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Buick LeSabre



  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,502
    I love Michelin quality. I put X-Ones on my 98
    LeSabre. They grip great in snow and cold icy
    roads because of the treat rubber compound.
    I put XH4s on my last LeSabre and one failed at
    110 K. I never thought I;'d keep the car this long.
    they still have 3 to 4 32nds of tread depth.
    The X-Ones are soft and quiet but grip great.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    Hey, Avalons are "granddaddy" cars too, so you really won't be making youself look any younger. Just get a Civic with wacky spoilers and look stupid trying to look young, instead.
  • Hi everyone, I thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth about replacement tires and gas mileage. I replaced my original Firestone Affinity tires on my 2000 Buick LeSabre Limited at 30,000 miles with Michelin Symmetry tires. So far, (2000 + miles) they seem to be wearing very well. I have the 16 inch tires and the Touring Suspension.

    Concerning gas mileage, I think that the brand of gasoline you use has alot to do with your mileage. I had been using Shell regular gasoline and had been getting 31 mpg on the highway. I then joined the Upromise program and switched to Exxon regular for the college savings. After I switched, my highway mpg went down to 26. I then switched back to Shell and my mpg went back up to 31. So, maybe if you try a different gasoline, your mileage might improve.

    Just came back from a 700 mile trip to Maine and back and averaged 31.2 mpg on the highways.

  • jmille9jmille9 Posts: 2
    For a better ride and stability I would consider Bridgestone Turanzas...They improved the ride on my old 1993 LeSabre...the downside is that you will have to replace them @ 35k miles...for endurance go with Michelon. The tradeoff in tire buying is always ride vs wear. Actually the original equipment Generals are probably going to be hard to beat for soft ride on the LeSabre since Buick wants to suck-in older buyers who like that feature. I would keep the Generals until the tread gets thinner and your ride rougher before going to Turanzas or Michelons.
  • My 1991 LeSabre has slow power windows (all 4). I find it hard to believe that all 4 motors are bad, but I guess it's possible. I was thinking it was more of a low voltage issue. I haven't measured the voltage at the motors though.

    Any suggesions?

  • Hello, I am new to this site and am hopeful I can get the answers to my situation.
    I have a 93 buick lesabre LTD with 167,000 kms.
    My situation is when I am at a full stop,and when I step on the acceleration, there is a pronounced hesitation. It seems no fuel is getting to the required destination.
    I have had the fuel injectors cleaned, a new gas filter and new spark plugs.
    I am trying to avoid paying the money for a scope,can anyone give me any suggestions as to what this recurring problem be? Thank you.
  • "My 1991 LeSabre has slow power windows (all 4)."

    Car is almost 12 years old, isn't it?
  • My 2000 LeSabre Custom seems to burn out taillight and turn signal bulbs with some frequency. I was trying to change the bulbs in the light assembly which is attached to the trunk lid. You have to remove the whole assembly to change a bulb and the nuts on the fasteners for the assembly are set so deep into the trunk lid I can't reach them with pliers or an open end wrench and the stems are so long that deep sockets won't fit either. I can't believe I may have to take the car to the dealer to change taillight bulbs. In my book, that's a really stupid design.
  • jimsxnjimsxn Posts: 108
    I bought this Le Sabre when it was 135K Km and now it is almost 165K and I don't know when it was last done. I received a notification from the dealer the other day for a steering system flush. How crucial is it and do I need a dealer to do it?
  • Yes, it's 12 yrs old. Big deal. Are you saying I should heap it because it's 12 yrs old and the power windows are slow? I'll put in the replacement motors and keep it going if it's OK by you.

    It runs like new with the new suspension and tires I had put on. Engine oil change every 3K and very well maintained through it's 90K of service. Body shows minor surface rust, but otherwise, it's going to keep running for another 50-70K.

