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Volkswagen EuroVan



  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    WIth the T5, VW is clearly continuing the tradition of placing exterior styling as the very last consideration. The "un-styled" van. On second thought, they must have gone to some funky styling spiritual guru for this baby. How refreshing to have a really ugly van in this world of minivan pods. Good for them, but I don't know why they even bothered with the "waterfall" grill, why not,just punch a hole up front some place for the air intake and then it would look 100% functional.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    We owned 2 VW Busses (1971 and 1977) but unfortunately the 2 busses did not like us as well as we liked them. Too bad VW dealers were not very pleasant when VW was the #1 import vehicle. Volkswagen bus/van are by far the most space efficient of their genre.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    >We owned 2 VW Busses (1971 and 1977) but unfortunately the 2 busses did not like us as well as we liked them.

    Let me guess fuel injection problems and ultimately dropped exhaust valves, right?

    >Too bad VW dealers were not very pleasant when VW was the #1 import vehicle.

    Hence the fact that they sell only a few thousand EV's per year now.

    >Volkswagen bus/van are by far the most space efficient of their genre.

    Yes. What I want is a Eurovan powered by a fuel efficient engine (TDI) and assembled by Toyota or Honda. Is that too much to ask???
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    How did you know the problem? YES. Injectors plugged but also a defective Air Flow Control Box and Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor on the 1977 Bus. The 1971 Bus was just a matter of too many miles on that little, overworked Beetle Engine.
    I think Volkswagen does a fine job engineering and was the arrogant, greedy, incompetent dealerships that alienated me with these 2 busses, a NEW 1971 Super Beetle, and a NEW 1975 Rabbit. Hopefully VW dealers learned their lesson well with the drastic drop in sales and now treat customers properly.
    In fairness, there were 2 excellent VW dealerships...1 in South Tacoma, Washington and the other one in South Salt Lake, Utah but we only had brief encounters with these 2.
  • Is it possible to purchase a Eurovan with a TD engine form Europe and import it to the states? I know that Volvo offers an program to do exactly that. Thanks in advance.
  • Gee, if Volvo offers it, why not have them import your TDI Eurovan! ;oD

    When I asked VW of America about doing just that, their response was that there is no such thing. When I pointed out that there was, I got no further replies.

    Guess the answer is no.

  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    I believe whatever car VW sells in the US must met all sorts of federal pollution and safety standards. The testing is expensive. Even though they already sell TDI's with other cars in the US I don't think these tests validate the same engine in a much different vehicle. I think to even import a few TDI vans means expensive testing by VW which only makes economical sense if they sell several thousand. Therefore, they will not bring in just a few. Nothing is stopping anyone from bringing one in on their own, except you wouldn't be able to register it or drive it! That being said, I also wish I could get one with a manual transmission of course. Another import I would be interested in is the reincarnated 93 Eurovan with 5-speed which is now manufactured in Mexico and this is the long 200" stretch version that the full EVC campers were based on. If only there were some way!
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    that can be imported into USA. I've seen a few for sale, usually up north. These early EV's have a ton of miles on them now and parts are even harder to get than gasoline EV's.
  • If it's just testing for pollution and safety, it ought to be possible to at least get an EV with the VR6, a 5-speed, and all wheel drive. But they won't even consider it. This is doubly frustrating because the EV I would want - an MV weekender in the bright red paint - would probably have to be ordered from Germany anyway. AHHHhhh!!!!

  • Now, this really burns me up. Being a native Californian, I can't even buy one of these here!
  • there is a news letter out there for about 6 years now that owners have tracked problems and
    unique quirks of eurovans. go to
    or contact www.
    i do not represent this business nor do i profit from it just a source of info for me. Steve O
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Sounds kinda pricy considering all the info available for free on the net (not just Town Hall, but a search for "EuroVan" turns up enough reading material for weeks).

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  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    The biggest internet eurovan club I know of is here: There are something like 800 folks on that list.

    Eurovan issues are often discussed on the list also.
  • mcc32mcc32 Posts: 4
    I know it's not a Eurovan, but does anyone know the status of the Microbus??
  • I feel the same way that I have seen others in this thread note. That the real VW Eurovan that US consumers want is the new 201hp V6, 5 speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive. If they would offer this configuration in the US I would buy one in a heartbeat.

    The sorry part is that they have this exact Eurovan available in Germany.
  • Hi everybody of this forum!

    I am a brand new (ha, ha, ha) owner of a 1985 Vanagon! I just bought this vehicle with 150000 miles on the clock (body is in decent condition, brakes seem to be good, steering is nice and tight. It has the 2 liter opposed four, and it runs fine. I want to clean it up and give it to my son as his first vehicle (he just got his permit). My reasons behind it, it is very slow an lame, it shouts and screams if it comes close to its limits in cornering, it uses lots of gas (result is not much driving), and he can haul his band stuff around with it. I am locking for any suggestions on what can/will happen with this vehicle and what preventive measures I should undertake (engine, transmission, etc). I am pretty well equipped with tools & car knowledge (I am presently re-building my third old English roadster, which will be my sons summer car).

