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Mitsubishi Galant



  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,398
    My 99 Galant LS V6, now 6 years old and with 97K miles, has been the most reliable car I've ever owned. Still not perfect, but in terms of 'gotcha' maintenance, I've only had one thing that I can think of off-hand. It was a gasket repair that ran on the order of $500. I posted about it in this thread some time within the past year.


    I bought a 5 year/100K extended warranty for my Galant and never used it.


    Of course YMMV, but I probably wouldn't bother. Take the $ the warranty would cost and stuff it in a savings account, CD, or invest it. Use that to cover any repairs that come up. Anything shy of an engine overhaul or tranny would probably be covered by the $ you set aside. Or set aside an extra $50/paycheck or something and use that for maintenance. If you never use it, you'll build up a nice downpayment for your next car.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The most reliable car you've owned required a $500 repair? And did it occur in the last year? Because it would have been covered under the 100K warranty, yes?


  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    13K wins the prize, thats an awesome deal, Where are you located that there are any "new" 2004 Galants on the lot? I know our local lot was done wit 04's monts ago...anyway..13,000 is a steal, yo couldn't even do that goodwitha hyndai, and Mitsu will pobably prove t be a better car. I have a 2004 ES thats nearing 23K miles w/ Zero problems..I gave our neighbor a ride to enterprise car rental, and was asking them If they hAD ANY 04 + galants and he said "Mitsubishi is'nt willing to accomidate them anymore" I guess fleet sales weren't really doing Mitsu much good...although they had a couple of hi mileage '03 Galants selling for 10K.

    PKP:You can't even get a Base model DX Accord or camry for that,,let alone a homely looking Civic, and the Galant is a Hell alot better lookking IMHO..Buy it or i will :)
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I think he was stating that a $500 repair was made, not that they actually had to pay it.

       I agree, extended warranties with the exeption of a Manufac warranty extender are of No financial security..I had one on a Ford, so therefore I thought wow, I will get my Moneys worth" Not, I had to threaten them with a Lawyer to get them to pay for a radiator my first and only claim, and they already had $900 of my money..a couple of major warrant companies just folded also..If you feal you must have one, get it from manufacture..stay away from Heritage TPA retention company, they will take your money and run..Sean
  • Thank you all for your feedback.


    I bought a new 2004 Galant ES for $13,200 base +Tax/Title ($14,300 out the door). My dealer still has one more ES and two or three LS models on the lot. I would have paid even less if I owned another Mits already ($1500 Loyalty Rebate). Actually, there was a 1992 Mits Eclipse listed locally for $800 that I considered buying, but MN takes too long to get title in my name (which is what the loyalty rebate requires). The invoice price according to carsdirect is $18,600. I am sure they are quality cars. There was an article in Business Week few weeks ago about the financial state of Mitsu. I hope it survies long enough, at least through the 3 year free maintenance period. The article also stated that Galant performed better than both Accord and Camry in acceleration and braking. I am pleased with the purchase since local classified ads want $12995 for used 2004 Galants with anywhere between 8K and 24K miles. I think Galant is a great value compared to its competitors in reliable family sedans category.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Yes, quite impressively, Mitsubishi chose the GTS V6 (its most sporting and lowest volume model) to compare against the Accord EX V6 and Camry XLE V6. In actuality, Mitsu should have leveled the field by using the sport edition Camry (SE), but perhaps they didnt want to, given that car's similar hp and torque.


    Aside from that you, got a great deal! Congratulations!


  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    PKP; you did very well on your Mitsu purchase, thats an awesome price by at least 4Grand or so. Mitsus financial status isn't the greatest, but they just got another 3billion from there sister Mitsubishi company's, If you really search, you will find that it is really starting to level out. Mitsubishi cars/suv have generally been well received by the Media. Today I probably saw a dozen or so 04+05 Galants, most were ES with the Alloys and Sunroof, and a couple GTS's, seems every day I see about 2 more, They really are nice cars, and should prove to be very durable. My 04 with over 20K miles still handles/drives/brakes like it did at 1K miles. brake problems seem no longer in this Generation Galant. (you do have 4whl disk on your galant also, which may help. Welcome to Mitsubishi and enjoy your new ride ....Sean
  • fellyfelly Posts: 16
    Thanks for your opinions. This is what I'm afraid off, pay $1,500 and not use it. But on the other hand, is that piece of mind knowing that if anything happens, the bill will be covered (minus the $50 deductable). I checked Continental Warranty and Direct warranty. Any experience with either one?
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,398
    5 year/100K warranty. The 5 years had elapsed. Yes, it has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Not that I buy a new car every year or two, but it has been more reliable than:


    85 Sentra: Went through clutches anout every 50-55K, including stranding me 800 miles from home. Was rusting a lot. Fuel system issues. Other misc problems.

