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Mitsubishi Galant



  • Personally, if I buy my vehicle today I want it to have side curtains and a decent gas mileage 10 years from now. To some $1-2K is worth sacrificing that and going with the underdog. Some can also value its unique looks, performance, the warranty, and free service. To me the looks and the warranty are questionable, the interior is of poor quality, the engine is loud, and the 3-year free service is worthless. The true "value" of Galant GTS will start showing at well under $20K.

    Mitsubishi was trying to get away from the rebates for the most part of the year but it seems like upping them in September provided a nice sales boost - it was not the "best-backed" slogan or the long-term quality perception.
  • I just purchased a Galant GTS with heated seats and mirrors. let me start out by saying I had quite a rough time with cars. It started out late 2002 when I purchased a 2003 Honda Accord EX V6. I wanted something reliable and practical, so after reading reviews and owner comments I decided to buy the Accord. I liked the car at the begining but then the problems begain from poor interior quality such as the leather wrinkling, tearing at the seems and discoloring. The glove box, door control panel and lower front storage bin broke within weeks. The ride quality deteriorated after a years time and then emissions failed. Fortunately I took the car to AAA autoline and was refunded my money! After this experience, I wanted something different and ended up leasing a 2004 loaded Mazda RX8 GT. 6 speed. This was a great car in every way. The interior was flawless and much more high quality compared to the Honda and it reminded me a lot of Audi interiors. The build quality, workmanship, body integrity and just about everything else was top notch, and truly the best car I ever owned. My favorite part about the car was of course, it's handling. Unfortunately I got hurt and could not use the shifter and clutch so I ended up having someone assume the lease. After all of this, I had very little money to put down on a car but the Galant GTS was within my budget. I paid $23,000 out the door. This was thousands less then the Accord, Camry, Passat and the Altima. I test drove all the other cars and ended up liking the 2005 Altima slightly more then the Galant, but I could not justify paying $3000 more. The Galant is a very nice car period and at the price I paid I consider it a steal.The acceleration and handling are better than the Accord, not by a huge amount, but it is more fun to drive using the sportronic. The interior is not as bad as people make it seem. There is some good qualtiy material used but cheap material is used as well, but only in small areas such as the inside door handles and center control panel. Overall I think the Galant rides just as good as the Accord, offers more performance and is more fun to drive all the while being very smooth.I do hear the engine accelerate, but it's not a bad sound and overall the car is quiet, especially when driving sedate. I'm not knocking the Accord as I'm sure the Accord is problem free for most people but I'm glad I ignored some of the negative reviews on the Galant and test drove the car because it is in every way as good as the others in most regards, and discredits the bad reviews I read and more in line with the good reviews. But if you really want to know you will have to test drive one yourself.
  • I wouldn't call the 3 year free service plan "worthless" although it certainly is a sales gimmick that admittedly may inspire contempt by owners used to working on thier own cars. The truth is that ALL auto brands use sales gimmicks to lure customers back to the dealerships for routine service, especially since they are losing millions to oil & lube specialty centers & muffler/brake stores.

    It's a fact nowadays that engines, and most other areas of maintainance require much less attention then 30 or even 20 years ago so the competition for the mundane (oil/filters/rotations) is getting pretty intense. Toyota, GM & Ford lead the way in sending tons of junk mail to customers about the fantastic "specials" good only for X amount of days. Naturally Mitsubishi dealers want this business also so the 3 year 45000 mile plan is a hook to get you into the dealership where you also get that "complimentary" service check. Personally I don't blame the dealers for wanting to keep tabs on customers as the levels of ignorance on even the most simple maintainance procedures are incredible. I don't consider myself an ace mechanic but I do know the basic rudiments of car-care. I have taught them to my son also & when talking to some of his friends I am surprised to hear how clueless they are about mechanics. I'm afraid that the cliched shadetree mechanic gearhead is a thing of the past. Too bad.

    Anyway, the 3 year plan is really a way to get the customer into the dealership so the vehicle can be given the service it needs. It's worth a few hundred dollars in parts & service so you might as well use it because you can't cash it in. Also, it's better then chopping down millions of trees to send you service "specials" every 6 weeks in the mailbox isn't it?

    The 5 year/60,000 bumper-to-bumper however is a real bar raiser. That is no gimmick.
  • Where are you seeing those prices for those cars. I do not see them that low here on Long Island, NY, not even my beloved GTS. Which I may add has 18,200 miles and no problems except for a dirty chrome tipped exhaust(HA HA HA!).
  • For Mitsu prices I usually check my local in Atlanta. Also, Wisconsin is good too. These seem to be benchmarks (more often than not) for the lowest Mitsubishi prices.

