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Mitsubishi Galant



  • sean3-


    I would keep the car. I think it's very, very unlikely that Mitsu will leave the US market. And even if they do, the parts and warranties will not just disappear. Heck, even Daewoo owners can still get their cars serviced, and that company completely collapsed. If you like the car and there's nothing wrong with it, keep it.


    I actually like wheel covers because I'm in the hubcap business. I sell center caps for alloy and styled wheels too, but wheel covers are just cooler :-) There is a wide range of styling possible with wheel covers and it doesn't make sense to call them ugly in general, just because the '04 Galant's look like trash can lids. Here are a few much better looking ones:


    '05 Nissan Altima


    '05 Mazda 6


    Even the ones on the previous-gen Galant were not too bad:


    '03 Mitsubishi Galant


    Compare to:


    '05 Mitsubishi Galant


    I have no idea why they settled on such an awful design. It's not like it would cost more to mold the same plastic in a different shape.


    -Andrew L
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    One can always put hub caps on from another car to change the look of the car. If the clips on the back fit...why not? I did this on my last Corolla, and it definitely helped the look of the car...much nicer looking than the plain old Corolla hubs.


    The Sandman :-)
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    really look at other car makes there hubcaps arent exactly the face of beauty, Saw you pic of the '03 galant here are so many of those running around here in the last months, dealer quoted me nearly $900 to install the 10spoke factory alloys, I think its one of the few things you can do to a car that doesnt look cheap or to un factory looking, wheels can do alot for a cars profile, Man the 04 malibu is but, they messed up the window frames and used a funny molding around them that is crooked and last minute glued on look, Next time your next to one look at the rear door upper molding it looks out of place and fragile, ithink the '04 galant blows the 04 malibu away on body stlye, a few people told me my galant looks like a 4 door coupe, the rear 1/4 on the 04 maxima looks more like a saturn ion. i think mitsu did a better job on the galant, being maxima and galant have a similar shape, I loved the '93 maxima for its time it was one of the best lookin Japanese sedans under25K, Daewoo came way to late to the us market and there cars sucked and had really Lousy marketing ideas, I think the next couple years Mitsu will crawl up fron the trenches of the car industry, they have no dilusions, Mitsu says they will play a very important place in the niche market untill it makes a stronger presence in the mainstream, i was almost wondring if mitsu put alloys on theere 05 galants every one exept the DE model had them, not that hubs are ugly, but i like the fact of having something bolted to the car and not fall off (potholes), though honda and some others use to bolt there hubcaps behind the lugs, seems like a cheap good idea. maybe not for the hubcap business, IMHo, sean
  • sean3-


    "honda and some others use to bolt there hubcaps behind the lugs, seems like a cheap good idea."

    Yeah, the bolt-on covers do work well if you install them correctly. It's amazing how many people pound them down over the lugs and then lose them all. As the saying goes, make something idiot-proof and they will make a better idiot!


    Actually, I find that about 90% of hubcap losses happen because people install the caps wrong...break the clips, strip out the locking nuts, etc. That goes for wheel center caps too...they make up about half my business these days. I usually recommend that people take their hubcaps off before taking the car for service and put them back on later, to be sure it is done properly and not by some mechanic who is in a hurry.


    Re Malibu: The new one is kind of weird looking, especially the front. It almost looks good, but not quite. GM can't quite seem to figure out what the styling theme for Chevy is supposed to be. The Cobalt looks completely different from the Malibu (but equally mediocre, IMHO).


    -Andrew L
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    andrew, is cobalt replacing a current model? Pontiac G6 is a looker for a GM product exept the back end looks a little to saturish, is the cavalier holding on for dear life or what, its current design is nearly 10 years old!
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Andrew , what do you think of the spinner hubcaps from a box a target for $30 my little brother has them on his chevy beretta, i get a good laugh at them, there actually kinda cool for a spin, they look right at home on a ragety beretta//sean
  • sean3-


    The Cobalt is the replacement for the Cavalier. 2005 is the last model year for the Cavalier (I think it has already gone out of production; they might be still cranking out some in Mexico).


    Spinner caps: Whoever thought of that was pretty clever, but I think they look kind of ridiculous. Also, most of the generic caps from discount stores fit very poorly.


    -Andrew L
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    On page 74 in January 2005 Car and Drive it states that through September Mitsubishi's retail registrations had plunged 31.5 per-cent. with ALL MODELS EXCEPT the Montero Sport suffering double-digit declines.


    During a shareholder meeting in Japan a shareholder said "It's like the Titanic. The rats are leaving this sinking ship. Not only the rats but also the cats and the cockroaches".


    A company spokesman said the Mitsubishi's only salvation may be to mimic Isuzu of America's business plan, where dealers dealers shortly will only have one model, a rebadged Chevrolet truck. Ha-ha. A little black humor, there!


