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Volvo S40

SBK1SBK1 Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Volvo
I am looking for sedans in the 25K range.
Does anyone have any info or opinions on the
upcoming Volvo S40, or other sporty sedans such as
the Audi A4?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


  • stickguystickguy Posts: 34,814
    I saw an S40 (and V40) at an auto show in January. I really liked that car. Very stylish, great seats and interior. SHould be competitively priced (like a mid range Passat or basic A4) and reasonably powerful. There is also a topic in wagons for the V40/S40. Check it out also for more info.

    2019 Acura TLX A-spec 4 cyl. (mine), and 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's)

  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 7,137
    I too saw and liked the S40 and V40. If they drive like other Volvos, they'll be great cars. It concerns me that they're built on a Mitsubishi platform, though.

    The Ford/Volvo merger also bothers me. I can just see Explorers rolling off the assembly line with Volvo badges on them (shudder)!

    I don't know how competitively it will be priced. Volvo says "under $25,000" which most likely means "$24,995", and on top of that options will probably include sunroof, leather, alloy wheels, cold weather package, etc.
  • Where did you hear that the S40 and V40 were built on Mitsubishi platforms.

    go here
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 7,137
    I believe I read it in Car and Driver. The dealer admitted it when I asked him about it.
  • jduttjdutt Posts: 1
    When will these cars be offered in the States? It looks like they've been available in Europe for a couple of years now.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #6:

    I believe that the last I read was that they would start arriving in showrooms in August. Given that it's not a new model I wouldn't expect this date to slip much (I saw quite a few of them at the factory in Sweden about a month ago).

    [email protected]
  • balooo2balooo2 Posts: 8
    What do you think about the S40 having seen one up close?
    What is Volvo doing for the home market that impressed you must?
    One more question did you happen to see the S90 Royale while in Sweden?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #8:


    I think the 40 series will be very competitive once it arrives this year. Unfortunately, I suspect there will be a new Audi A4 and with the new BMW 3 series (323 specifically), the S40 will be in for a battle in the next couple of years. For me personally, I found the S40 too small for my needs (young family). I thought the design was progressive but didn't really wow me. Oddly, and I'm not a wagon man, the V40 struck me as a much more appealing design. Even though it is a small car it has lots of room in the back because it is a wagon.

    Regarding Volvo's home market, I can say that we get the pick of the litter here in the US. Volvo definitely has less cache in Sweden than in the US. While I was in Sweden I saw 300 and 400 series Volvos (no longer made) that looked like replicas of older Mitsubishis! The biggest advantage that I experienced was the customer oriented service I received. The people at the delivery center bent over backwards to accommodate me. Contrast this with VCNA who you will have a hard time getting to respond to a letter or call. If you have a problem it seems VCNA's job is to ignore your cries for help. I got the feeling that the people in Sweden actually care about their brand.
    Regarding the S90 Royale, I believe the limo that picked me up at the airport was a stretched Royale. Mine was a few years old but a very nice car. I didn't see any of the regular ones that I've seen in pictures.

    [email protected]
  • balooo2balooo2 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the for the update.
    Funny you liken the 300 and 400's to a Mitsubishi
    because the word is the S40 shares the mitsubishi
    Charisma's Chasis And the possibility of them being built here in the USA at a under utilized Mitsubishi plant in Normal Ill.I don't know if thats good or bad but the reality of 3 players world wide in the car production biz is looming nearer all the time.
  • kimrokimro Posts: 4
    I have seen the S40 at the Atlanta Auto Show, and am on their mailing list. It is at the top of my list for purchase, assuming the test drive goes OK. The local salesperson has said late August/early Sept. Has anyone heard of colors available?

