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Chevy Venture



  • sheboutshebout Posts: 3
    I'm sorry - I don't have the schematic you're looking for, but I do have a 2002 WB with the same problem. We can get certain movies to play (Any old Scooby Doo animated discs will play), but most of our movies will not. We either get "reading" on the screen, or nothing. I am now using a portable DVD player plugged into the van's system to bypass the picky van DVD. When we first got the van new in '02, it would play anything. It seems like it got pickier as the years passed. If you can figure out a fix, please let us know. Thanks and good luck!
  • I might suggest to you both that your dvd player is working fine, but the disc you put in them has a different coding than was used in 2002-2003. As I understand it (from having problems like yours on my home dvd player) some older dvd's are recorded/formatted in "+R" while all newer (since 2002) are recorded in "-R". Some early dvd players only play dvd's recorded in "+R", thus you have a problem when you put in a dvd formatted in "-R" into an older player that only plays "+R". I hope this makes sense. Good luck.
  • I have recently noticed a strong fuel odor when starting the engine on my 2002 Venture. Yesterday I finally got a chance to look under the vehicle and noticed fuel leaking from a canister under the driver's door. I am assuming that this is an in-line fuel filter. Has anyone else seen this same issue and is it a relatively easy fix?
  • I own a 2001 Venture Warner Brothers Edition. I would like to change the stock VCP to a DVD player. Does anyone know where to buy a direct replacement and what the cost may be?

    I bought the van new and it has been very good. One thing that may benefit others is that the A/C was not blowing much air recently. If you switched it to max it was very slow. I tried everything to fix it and all to no avail. That is until I replaced the cabin filters in the glove compartment for the first time. By the way, this was just this past summer. Hope this helps someone.
  • Hi, I have a 2003 Venture, which has been working great. The only major expense has been to replace the factory tires at 14,000 kms.

    The last two summers, it has developed a noise from the airconditioner. It started off last year as a loud moaning noise that lasted 10-20 seconds after you shut the A/C or engine off. It only happened during hot, humid days. I reported it to them when the vehicle was under warranty, but I couldn't show them the problem. (It was erratic then).

    This summer, the noise has gotten worse, both volume-wise and by the length. Now it lasts over 20 seconds. It's also more consistent on hot days.

    I took it back to the dealership. (Golden Mile, Toronto). As luck would have it, I couldn't show it to them. The mechanic didn't seem surprised to hear the description. He thinks it 's normal, something due to the releasing of pressure.

    Has anyone seen anything similar? Advice?


  • This is normal due to the refrigerant pressures changeing after the compressor is shut off.
  • Thanks acgriff. That gels with the service technician's theory. I asked because the sound is very loud and a little alarming.

