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Chevrolet Lumina



  • ssmartssmart Posts: 7
    To pipes3k,

    Yes the pcv valve is a pain to get to on the 3.1. I never did replace mine because of the cost involved just to get to the bang thing. You cannot see it without disassembling the top of the engine according to my mechanic who was the shop foreman for years with a Chevy dealer.
  • ssmartssmart Posts: 7
    To: this_is_nascar, jpstax, and Edmund2001

    I just purchased a 99 LTZ with 25K on it. It has bench seats in the front. It also has the LTZ emblem on the dash above the glove box and the LTZ embroidered in the middle of the rear seat and the LTZ emblem at the right rear of the trunk lid just below the spoiler. It also has the 3800 Series II, the 16" spoke rims, and the spoiler on the trunk lid. I also drove 3 LTZ's before I purchased this one (mine being one of the 3 I drove) and all had bench seats in the front as well as all the markings of an LTZ. I just now looked up the LTZ on Edmunds under used cars since it is no longer manufactured and the buckets are listed as an option. Check it for yourself. this_is_nascar, just because we didn't get buckets doesn't mean we didn't get an LTZ. After all, I didn't by it for the seats, I bought for that 3800 Series II horsepower! No offense, please. Have a nice day or night.
  • Anybody got any experience and suggestions concerning using a 1998 Lumina 3.1L V-6 to tow a 2000 pound max pop-up camper? We adore this car, but have concerns with the transmission (I know to tow in 3rd, but not overdrive); we're planning on adding a trans cooler. Any advice would be appreciated sent to Thank you for your consideration!
  • The vent problem that I experienced as per described in post #268 was repaired. The problem was a split vacuum hose, just like Nafrong00 predicted. The hose was located under the battery. It took a while for the mechanic to find. He started tracing from under the dash board towards the engine block checking every hose. At least all my hoses were checked. Everything is up and running well. Thank you Mr.Goodwrench.
  • Glad to hear that it is, in fact, an LTZ. For whatever reason GM really changed what was considered standard and optional during the '98 and '99 model season. Believe it or not, my LTZ actually had the 3.1 liter engine, NOT the 3.8.
  • For all of you to know, Chevy Lumina is built in Oshawa, Canada. It has always been built there since GM started building Lumina's in 1988. Chevy Lumina, Impala, Monte Carlo, and Buick Century and Regal are all built in Oshawa. That plant has one of the best paint shop in GM. I have never seen a Lumina with peeling paint, although I have seen a lot of S-10's, C/K trucks, and Grand Am's. Chevy Lumina with 3.1L and 3.8L engines are excellent buys, stay away from 3.4L DOHC engines found only in Luminas, Grand Prix, and Cutlass Supremes. Buick never used that engine. The alternators in earlier model GM 2.8 and 3.1L was a problem, so was the rear disc brakes until they switched to rear drums in 95.

    Last year, 2000MY was the last year for public to be able to purchase Lumina from the Chevy dealers. in 2000CY ( part 2000 and part 2001) only some 45,000 Lumina were built for fleet use only. GM will stop building Lumina's all together this year.