    Please do not comment if you don't have anything constructive to say.
  • Got Yokohama Avid touring for the 2000 Limited which has the 16" cross lace with General tires. I bought them based on the recommendations from Edmund's tires, tires tires forum and the rave reviews on tire racks web site. So far, I like them and they do make this smooth and quiet car a little more so. I almost got the Michelin X-one, but I have some on the Monte, and I think they are somewhat noisy on coarse pavement. I have had great luck with michelins over the years and just wanted to try something new. I will update if anyone is interested after a few weeks.
  • My 1998 Olds 88 (yes Olds not Buick because the 88 Olds board is dead) with a Buick 3800 engine has been using coolant. The GM dealer says the "plenum" is bad, leaking, and must be replaced. I suspected a head gasket. Apparently this is similar to an intake manifold, but I'm confused in that I wouldn't think it had coolant running through it. Has anyone else experienced this problem and does a "plenum" have water in it as stated?

    Even though the car has 54,000 miles, GM has offered to pay for parts replacement of $700, $530 is mine for labor. I have had several problems with the car even though I tend to baby it. At least GM is acknowledging some responsibility given the car's age and milage.

    Regards and safe driving,

  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,502
    Hot coolant goes up next to the throttle body from the metal air intake to warm the
    incoming air. It comes back down to the metal intake. The leaks occur around the
    gaskets, I was told and shown, often toward the back of the engine. The leaks may be
    caused by warpin of GM's badly made plastic air intake.
    Mine did this -- $300 plastic part + $150 labor approx. A friend's 98 Pontiac just leaked into the air intake causing the engine to sound like a diesel then quit. Repaired, but I notice their car is gone again. They had a noisy lifter after they got the car back from 100 miles from home where it quit! Must have had an additional problem after the repair. Hope it wasn't bearing damage due to coolant in oil.

    GM paid nothing on mine at 76K. I had another LeSabre with 149 K on it. I'm looking for another car. Would you buy another engine with same plenum design?????? in a new
    Buick or other GM car????????

    Consider yourself lucky they're standing behind their product. I was given the cold shoulder "Why are you so dumb to ask for us to pay part or all for our bad design?" treatment by the rep on the 1 800 4Abuick number.

    But later 1 800 4abuick was real nice when I asked about the options on a new LeSabre and why the packages are so screwy in what you have to get to get what you want? Apparently they don't connect customer service with sales of the next product unit.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Thanks imidazol97 for your interesting experience and information on a plenum. I agree with you completely, it's hard to get excited about buying any vehicle made so poorly. They'll probably fix that problem, but how many more poorly designed parts are waiting to get you.

    I had the same thoughts about engine damage in my car. Hopefully no damage occurred and I got it to the dealership in time. Who knows what they did though, charging for a new starter, saying it was damaged by coolant and cracked?? I doubt it, but it was changed at any rate.