    Like I said....5 years tops!!!
  • chuck1-


    You know, if everyone had thought like that, the following car companies would be out of business today:











    Every one of those makers went through a major financial and product crisis sometime in the last quarter-century, and every one of them pulled through. Mitsu has a new Eclipse, a new pickup truck and a new Lancer coming within the next year. Why write them off as unsaleable junk before you've even seen them?


    -Andrew L
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405

    Go over to "The News and Views" Board-

    Under "You are the Mitsubishi Marketing Manager".


    I'm sorry Hubcaps---it really, really does not look good! I own a '03-it may be an orphan soon, and there goes the resale. (Worse than it already is!!)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I wouldn't really worry about Mitsubishi until their sales drop below the 50k/yr mark. At that point, it would be hard for a financially strained company to stay in business. Daewoo sunk when its sales dropped to 40k. Hyundai considered dropping out of this market when their sales dropped to around 59k in their worst year. As it stands now however, Mitsu has sold over 150k cars this year, including their rarest model ever to me (04 Lancer Sportback Ralliart). That's not a bad number of cars. Yes, its much less then what they were doing a few years ago, but its definitely not worthy of dooms day proclamations. It took 5 years for Hyundai to build enough steam to get out of their financial troubles and about 3 years for Nissan. As long as sales don't continue to plummet sharply, Mitsu has a very good chance of turning things around. I do foresee a continued decrease in sales, mostly due to dropping 3 models this year and 1 next year as well as no longer selling to fleets, but it should begin to level off within the next year. As long as this occurs, I'm confident Mitsu will be around for many years to come.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    what I was saying all along, at least 1/2 dozen car companies have been where mitsu is now, and look at Hyndai now, and Mitsu's problems really dont relate to the quality of there cars, my 2004 Galant continues to impress me and I drive about 3,000 monthly,19Kmiles so far, while my buddies '03 accord saw more problems in 3K than my Galant has, infact not one,of the cars you listed hubcaps Mitsu fairs best in quality, suzuki doesnt seem in much better shape, and they just opened a new dealership here ford-suzuki.If mitsu had the Market Adevertising power that say toyota does, they would probably sell 200,000+ Galants yearly, based on the car how it is now. Bad business decisions, not bad cars at all. I think Mitsu will prove itself as a serious competitor when there self-inflicted wounds start to heal..IMO Sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    did some dirty business, they basically used mitsu for Plant operation and product planning, heck the best chrysler products were the ones that used Mitsubishi powertrains in the Mid-late 90's IMO All the bad loans Mitsu swallowed and barely any fleet sales. I think the New Endeavor and Galant are the best looking in there segment, and the Ralliart in its own rare class, and Diamante a great lux cruiser, The eclipse is getting Long in the tooth. Mitsu is moving away from the youth target which I guess only worked for a short time, then they decided they didn't want to pay there car notes stupid on mistsu's part 0-0-0 for a year, hello what did they think would happen?, Give Mitsu a good year to clean up there act, as I said from past and present experience they build Quality cars, every bit as trustworthy as Hi volume manufacturers.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    on mmy 04 galant and noticed on top it says mivcc? reminds me of the old civic lettering, (just to add washer fluid, its WAY below freezing here in Chicago, also it seemlike it takes forever for my gallant to get warm towards the middle of the guage especially sitting at stoplights, but the heater works well, GUess its better than overheating, my Ford would overheat at -10 below zero! Sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Chuck, go over to the daewoo collapse, I dont think mitsu is near where daewoo was, as ingtonge stated "they were below 36,000 sales!, Daewoo wouldn't leave without kicking and screaming, Fors intially bid for daewo was 7 or 8 Billion, give or take, and GM Idled almost a year when they made there intial offer, well below fords intial offer, All daewoo offered was a few cars and hatchbacks, and had no engine or tranny factory. Mitsu developes and manufactures there own, I think some people are confused about mitsu, They are NOT korean. There prices are really in the same ballpark as honds or toyota, though closer to Mazda's. maybe they should bite the bullet and lower prices slightly for a year or so? to pick some sales up. IMO thru a good chunk of '05 they will level out and by 2006 or so they will be outa the red. I see nothing but rave reviews on the Lancer sportback, Although Mitsu hurts itself not offering true manuals trannys, I know if one would have been available on my 04 galant thats what i would have, Obviously I am a little Biased as a newer mitsu owner. They are great cars for there segment, and just as capable as competitors, there strenghts will outlast the red they are in now, IMHO Sean
  • I posted a lot when the Daewoo collapse was in the news, and people here at Edmunds were claiming that GM would scrap all of Daewoo's engineering functionality and immediately convert the plants to put out Delta and Epsilon-based cars. I said that was absurd, and I was right. In fact, I said that we would see Daewoos back in the US under different badges, and I was right about that, too. You can go back to the old posts in the archives and look at some of the nonsense that other people were spewing. It is very rare that a car company just completely collapses and disappears without a trace.