    If you are looking for a good, roomy, and reliable car, look for 95-99 Lumina's.
  • I thought one of the points of the LTZ was the 3.8 liter power plant although the LTZ trim seems to take away the pure family car look. A car that looks horsepower should have better than average P. I don't mean to be putting down the 3.1 liter however. I had a 90 Eurosport with the 3.1 and it was an excellent car. I put 128,000 ticks on it. I read some post earlier in the forum from folks living in Canada that said the 3.1 was more the standard engine in their country. I thought all LTZ's purchased in the US had the 3.8. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Amen to staying away from the 3.4 liter DOHC engine. I never had one. My 90 Eurosport had a 3.1, but I heard more than 1 mechanic warn about that engine. They say it is very complicated, but however powerful.
  • I had also thought that all LTZ's had the 3.8. That's why I was surprised when I discovered that mine didn't. That was the main reason I traded it in on my 2000 Impala LS. The 3.8 is head and shoulders over the 3.1
  • I agree 100% about the 3.8 over the 3.1. Also, from what I have read on this forum and from mechanics in town, the 3.8 is one of the best V-6's CM has ever made from a longevity viewpoint as well. Happy Trails
  • I'm considering purchasing a chevrolet lumina 1998. It has 9000 miles on it and am concerned about the steering wheel being too close to the chest area (I'm 5'0 foot)and have to sit close to the steering wheel to reach the pedals comfortably. In event of a front collision the bag would employ with such force as to hit the chest possibly causing the heart to stop. Similar to a judo hit in the mid-sternum area, which could also potentially cause the heart to stop. The sheriff's department stated the steering wheel should be at least 10 inches from the chest. Is there something that can be done about this? or should I forget this one :( Has anyone had experience with their air bags and the amount of force it employs? Would really appreciate an answer soon. Thanks.......Majikjenie
  • My dad has a 1998 Lumina LTZ with the 3.8, which is one of the best engines in the world, and he has every option offered for that car execpt for on star. This car is fast, but not as fast as the Taurus SHO. My question is what does LTZ stand for?
  • prestoneprestone Posts: 13
    This information may be too late for your purchase of the 1998 Lumina you were looking at.

    I drove a 1998 Lumina LTZ for 3 years and really enjoyed it except for one major problem. The problem is that I'm only 5'1 and had to sit very near the steering wheel in order to reach the pedals.

    While driving my LTZ for three years (overall, it was a great car!) I worried about the possibility of an accident severe enough to deploy the airbags, fortunately, that moment never came. When looking for another car to lease this last summer, I did look long and hard at the new Chevy Impala LS, but it just didn't fit me well. I ended up with a 2000 Mercury Sable LS Premium which had a great feature, factory installed electric adjustable pedals! (These pedals adjust up to three inches with the touch of a button!) I had found a car that perfectly fit me! Now I sit about 12 inches from the steering wheel.

    Ford Motor Company makes several cars with the adjustable pedals, the Ford Tarus, Crown Victoria, thier near twins, the Mecury Sable and the Mercury Grand Marquis.

    I drove Chevy's for 15 years and hope they will soon incorporate adjustable pedals in their vehicles.

    I know of several sites on the Internet that sell pedal extensions. They are.........

    Hope some of this info will prove useful to you Majikjenie. Take care
  • chuck98chuck98 Posts: 2
    I drive a 98 Lumina with the 3.1 V6
    It has acceptable power but i'd like to try to get a few more hp out of it if possiable.
    Are there any reasonably affordable ways to make this motor perform better?
    Ive heard of the K&N air filters helping, but by how much?
    What about a new computer chip?
  • My 96 Lumina sometimes won't turn over. I bang the under hood fuse boxes until it'll go, sometimes waiting 5 min. does the same thing. Anyone have any ideas, the fuseboxes are filthy, I tried cleaning them with limited success. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree...
  • ourjagourjag Posts: 10
    We own a 1996 Chevrolet Lumina bought brand new in April 1996 with a 3.1 liter engine! It as been and still is a truly GREAT CAR!!!!
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    We put 50k miles on a base 95 Lumina with 3.1 engine with no problems at all. Sold it and got a 99 Lumina with same motor and have 12k on it. Again, no problems, just change the oil and go. Bench seats are quite comfortable to us, even on long all day trips. 3.1 motor has plenty of power for passing on two lane roads. Get 29 to 31 mpg on 70 mph interstate drives. Too bad they are ceasing production! Great, roomy, economical car to buy and drive!
  • jindiejindie Posts: 1
    I have the 92 3.4. I don't think it's burning oil, but it seems to be blowing it out on the exhaust. I have to put in about 1 quart a week at least, and I don't drive a lot. We replaced the rear main seal; that didn't fix it. It smokes when I stop from the oil on the exhaust. It runs very well going down the road, lots of power...the motor doesn't sound bad...the pcv valve has to be replaced quite often, it gets gooey...Please help! I love how the car runs, but it's killing us on the oil!
  • I tried a K and N air filter in my Monte (2-door Lumina) and it seemed to make a slight difference in gas mileage, maybe one-half to one more MPG. I believe the 3.1 is a little underrated as 0-60 times are in the 8.8 to 9 second range. I think the 3.1 is a fine motor. I have not had any problems in 4 years and 49K. The engine is smooth and powerful. Its passing power exceeds my nerve. Porchdoggie, it sound as though you have starter problems.
  • timmyg71timmyg71 Posts: 5
    I am thinking about buying a used Lumina ('95 or so). Are there any things I should look for when looking at them (reoccuring problems, etc.)? Thanks for the help in advance.
  • minnbillminnbill Posts: 28
    Reading all the previous 290+ posts on this topic should give you a good idea of what to avoid. The '95-'99 years seem to be leaps and bounds ahead of the earlier Luminas in terms of reliability. I've owned a '98 Lumina for 2 years and have had absolutely zero problems. Regular oil changes and tire rotations have been it for me, though I'm about due for new brake pads. Good luck...
  • I was just checking out the reliability data for lumina's.
    I've looked before, and was pleasantly surprised at 7.8 ratings on
    Edmunds, but those were for 1994 or 1993 models.