    - sandy.
  • Hey, me too. I have a 2003 Venture with the WB package & I need a factory DVD player. The DVD units are probably exactly the same. Mine came with a DVD but it doesn't work properly. It reads & reads the DVD but very rarely activates the overhead screen. I was told GM could fix it but they would have to send it off to Delphi & it would cost me $800 - $1200! No thanks. If you find someplace that sells the DVD player please let me know. Likewise I will tell you as soon as I find where to get one. Thanks.
  • I very rarely used my rear wiper on my 2000 Venture. It didn't work when I last tried to use it. Looked in my Haynes manual on how to remove the rear panel. No problem. The shaft of the wiper arm was corroded and binding in the housing that takes it thru the rear window. I disconnected the electrical connector from the wiper motor and drilled a hole in the shaft housing and put WD-40 in and moved the shaft back and forth with pliers to free it. I then drilled a larger hole and put in a zerks grease fitting. I let the motor dangle from a piece of wire while it was connected to the electrical connector. I ran the motor and pumped in grease until it came out both ends of the shaft. Took out the zerks grease fitting. Everything better than new! More lube in it now than from the factory. After seeing how it is also could just take off the wiper arm and the nut and drill a hole in the shaft just before the shaft housing enters the rear window..and put motor oil in that way. It would save having to take off the rear panel. This could be done as preventative measure.
  • Check your oxygen sensors, they might be going bad.
  • check your oxygen sensors
  • Yes, after testing a bunch of formats with my 2005 Venture DVD player, the only homemade discs that work are DVD+R. None of the RW ones will play.
  • I have a 2001 venture and recently it has been saying error on the radio and security light on dashboard is going on. when i shut the vehicle off the lights go off but then it will do it again . anyone else have same problem please help
  • All I can say to any of you is chevy venture's just plain suck!!I've had a 97 since 2000.I started having trouble in 2003. power window on driver side hasn't worked and it's over $500.00 to get that fixed, so I've been driving around all these years opening my damn door all the time. my engine blew...whoever designed the engine in the first place is nuts, you can't get to anything to do much. To even put power steering fluid(there's a bad leak there to) in it is rediculis & to get to the battery is a pain too.I really started having alot of problems after I had the engine replaced, so I don't know what's up with that. Now I have a hole in the muffler and a noise like probably the water pump may be going.A/C quit working too. And yes, it takes along time to heat up in very cold weather. All in all I'd tell anyone who wanted to buy a venture , DON'T !!
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Rotate engine forward by removing top motor mounts, accelerator & cruise control cables from TB & air cleaner assembly. Put trans in neutral and Voila!, you can rotate the engine towards the front with a ratcheting strap. Then remove the ignition module in the back and you can get to them.
  • I want drain and refill the radiator Does any one know where is the radiator drain outlet? Thanks.
  • Original owner 98 Venture 130,000 mi. Rarely ever have problems. Most repairs by myself. Traveling in 25 mi/hr stop/go traffic when temp gage ran red and no heat in cabin on 50 degree day. Towed to my home and replaced thermostat next day. Had coolant professionally flushed. Ran fine for 1/2 day. Now gage goes red while no heat in cabin then about 1 min later will go to normal. I can not predict when gage will go red again, but it occurs about every 3 mins. I am thinking air in coolant line, possible radiator cap. I am excluding water pump because it appears to work intermittenly. Any suggestions?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    maybe your coolant temperature sensor is going bad, its a cheap sensor under $25, might be worth changing, even if you're wrong its easy to do and you aren't out much. If I remember right, its located on the block just above the thermostat housing. You'll have to drain some of the coolant to change but its easy otherwise. I'll look when I get home for the exact location & will repost.
  • May be a bad heater core if you're not getting heat inside while the engine overheats.
  • tink3tink3 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Venture,have had it for 5years now,and has 132,000 miles on it. I've had pretty good luck with it,but I'm afaird my luck maybe running out.About six weeks ago, just every now and then I'll put it either into drive or reverse and it seems like it's not going into gear.Now I'm hearing from others that manifold gaskets are known to go on these vans....Any info. out there.Is it time for another vechile? :confuse:
  • Hi

    I had the same problem, what's a VCR?

    We ended up taking it to a local car audio shop that could supply a mobile DVD player without the screen. I did it 3 years ago and it cost about $300 including install, I imagine it would be a lot cheaper now?
  • Manifold gaskets are an engine problem, not a transmission problem. I'd say with the mileage you have on it, dump it because it's going to cost at minimum $2500 to rebuild the transmission, and given it's 10 years old (and probably rusting) it's probably not justified.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Its 10 years old and has 132K miles - I wouldn't worry about what might those miles & age, anything could break on any car....

    Yes the intake manifold gaskets are suspect in these vehicles, but if you don't have a problem right now, I wouldn't worry about it - its just something to keep your eye on.

    As for the trans - have you ever had the fluid/filter changed? If not, you're over due. Get it changed or change it yourself (its pretty straight forward) and see what happens. New fluid can make a world of difference in a trans. Although these transmissions have historically had an issue with the pressure control solenoid (about $ 800 repair) they're pretty solid otherwise.