    The Volvo mailout says $23,000 base, but doesn't mention what is optional. I assume leather is an option. What about CD?
  • a very close competitor to the Audi A4, will steal sales from the Infiniti G20. this car will be seen in suburban U.S. driveways im sure!
  • baronbaron Posts: 1
    Just saw the new 2000 S40 at my Volvo Dealer here in Florida. Looks great! They aren't allowed to let anyone drive this particular car (it's just for show.) They are getting another one sometime next week and I'll be able to test drive that one. Can't wait! I got a brochure with all the specifications and prices.
    160 hp In-line 4 cyl, light pressure turbo
    0-60 in 8.5 seconds
    131 mph top speed
    Braking distance 60-0 mph, 121.4 ft.
    As far as prices go...
    MSRP $22,900
    Destination $575
    Touring Package $1,500 (power driver's seat, AM/FM Stereo with single CD player, premium speaker system, classic leather steering wheel, trip computer)
    Sunroof Package $2,200(Glass sunroof, leather-faced seating surfaces, simulated wood trim, wood gear lever)
    Sports Package $550 (Rear Spoiler, Front Fog Lights, sport steering wheel)
    Cold Weather Package $850 (Dynamic stability assistance, heated front seats, headlight wiper/washer system)
    My only complaint about the car so far are the alloy wheels. They standard ones aren't very sporty looking and the 2 optional alloy wheels choices aren't much better. Oh well.
  • carguy000carguy000 Posts: 55
    I'm just curious. I think the S40 has been out in Europe for about three years already. When will it be redesigned? Will it be redesigned in the next two-three years? Thanks!
  • jottmanjottman Posts: 4
    Maxwell Volvo in Greensboro,NC has a V40 on lot for test drives. I drove it yesterday and it did seem to be a very nice car. I did not think it compared to the handling and ride of my A4. I have been considering the V40, Passat Wagon, or Outback Wagon and have yet to decide. The dealer said delivery would be near the end Sept for a V40.
  • chazchaz Posts: 8
    The 40 does not share platform with Mitsu Just some parts and portions of platform. They are very different and really share a factory in Holland so both save money. Was in factory recently.
  • ssonnetssonnet Posts: 27
    I drove the S40 today. Here are my thoughts.

    What I liked:
    1. The exterior look.
    2. The engine is powerful.
    3. Quiet ride and solid feel.
    4. Center rear headrest and shoulder belt.

    What I disliked:
    1. It felt small inside (it is a compact class).
    2. The fit and finish was mixed. A few panels were not flush and leather work was not first rate.

    What I saw regarding the fit and finish gives me doubts of the vehicles quality. I am also concerned about Fords purchase of Volvo, because anyone who has dealt with Ford service and Ford products knows quality is not job one...
  • FORD's name sticks out like a sore thumb when attached to volvo. could you imagine GM-Lexus?!? it would be smart for Ford to not mess with VOlvo's car-building method. FOrd can do the marketing! i hope these misfit panels were just early-production quirks - BUT they certainly ARENT acceptable, whether this car is a Volvo or a FORD volvo! thanks for sharing your test-drive!
  • ssonnetssonnet Posts: 27
    One more thing I didn't like was the trunk size. It is very small. This vehicle is the Volvo Civic EX.
  • tjt66tjt66 Posts: 3
    I agree with post #17. I was impressed by the power and quietness of the engine. It has plenty of power and pickup at all speeds. The trunk is definitely small. I don't think you could get a set of golf clubs in without lying back one of the seats. (I'll check that out on my next test drive) I was disappointed with the interior finish. There were several exposed screws on the bottom of the dashboard. Overall I was impressed with the car. Every dealer in Houston seems to have a different story as to when they will start arriving for purchase. Only one dealer has received a car for test drives and he received it the day before my drive.
  • ssonnetssonnet Posts: 27
    I forgot to mention the exposed screws, but they did stick out like a sore thumb. It is unforgivable for a car in this class to have exposed screws. What are they thinking???
  • tjt66tjt66 Posts: 3
    When I specifically pointed these exposed screws out to my salesman. He stated "They leave them like that so that it is easier for the service people" Huh?? I told him that my Honda doesn't have any screws like that on the dash. He shrugged his shoulders. I'm between an A4, sport ute(for practicality purposes) and the S40. Or maybe I'll just keep my Honda for another year! :)
  • balooo2balooo2 Posts: 8
    I have not seen or driven the new S40 but I know it has been on sale for a few years now in Europe
    and other Volvo markets. If the fit and finish is not up to par by now thats very disappointing.
    I have a 99 S70 and I'm very happy with the car.
    I've had only one problem and that was the antenna
    on my car and that was corrected promptly.
    I don't know why Volvo waited so long to bring the S40 to the US market but I assume it most certainly has to do with the marketing of the entire line.
    This S70 2000 model year is the last of the boxy Volvo's and the lower end is their bread and butter,they probably don't won't to shock the market with this S80 body style(I've met loyal Bricksters who are not crazy about it,Ilove it!)so to phase it in slowly is not a bad idea.
    Don't be surprised to see an all new look on the S40 by 2002,along with a Volvo SUV.
  • ssonnetssonnet Posts: 27
    I understand that the S40 is manufactured in Belgium by Mitsubishi. It is a joint venture between the Belgium government, Mitsubishi, and of course Volvo. I wonder if this accounts for the mixed finish work.
    I also wonder if this is more of a Mitsubishi than a Volvo???

    tjt66: What model and year Honda do you own?
  • ssonnetssonnet Posts: 27
    Thanks for clarifying. It appears that the fit and finish issues continue past the first couple of years. Have you seen one yet?

