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Volkswagen EuroVan



  • shaniafanshaniafan Posts: 2
    I can't bring myself to give up my two Vanagons:
    a 1985 Westy and a 1987 Vangon Gl (150,000 Miles)
    and still going strong. My two girls love the
    "top bunk." Both vans have been very reliable.
    I do all routine maintanence myself. I use
    Castrol Syntec in both vans. Not ready to give
    them up even for a Eurovan with the Six. I have
    a VW man since 1976 when I bought a 1970 bus.
  • erobinsonerobinson Posts: 4
    I found a 93 Eurovan GL with 48,500 miles. It has a 2.5 litre, 5-cylinder engine with a 5-speed manual. The rubber on the pedals was worn through to the metal, so I'm skeptical about the mileage. Does this condition seem funny after 6 years and 48,500 miles? It has dual air, power windows and locks, cruise control, cassette w/premium sound and 4-wheel ABS. It drove well and is clean inside. Anything in particular I should have checked out before taking the plunge?
  • erobinsonerobinson Posts: 4
    Where is everyone?
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    Your 85 vanagon has a 1.9 wasserboxer. is a wonderful resource for your vehicle. Follow the links to a very active mailing list that may also help. Several vendors on their links pages. You'll find enough info to keep you busy for months.

    You need to watch for head gasket failures (beginning with pressurization of the coolant system and leaks), tranny failures of gear 3/4, and lots of little FI issues. If it's not running right and guzzling gas, you need to check with the list. Tuneup first, then troubleshoot the FI, beginning with the two temp sensors and the o2 sensor.

    When running correctly, the 1.9 has adequate power. I cruised at 75 mph on interstate easily. Mileage should be around 17-18 mpg.

    Good luck
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 764
    Hi erobinson. I would certainly pay a mechanic to inspect any used car I'd buy, especially one with suspect miles.

    guitarzan, Community Leader of Vans
  • We're in the market for a Eurovan camper. Does anyone know when the 2000 will be out and what, if any, changes there will be?
  • jwomerjwomer Posts: 1
    We had a 1990 Vanagon GL that we LOVED. I am currently considering buying a virtually perfect low mileage (55,000 miles) but outrageously expensive ($16k!!! Ouch!) Vanagon or a new Eurovan as a 3rd and long trip car. I would like to hear from people familiar with both on how they compare in ride, handling, and especially room. My impression is that the Eurovan layout has less passenger and cargo room layout than the Vanagon. Another disadvantage of the Eurovan would be the loss of the wasserleaker motor and that reliable and cheap AC!
  • gbakergbaker Posts: 1
    I have the opportunity to buy a 1995 Eurovan Camper (Winnebago) for under $13,000. The van has 42k miles on it. Here's the catch: the inside is 'gutted'. The pop-top is there, but everything else is gone -- I don't even think it has original seat benches in it.

    The mechanic said there is nothing major wrong -- engine looks good, so does the tranny -- but there are numerous small things that could amount to ~$1000.

    I'm looking for comments on:
    (1) would the accessories be so hard to find or expensive to purchase that it would be better not to get the van?
    (2) Other general opinions about this "deal"
  • Hello, we are considering buying a GLS Eurovan. We like everything about it. We are first time buyers of VW. What comments do you have on quality and reliability? What price can we expect to pay? Any advice or comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • danm42danm42 Posts: 1
    Just my two cents worth on the 99 GLS. We just got a new one for a substantial discount from the MSRP. The 100 mile drive home made me a believer. We hit a major thunderstorm that had most other vehicles pulling to the side of the road. I slowed way down, but felt completely safe continuing on. The slow speed traction is amazing.
    As for styling, I really enjoy having something that doesn't look like every other van on the road.
  • I recently unloaded a 93 Eurovan with about 70,000 miles on it. Loved it until I had to replace anything. Look at the air conditioner, it is up to $3000 to fix if a major piece goes. There are two pieces to it hidden behind the headlights that will fail and prevent the cooling fan from kicking on. They will fail on ALL 93's. The exhaust costs $1100++ at dealer or $800 elsewhere if you can find it. For a complete list of problems look at issues of "Eurovan Update" published in Kentucky, the address is 6330 Waid Circle Paducah, KY 42001. The only very complete resource on this vehicle. I never learn - I'm looking at a 99 model.
  • treknvwtreknvw Posts: 2
    We have had our 1999 Eurovan MV for almost a year (11,000 miles) now and I'm interested to know if anyone else out there has had one for as long and what their experience and opinion is now since they've had the chance to drive the darn thing for a while.
  • I wish that vw would get there act togther, and offer the EUROVAN with the 6cyl tdi. I have a
    PASSAT wagon with tdi and love it 60k and not one problem 40 to 50 mpg. and lots of power. I would
    buy a EUROVAN with the tdi it would off set the higher price.
  • We just bought our 1993 Eurovan a month ago and last night while my husband was at the store, he had the van turned off, and he noticed from the store that the engine was on fire. Has there been any problems similar to this? We opened the hood and saw that the clip that was holding the two windshield wipers had come off and it probably fell on top of the engine and ignited the fire. Please help, I need to find out if anything like this has happened to anyone else.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Check out Edmund's Safety Info for possible information.