    For Hondas and Toyotas I go to for decent pricing, especially during the 2004 Honda clearance that just ended. My friend was able to beat that listed price though and just got the loaded (sans the NAVI), 6-speed EX-6 coupe for $21K.
  • I now know why the prices at the Atlanta Carmax were so good for a couple of weeks prior to Sept. 20. It was their "going-out-of-business" sale since they just got rid of that franchise yesterday.

    Will there be anyone left to sell (or to show, rather) the redesigned Mitsubishi Raider pickup truck (Dodge Dakota) and the new Eclipse next year?
  • Those prices reflect all of Carmax's Galant sales, in which the others aren't going out of business!And $21,000. for a Accord EX is quite excellent, was it the V6? That's $5000 less than I paid for the EXV6 sedan when it first came out. I would print a copy of Carmax's price on the Galant GTS and bring it up to the New Jersey dealerships, you should be able to get it in that price range. If not, fly to a Carmax Mitsu dealer and drive back with the new car, if the savings is significant and you have the time!
  • This 2005-Galant was shown last week on NBC-4 regarding the side-impact test & was rated as GOOD as well as other mid-size sedans. It was told that the side-curtain airbags is now a standard feature on all 2005 Galant that's why it was rated as one of the best or good cars. Am glad to know that this added feature will boost their sales & in terms of the mivec engine & the GTS-V6 engines, it's really under-rated - & you'll see the difference, plus the powerful torque at 250@4000rpm as compared to others 245-249 @4500-5000rpm.

    Feel the difference.............VVVVRRROOOMMMMM!!!!
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    ...that will be nice. BUT, to my knowledge it's only side air bags that Mitsubishi is offering. That's a big difference.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    I saw the same test. I believe it was on Dateline this past weekend, but I'm not sure. I believe the crash test administrator said that the 2004 Galant did not have the side curtains, and did not fare that well in the side crash test, BUT the 2005 did have them standard, and received the rating of GOOD. I also believe i remembered him saying the 2005 Galant got the same GOOD rating as the Volvo they tested. Don't hold me to this as I am recalling all of this from memory, and I beleive I saw this episode after a day of watching football and tossing back a few cold ones!!!
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    ACTUALLY - I am now looking at Dateline's report on and they say the 2005 Galant has "side airbags with head protection". The test administrator says that the 2004 model received a Poor rating (worst possible), but the 2005 model with this addition got a GOOD rating.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Mitsubishi should be commended for making seat-mounted side impact airbags standard in the 2005 Galant. These airbags protect the driver and front passenger's head and chest. However, the vehcile still does not offer the desirable side curtain setup, which offers protection to the rear passenger. The Galant with the side airbags scored a "Good" in the IIHS side impact, because it has an excellent structure. If the Galant had a side curtain for the rear passengers, it would have not only gotten a "Good", but likely also a "Best Pick".

  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Hi I was hoping to find a fellow 2004 Galant owner, I have an ES which I like, I am a younger guy, but think the galant provides better styling,other than the ungodly booring camry,accord,I previously had a 91 galant which was pretty much trouble free for its 193,000miles.I have noticed that even till the day i got rid of it it had a more solid feal than my 04.maybe it's just me, but anybody wanna talk about there 04 gal , I have a few concerns
    PS I have found a bulliten number if anybody has noticed a gap in glove box....My email
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I think the Galant's structure is impressively strong. The fact the Galant did better structurally in the side impact test then Volvo, Mercedes, and Lexus says a lot. Kudos to Mitsu for designing a safe car and for making side airbags standard. They still need to add curtain airbags to be fully competitive. Once those are added, they could stand out as having one of the safest family sedans on the road. Mitsu is definitely on the right track with the 05 improvements.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Hi I was wondering if anybody has noticed (if i can find a fellow owner ES 4cyl)has noticed a couple quirks? in there galants,
    1) spark Knock chugging noise when
     accelerating, and steady lower speeds.
    2)transmission shift characteristics
    3)Glove box I (i do dhave a tsb # for this
    4) Missing various bolts on fluid pan/ and or bell housing according to oil change shop ? this one really kinda concerns me
    if mitsu simply forgot to install certain bolts i crawled under there and it does look like there is a couple places where they skipped a bolt oil or tranny pan,and bell housing.
         anyway, I really enjoy my galant, unfortunetly i got it before the new mitsu dude started his hyndai like long haul warranty, I get compliments on it all the time, It has been mistaken for a Chrysler 300 and M. new Maxima/the new pontaic G6,and a better looking altima from the rear,Did you all know the galant is bigger in every dimension lenght/height/width/wheeelbase. then the camry or accord, closer to altimas size i think,I just realized the wipers are speed sensitive on the galant after thousands of miles, A few people said they are deffinetly checking out galant.cause i hardly see any around here, i mean hardly ever,but moe so recently, later folks thanks,sean
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Well, thats great that Mitsu made side airbags standard. Too bad its now IMPOSSIBLE to get ABS on the car without also ordering the Leather Plus Pkg., which then requires the Sunroof Package, which in turn requires the Diamond Plus Package.

