back, in a hermetically-sealed sturdy battery box, vented with a one-way flap through a large reinforced vinyl tube to the exterior. Probably because a charging battery, when introduced to the proper spark, will explode. I've seen this happen, and it ain't pretty. Secure the battery well, too, because a 50-pound hunk of lead should not be let loose in a high-g situation, and I hear battery plates don't take bad vibes gracefully.

    Then, the wiring. 80 amps max would require a sizeable conductor, with circuit breakers/fuses at each end. I've also seen a large, red-hot conductor flaming under battery charge. Spooky, with acrid smoke. Wouldn't want that.

    As far as the battery itself, the news is better. Mine came with a Trojan POJ that didn't last four months, with minimal use. The dealer eventually replaced it with an Interstate, which is faring much better, thank you -- a world of difference. Sears has had deep-cycle RV/marine batteries on sale for $53 recently, plus tax, plus exchange.

    It can surely be done, but please keep safety first. A car battery is a dense package of lead and sulphuric acid, jam-packed with electrical energy, and should be given all due respect at all times. Place it wisely, secure it well, and install the charging hardware with appropriate care, and you should be okay for a long time!
  • zavfejzavfej Posts: 13

    That seems like a really great price.Did you get any chargte from the dealer beyond the invoice cost (listed here) and the $615 destination charge?
    I got hit with approx $200 in some sort of line item that comes charged to the dealer from VWoA.

  • bhoughtonbhoughton Posts: 10
    Last I checked, neither WV nor Audi have a European Delivery program, although I believe that Passats (as well as non-Winnebago Eurovans) are built in Germany. I bought two Vanagon Campers on Euro delivery in the 80's and I wish that it was still possible to do so.
  • akarelakarel Posts: 1
    I've now driven the MV, MV Weekender and Camper, all 2001's, all in Southern California. One day there were none of them...then they all showed up...and are quickly disappearing. The new engine is wonderful and very noticeably more powerful. Larger wheels and very well designed wheels, make the units (except the camper which has the most boring, lowprice looking wheels ever) look great. Driving them is a pleasure.
    One incredible muck is the canvas on the Weekender. While the camper canvas is light colored with giant windows on the sides and front (great views and cool breezes) the MV Weekender has dark canvas, two tiny half circle windows in the sides...and nothing at all in front. Claustrophobic and hot. I thought Westphalia was wonderful in all things and Winnebago was second best. Certainly this is not so with respect to the poptop canvas. The Winny top is wonderful, light and airy. The Westy top is dark, dank and hot. Is there any place that resews poptop canvas?
    If they are still at your dealer...go try 'em. The 2001's are fine vehicles.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I'd kinda like to see the 2002 Microbus Concept hit the streets :-). Check out the video we've linked to in the Additional Resources box on the left sidebar.

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  • treknvwtreknvw Posts: 2
    Has anyone heard of any gas fume problems with 1999 Eurovans? I own a 1999 MV and have had problems with STRONG gas fumes during hot weather ever since I've owned the vehicle. I have taken the car to the dealer on seven separate occasions for this problem and they have not been able to fix it yet. They even replaced the gas tank!!! Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Volkswagen Microbus

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  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    The things are supposed to be ROUND!!! (Apparently the designers have never seen a VW.)

    So give me round headlights, a TDI, and a 5 or 6 speed and I'm all over this!
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    It's only a concept vehicle, so it is very likely that some elements will still change if it makes it into production. I hope that they will offer it will AWD and ESP. Would definitely be a cool SUV alternative :-)

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  • gdementgdement Posts: 4
    After looking at 97-99 campers for the last two months, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the 2001 for the benefit of HP & torque improvements, etc. Does anyone know of a dealer willing to make a cost plus deal for cash? What is the price, anyway; VW told me months ago that the price wouldn't go up from last year's, but dealers are saying otherwise. Thanks!
  • dplachtadplachta Posts: 109
    I really like it. The side picture is excellent.

    I would like round headlights, but it is attractive still.

    I hope they develop it, but it says it is just a concept and I've read about it before. Nothing new. Is there any news that this will become a reality?
  • mtgouldmtgould Posts: 2
    Has anyone with a 2000 Eurovan noticed a knocking noise (like a noisy lifter) after warm-up?

    My 2000 Eurovan has 18K miles, and I've owned it for nearly two months. During scheduled maintenance today, I asked the service desk at the dealership to look into the noise.

    They described the source of the noise as normal behavior from the Evaporative Emissions Purge Valve. When the service desk was asked if valve replacement would clear up the noise, I was told that a replacement valve would have the same problem. The noise did not come from a noisy lifter, I was told.

    Can anyone comment on this issue? What does the Purge Valve do? Should I get a second opinion, or should I live with the noise, like the dealership suggests?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    EuroVan pitched as alternative to minivan

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  • madewarmadewar Posts: 1
    I don't think there is a dealer in the US who will or needs to adjust their price on the EVC's. They come in, they go out. They just don't hang around so there is no need to for them to haggle. It's pretty much been that way forever with the campers...
  • sphil906sphil906 Posts: 6
    I am thinking about buying a new GLS. Edmund's can't furnish a TMV. So, how much over invoice should I expect to pay for this vehicle?
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    looks like they modified the weird dash of the Toyota Previa, took the rear end of a Toyota Sienna, added a front end that looks like a monster, and developed a vehicle most Americans rate as UGLY #2 right behind the Most UGLY #1 Pontiac Aztek.
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    Do you really want an EVC? Do you really need a stove and sink that bad? Why not use a coleman and Rubbermaid sink when you are camping? The camper only seats FOUR. That's an awful big vehicle that seats less than a Metro.

    The weekender includes a bed in the back and a bed in the poptop. It includes a small refrigerator. With a Weekender you seat 7 instead of 4 and still can sleep 4 with the poptop. Plenty of equipment unless you're living in your camper most of the year.
  • gdementgdement Posts: 4
    Thanks to respondent. Last week I bought a 2001 full camper at $2,100. under MSRP and got accessories at dealer cost, and I'm extremely pleased with my salesman and the dealership.
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