    Are you planning on buying an S40?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #26:

    I've saw quite a few S40s and V40s when I was in Sweden a couple of months ago. I've since seen a few at Boston Volvo Village as well (they can't be sold until 9/1 from what I'm told).

    I know Volvo made a concerted effort to fix the initial build quality problems with the 40 prior to US delivery but it's too early to know if they were successful. If they attack any problems with the same vigor they went after the initial S80 problems they will be very successful.

    As I just recently bought the S80 T6, and just sold the S70 T5, I don't have need of an additional car yet. If I ever manage to escape from Boston I will need a second car but if my S80 T6 hasn't been destroyed yet I'll probably get the Mrs. the Mercedes ML (now that the quality issues seem to be solved) she likes so I can stop worrying about finding french fries, cheerios, and other items my wife and toddler seem to leave in the car! (Actually, she read a review of the Ford Excrushion this weekend and now she wants one - not while I'm still breathing! I can see us living in the poor house after she flattens a family in a Honda Civic!)

    [email protected]
  • ssonnetssonnet Posts: 27
    You go through lots of nice cars. Are you driving that many miles or do you just get board quickly?

    Regarding Ford, I owned a Ford Windstar (what a big mistake). I read all these things about American quality catching up with foreign quality (bs!). Ford has no pride in their products. They are out to make money, period. Their customer service and quality is a joke. Read some of the Ford threads if you are interested in horror stories.

    Check out the LX450 or RX300. They are both very nice.
  • our First Drive: 2000 Volvo S40/V40,
    Not Necessarily Married--Volvo Goes for a Younger Crowd, by Brent Romans?

    Bonnie Rick
    Town Hall Community Manager,
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #28:


    it's a little of both! I put 48k miles on the 850 turbo, 31k miles on the S70 T5, and already have about 7k miles on the S80 T6 in just over 2 months! I've got to try to stop finding excuses to drive this car!

    I must admit that I've liked each car but each subsequent car, especially the S80, has been an improvement over the previous car. I'm hoping to settle down a bit and keep the T6 for 10 years or so. I'll probably get something else to go with it in a couple of years if we move out of the city (the Mrs. wants a SUV - I hate those things!)

    [email protected]
  • ssonnetssonnet Posts: 27
    Thank you Bonnie. Interesting article.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    Once again, another potentially great car scratched off my list because a five-speed isn't offered. As the Edmund's article mentions, the 5-speed is available in Europe, so very little investment would be made on Volvo's part to bring it here; what gives?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #32:


    even though Volvo (and many other European manufacturers are in the same boat) has a manual for the car in Europe you need to understand that it would take million$ for Volvo to get a manual to pass EPA certification standards. The simple fact of the matter is that there will not be enough volume to justify the price of offering a stick to the U.S. market (it would probably end up costing Volvo well over $1k per car to put a stick in when most people expect to pay LESS for a stick).

    [email protected]
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    I'll suck up the grand.
    Honda, Saab, BMW, Audi, VW, Toyota, LINCOLN (who'd have thought?), etc. all offer manuals.
    Obviously, the cost of certification is not prohibitive, especially when considering Saab, who sells less cars than Volvo, sells them, and does not charge extra. Those who REALLY want a manual will pay the extra money for one.
  • tersantersan Posts: 2
    Assuming that quality is acceptable for at least the first few years, are there any opinions out there on longer-term durability/reliability, as in, how the S40 might hold up after 3+ years?
  • tersantersan Posts: 2
    Also, would the turbo system in the S40 require more maintenance down the road?
  • chazchaz Posts: 8
    The 40 series looks and drives great. Have compared Passat, Accord, Camry, the 40 has great agility and i think fit and finish. Have seen great articles in English mags about its safety, one of best in Europe. The Dealers say that the car is a one pricing car, meant to sell like Saturn with even a smaller markup to get away from the dreaded negotiation. I hear Mercedes is going toward this idea also. Any thoughts?
  • bonnie5bonnie5 Posts: 2
    I test drove the S40 the other day and feel the same way you do. I was very impressed. It's funny, because initially a few weeks ago, they only had the stripped down V40 to test drive, and I didn't like the interior, although my husband and I saw it at the NY Auto show, and it was really nice and a big hit. The S40 was very tossable and drove really nice and sporty. I have to say my decision is now down to the S40 and Audi A4, although you get a lot more for your money with the S40 rather than the Audi 1.8. I will be moving to Florida soon, so the need for the quattro won't be as prevalent, and that might be the deciding factor, because to get the Audi with the amenities that the S40 has, you would need to get the more expensive 2.8 (which of course has the 6 cyl. engine).

