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Chrysler Concorde



  • anonymousanonymous Posts: 314
    My Concorde is about 3 months old and lately I have noticed that the AC stinks like a damp rag. I have tried spraying Lysol into the blower intake under the glove compartment and it goes away for a while. Any suggestions?
  • Don´t use it in the recirculation mode.
  • 401k401k Posts: 16
    I posted this information quite some time back, but I guess that it is worth repeating. (I got this fix from "MotorWeek" on our local PBS station a few years ago.)

    Turn on your AC in the "Manual" mode and set the temperature control to the lowest possible setting ("Lo"). Put the fan in the recirculation mode. Spray the Lysol into the outside air intakes at the base of the windshield. Be generous with the Lysol. Allow the AC to run for at least two minutes. The drawback to this method is that your car will smell like Lysol for a couple of days, but it sure does beat the wet sweat-sock smell!

    This method has worked for me on every car on which I've tried it. This is NOT a problem that is confined to Concordes or Chrysler products by ANY means.

    One way to avoid the moisture build-up in the AC system is to make sure that you give the system a chance to dry out. Running the AC, then parking the car in a cool, damp place will allow the mold and mildew to grow in the system just as it will in a bathroom that is insufficiently ventilated. If you don't think that there will be sufficient warmth or dryness to evaporate the moisture in the system when you park your car after running the AC, try to turn off the AC a minute or two before you park and blow fresh outside air through the vent system.

    Hope this helps.

    Happy Motoring!

  • Thank you for your advice,but let me tell you something,the bad odor is NOT a problem confined JUST TO CHRYSLER products,it may happen to any car,it happens when the A/C evaporator gets contaminated,and the best way to avoid that is trying to keep off the A/C from the recirculation mode.
  • I looked at a dealer demo 2000 Concorde LXi model today which has 5250 miles. The car has extra's - CD changer with Infinity speakers, moon roof, full spare tire and 16 inch chrome wheels.
    The dealer is asking 23,690 plus $249.00 dealer cost. CT sales tax is 6%.
    I want to go through Chrysler for financing (4.90% @ 48 months). I have not talked to the salesperson about financing nor did I haggle over price, that is "haggle yet". The salesman said, they want to make room for the 2001 models. I can believe that, considering the lack of space at this dealership. My question is, how hard should I push to get a reduction in price? If I should push for a reduction, what price would be equitable for me and the dealership? The salesperson repeatedly said the car was below invoice and it was a good deal. I liked this sales person though, he didn't push, was low key and didn't go with my husband and I on the test drive.
    What do you think? Should we take the offer or get them to come down. I love to haggle so give it to me straight.
    Thanks for the help!!!
  • jj34jj34 Posts: 9
    Apparently, you must be a first-time Chrysler victim in the making. My wife just dumped her '98 Concorde LXi in favor of a '01 Accord EX-V6 Sedan.
    Do yourself and your husband a favor and choose anything but a Chrysler. Should you decide to purchase a Chrysler, you will remember this post when your electrical system begins to go haywire, the window motors start giving out, the A/C evaporator goes out, the heater coil goes bonkers and the car begins to leak right around the driver's side floorboard.

    Good Luck because you're going to need it.
  • 401k401k Posts: 16
    A few comments on various subjects...

    First of all, on the face of it, it would seem that the price that the dealer offered for the 2000 LXi was pretty decent. It would appear (without doing real number-crunching) that it is a couple thousand below invoice. My humble opinion is that it doesn't hurt to haggle, but be prepared to pay the asking price if the dealer stands firm.

    Secondly, I am sorry that jj and his wife had a bad experience with their Concorde. My wife and I have been THRILLED with our 1998 Concorde LXi as well as our 1999 Chrysler 300M. Neither of us had ever owned Chryslers before, and we would have no hesitation buying another Chrysler in the future. I'm also sorry that jj felt compelled to come to this forum and bad-mouth all Chrysler products because of his unfortunate experience. He may wish to look up "Karma" in the dictionary.

    Regarding jj's wife's new car, I checked out the Used Car section here on the Edmund's site. I compared the 1998 Concorde LXi to the 1998 Honda Accord EX-V6. This is what I discovered...

    Based on a rating system of 1 to 10, the two cars compared as follows...

    Safety - Concorde 7.1, Honda 6.9
    Reliability - Concorde 8.1, Honda 8.2
    Performance - Concorde 7.8, Honda 7.6
    Comfort - Concorde 8.5, Honda 8.3
    Value - Concorde 9.0, Honda 5.0 (!!!)
    Overall - Concorde 8.1, Honda 7.2

    These are the unbiased ratings of the automobile experts at Edmunds. The only rating in which the Accord beat the Concorde was in "Reliability", and that was only by one-tenth of a point. The "Value" rating is extremely telling, don't you think?

