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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • gunitgunit Posts: 469
    GTP comp is not floaty, unless you got a bad one to test drive. It will outperform the current G6 GT in all areas, 0-60, 1/4 mile, handling etc. GTP is 6.5 seconds, the G6 is about 8 seconds. Not even close. As for questioning the durability of the GTP engine , it was named to Wards top 10 engine list a few times including their top 10 engine list of the past 100 yrs. The 3.5 from the G6 NEVER made that list. Nuff said. Yeah, no car is perfect and yes the backseat is hard in the GTP.
  • gunitgunit Posts: 469
    No REAR Drive Grand Prix for 2008, here is the link for GM. DETROIT -- General Motors Corp. has killed plans for a new line of rear-wheel drive passenger cars slated to reach North American showrooms in 2008, in large part to free up resources to bring its next generation of large pickups and sport utility vehicles to market quicker. Oh well. here is the link....
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I can't see myself in a truck, yet I'm seeing myself in a Japanese sedan as more likely nowadays...
  • v8catv8cat Posts: 6
    I do not know which year GP you have ,but my 2004 GTP has been alot of trouble. It is definitely not a $30,000 car. I wished I had listened to CR and bought A Camry.
    The Pontiac has a cheap interior that cracks and pops with changes in temperature. I have had trouble with the steering making metallic noises when it is turned. Powersteering pump had to be replaced along with the steering rack. Had trouble with noises from the engine and the belt tensioner had to be replaced
  • gunitgunit Posts: 469
    With gas prices going up, thankgod I never bought a truck or SUV. After my BAD experiences with my 2001 Infiniti I30t I don't think I would EVER buy another Japanese sedan again.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    Trucks suck! And now, with gas prices high, they crawl like turtles on the highway, nothing but hurdles between me in my peppy Intrigue or road-hugging Bonneville and my destination. :-D

    The G35, the TL and the Maxima (but its nose) look like attractive options to me. None of the new domestic offerings are as attractive, unfortunately...

    Then again, I won't be in the market for at least 3 years.
  • gunitgunit Posts: 469
    By me in upper NJ, near NY, SUV's and trucks are still driving at 75-80mph on highway. Faster then me, LOL! I guess they don't care.

    I have to be carefull in my Supercharged modified GTP, much too fast, 300+HP with the mods.

    The G35X is very nice car, I drive one many times as a loaner car, but too STIFF of a ride and SMALL of a trunk for my likings and I don't like the way the controls are laid out, esp compared to I35. Also the G35 interior is CHEAP compared to my I30t. Maxima has Horrendous torque steer. TL is nice. Also NOTE, the G35x has BAD highway gas mileage, only EPA rated at 24, that is same or lower then 300C hemi.

    With my experience with Infiniti, not sure if I would ever buy another, that will be a hard/tough decision down the road. I think I may go domestic and save $$. Many choices.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Every three and a half years I get a new company car and this year they had the Grand prix on the list of choices.

    Tonight I picked up my new 2005 Grand Prix GT in Blue-Green Crystal with parchment and charcoal interior. Only options are as follows:

    Monsoon 9 speaker/In-dash 6 cd changer 245 Watt
    XM radio
    Remote start
    Optional round dual exhaust polished tips
    chrome grill inserts

    My impressions from the 20 mile trip home from the dealer:

    This car rocks! Steering is tight and refined. the steering wheel is leather wrapped and feels fantastic in your hands. Going around turns at speed you just wanna go faster. This thing feels like its on rails...No it feels like your on velcro!

    At speed this car is smooth and quiet. No vibrations, rattles or funny wind noises or the like(well I was playing the radio but I'll get to that in a minute). I think going in I had a much lower expectation for this car in terms of quietness and smoothness. On both accounts I'm really pleasantly suprised.

    Series III 3.8 has some go-power. Nice torque from this engine. Accelleration is effortless and steady. Feels like a small V8 instead of a Six. How do they get so much power yet such good gas mileage ratings?