    Good luck!

    Vans host

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  • I am considering purchasing a new camper van but the 2000 models are not in yet.

    The dealer has a 97 w/ 32k miles on it for about $31,000. He tells me a new 99 sales for about $38,000.

    I suspect the new model will run around $40,000 and can't believe these incredible prices!

    After reviewing the 79 responses listed on the Eurovan, I am not feeling convinced this is a good investment.

    Anyone thrilled with their 97? What do think of the reliability of this model? Apparently the previous owners turned in for a VW Passant.

    Not feeling incredibly confident after reviewing the 79 responses listed on the Eurovan. I am not feeling convinced this is a good investment.

    Appreciate any advice.
  • I have a family of 7 and currently own an '85 Vanagon that has been very reliable, eficient and versitile. I'm wondering what is the best price I could expect to get on the Eurovan in the current market. Has anyone out there purchased a '99 or 2000 Eurovan in the past few months?
  • From Jim Morrison
    To Jim O'Shea
    I owned an 86 weekender VW van for seven years. I knew the first names of every mechanic at the local dealer by 1993. One bright young mechanic said he would NOT buy the Eurovan. VW had a chance to do it right and didn't. Still underpowered and now undersized, there are better choices than the Eurovan. Great bodywork quality but the above caveats. Mechanical repairs were frequent and VERY expensive. I've been quite happy for six years with a Mazda MPV. Outstanding quality, dealer service. Very little "van" room, however. Just a large trunk that holds two more people. The old rear wheel drive handled like a good car and also offered the towing option. The towing was never done, but the option allowed us to climb the steepest mountains with the A/C on if desired. The new MPV is front drive with super cargo space, but because of no towing option, I would NOT buy the front drive Maz. Look for a good used rear drive. Also, check the following websites for shopping and prices: and
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    Local dealer has a 99 on his lot. MV package but not weekender. $5k off and still no takers. It's been there for months.

    Of course, $5k off is still $28,000 or about the price of a Chrysler T&C. Almost ten thousand more than a base Dodge or E150. IMHO the Eurovan is a base model "stripper" with power windows. Plastic galore. Yuck!

    They never learn. Drop it about $10k more and you might sell a few.
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    Try for additional information on vanagons and eurovans. There are links on that site to two very high volume mailing lists for VW van afficionados.

    God bless.
  • Next to the fast food window was the VW dealership lot with a new camper. I asked my wife to check out the sticker while we were waiting in line. I saw a salesman start running as soon as she got to the van.

    She got back into our car before he made it to her. She had this look of disbelief on her face, kind of like being in shock. When she told me that it's asking price was $50,000 I understood why he was running as fast as he was. She still thinks it was a typo.

    I was laughed so hard, I couldn't drink my soda. For that kind of money you would expect to make it up a hill or into a headwind without blowing up engines or being in 2nd gear at 20 mph.

    We've owned a 61,73, and an 81 vw camper over the years. They have all been unreliable, but they were cheap, and we liked exploring and camping. Other drivers did not get upset if a VW was going over a pass in the right lane 50 miles an hour slower than all other cars. They came to expect it.