    I like our Venture - keep up with the maintenance and drive it as long as you can as they haven't kept their value well and really aren't worth trading in. Even of you have to spend every now and then on repairs its still better than a car payment!

  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    I agree with 442dude on the changing transmission fluid and filter. My 97 Olds van had the fluid and filter changed at 40K miles. And after that, it shifted like new. At 80K miles, I cheaped out and had fluid change only. I did feel the difference before/after this change. So filter change is also necessary

    So transmission fluid/filter change can set you back at most $200 if it done by the shop. But it may extend the life of the vehicle.

  • I have a 2000 venture van. When I turn on the HVAC fan the engine starts to run rough and you can here clatter in the engine compartment. When I turn the fan off the engine rumbles a few seconds and evens out. Also the fan will not work sometimes on the #5 setting . Any solutions?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Check the answer I posted in the other place where you posted your question.....
  • I leased this vehicle brand new from a local dealer. The dealer has been good on the warrranty. However, this vehicle hasn't impressed me at all.
    30kms wheel bearing failed.....40kms cd player failed and I had to wait two months for a replacement under warranty.....50kms rubber ruined around the driver's door.......50kms cup holder fell apart.......filter door in dash broke the day I bought it and GM couldn't fix it and never did repair it.....metal in driver's seat structure pushing out through the seat cloth and destroying the fabric....3rd inspection with 80kms on vehicle had to install front rotors and tie rod end....lights are gone in the driver's side power window buttons....has had water in one signal light for long time....glove compartment door falls open all the time.....slip in transmission when shifting between 1st and 2nd gear.....power steering tends to jam up in tight turning areas with six grown adults in van ......gas smell on overcast days..... molding of plastic on doors interior where the inside meets the window doesn't fit tight either side and you can see right down into the door guts...I have had this vehicle serviced at the dealer regularly since day one and I baby all my vehicles....This vehicle has 85000 kms on it which is equal to 50000 miles and look at the summary, not very impressive!
    This is a mass produced piece of junk! I wish my lease was up so I could get rid of the thing before it totally falls apart...
  • lc01lc01 Posts: 1
    I have a Chevy venture 2002, runs great until recently, the engine stalls 1-2 seconds after engine start. I have to apply the padel to keep the engine running. When the engine warms up, it runs fine, the car won't die at the stop sign. I searched websites and found many people have same problem as mine. Some of them spent thousands of dollars without get car fixed. Thus I post this message here.

    After I did all the researches, I found the problem was caused by IACV (Idle air control valve). Venture has a poor design that the air filter cover is designed to open to a very congested area. So every air filter change, it is very difficult to fully close the air filter cover. If that cover is not tightly covered, the dirty air get into the Throttle as well as the idle bypass passage. Over the period of time, the IACV gets very dirty and block the air into the engine at idle. Thus the engine stalls.

    The solution is to clean the IACV as well as the throttle body. There is a throttle body cleaner (spray) you can buy in the auto parts supply store. The procedure to apply:

    1) Take off the big pipe between the air filter and throttle. (about 3" in diameter)

    2) Connect all the sensors. Sensor will set P-code if you disconnect them.

    3) IACV hole is located before the throttle in the throttle body. On the upper side.

    4) Spray cleaner in the IACV pipe.

    5) Wait for couple seconds. Start engine.

    6) Keep the engine run at low speed if you can.

    7) Spray small amount in to the throttle body, make sure the engine won't stall.

    8) Repeat couple times.

    9) Now the throttle body cleaned. Your car should be back to normal again.

    If you have the necessary tools, you can also take the IACV out and wipe it clean. I tried and found there are too many wires and pipes on top of the IACV. So I gave up.

    Hope this message helps.
  • brad0395brad0395 Posts: 2
    Yes, we have a vcr, someone took out the dvd, anyways anyone know how to hook up the vcr, the van has a pull down monitor screen but will not even turn on. Anyone with any answers please help us out waiting reply.
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