    I wish jj and his wife well with their purchase of their new Honda Accord.

    Happy Motoring!

  • 401K.- I agree with you,what a nice and informative post you gave us,the truth!,I also share with you the good experience with my Intrepid 98,and now with a ´01 Concorde,they are the best for your money,they are a good cars.

    jj34.- Not all people have the same luck in life don´t you think so???' You simply can´t say ALL Chryslers are bad,a vast majority of people are very happy with their Chrysler products,and they will recommend them¡

    So good luck to you with your Honda,and hope you never crash,beware of the thickness of the sheet metal Honda uses,visit any shop where you can see Hondas with a frontal impact,and then let us know what you saw,what you think; ask any pro. about those Hondas after a crash,I have seen them,believe me.
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    The thickness of the sheet metal has nothing to do with crashworthiness. In fact, if you look up the ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Concorde rates as "marginal", while the Accord rates "acceptable". The only advantage a Concorde holds, should it crash into an Accord, is size and weight - certainly not safety-conscious design.

    Certainly Honda hasn't traditionally been at the forefront of safety-conscious design - but neither has the U.S. arm of DaimlerChrysler. Most of the current DaimlerChrysler products - from Neons, PTCruisers, through Concorde/Intrepid, to Caravan/Voyager, aren't well-regarded for safety in crash tests.
  • jj34jj34 Posts: 9
    Karma? While I don't waste my time with karma, I do read technical service bulletins (TSB's). If Chrysler cars are so well built, why so many TSB's?

    I am now well versed in TSB's based on my wife's experience (nightmare is more like it)with her '98 Concorde LXi. Take a look at the TSB's issued by DaimlerChrysler for the Concorde's "known" problems. While you're at it, take a good look at the TSB's on all of DaimlerChrysler's LH cars (including the 300M).

    I certainly hope your Chrysler vehicles continue their satisfactory performance. However, should your vehicle begin a run of legendary Chrysler failures, your frustrations may quadruple when you begin dealing with the dealership's service department and the Chrysler Zone Rep.

    As for the sheet metal gauge differences in cars-- neither my wife nor I buy cars in order to drive them as if they were bumper cars. We take excellent care of our cars and never miss the preventive maintenance schedule (oil changes, tire rotations, alignments, etc).

    Since we wear our seat belts and drive defensively, the last thing on our minds when buying a car is the fear of a crash. Maybe you buy cars with crashes on your mind but we don't. When we buy new cars, we try to buy reliable six-cylinder vehicles with reasonable gas mileage which won't need repairs every six weeks.

    When you spend more than $20,000 on a car, I don't think its unreasonable to expect it to be reliable and trouble free until at least three years down the road.

    For example, who would expect a brand new '98 Chrysler Concorde LXi to have a shorted out horn two weeks after its purchase? Then, the flashing dashboard lights as you're driving down the road. Then the seven (yes, seven) window motors which were replaced (four of which were on the driver's side). Then, the transmission sensor went out which meant the car wouldn't shift into overdrive.
    How about the cowling cracking twice? How about the engine mount shims which were added after the rack and pinion replacement to try and correct a tendency to drift although the car was within its alignment specs?

    I'll spare you the rest of the details, but my favorite was when the evaporator went out and the car began draining its A/C inside the car. You see Chrysler (in its infinite wisdom) decided to design the car with an evaporator up and behind the dash on the passenger side so when it burns out, it takes about 8-9 hours of labor to get to it. It's really a "good design idea" because that way if it occurs out of warrranty, the dealership stands to make a killing in labor costs. Since the A/C problem occurred out of warranty, we weren't about to sink any money into that bucket of bolts so we got rid of it. All of these problems are outlined in Chrysler TSB's so when yours begin acting like a Chrysler, you can look them up on NHTSA's website.

    How does that old adage go? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Once upon a time a Chrysler owner but never again!!!

    Good luck to all of you!!!
  • Talking about TSB,pease take a closer look at any other car,like a Focus,Taurus,Cavalier,Buick,and then compare,after you read about TSB,send us a note!
    Just take a Neon,or a Stratus or a Town and Country Minivan,and compare to a Focus,a Windstar etc..

    Take care!
  • jj34jj34 Posts: 9
    Why test-drive a Town and Country minivan
    when 1.4 million of them were put on a recall list this past week?

    That speaks volumes about Chrysler/Dodge vehicles.
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    At least that was voluntary on the part of DaimlerChrysler - Ford had to be forced into recalling defective vehicles (and then, so far only in California) by a court decision.