    Want a 4 cylinder Galant with ABS? No problem, as long as the MSRP of $23,646+ $595 dest (meaning $24,241) doesnt bother you.

    The Accord has side curtains and ABS standard on all models, the Camry has ABS standard on all models and side curtains are a $650 stand alone option on all models.

    Your basic Galant ES would compared to the Camry LE (w/side curtains and dest at $21,324) and the Accord LX ($20,990). (And those come with fold down rear seat, and the Camry with 10 way power drivers seat as well as steering wheel audio controls).

    Mitsubishi: Can't take a step forward without also taking one backward. The Galant, despite its good score in the IIHS test, is still an also ran because of the Mitsu-imposed exclusivity of ABS.

  • O.K. guys, the dealer where I purchased my GTS, is giving like a $2000+ factory rebate, a $2000+ dealer rebate, and a $500 customer loyalty rebate. They advertised a GTS in the newspaper for something like $21,997. I did not read the fine print or anything. It was either nolease or cracovian who said months ago that the GTS would dip to about $20-21K. I personally did not believe it but it's true. I also did not believe that the Red Sox would win 4 straight. It's a sad day in NY, and I still love my GTS, 21,909 miles and no problems to report.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    fleet sale of all mitsu was drastically cut to sometging like under 15%. I think at the begining of '04 maybe. Hope mitsu is serious about cleaning things up. I read a article (several) and mitsus problems are unlike hyndais sed to be mitsu doesn't have the quality problems and in general there products are very durable& trustworthy. The defaulted loans cost them $500+million dollars. and Marketing problems,recall scandals (not the North America mitssubishi motors). But as a whole company like a ripple affect. Mitsu motors has quite a few sister company's, ships,trucks,alluminum,electronics,Bank.
    I think with the new dude that cleaned up hyndai's bad public image has a good plan in place,Im by hardly any means a marketing expert or stratagy, but I dont thingk mitsu is going anywhere, hyndai survived, and they were KOrean,mitsu is Japan, Mitsu shot its own foot, they have and always had potential to increase North Am sales, as I ve said they buid trustworthy products, When I turned sixteen i got my dads 1990 Galant which already had tons of miles, when I wrecked it 2 1/2 years later had 206,000 miles and I was less than carefull in maintaning it, but it always took care of me. Most major thing it needed was front struts.and normal maintnance.years later thru many cars I bought my 2004 Galant, im not a brand loyalist, but think mitsu offers a good mix of styling,uniqueness,price,options.let me say Mitsu was pretty strict with my credit. my credit isnt the best or worst but I got 15.99% interest as expected with a sizable chunk down. i bought mine when the '04 galant came out in Nov '03
    so compared to now i could have gotten a 04 camry or accord just as easily, but still cant stand them, Im sorry people who drive the '02-05 camry or '03 -'05 accord are boring and sheeplike, no imajination, anyone wanna talk about there galant let me know. later sean
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    . Mitsu motors has quite a few sister company's, ships,trucks,aluminum,electronics,Bank.