    88 Topaz: $1700 in various repairs in 1 summer. Worst vehicle in terms of maintenance $/month. Also, there was a recall for AT-equipped cars where the engine would just start revving really fast to the point of riding the brakes just to stay DOWN to highway speeds, but mine was a MT and Merc didn't issue the recall for MT-equipped cars. Totally untrustworthy.

    88 Camry: Trans blew @ 62K, $2200 repair.

    93 Mazda MX3: Trans blew at 37K and again at 76K. Mazda wouldn't cover a loaner car when there were delays getting the parts to the dealer. Wouldn't start when it was very cold out. Various other minor issues.

    99 Galant: That $500 repair occurred with over 80K on the odometer and has really been about the only non-wear repair it's needed.


    There are no other issues with the car. EPA rated at 19/27, with mostly city driving I still average 24-25MPG in summer and 21-22 on that crap they call winter blend gas. It's survived the hot Chicago summers and the cold Chicago winters just fine. I keep looking at the new cars & small SUVs out there, and I visit these forums to stay informed, but I can't justify getting rid of a car that just works.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • I am trying desperately to find out what the technincal specifications of my infinity speakers are in a 2005 Galant GTS. I can not seem to find it anywhere online. Does anyone know how to obtain this information?(Wattage, OHM, etc) It is also not in the manual. This is the 270 watt Infinity 8 speaker system that came standard. The only thing I noticed on the 6x9's in the back are the model MR318619. Tried to research on infinitys site and they have nothing.
  • cneducnedu Posts: 4
    I'd just test-drive a new Galant ES 2004 and the 4-cylinder engine was really noisy when accelerating. Is this how it is supposed to be - or the car tested has a problem?

    Should I go to another dealer ?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'm curious what cars you are comparing the noise too? This engine isn't as quiet as V6s or the Camry's four banger, but its on par with the Accord/Altima/6. I have the same engine in my 04 Lancer and I find it to be a smooth reasonably quiet engine. It definitely not loud or annoying.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I beleive what you are hearing/feeling is not the actual engine itself, but it is not as well muffled thru the variuos motor mounts and insulation, I drive a 2004 Galant 4cyl, and notice a huge difference when it is warm out, the engine is almost undetectible, warm = expansion of rubber mounts = less room to move. ,Like ing said, its hardly annoying, in fact i think it is the perfect noise/feel for a 4cyl,just a slight growl, My fords engine V6 was quiet, but didnt do much good when it sat at Ford dealer for blown gaskets and overheating,

    I find my brothers V6 powered new grand prix,less refined than my 4Cyl Galant, sloppy interior, cheap switchgear, you know, typical GM's excuse for quality. I was happy to hop back into my 4banger Mits.heck, it even handles better than his new Grand P, imho. I'm growing more attached to my Galant the more "me to" cars I see. Mitsubishi Motors is under-appriciated by media and public, I think they offer us something a little different, than the typical, Accord/camry/Altima boring trio, while maintaining quality and durability, I'm over 21K miles on My Mits, tight as a drum..Looking at adding the Raider Pickup when Mitsu final releases it... What other company has a Lancer? subaru? NO. Im as American as the next guy, but why does everybody want the same car that sells in mass quantity? not me. It amazes me how successfull Gen. motors is, when there build quality is still lagging. some awesome powertrains, but when everything falls apart around it, and There styling is another subject, incentives,incentives,incentives, my brother got his new GP for 5,000 under MSRP, AT the beginig of the year on top of that, he loves Pontiacs, But addmitted to me he would Own a galant in its GTS form, 3.8L in a galant. MITSU rules, they just need a Long intense, ball busting lesson on Marketing there great products...IMHO
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Actually, I think cnedu was right on. From my first drive of the MIVEC Galant in December '03, one of the main reservations I posted on this very thread was that the 4 was VERY noisy when accelerating, compared to its competitors- even the Altima.


    sean3- I think the reason that Mitsu is finding itself in its currently unfavorable position in the US is that it offers NOTHING different, except for the awesome Evo. Why should a consumer buy a Galant over any of the more critically acclaimed sedans? This mainstream vehicle has work cut out for it- a new Camry is about 12 months away, the much improved and redesigned Sonata will debut in the Spring, there's a new Ford Fusion, etc. Our rental Lancer was a good car, but in 2005, I'd say all cars are at least good cars. Perhaps the new Eclipse will shake things up, but there wasnt that much interest at the Philly auto show.