    I just saw a '95 for sale today. When I checked the reliability rating,
    I was shocked to see it drop down to 5.6 !

    In '96 it goes back up, above 7.5 . . ..

    Why is there such a notable dip for the 1995 car?
    Can anybody give me some background on this?
  • larryn2larryn2 Posts: 18
    does any one know how to shut off day time running lites in 2001 lumina this is a police car used for survalance lites dont help neather does chevy
  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    Don't know if the 2001 works the same as my 1998, but if you apply the parking brake before starting the car the lights do not come on until you release the parking brake. This is a bit of a pain if you drive to a location and want to turn off the lights. You have to park, apply the parking brake, turn off the car, and start it up again. Not a "clean" solution, but at least it might give you "stealth" mode!
  • tonyj3tonyj3 Posts: 1
    I am an 18yr old college students who used to own a '92 Lumina but the miles stacked up and a replacement was need. So I went in search of another one, and picked up a '95 Lumina LS with less than half the miles for a great price. My '92 was very reliable with only the transmission and the alternator needing replacements. (the transmission was need to be fixed cause my friend kicked the shifter throwing it in to reverse while going 60mph)
    To the na-sayers of the Impala I'd say drive it. I have and I absoulty love it it is large and strong. In 2005 when it goes to a rear wheel platform and gets the V-8 i'll be first in line to buy one. For the short women who bought the Ford Taurus or Sable I pitty you, Fords are quite crappy cars. The 3.1 may be an old dinosaur engine but it stays storng, and has decent power for it's price.
  • felipe47felipe47 Posts: 2
    I am a happy owner of a'95 Lumina with 125,000 miles. I have been driving it without incident from 71,000 miles on. It was a fleet vehicle that I purchased from my company. It has always make a creaking noise whenever I turn the steering wheel in either direction. My mechanic informed me that it is a suspension issue without safety concerns and that it will cost about $300 to repair. I believe that it is an annoying problem with the rack and pinoin steering. Has anyone had a similar problem and if so what was the remedy?
  • bearmerbearmer Posts: 37
    Can somebody tell me what VIN codes (8th character in VIN) the 3.1L used? Were the codes different for federal and California? Were any engines besides the 3.1L used in MY98?
  • yorgeyorge Posts: 1
    I just buy a 95' Lumina, it's the latest model for a used import (from the US) car that can be bought here in Mexico. My old car was a 93 Lumina.
  • powerjackpowerjack Posts: 2
    I have a 1998 Lumina LTZ and I am having trouble with a noise from the steering. It is making a groaning noise while turning at low to moderate speeds. I have mentioned it to two GM dealers but they both say there is nothing to worry about. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.
  • krricekrrice Posts: 1
    Hi porchdoggie,don't know if you have your problem fixed yet. I had a similar problem with my lumina, after much trial and error I found it was the crank shaft sensor. Since the fix I have had no problems with it starting. Good Luck
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