    You can do a "google search" on what I am about to tell you. A few months back some of these "sister companies" did indeed kick in some bucks. However, the "sister companies" stated in public via a press conference that there would be no more monies forthcoming, Mitsubishi would have to "go it alone" here on out!
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    enjyoying my galant, now has 16k + miles,and its looks and performance are even stronger, I receive many compliments friends think Its a $25,000 + car because of its looks.and its only an ES model.The pontiac-ish.front end has kinda grown on me :). I and many think for a sedan it has a very aggresive look to it especially from the side how the body is tailored from front to back. to date it had been mistaken or misidentified as a VW passat/chrysler M/volvo? not sure which model. nissans new maxima/ I think It has a more german look from the side angle. when I see a camry i wonder how could you conciously choose a Camry so odd and boring. Looks like a scaled down taurus. And acoord so typical they already look dated.just my 2cents. later sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I was never aware there sister company ever did provide funding for Mitsu motors. but with DCX pulling out its gonna take some good minds and lotsa cash to save a "non-profit company". Hope they do. the only thing I canpersonally say about owning a new mitsu i know Its value has drastically dropped.who cares cars a rarely an investment. Mitsus problems arent strongly tied to build quality and durability, BAD LOANS-MASSIVE RECALLS-HORID MARKETING. seems like mitsus mareting peeps would do better at mrketing Toothbrushes and tap water.
    though I must admit there ads appealed to me and my 20-somethings.
              I heard somewhere that Mitsu forecasted 100,000 galant units this year do you know where they are in that?
             thanks sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    In my opinion mitsu was plain stupid in covering overseas defects, that cost then tons more in long run. One lawsuit resulting in a death on a Fuso truck cost mitsu 33millin alone. I hope they put that bailout package to good use. There actual Products in north am are generally well made and durable.They just made numerous Bad "business decisions" that dont really reflect on there actual products.
       mitsu just doesn't make enough presents in the market, I live about 60 miles from the Mitsu plant in Illinois.
    but dont see to many mitsus here, but lately alot more endeavor suvs
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    that covering defects that killed 2 people is of course not measurable in dollars, but for the company bottom line it sure hurts Reputation & trust.
    I have not received 1 recall for my galant....does anybody know If a recall is only safety related or does it include non-safety issues? thanks sean
  • I've had my GTS since January, and I opted gor it instead of An Accord, Mazda 6 Camry, or Altima, because it was so different from the rest of the pack. Styling is kinda "Banglesque", and for me it was the sportiest and most aggressive family sedan out there, and that powerful V6 is 1derful. I was also pleased with the interior, as far as styling, comfort, and overall layout. I definitely wanted a car that stood out from the rest. This is my first ever Galant or Mitsu for that matter, and i read somewhere that the next 3.8L V6 is going to be 250-260hp 1st to show up in the next gen. Eclipse and then the Galant in 2007 or 8. I'll definitely trade in my '04 for the next Galant. P.S. check out the Mitsu web site under company news for auto sales. They might make 50,000 Galant units.
  • If anyone is going to check out the up-coming SEMA show MMNA is going to feature a Ralliart inspired Galant and Endeavor. The drawings (front view only) are at the Mitsubishimotors website. the Endeavor looks to be lowered quite a bit. Unfortunately there are no solid details on equipment, yet. This would be a smart move for MMNA as we could produce them at the factory at Normal plus it would offer the so-called "niche" autos Mitsubishi has built thier rep on to the North American buyer. Maybe MMNA is waiting for some feedback from the show so I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers & hope.
  • I am looking at the used market, and I am wondering how reliable the 2003 models are....I have seen a lot of them in the local auto trader...and seem like a good value...but it also seems like they have a poor resale. this is not a huge concern for me, moreso the quality of the car.

    Any thoughts or comments? Is this a decent vehicle? Any problems I should be aware of?
  • 03 Galants are a good value. Should be able to pick up a ES with less than 15,000 miles for around $10,000-$11,000. Resale is horrible due to the number of Galants that were sold to fleets (somewhere around 30-50% have been the numbers I have seen). They seem to be fairly reliable. A few people have reported problems with brakes. Otherwise they seem fine. You can get a lemon no matter what brand you buy. Chances are obviously higher with some but I would not put the Galant in the "high-risk" category.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    hi fleet sales yes, plus the 58% of galants bought under the 0/0/0 program were later repo models mostly '03 mitsubishis, There are alot here to in chicago area '03 for around 11-12K most seemto be ES models I looked at one before I bought my '04 and if not for complete redesign of the 04 I would have gotten the 03. And remember also fleet sales are way way down I dont know if that affects older ones or not, so it shuld level out soon, incidentally my galant got hit last week, pretty hard in the front corner and really took it well compared to the thunderbird that hit me, any way its in process of getting fixed, his insurance co sent me to enterprise and they had zero '04 galants.and dude said Mitsu has cut way back to them, so i guess its true, I found the '03 compared to my 04 just as good in driving and actually found it a little quieter. They are good cars, Just Mitsu's self inflicting wounds. later sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Does anybody know why exactly why fleet sales drive down prices? if its numbers then why doesnt the accord or camry go down to considering they are everywhere? my galant is in the body shop and they got all the parts needed to fix, exept some tiny little cheap part, on backorder for 2 /12 weeks so i guess ill be driving this cheesy little olds alero later peeep sean
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    "Does anybody know why exactly fleet sales drive down prices? if its numbers then why doesn't the Camry and Accord go down to considering they are everywhere?

    To answer the first part of your question fleet sales drive down prices because if a vehicle is selling to excessively to fleets its basically not in demand. As far as Camry and Accord go the Camry fleet sales account for 12% of its sales while fleet sales only account for 2% of Accord sales. Also, Honda and Toyota do not have to use as many rebates to get Camry's and Accord's off their lots as Mitsu's does to get Galants off their lots. Although I have read of late Toyota discounts per car have gone up drastically to compete with the Domestic Big 3 discounting. If Mitsu just put better interior plastics and fixed the front end look of the Galant a little bit I think that would help sales alot. I;m interested with Mitsu does with the next generation Galant.
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