  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    What do you mean by noisy? A vibration, a whine, etc...? My Outlander was a little noisy when accelerating (sounded like it was coming from the exhaust system). I found a TSB for it, took it to the dealer, and the noise is now gone.
  • cneducnedu Posts: 4
    I cannot say if it was a vibration or something else - even with closed windows, thow the sound was attenuated, was still strong. Only when accelerating. It was not a slight growl. And on the highway ramp, on strong acceleration the engine was really roaring. It is true - it has lots of torque and power. At highway speed is was ok. Anyhow - it was louder than Camry, Accord or Altima.

    And since it is the last car on the lot I was wondering if the noise is normal or that specific car has a problem.


    Thanks for postings guys !
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I've been in an 05 Altima and my mom owns an 05 Acura TSX. The Altima's four banger was quite loud when pushed hard and was still easily audible when accelerating normally. My Lancer with the 2.4 Galant engine is a bit quieter under full throttle and about the same under regular acceleration. My mom's TSX is quieter although you still hear the typical four cylinder sound effects (it has a more powerful version of the Accord's engine).


    Maybe what you are hearing is the typical Mitsubishi buzz. Their 4 cylinder engines sort of have a buzzy tone and the exhaust is a little throatier. I suppose some people could be more sensitive to the noise then others. I personally find them perfectly acceptable in the noise department. They aren't the quietest engines but they are by no means loud and annoying. The Outlander is a bit quieter then my Lancer so I can't imagine the Galant being worse then both of them. I would try another Galant just to be sure that one didn't have an exhaust leak or something. And I surely hope you are doing the same full throttle acceleration onto the highway with the comparing cars.
  • I own a GTS, and I've never driven the Mitsu 4 CYL. But can it possibly be that the noise from the engine is due to maybe the 2.4 not being powerful enough to move the heavy Galant and with only a 4 speed. And the car is kinda struggling a bit. I don't know?
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I think that is it, the Galant is no lightweight in its class, so revs higher at dead stop, I still say it is not he engine, it is how its mounted/insulation.

    my '04 I guess could be better insulated, but as I said the Galant seems at home on the interstate 70mph w/cruise set. I would guess it had no bearing on Galant's longevity. But Galant has a very solid design, much less than my brothers GP, I drove it for about 400miles and found, although its a larger car, it did not feal as solid in suspension and body flexing.

       Cednu, Most cars especially 4cyl will sound ruff in cold weather, untill completly warmed up, and has shifted through its gears. I know my Galant quiets down when warmed, even here in cold winter chicago. I would say the Galant has a good cooling sytem, as mine takes forever to climb the temp guage, Mitsu did overlook a couple things-folding seat-5speed auto,5sp manual, but think they made up for it in a solid, good lookin (even sporty) sedan, since we need to keep a sedan around I am thinkng about trading for a Loaded LS Galant, but I am very happy with my ES, unless I can get a good trade w/loyalty rebate...I do like the fact they added more airbags. crazy a#$ drivers.. The Galant has been around longer than you think, though not in the US, I had experience with a 1990 US galant nearing 200,000 abused miles..
  • The engine in the 04 Galant 4 cylinder I had as a rental was much louder/buzzier than the 4 cylinder in my Civic and the 4 cylinder in my Accord.
  • Has anyone had good experience with a mp3/wma player (perferably with aux-in) with 2004 Galant ES or other Mitsubishi models with similar standard audio package?