    So any advise and help is greatly appreciated!
  • triumphertriumpher Posts: 58
    Thanks for you advise. I have the vanagon site now in my bookmarks and will work through it!

    thanks again.
  • It's difficult for me, but I'm looking to sell my beloved 1993 Eurovan GL with 73,000 miles, strong durable 5-cylinder Audi truck engine mated to 5-speed manual transmission, front and rear a/c, power locks & doors, cruise control, power heated mirrors, rear wiper, premium sound with cassette and CD controller, and four-wheel disc brakes with ABS. Condition of beige-grey interior is excellent. Condition of maroon exterior is excellent but for a cracked rear bumper (hidden beneath bumper sticker) and slight crack at corner of front bumper. I'm wondering what to ask: Kelley dealer retail says $10,800, but I think that's too much. Does $6,900 sound reasonable? These vehicles are rare, it's spring and the cavernous Eurovan is unbeatable for a summer roadtrip with friends, all their outdoor gear and the dog. I'm located in Sacramento, California. Aside from newspaper classifieds, where else is a smart place to offer this vehicle? Are there Eurovan or Volkswagen enthusiast web sites that don't mind ads?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    eBay Motors comes to mind off-hand.

    Check the True Market Value - a customized appraisal button is available to really narrow it down. Good luck.

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  • 4snydes4snydes Posts: 1
    Try all of the following sites and then average the values you consider most representative (note you will have to enter miles and condition ratings to get a representative valuation) Somewhere between wholesale and retail would be a reasonable price point.


    Kelley Blue Book:


    Edmunds: also has a 'black book' valuation, but you must search for a similar vehicle (1993 Eurovan, click on it, then click on the black book value link. has tons of vw van ads under vehicles, volkswagen. You can post there or use for reference. also has a number of adds for Eurovans for reference.

    Once you determine what your reasonable asking price is, let me know. We are currently owners of a disabled '90 Vanagon looking to move up to a Eurovan. Hope this helps!


  • furiofurio Posts: 1
    Just picked up 02 MV last week. According to salesman and two techs at two different dealerships, oil change is recommended every 5k miles. Manual says every 10k miles. My guy at the local lube shop says every 3k. Should I treat this engine any different than my GM 3.8 supercharged? Should I also change the oil after the first thousand miles?
  • wbenwben Posts: 1
    I would like to purchase an older vW van with low millage - 1990 to 1996. Low millage is important to me. Thanks, Ed
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Furio - lots of arguments about this. I tend to go with the owner's manual, but lots of folks change the oil at 500 or 1,000 miles and then every 3,000 miles after that. Guess it sells a lot of oil, if nothing else .

    Wben, one place to try is our Used Vehicle Locator.

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  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    What I was told be a large number of VW owners more knowledgable than I is that the oil should not be changed before 5K miles on the initial change. The reason was that the oil put in by the factory was break in oil and that the oil along with driving the vehicle variable speeds for first 1,000 miles would help the rings seat properly. This would help to decrease oil burning in the motor during the life of the motor. I have followed this recommendation on my two VW's and do not have any oil burning at all. For the first 1,000 miles I do not use more than 75-80% of the rev range and do not use cruise control or maintain same speed for any length of time. The owners manual has a break in procedure that is similar to what I have stated. The purpose in changing oil after first 500 or 1K miles in the past was to eliminate metal shavings and particles in the oil from the motor. Todays improved manufacturing methods are said to eliminate the need for this early oil change and changing the oil so early may be detrimental.
  • wkb4447wkb4447 Posts: 14
    Mr. Steve, our affable host, suggested I post here.

    I'm investigating the possibility of purchasing a VW camper van for short weekend hops to local state parks. My wife hates to camp and explore, so I would be mostly solo. We live in Southern California. Occasionally, I take longer trips, especially during the winter out into the southwest desert areas. I know virtually nothing about the VW line of vans, but have friends who either praise their wheeled boxes to the heavens, or wish they had never bought them. Is there no middle ground? What's the deal with these vans? Why are they so expensive? Are they worth it? What are the best/worst years for purchasing used (I can't afford new!)? Are they reliable? What features should I avoid or absolutely include? In the old days, van engines used to burn up...still the case? (I see a lot of ads indicating something like "'96 VW camper-van, 15,000 on new engine", so I'm suspicious.)

    Help me out, please. These boards have always been right on for me in the past. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there an alternative? Will my VW camper-van and I be happy and have a long and enduring relationship exploring America?

  • ropedartropedart Posts: 163
    Final decision in June 2002 but it looks like a go for 2004. I am a little disappointed that it will be a bit expensive like the Eurovan because of the luxury platform. Here is the latest tidbit from Auto Express:
    "The Microbus will be based on the new VW T5 platform, which will form the underpinnings of a next-generation Transporter van, as well as the VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne SUVs. In standard guise, it will be the basis of a Grand Microbus, which will replace the Caravelle and is believed to offer a spacious and luxurious interior. The large model is expected to account for the majority of US sales, but in Britain it will be a low-volume niche vehicle. The best-seller for Europe will use a shortened version of the T5 platform, and is expected to feature a clever arrangement that will allow seats to be removed individually or folded flat to increase luggage space. This means that the car will appeal more to family buyers – especially as £20,000 versions are now likely to be offered."

    I am hoping they will bring in the shorter and cheaper version. How much does 20,000 vehicle cost when it gets here (US)?
  • wvkwvk Posts: 18
    We had a 93 MV without the weekender package. Liked the van however the repairs were high.
    New auto trans $3,000 +, rebuilt A/C $3,200, two sets of front brake rotors @$275 per rotor
    catalitic converter $900 all within 150,000 miles.
  • wkb4447wkb4447 Posts: 14
    Thanks, wvk.

    Anyone else? I'm gathering opinions on VW camper-van experiences, costs, frequency of maintenance, mileage, reliability, etc.

    See #358.

    And, thanks for your input!
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