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Infiniti J30



  • bscbluebscblue Posts: 103
    Griff, has all sorts of wheel available for any Infiniti, OEM and aftermarket, and they even do wheel repair if you decided to keep the ones you have. Give them a try.
  • jspears2jspears2 Posts: 19
    Does anyone know where you can purchase replacement emblems, I have a 93 j30 and the "J3" have come off of the trunk lid.
  • jspears2jspears2 Posts: 19
    Griff you can purchase a remote at the dealer or from ebay, etc. It will have to be programmed, I am not sure if you can use the owners manual to program or have to let dealer do it. I had the dealer do mine.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647

    This website has the "J-30" trunklid logo for $23.49.

  • lsclsc Posts: 210
    I got this from

    Reprogram Key Fob

    J30, 1994-1996 Q45, 1994-1996 G20

    To reprogram (enter new ID) key fob (keyless remote controller) follow the steps.

    1. Close all doors and lock all doors

    2. From the door switch unlock the trunk.

    3. Insert and remove the key from the ignition key cylinder six times within 10 seconds.
    -Key should be withdrawn from ignition key cylinder completely each time.
    -At this time, the new ID code is entered and original (previous) ID codes are erase.

    4. Manually unlock and lock the driver side door

    5. Push any button on the new remote controller once.

    If there is only one remote controller skip step 6.

    6. Additional ID code entry
    Repeat step 4 and 5

    7. END.


    -If you need to activate more than two additional new remote controllers, repeat the procedure on step 6 "Additional ID code entry" for each new remote controller.

    -Entry of maximum four ID codes is allowed and any attempt to enter more will be ignore.
  • mdamesmdames Posts: 79
    I have some OEM wheels for your 93 J30 in excellent condition to sell. If you're interested email me at

  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    Does anyone know how to get the serial number of the last J-30 produced? I just bought a very clean low mileage 97' that was leased by the original owner in early 98' and just turned in. I'm wondering how close it is to the last vehicle produced.
  • bendaddyobendaddyo Posts: 2
    thinking about buying j30 can you fit golf clubs in trunk saw that it was small
  • lsclsc Posts: 210
    that was one of the problems with my J30t. It only fit 3 sets of clubs. So, we could never take my car when we went golfing.

    My 2002 Altima 3.5SE can fit 4 sets easy but it doesn't have to luxurious quality like the J30t.
  • bendaddyobendaddyo Posts: 2
    is the j30 trunk same size as j30t trunk i would be happy if it holds just 1 golf bag
  • fburgerfburger Posts: 2
    J30 and J30t trunk is exactly the same; only difference is the spoiler on top and hinge/spring strength required for the extra weight.
  • rbcookrbcook Posts: 7
    Hello everyone.
    I have a question about gas mileage. My 97 J30 used to get about 300 miles/tank. Now, sometimes I get anywhere from 250 to 270 miles/tank. I am using Texaco 93 octane. I have used few treatments/injector cleaners two or three times, and the dealer did an injector cleaner process during the car's 45k service.
    What numbers for gas mileage are you getting? Personally, I think this may be due to Texaco gas. Sometimes, I find that Texaco gas is really stinky at times(high sulphur content, making the car give off a very unpleasant odor at times), although this may or may not be a related issue. I don't believe there is anything wrong with the catalytic converter - nothing was noted at the 45k service.

    One other question, does anyone have a problem with their transmission going "nuts" at times, and shifting very eratically. I recently had the throttle position sensor replaced(paid for by Infiniti, because I complained loud enough), which seemed to alleviate some of its shifting woes. But, it still seems like this car is too eager to embrace 4th gear, no matter what speed you are traveling, or the amount of pressure you have on the throttle.

    Thanks for your help,
    Robert B. Cook
    Garland, Texas
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    Interesting, I had the starter replaced on my 93' J-30 with 100k miles, and when I got it back the remote didn't work for the trunk and door locks. The dealer's service dept. tried to tell me it was a coincidence and not their fault. I went to this website , and asked the Infiniti "expert".