    Comfort is really great. The front seats feel fantastic. I like seats that hold you in place and are supportive. These kind of cup you and it feels great. I havent sat in the back but it doesnt look like I'd wanna stay back there all day. I find the windshield seems to angle in a way that I do feel more enclosed and tight than in my last company car(PT Cruiser). The stylish rooflines and rear pillars kind creat more blindspots than in my past vehicles but I suspect I'll get used to it.

    XM equiped Monsoon sound system is awesome. The sound quality from this system is spectacular. Probably the nicest car audio system I've ever had. I think I'm gonna dig this XM thing. Never got a chance to really listen for wind noise and creakes since I was enjoying XN for the first time.

    Overall GM put together a really nice package. If I was to criticise anything on the car I'd point to some body panels dont line up tight on some parts of the car. GM cant be accused of having Lexus Lines thats for sure. The Blue Green at night under the street lights looks stunning as do the Aluminum wheels. I love the exhaust tips. Instead of the factory dual tips mine has the accessory round quad tips...Nice look!

    Better car than I expected.....I suspect I'm gonna get alot of speeding tickets with this baby!

    '05 Grand Prix GT
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,954
    "How do they get so much power yet such good gas mileage ratings? "

    Partly, this is due to the final drive gearing and the wide ratio spread in the 4-speed automatic.

    My understanding is that the new GXP V8 GP will have the same EPA rating as the CompG (18 / 27) but with 43 more HP an increase in TQ also by 43, and essentially the same vehicle weight . . .

    Hope you continue to enjoy the GP!
    - Ray
    Waiting for the GXP to be available for test drives . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Ok, this is going to be alitte off from what you guys have been posting but do any of you know if you can swap a 92 grand prix LE coupe bumper for a bumper off a 94 coupe? do they mount in the same spots? the 94 just looks better.
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    Congrats. There goes the theory that company cars are stripped. Enjoy the XM!
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    In years past my company cars were mid-level with no optional equipment. This is the first one that I was given a choice of cars and a budget to stay within and got to negotiate my own deal providing I stayed at or below the budget. I ended up with a really nice car. Although I dont think this GP is near Honda and Toyota quality, its the best GM product I've driven. While at the dealer I took a look at the G6 and it appears to me GM is moving forward with better quality. The fit and finish on the G6 is actually pretty good. Havent driven it but from what I saw I was impressed. I got a feeling the American car companies are starting to fear for their collective lives and trying their best.

    '05 Grand Prix GT
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    If you define reliability as a part of quality, the April auto issue of Consumer Reports magazine states that the 2004 Grand Prix GT is very reliable. I hope you enjoy the car. My 2004 GT has been very reliable.
  • bigunit67bigunit67 Posts: 62
    Has anyone had this done to their car before? As I understand it, it's done as part of an oil change and they force a cleaning solution through between the old oil/new oil to supposedly get the sludge that remains in an engine.

    My shop has begun offering it as a $100 "thing" to have done, just curious if anyone is familiar with it or not.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Synthetic oil cleans engine without aggressive chemicals.
  • bigunit67bigunit67 Posts: 62
    If you've used regular oil for 114,000 miles, how do you go about switching at that point? Is it as easy as just one oil change and poof, you're there? Should you consider synthetic after this many miles?

    I promise not to ask why the sky is blue :-)
  • ianzianz Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix SE. The clock and radio frequency are on the same LCD. Everytime, when the car key is turned on positon, the clock will be on. Two days ago, the display is off but when I started the engine, it came back. However, the next day, the clock was off forever and the radio frequency was also off. Because the radio is still working I assume that there must be something wrong with the LCD. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks very much for your advice.
  • v8catv8cat Posts: 6
    Sometimes synthetics will leak because it is so slippery it can get past worn gaskets and seals that conventional motor oils cannot. I, would not switch at 114,000 miles. I would use the best conventional oil available. Just my thoughts.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Synthetic will clean deposit. However, sometimes only the deposit blocks a leak through old gasket. After removing the deposit, oil leaks. It happens with synthetic and old cars.