    There are pluses and minuses about both, but I found the Volvo dealers to be much more up front and they seemed more honest and gave me a confident sense that buying from them won't be a hassle. With Audi, it's lucky anyone even talks with you, I hear from the board about all the horrendous dealers and treatment alot of them have gotten. The only two things about the Volvo I don't like is the fact that is doesn't come with a tilt and telescope steering wheel and one up windows, which the Audi has. The fit and finish on the Audi are a little bit better, but the S40 really impressed me. Nothing else has up to now, except for the Audi.

    Good luck with your decision!
  • Just today I signed a deal for a silver s40 w/off black leather interior. I thought the car performed well both on the highway and in city traffic. I definately agree w/those of you who think its small. It's definately a compact. I'm a commuter w/2 kids and the size works for me. Rarely is anyone else in my car other than me. In fact I'm guaranteed to put 15M per year on the car commuting to work, so its only me driving in the car for the most part.
    I test drove the Passat and there is really no comparison here in my mind. I'm a current Camry owner without any complaints. However, I'm expecting this car to last me 15 years. After 8
    years and 140M miles my Camry is fading fast. The Honda's and Camry's were too predictable for me this time around. I expect to exceed 200M miles w/this car and eventually give it to one of my children to tool around town in about 10 years from now.
    Somewhere I read(could've been Volvo propoganda) that the s40 has already achieved quality ratings comperable to the 850 which ultimately became the S70(I think). The S70/850 is currently a consumer reports best bet for a used car. That works for me. The fit and finish on th emodel I test drove was perfect.My sales person was very nice. I thought he was great in every area. We had very honest discussions. He was fine except that he failed to mention the 1% or $300 minimum holdback that Volvo provides on these cars. I plan on calling him tomorrow and asking him to split the difference. I also was concerned about the Mitsubishi connection. No matter what happens, I believe that Mitsubishi definately gets the better deal in this relationship. However, the Galant was Edmunds #1 pick for basic Sedans. My biggest concern initially was that the S40 has a Mitsubishi
    engine. Everything I've read about it to date suggests that its a great engine for the car. I'll let you know what happens.
  • inga11inga11 Posts: 1
    I've heard conflicting information on the official size class of the S40. Anyone know if it is officially considered a compact or a mid-size car?
  • I really liked the look of the S40. It's contemporary, attractive, and rather sporty. The interior, sans leather, did not fool anyone to be that of a higher-class (and more expensive) car, but it was nicely laid out and functional. The seat was pretty comfy, but lacks lateral support. According to the sales guy, it is the only seat available. On the road, the ride was quiet and smooth, and the suspension soaked up bumps well. The engine was responsive and sounded *almost* like a 6 cylinder (I purposely revved it while idle in the parking lot to listen to it). It had plenty of highway passing power, and shifted smoothly through the gears. But as is typical with automatics, it takes a half second for it to downshift when I smashed down the gas - really made me ache for a manual. The brakes were nice, but engaged with too little pressure for my taste (makes it a bit harder to modulate). The car's cornering was just OK. I took one of those 25MPH freeway onramp accelerating all the way through, and it felt as if it could have a stiffer suspension (and more lateral support as I mentioned before). Overall it was a positive drive.

    By the way, back on the lot, the sales guy was showing me how the back seat folds down. When he was folding it down, its head-rest fell off! Don't know if it was a bad part or a fit-and-finish problem.

    I really liked the car. I just wish it had a stick; it would be a LOT of fun to drive.

  • In order for volvo to certify the s40 5spd
    for the states is expensive. about half a

    million bucks. lazy americans don't like
    5spds in our premium cars (for the most part).
    Isn't worth it to them, but I with you. Gimme
    to the 5spd. :-( It sucks that the behemoth
    family sled S70 is available and not the new
    svelt 40.

    Cheers, B.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #39:


    if you live in the US then you don't have to worry about a Mitsubishi engine in the S40. That particular engine is only available in Europe. The US versions of the 40 series cars get the 4-cylinder version of the same family on inline modular engines Porsche designed for Volvo's 70 and 80 series cars. These engines have shown themselves to be quite good from my experience and the Mitsubishi built turbos are extremely reliable.