    No automaker is doing perfectly when it comes to recalls (though at the moment, it looks like Ford Motor is the recall king).
  • I´m sorry but I have to tell you,that you are a hard nut,(no offense).
    If you looked already at Ford´s products,TSB and you are still flaming Chrysler products.......
  • While backing out of her garage, my mother's '97 Concorde accelerated wildly out of control. Although she obliterated a free standing a/c unit and the trunk was totalled, fortunately she was OK.

    Has anyone had or heard of a similar occurences in the Concorde?

    And could someone please advise where the service bulletins are posted?

    Thank you.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Glad no one got hurt. You can find the TSB's here-

    Hope this helps.

  • Sue: Glad there were no injuries - typical example of the [non-permissible content removed]-backwards way Chrysler operates.
    FastDriver - just an update to give you a laugh.
    I haven't had my Chrsler for more than 3 months yet I continue to receive service notes, surveys and even a letter demanding proof of insurance!!
    The only thing worse than that car is the company that created it!!!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    THANKS for the laugh! Sounds like the people who work for them are as bad as their products! Let them keep sending them and spending the money for postage! Was the car leased? That makes it even funnier if it was!

  • jj34jj34 Posts: 9
    I may be a hard nut, but neither of our two cars is a Chrysler or Ford.
  • No,so what is a Concord??????
  • jj34jj34 Posts: 9
    Apparently you must not have read my first post about your beloved Concorde; my wife traded it in for a '01 Accord EX-V6.
  • Good for you,now would you please step out from this topic and you can feel free to join Honda´s topic.

    BTW,did you checked out Ford´s TSB´s?????? those are tsb´s don´t you agree?

    And speaking about TSB,a 2000 Honda Accord has 25 TSB,and a 2000 Chrysler Concorde has 32,
  • jj34jj34 Posts: 9
    I don't own a Ford, however my wife's Honda is a 2001 as opposed to the 2000 you mentioned.

    Since I have owned a Chrysler Concorde LXi which proved to be the worst car I have ever owned, I can share my experience with anyone who may wish to reconsider their prospective purchase. Also, there may be Chrysler owners who may be seeking similar experiences to theirs.

    By the way copperhead, despite your sensitivity to dissenting opinions pertaining to valid vehicle ownership experiences, this is still America!!!!
  • I am 15 years old and my parents just purchased a 2000 chrysler concorde lxii(yes the extra i means something)we are extremely pleased with this purchase.we are coming out of an import minivan and are asounded that we can actaully carry more groceries in the enormous trunk than in the tiny space behind our old toyota's third row anybody else having as great a time with their concorde?
  • copperhead, what is your problem?just because you had the unfortunate luck to buy a lemon, does not give yout he right to bad mouth all chrysler products.My parents lxi is a solid piece of machinery and we could not be the way, read your honda's tsb's,25 to 32 is not a large margin and seeing as how your 2001 has not been on the market as long as our 2000, more tsb's are guaranteed to appear.
  • drerulez.-

    What are you talking about???????? it wasn´t me who had the bad luck with the Concorde,in fact I own one,and I´m very happy with the car; so please read again my post you made a terrible mistake,you should post jj34 OK?

    So your wife has a ´01 Honda?,but you are comparing that car to an older Concorde,isn´t it right??????
    If so,that is why I posted about those Hondas TSB ok? is that clear for you???

    "by the way,read your honda's tsb's,25 to 32 is not a large
    margin and seeing as how your 2001 has not been on
    the market as long as our 2000, more tsb's are guaranteed to appear."
    Is it now clear enough for you???

    And yes,you are no longer a Concorde owner,your opinion is more than welcome,of course it´s America,but YOU were flaming against Concordes many TSB,that´s why I answered you telling you that there are many other cars with more TSB,like Fords,Chevys,AND I also pointed out that HONDA HAS ALSO AS MANY TSB as a Concorde,but of course your´01 has not so many because it is a ´01 model,but wait there is more time than life,just take a look at NHTSA TSB´s from Honda,and I´m not pointing out Hondas "internal" bulletins,so please no more ..... from you.
  • i must apologize to copperhead. i must have read someone elses rantings and then accidentally put your name to them.truly sorry.
  • well since I was so TERRIBLY mistaken about copperhead's posting I should now like to ask him what the best part of his concorde is.Luxury, price performance? let us know.
  • Never mind, what is the best part,I would say price,value,and styling.
  • is it just me or does it feel like every time you get in, your going to break something?not to say it feels cheap, just fragile.
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