    A VW camper for $50,000. What a joke. It will take more than salesmen in running shoes to move those out of their lot.
  • In the mid 70's seven people at my company had vw vans. 7 of 7 had engines blow up, usually in the summer on trips. Most switched to Japanese cars.
    vw makes them the way they make them and they only change them on a 10 year cycles; I think it may be a German engineering culture thing, that is, they make it one way and do not listen to their customers at all, and are slow to change even if they are wrong. It took vw from 1978 to about 82 to put out a recall on valve stem seals leaking.
  • Hi folks! I have a 1999 Eurovan Camper that I am going to sell. It has 15,500 miles on it and is in perfect condition (stove and furnace have never been used.) I have added a 10 disc CD changer and stereo. I LOVE MY EVC!! But ... have to sell it because of medical reasons. If anyone is interested please email me personally and I will give you all of the details. My address is :
  • indy2indy2 Posts: 1
    I have a '99 Eurovan Camper. It now has 24000 miles. My personal experience is that I regularly get 18 miles to the gallon, highway and city driving combined in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I paid about $33 K for it through AAA (American Automobile Association) buying service. I have had no problems with it other than a check engine light that comes on for no apparent reason before going off. The VW dealer has been great with the free oil changes too. I have done the following with it that I believe are unique to this vehicle: 1) Moved a Spinet piano from our house to my son's school about 50 miles away 2) At campsites, I pay the van rate and not the motor home rate ($35 vs $100 at the Indy 500) 3) At other tracks I can choose to park where motor homes park (with electric and water hookups) 4) I can camp in the winter with no hookups since the stove and refrigerator can work off the propane tank 5) I never have to worry about being warm camping out with the propane furnace 6) In the summer, when I leave it parked, I can avoid it getting too hot inside by opening the screen windows and/or the ceiling vent 7) I can fold the bed out so passengers can sleep as we cruise down the road 8) When I am parked and plugged in, I can use whatever electrical appliances I choose with the two sets of electrical outlets inside 9) When there isn't a plug in I can hook up an inverter to the extra battery and run appliances without fear of running down the main battery 10) I can pull out the canopy (an option from VW) for shade at a sporting event or while camping 11) The refrigerator keeps my beverages and food cold while cruising down the highway 12) It has a closet to hang my clothes 13) It has at least three other storage bins 14) I can carry six passengers with plenty of leg room 15) I can drive it back and forth to work on a daily basis 16) and so forth. The point is I know of no other vehicle (automobile, van, or motor home that can do all of this and has so much flexibility, much less for under $30 k. Am I a big fan of the this new bus? Definitely. I was also a big fan of the old VW buses. I had three of them. This new one has all the advantages of the old ones with few of the disadvantages (ie lack of power). It doesn't have quite the charm of the old one and the Winnebago conversion build quality isn't as good as Westfalia, but I wouldn't trade it from the old one or for the ubiquitous mini-vans that are everywhere.
  • I have an opportunity to buy a 5 cylinder 1995 Camper van, or the 6 cylinder 1997 model. The 1997 version is getting quite large at 131" wheelbase and 5000 pounds weight. Is the 1995 model be any better for city driving? What is it's wheelbase and weight?
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    I wasn't aware that the Winnebago Eurovan's wheelbase changed. Note that the Winnies have the long wheelbase and regular Urovans have the SWB. VW doesn't sell the LWB passenger van or a SWB camper (like the new Westphalias) in the U.S.
  • trier1trier1 Posts: 1
    There has been a compilation of reports at regarding fuel line leaks on the 93 EV. Of 20 EV owners reporting, 17 have had fuel line leaks and at least one of those leaks created a fire which totaled the EV. The necessary repair appears to be replacement of some fuel lines and their clamps. VWoA and NHTSA have been advised. I you own a 93 EV, be sensitive to the possibility of a fuel line leak and resultant fire.
  • ivan17ivan17 Posts: 2
    Hi name1200 (or anyone selling)
    I'm interested in buying 98&up Eurovan MV/Camper.
    Please send your offer at
  • Hi,
    I made this post several weeks ago and since that time my email address has changed. I am so sorry if you've tried to send me mail.

    Hi folks! I have a 1999 Eurovan Camper that I am
    going to sell. It has 15,500 miles on it and is inperfect condition (stove and furnace have never
    been used.) I have added a 10 disc CD changer and
    stereo. I LOVE MY EVC!! But ... have to sell it
    because of medical reasons. If anyone is
    interested please email me personally and I will
    give you all of the details. My address is : (This is the updated email address.)
  • seb4seb4 Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 van with a Glaval Primetime Hightop conversion, fully loaded with 26,600 miles. I'm trying to find the fair market value on it for a buyer to give to her credit union for a loan. The credit union can't seem to figure out what the market value on a conversion van is. I recently had a change in marital status and am downsizing. If anyone has info on finding a market value or is interested in buying the van, please email me at
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