    I would expect, however, the same leak development after flushing engine by aggressive solvents.
  • slotheadslothead Posts: 14
    I noticed on my 05' the sunroof at highway speed even moderate, is real noisy. There is no flap that pops up so I end up closing it except on back roads or city streets. It also lifts and goes over the roof which may addmore noise. My last car was quiter with the sunroof open than the windows.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I had that problem on my Bonneville, but I was fortunate that it happened a couple of months before the warranty expired, because it a new one was needed.

    What happens is that the fluorescent panel which lights the LCD from the back burns.

    Perhaps you can find another radio in a junk yard...
  • elliot1elliot1 Posts: 1
    Had the same problem several weeks ago on my 2002 Grand Prix. The parts manager at the dealer told me I would have to buy a new radio....well guess what, that's not true I purchased a small bulb for the radio from CorvetteRadio.Com. the cost was $16 plus $2. shipping. Beats the life out of buying a new radio. The web site also shows how to replace the bulb. Good Luck!
  • 05gtp05gtp Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G. I need to know what mods I can make to get 300+hp without jeporadizing the reliability of the car. I have not found any performance parts for my car except K&N oil and air filters. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  • walters2walters2 Posts: 1
    own a 2003 Grand Prix GT1 and just had my brakes done after 38K and had the same problem with the front brakes on my car. Fortunately the dealer replaced the rotors at their cost and in turn passed it onto GM as the rotors should not need replacing for at 45K - 50K. The dealer considered them to be faulty and replaced at no cost to me. All I had to pay for was the pads and labor.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653

    I love my 2004 GT, it's been perfectly reliable for over a year. Great cars for the money, much more fun and nicer to look at than the Camcords of the world.
  • mab455mab455 Posts: 1
    I am currently leasing an 05' Grand Prix and I wanted to know if I could install an audio system in it without the cutting the car up. Theres also a anti-theft device on my radio, so I really dont want to take that apart only to find that it wont work when I turn the car back in.
    Thanks for the help.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,954
    “I have a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G. I need to know what mods I can make to get 300+hp without jeporadizing the reliability of the car.”

    Trade it in on a 2005 (or, some time soon, apparently) a 2006 Grand Prix GXP.
    303 HP / 323 TQ V8 – and a significantly beefed up automatic trans. to handle the additional stress.

    But seriously, I have heard of many, many people replacing the S/C pulley and perhaps messing with the exhaust a bit and generating over 300 HP. The biggest longer term reliability issue is the automatic trans. Aux. cooling kits for the automatic are available. (I had a ’97 GTP with a S/C 3800 and did both a smaller pulley and custom MagnaFlow exhaust. The trans. lasted over 30,000 miles with no apparent ill effects.) has 2004 items, including pulleys and trans. cooling kits.

    Good luck!
    - Ray
    Still waiting to see and drive the GXP . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • bredmosebredmose Posts: 1
    I bought my GP in 2001 with 60,000 km on it . I have 335,000 km on it now. 90% of my driving is highway and I am very happy with it. I do all my own regular maintanance on it. At 200,000 I switched to Synthetic oil every 10.000 km. At 100.000 km I pulled the plugs (copper core plugs) and put in Platnum plugs. I had to pull them back out after 6 months and put copper core plugs back in. The 3.8 was hard starting in cold weather and fuel economy was not as good. It ran much better with the copper. I just replaced the front right wheel bearing yesterday( A very easy job) . Now My heater fan is starting to squeal and I need to know if it is an easy job to replace. I am hoping to get 500,000 before I get rid of it.
  • ken1776ken1776 Posts: 41
    2001 GP-GT 3.8L lost power on hills eventually died! Towed to shop, after a while they found a hole in the “plastic” intake manifold. Looks like it melted through, hole is on the engine side of the throttle body flange. I’m pissed, mechanic called the dealer for new part, dealer said this is not an uncommon problem, Well it should be! Anyone ever hear of this, also want to bring this to someone’s attention “saved old manifold” would like some advise.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    Does the '05 Grand Prix have the new 3800 Series III V-6 with full electronic throttle control, just like the Buick LaCrosse?

    I heard a new one on the road offense to you GP owners but when accelerating from a standstill the base GP sounds just like an '80s Chevy Celebrity.
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