    -Andrew L
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I had never really payed attention to Daewoo before, seems they were here on day then gone, Literally, the laganza wasn't a bad looking car at all for its time, Isn't the tinny Chevy Aveo some kind of Daewoo-Gm combo? Does anyone remember when GM was offering a Geo Metro when you bought a Full size chevy van, or maybe it was a truck ? basically something that got below 15MPg highway.
  • sean3-


    The Chevy Aveo is a next-gen Daewoo Lanos. The Suzuki Forenza and Verona are next-gen Nubira and Leganza, respectively. So Daewoo didn't really go away; it just came back wearing different badges.


    -Andrew L
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    have been seeing more lately,and Endeavors also..see ya
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,398
    I don't see that many new Galants around, although it does seem to be slowly gaining in popularity. I do see a fair number of Endeavors. Lots & lots of the prior-gen Galant & Montero Sports here in Chicagoland (western 'burbs) as well. I see some Outlanders & Diamantes as well; more than I do Lancers.


    My 99 LS is going strong with 96K miles.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The Galant GTS got a fairly favorable review in Consumer Reports February issue. It scored midpack overall among family cars, but much higher than the 4 cylinder.


    It finished behind the Camry/Accords (both 4 and 6).


  • Hello. I own an '03 Galant and I've posted before about how much i enjoyed it and how much I saved buying it one year old. AND I bought in on Ebay.


    Anyway, I recently took off the driver's side mirror. The mirror is intact and works, but the casing cracked in half. Does anyone know the name of that part? I don't think I need a new mirror, just the casing. And can I install it myself? I have a pretty reasonable skill level. I have been looking online, but I don't see what the name of this part I need is. if anyone could help me and guide me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  • Okay,

    so a bit of help here...:)

    How do you run the antenna and the wire from the roof to the front of the car? I've tried taking the back seat out and crawling in the trunk and my main problem is getting the wire from the roof to the trunk along the window. HELP!!


  • I believe the part you are looking for is called a mirror housing.
  • Just like to ask if at 60K mileage for an '02 Galant ES needed a major checkup? Do you really need to replace your timing belt, water pump & others all at the same time at 60K mileage?? Or do you need to wait until 80K or 100K??? Thanks.
  • ctm06ctm06 Posts: 2
    It's important that you do the 60K service to ensure the longevity of your engine. By failing to the service or prolonging it, you damage your engine.Not only that it causes excessive wear on other mechanical parts. I own a '99 Galant ES (4 cylinder) and my 60K service set me back about $700 (V6 versions run about $850.) After I had it performed I notice a great difference in the way my vehicle drived/performed.
  • ctm06ctm06 Posts: 2
    Has anyone had to replace the shift linkage in their transmission. I was at the store the other day and I went and came back out and I got in my car and it wouldn't start. The engine wouldn't even turn over all I heard was this little buzzing sound. Well anyways I had to call a tow truck to have the vehicle towed to Mitsubishi. They told it was the shift linkage. This cost me $242 parts and labor. Has anyone experienced this or has anyone heard of this as being a common problem. Also my paint started chipping on my hood. I took it in for an estimate and I was told that the car was never sanded before it was painted. Is their anyway I can get in contact with Mitsubishi to see if they could pay for it. I tried the number on their site but it doesn't work 1-888-MITSU2005.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    In all honesty, the timing belt can probably last 100k with no problems, but since its recommended to be changed at 60k, its better to be safe then sorry. Since the timing belt drives the water pump, its usually just a good idea to go ahead and replace the water pump because there is a chance it may fail before you are due for your next timing belt change. If it does, you will be up for another huge repair bill. The water pump is normally replaced for simply the cost in parts since no extra labor is involved when doing the timing belt.


    So at 60k, I would suggest that the dealer replace all belts, the water pump, spark plugs, and tranny fluid and flush the brake fluid and cooling system. I would not simply ask for the 60k checkup as that is usually padded with bs inspection fees.
  • Due to an unfortunate accident (I was rear-ended)my 04 Accord is in the body-shop. The rental vehicle is a 2004 Galant ES with 30,000 miles. After one 80 mile trip here are my first impressions ...


    The Good


    1. Drives nice

    2. Stereo is great even in the ES model I have

    3. It's roomy

    4. The engine feels peppy at lower speeds

    5. Even in this abused rental car the cabin is pretty rattle-free


    The Bad


    1. The interior has way too many textures, shapes, and colors.

    2. The steering wheel makes me feel like I am driving a school bus

    3. The engine is noisy both under acceleration and while cruising.

    4. There is an overal "cheap" feel to the interior.


    Overall, it's a decent car but not up to class-leading levels in most aspects.
  • eddy3eddy3 Posts: 4
    Hi, all,

    I was going to buy a 2000 galant with 105k on it. Is the milage too high to cause some damage on the engine or tranny?


    Should I do some major tune-up on the engine after I buy the car?

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