  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    IHHO, I'll take a little engine buzz over the dated civic, or the Uninspired frumpy Accord anyday, (save for accord coupe)

    Accord sedan looks like It got rear ended at the factory, and the slab sided look didn't do anything for me, otherwise a fine vehicle. they have cheapened the Civic every year since 2000, Civics used to seem popular, I hardly see any new models around, Accord redesigns always looked good, but this Gen. they messed up (exterior) Seems Honda lost there inspiration for style? Later Sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I posted late last night about my accident, but i guess i say one word that was between G and Pg 13, anyway this "lady" decided no to yield on her left turn, and galant got a good smack, hood fender griile bumper, "she" had no valid insurance, all i know is thank god my family was not hurt, and glad I have uninsured motors protection. Icy road, i had zero reaction time, her car (2000 grand am) was about twic as damaged as my car, she had a bad attitude towards me and the officer, she actually had the nerve to tell me that "it was none of my business "

    Ya, you slam into my car and its none of my business? you "lady" well the "lady" was cited for "failure to yield to right of way vehicle" road conditions were noted also, My Galants airbags did NOT deploy, though I don't see them as doing anything, my collar bone has been sore since late last nite, fro the seat belt, I remeber the seatbelt locking up quickly, But No airbags? "lady" tried to tell officer my lights werent on, he turned my car to On position and voila the light come on even if you turn them off, which of course they were on, i;ve driven nearly 9 years, and have a very good record for my age, officer was not ammused with her lying, I went out early to look at Galant and It was pretty nasty looking, the headlamp-bumper-grille-fender were compacted back the headlight is pushed back and down, hood is under tension,

       My agent is supposed to call me sometime today, They stated my Uninsured motorist was in force, a relief, was late will this months premium, I did refuse an ambulance,anybody else was with me, i would have, My galant will never be the same, but I know the damage is up in the thousands, if it was on other drivers ins, id have a hay day, but it will be on mine, if they ever collect from her they will return my premium (ya that'll happen)they said they will send me a rental today, galants smacked up, but the little beast still start and drives fine, her car would not even start back up...good :), I'm glad her car is worse off than mine, She SHOULD not have been drving without it. It's people like her that Inflate Ins rates directly, Illinois may be midwest, but we still have to have at least 100Kliability,

    If I had more than a sore colar bone I think i would be seeking an attorney, but shes got nothin I want, besides a wrecked Pimped Out wanna be Grand-Am, and no insurance....Any ideas on getting fixed? Thanks Sean..
  • cneducnedu Posts: 4
    Actually - I found the problem with the buzz - the engine is Mivec and if it not warmed enough it simply not switching to high-speed mode. Therefore the noise/roaring/buzz.


    Thanks all !
  • I checked out the Galant at the Philly auto show on Friday. My only real complaint was the fake aluminum all over the dash. I don't like the stuff to begin with, and there was way too much of it. It made the interior look cheap, when in reality the parts quality was not bad. Overall I thought the car was a good entry for its segment, and I can't fathom why the Hyundai Sonata is outselling it. The Sonata has a nice exterior, but the base model interior is very plain and stark. Not junky, but not much of anything really.


    I'm really baffled by the current state of Mitsu. Other than the current Eclipse, which had a very cheap interior, I couldn't find much to complain about on the Mitsus I saw at the show, given their price points and competitors. The people at MMSA must be looking at each other saying, "Where did we go right?"


    -Andrew L
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The Sonata is a 6 year-old about to be replaced vehicle. It also sells at a stronger price/value point than the Mitsubishi, and the majority of Sonatas are the 2.7L V6, as compared to the less strong, noiser, though more fuel efficient Mitsu MIVEC. For a lot of consumers, the controlled ride, good power, high feature content... speak very loudly as compared to the Mitsu's portfolio of non-distinction.


  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    So was the Galant's engine quieter and more to your liking after it was warmed up fully?
  • cneducnedu Posts: 4
    Oh yes, absolutely. Actually I end up buying it - and I have no regrets about it.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Well, congrats on your new car! Glad you gave it another chance and you should enjoy many troublefree years of service. I knew the MIVEC engine couldn't be as loud as was being described. But since you mentioned the temperature thing, I have noticed my Lancer's MIVEC engine is noticeably louder on acceleration until the temp gauge hits the center mark.
  • Kinda a funny mentioning the Sonata. I actually traded in my '02 Sonata GLS for the Galant GTS. The Sonata was a great car inside and out, EXCEPT for the sport part. There was none. The car had no sportiness to it. I drove a 3.5 Altima in the summer of 2003 for the 1st time and was very impressed. But I don't like Altimas. So I waited and then I saw the Galant specifically the GTS. And as they say it was a wrap. Just for the record I was happy with the sonata and if you do not care about HP, torque, sport tuned suspensions, 17" wheels, the current Sonata is a great car. The new Sonata looks to be even better.
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