    Thanks again for the info and regards,

  • I have a rear power door lock problem in my 86 Buick Electra, which is very similar body to the LeSabre and the Park Avenue. The lock doesn't respond to either the lock or unlock commands. Its locked right now and I can't open the door. Its probably not important, but the power window still works. Any ideas on what to do to fix it?
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    It's probably a bad lock solenoid. You'll need to remove the door panel to get at it. Try and move the lock manually to make sure it's not jammed.
  • I have a 95 LeSabre with 75K miles and, so far, not too many complaints. When I had the oil changed last the service agent told me I should change my fuel filter. Can't find anything in the customer manual about this and can't find anything resembling a fuel filter under the hood. He told me it was under the right rear wheel. Maybe he meant the fuel pump. That I replaced a year ago for about $300. Anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks.
  • If you have a proper and safe way to jack up the car check out a Haynes manual and do the filter change yourself. Careful, as you will get gas all over your hands and everywhere. The connections can be tricky, but once you learn how, the GM ones are fairly easy. I suggest taking it to a pro to be changed if you are not a do it yourselfer. Yes, most GM filters are under the driver's side rear seat and not near the engine. I have been changing my family's GM fuel filters on fuel injection cars now for over 12 years. I hate it and if I had a little more disposable income I would take them to a shop. I change them at 40 to 50K intervals and have never had a problem with injectors. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks, kcwolfpack for the info. I will take it to a pro for the filter change. Strange that my Buick owner's book doesn't mention changing this filter. Thanks again.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,502
    The fuel filter on my 93 LeSabre was up under
    the front passenger's feet on the right
    side next to the stub frame rail. The car
    had to be up on blocks under both front
    wheels to get under to get at it. It
    required removing one screw holding
    the clamp around its middle and the
    two snap clips on each end. Buick's
    manual says it only needs to be changed
    if there's a problem. Buick didn't
    state a mileage. I changed at 100K.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • I am considering purchasing a new Buick LeSabre and took a test drive today in a Limited Model. I liked the Car except I thought that I heard a lot of road or wind noise from the driver's side. When I mentioned it to the Salesman he did not seem to want to talk about the subject and ignored it except to say that it may be because one of the back windows may not be totally closed. I checked and the windows would not close any tighter. Also, the ride seemed to be a bit more harsh than I had anticipated. I'd sure appreciate any input from recent buyers and I'm open to suggestions as to whether I should go ahead with the purchase or not.
  • Try another car, and it sounds like you may need to try a dealer who is willing to listen. I think these cars are extremely quiet. I have recommended these cars to neighbors and friends. Two have bought them (they are both delighted with their purchases and have had no trouble)and I have driven them and not noticed any additional noise. I think your test driver must have had a bad seal. You may have driven the sport suspension model. It does handle better at the price of the ride. Mine has the 16"wheel option and the standard suspension. I am happy with the ride and handling on this car. It is much less squishy than the pre-2000 models. My relatives who bought Town Cars say the Lesabre is nicer to drive.
  • Run don't walk away from that dealership! If they're treating you like that now, before the sale, imagine what they'll treat you like after the sale. Even if you decide to get a Lesabre I'd go to someone else.
  • Thanks a million for your input on the LeSabre and I will certainly follow your suggestions. We do have another Buick Dealer here in Colorado Springs and I will pay them a visit. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving.
  • We bought a LeSabre Limited in mid-October and soon realized that the car had very discoforting wind noise as it accelerated from 60/70 to 80/90. It seems Hersel (#663) noted this problem while he was test driving the same car. Are there other who have encountered this problem?? We will appreciate your help so that we can persuade GM to ractify the problem.
  • This problem occured in some of the 2000 models (not mine however) and the folks were complaining about it. I don't know if Buick ever put out a TSB on it or not. I think most of them were fixed by resealing the windshield. Most Buick dealers should be aware of the problem----now getting them to admit it..........
  • I think you are describing what was called the 'kazoo' sound when it first popped up. I own a 2000 Limited that had the noise when I first had it above 60. The cause is the trim around the windshield. I took mine in to the dealer and he handed me off to a windshield replacement shop. I didn't want to risk a new w/s with 500 miles on the car, so I persuaded them to neatly run a bead of black caulk under and along the trim piece. My noise came from the drivers side post (it could have also come from the pass. side). This fixed the noise for about a year.
    The next time is showed up I bought a tube of w/s caulk and did the job myself. Problem gone now for almost 2 years. Good luck.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Drive another car at another dealer. We had a 2002 LeSabre Custom rental for a month exactly one year ago, and loved every minute of it. To date, it is still the smoothest, quietest, and well-built vehicle I've been in. Rides like crushed velvet and purrs quietly like a Lexus. We had every intention of buying one, but ended up buying a new Avalanche instead.

    What suspension/wheels were on the car? I know our rental with the 15" wheels (too small) and standard suspension (a little too soft) had no hint of harshness anywhere. If to buy, we would have gotten one with the Gran Touring suspension.

    Good luck, and happy motoring with the Buick!
  • Yet another option to consider comes in between the standard tire, standard suspension and the Gran Touring Package. It is the 16" alloy wheels and tire option for the standard suspension. My 2000 LeSabre has this option and I think it kicks the handling up a notch but leaves a nice ride. And those 16" mag wheels are much better looking than the standard mags. I pump my tires to 32psi (standard recommendation is 30psi) and it makes a big difference. Buick has a pretty low tire pressure recommended and a couple of pounds of air pressure can make a noticeable difference in ride/handling. All raidials today can carry up to 35psi---it says so right on the sidewall. It's a cheap way to sharper handling and probably increased tread life. Worth a try at least, air is cheap and if you don't like it reduce the pressure to 30psi.
  • My 2001 Le Sabre Limited has developed some rattles in the dash area.

    Unfortunately the rattles are inconsistent, and did not occur on the day the dealer looked at it.

    Does anyone have any experience with rattles, what caused them and how they were resolved.


    Indrek Aavisto
    Sudbury, Ontario
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