    They told me to disconnect the battery for five minutes and let the system reset. Then re-connect the battery and re-program the remote. It worked!!

    Now the dealer's service department asked me for the website so they can get information

    from the "experts".

  • santex55santex55 Posts: 11
    for rbcook...I recently purchased a 97 J30 with far, I've run through four tanks of gas...I'm averaging between 22 and 24 mpg. I live in san antonio, and only purchase diamond shamrock gasoline. I have been stopping for gas when the gas warning light comes on...and then I'm getting around 16 gallons, meaning there is still 3+ gallons in the tank. I don't remember for sure, but the odometer is reading around 350 miles or so.
  • I just bought a 1996 J30 in great shape with 58000 miles. What type of problems can I expect and would it be smart to buy an extended warranty for 3 years unlimited miles for $900?
  • santex55santex55 Posts: 11
    for Peaceman34: We bought our 97 J30 from Carmax with 42K and did buy a 36K, 3 yr. "bumper to bumper" warranty for $1500.
    It sounds to me that a 3yr, unlimited mileage warranty for $900 is a pretty good deal.
  • aarnejaaarneja Posts: 1
    I will be buying a 1997 J30 either today or tommorow. But it says J30t ... I wonder is there anything like this model. I tried searching everywhere, didnt get nothing on "t". Is it touring model ?
    Moreover, the says, you get a 12month/12K free warranty on any of their certified car. Do i still need to get warranty ?
    I am confused.

    Peaceman34: How much did you buy it for, if you can tell. I am getting it for $18000 with all the possible accesories other than Navigation & IntegPhone, with 40K miles.

    Kindly advice.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    The t is a touring model with a sport suspension and rear spoiler.

    You already have a warranty if the car is certified, plus you should have the remainder of the factory warranty, if any.

    I just bought a perfect 1997 with 41K miles, and paid $17,300. It was also certified. It's like a new car, and I'm very happy with it.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    I was in the service station for fuel, and a woman, total stranger, walked up to me and said "You probably hear this all the time, but you have a beautiful car".
    Not bad for a car that was designed in the early 90's
  • mgranielmgraniel Posts: 1
    I test drove a 1994 J30 and it is incredibly clean. I ran a carfax and everything checked out. It does have 115000 miles on it but I hear the car will last practically forever. Is $6000 a good price for a 94? There was nothing wrong with it other than a little wear on the driver seat leather and one of the plastic panels was off by the driver side. If anyone can give me some input I would really appreciate it. It was charcoal gray with gray interior. Very nice!
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    $6000 is a good price. I have a 93' with 102k miles, and it's running very well. I was told it is worth about $8000. Yours will need a new timing belt if it wasn't replaced at 100k. If it was, you won't need another one until 200k miles. The timing belt was about a $350 job at my dealer.
    I liked my 93' so much I also bought a 97', and there is very little difference except for the mileage and the price. It's been my favorite car, and it's a well kept secret so you can get a lot of car for the $$.
    Is the one your looking at from a dealer or private party? Can you get the maintainance records for it?
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Searching for a used winter car, I'm typically looking at '93, '94 Civics, Corollas, etc.. when I stumble on some J30s going for a very similar price as these econo cars. So I start doing a more intense search on these J30s and all sorts of them crop up. Cars with very reasonable mileage are being given away for only hundreds more then similar mileage econos. What's the deal? What's the catch? Are they awful cars or just undesired and therefor a good catch?
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    The J-30 has been a well kept secret, and I'm glad it has, because I was able to get such a great deal on a 93' and 97' car that originally sold for $40k. It was named one of the 20 best Japanese cars of all time by Forbes Magazine, and the award winning engine is still used in Infinti's and Nissan's. It's basically a 300ZX engine and drive train in a sedan body. The only drawback I've found is the rear wheel drive is not good in snow, but it is better for performance and handling.

    Check out this website.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I very glad to have found a resource such as this!

    I'm researching to furture puchase of a J30t and I have a
    zillion(+/- 1%) questions

    1) The J is gerneraly refered to as a "bad winter car" is this
    simply because its a RWD? short wheelbase? weight distribution?
    ground clearance???