    [email protected]
  • jalewisjalewis Posts: 1
    I test drove the local dealer's demo S40 friday, and took my wife back saturday for another drive. I recently bought a y2k 323i-Sport, so this would be for her. The interior (especially the seats) don't compare at all to BMW's sport others have mentioned, lateral support is non-existant, especially if you're used to deep contoured seats. It drove well enough though. I don't like that the dynamic stability assistance (additional ABS features?) only seem available as part of the weather package, which includes the headlight washers and heated seats. Living in central FL, heated seats are definitely at the bottom of the list for features I want to pay for.

    Have others noticed that the demo cars the dealers have don't seem to 100% match the brochures when comparing interior details? One thing I noticed was the dealer's car had center console "cup holders" that were relatively square and didn't look like they'd do a very good job of cup holding. The brochure shows them as round. If the demo cars are some kind of US pre-production model, I wonder what else will be different when the actual cars start arriving in a month or so.

    We're comparing the S40 to the Camry and perhaps the Accord. With the exception of the incredibly poorly done faux wood on the S40, we liked the S40 interior much better than the Camry. Rear leg room in the S40 looks almost non-existant though.

    Does anyone know what the roof box (part of one of the free incentive packages) looks like, how much it can hold, or how difficult it is to remove/replace it and whatever it attaches to on the roof?
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    Curious to know why Volvo put in a 160 mph
    speedo, when the S-70 has a 140 mph speedo?
    Considering the top speed (governed?)is maybe
    120 or so, why not have the speedo top end read
    120 and no higher? This would allow easier reading of your speed, without seeing the numbers
    being scrunched in a largely unusable (illegal)
    Years back, in the 1970s and
    speedos read no higher than 100 to 120...only
    sports cars (Corvette, 240z) had speedos that
    read 160 mph. Seeing the same trend now on the
    Maxima, Passat, Audi, Mercedes.
    Maybe we should bring back the regulation from
    NHTSA to have these speedos read no higher than
    85 mph like we saw in the 1979-84 period? Maybe
    modify it to 100 mph?
    Any thoughts on this?
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    Curious to know if the S-40 is avbl in federal
    emissions as well as the infamous, catch-all,
    "50 state" emission....thinly disguised as NLEV,
    or California emissions in reality.
    All I have seen is 50 there a federal
    emission version avbl for those states that do
    not mandate NLEV or California emissions?
    Any dealer know about this?
  • I had a chance to drive a Volvo S40 today. Yes, the car does have good response, but I'm a bit put off by the small amount of legroom in the back and also the surprisingly small trunk. With the type of money Volvo wants for a S40 sedan, I might as well get a Honda Accord LX V6 sedan and send it to a good auto shop to have upgraded shocks and thicker sway bars installed for better handling. The Honda Accord sedan is about the same size as the Volvo S40, but has a LOT more room in both the interior and trunk.
  • I beg to differ, but the Honda Accord is not a better deal. The S40 puts out 160hp and 170ftlb torque. You would need to get the V6 Accord to beat those numbers. And you could never get the long tradition of Volvo safety for any price.

    The S40 is the small Volvo, if you want a bigger car, get the S70.
  • The point is if you get the S70, you are into a lot more money which totally negates the comparison to an Accord.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 34,814
    took a short test drive today in a loaded S40. Very very impressed. This car drove real nice, smooth and extremeley quick. Shifts were not even noticeable, which means alot coming from me since I generally hate automatics (they never seem to be in the right gear).

    Seats were very comfortable. No contest vs. a Camry or Accord. Rest of the interior felt/looked high quality.

    back seat wasn't huge, but I fit behind the driver's seat (I'm 6'0"). If you want a car for 4 adults, the S80 is like a limo.

    Was actully disappointed in the trunk. Didn't seem very big, and the opening seemed somewhat awkward. Of course, the V40 would cure that problem.

    Seemed to be loaded with features. Plenty of buttons that I would need the manual to figure out.

    Overall, very competitive with an A4, or for anyone who doesn't like real large (outside dimension) cars.

    2019 Acura TLX A-spec 4 cyl. (mine), and 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's)

  • ssonnet, well you can't get a Volvo for cheap. Do you expect to get a Lexus for the price of a Toyota? My point is that the S40 is well matched to the base Accord. Let me repeat my post "The S40 puts out 160hp and 170ftlb torque. You would need to get the V6 Accord to beat those numbers. And you could never get the long tradition of Volvo safety for any price."
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