    I've driven vehicles of all designs since my teens (contruction and
    industrial background) and found while there definate diferences
    between car designs (FWD, AWD, 4WD being markedly superior) much of
    this jugement is subjective to the driver. i..e.- Atlanta comes to a
    standstill if the roads get any more that a light dusting, while
    Maine might consider that a "good" day. does this car fit in the
    catagory of a 911 or and RX-7? I haven't driven one yetand they're a
    rare breed here. I'd be interested in any and all response. Please
    tell me your location and what car you have (year, t, or not to t ;)


    33, MALE
    Maintenace Manager for restuarnt chains(AKA CMO-can you guess?)
    (Journeyman carpenter, HVAC tech, gas & electric appliances, future
    20 miles NW of Denver
    ride- 2000 F250 service truck w/ 113,000 miles

    see ya!
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    The J-30 is not good on snow. Traction is very poor, and very similar to a 911 or RX-7, both of which I've also driven. I live in central Indiana, so snow is not a big concern, we just don't get that much. I like the handling characteristics of a rear wheel drive car, so I'm willing to trade off the inconvenience of a few snow days for all the other days when I can really enjoy driving the car. I think the only advantage of FWD is on wet pavement or snow.
  • Hello Everyone,

    I have a 1997 J30t. I have heard that the 1997.5s had side impact air bags. How much would it cost to retrofit my car with these? Does anyone know who could do the work?

    BTW, on the subject of snow and ice, we don't get much of either in NC, but I tried to make my J30t slide on ice one day and it seemed to me that the car wanted to drive straight ahead. It seemed better than other RWD cars that I have driven, possibly because of the limited slip differential. Probably it's not as good as a FWD car, but it's not bad, IMHO.

  • xo247xo247 Posts: 3
    I guess this could be posted on another board, but after reading all 479 posts (I skimmed over most of the posts dealing with wood trim kits and headlight replacement), I was very impressed with the posts here. I was looking to buy a used car in the $10k range and never thought of the j30 until I saw some ads and researched it here. Did not have any idea how j30 owners loved their cars so much~!

    Anyways, my question is how much of a discount from dealer's asking price should I expect?
    I've never bought a used car before, and I'm not sure how much off a 10,000 asking price I should realistically be asking to deduct from. I know when dealing with new cars, general rule of thumb
    is as long as after sales taxes, fees, etc, if the price is still under sticker, it's a decent deal.

    Also, I used the Edmuinds' true market value used car price check for the j30 and I noticed that the touring models are priced lower than the base models. I would think that the touring model with the spoiler, firmer suspension, would demand a higher price. Anybody know why this is so? or could it just be a mistake on the Edmund's page?
    Thanks for all the great posts.
    I still can't believe I actually finished the whole discussion list.LOl. Great reading.
  • thekgbthekgb Posts: 1
    I'm now looking at a '97 J30 with 87,000 miles and the seller is asking $11,000. It's clean and has all records. I can easily put 30,000 miles a year on a car. I hope to have it for the next 3 years, racking up at least a total of 150,000 miles. Is there anyone out there with heavy mileage on your J30? What repairs/expenses should I expect to encounter. Does the asking price seem reasonable? Many thanks
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    I have a 93'J-30 with 105k miles on it, and I had the timing belt replaced at 61,500 miles, when it was scheduled to be replaced. The dealer did it for $268.72 labor, $56.23 for the belt and $15.00 for anti-freeze. I believe the timing belts on the 94'-97' are good for over 100k miles and then should be changed. The other major work was for an air conditioner compressor at 72,418 miles which totaled $759.52, but the dealer picked up all but $246.32 because I had complained about it not cooling sufficiently before 70k miles, when the warrantee expired. I had some exhaust system clamps rust off, and the dealer replaced those for nothing. Interesting, the dealer told me they've NEVER had to replace a J-30 exhaust system.
    I also have a 97' with 45k miles, and so far it's been problem free.
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