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Infiniti Q45



  • I want to trade a 2000 Mazda 626 in for a 1998 Q45 with 42K on it. It's at a Atlanta area Dodge dealer for $19995.00. Would anybody do that. I want a nice big car but can not afford a new car. Hate the Mazda to small.
  • Sounds like a great price to me (having purchased a 98 with 28K miles 3 weeks ago for $24K). I've never driven a 626, but I would only have to assume that the Q will be much more car than you are used to. Just make sure it hasn't been in any accidents or the like. Good luck on your decision.
  • I did the same thing. Sold my 1997 Mazda 626 and bought a 1995 Q45 for $8500 in ebay. Enjoying the car, check out ebay they have some great deals.
  • I would love to take you up on offer of emailing me the spreadsheet you prepared regarding leasing and solving for variables. Please email to me at
    Many thanks
  • Kevin6842, I unlock all my doors whenever
    I'm about to enter a freeway. That's the law
    in Germany afaik. Beats being extracted from
    the car by "Jaws of Life" if all your doors
    are sealed shut!
  • scottw57scottw57 Posts: 3
    I'm in the market for a new 2002 Q45. Just eliminated the Lexus LS430, & BMW 7. Want to save some money and still get a brand new car! I'm looking at the model for $51,845 MSRP. The salesperson already is down to $47,845(on the phone). The invoice is $46,890. I'm trying to get the best deal possible. Any advice or stories out there on what is the lowest I can get these guys to? Thanks!!
  • funguy1funguy1 Posts: 1
    Hi scottw57,
    Where are you located?
    If you're in S. CA, I may be able to help.
  • dbrulanddbruland Posts: 21

    My local dealer, International Infiniti of Milwaukee continues to advertise "all 2002 Infinitis on sale at invoice or below". I have to think you should be able to buy your Q in Atlanta for no more than invoice. If you are serious, make a serious offer. Good luck.
  • JPhamJPham Posts: 148

    Would the Infiniti dealer charge me anything to look up the service history of a Q I'm looking to purchase?

  • kappaman1kappaman1 Posts: 18
    Does anybody know of any changes, small or large in Q45, i.e. HP, lights etc.
  • Hi everyone! Really enjoy everybody's comments on the new Q. I currently own a '92 LS 400. The car does not handle well in snow (even with traction control). Has anyone driven the Q in the snow, and how did the car respond? Looking foreward to your feedback! Tom
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    No significant chnges are planned for the current Q Infiniti is too busy with other projects right now. They have the FX45 the G35 and G35 coupe, and the new small body V8 to worry about
  • Does anyone know if Infiniti is offering any special deal on Q45 leases right now? On the "deals" section said that offers ended 1/31/02. I was at a dealer in Chicago and I asked him that question and he said they were. I am not sure if he was giving me a line or what. Would appreciate any information. Thanks.
  • I heard that Nissan was going to give Infiniti one more try and if sales didn't improve, they would phase the brand out after the current run of models. I love the new commercials almost as much as the new cars! Do they still sell G20 and I35 or not? Love the Gloria/Cedric/M45! I want to know if a first-generation Q would make a good car for a teen? They are quite cheap, and the only thing I would worry about would be the breakdown of parts or the insurance costs. Could someone help me out on these issues? Thanks!
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    The first-generation Q45 was interesting. For a teen? I would have loved one of those in high school. Parts? Few first-gens sold... insurance? dunno.

    The Q45 has been a sad story as far as flagships go, but we could also talk about the Acura RL in the same tone.
  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    With the success of G35 Infiniti is taking off after hitting rock botom period. The upcoming FX45 is promising and in 2 yr or so there's a chance (at least I hope they do) the M45 will be redesigned to look much more attractive than now.

    With success of G35, Infiniti gets a big boost on its image and that can help other models sales will improve especially the slow selling Q45.
  • Well, my car has about had it and I am in the market for a new car. I don't have a whole lot of money to spend, but I would like something nice. My main concern is reliability, but its also important to be comfortable as I do a fair amount of traveling. I have narrowed my choices down somewhat. I know some people in the car business and they have found me several possibilities. One is a 96 Q45 with 80k miles. In good shape, they did about a thousand dollars with of work on it and said its in great shape now. It was a local trade in, carfax looked like a one owner car. I could get it for about 8500. Another choice at about that price is a 94 BMW 318 convertible with 65k miles.. Nice car, and I like it being a 5 speed, but its the 4 cylinder, not a v8. But its about the same price as the Q. They also have a 96 328 in the same range with 80 k miles. If I wanted to go a few grand less, they have a nice 95 525, but its got a ton of miles on it. Its over 170k. But I could get it for almost half of the Q - 4500. Plus, I do know a BMW tech who could work on any of the BMW's for not too bad. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. Go for the Q, get one of those BMW's or wait till a Lexus comes available?
  • I'm new to this board, coming from the J30 board--recently replaced my 1994 J30 with a Q45--needed a larger car for the family. My wife has a 1998 I30 and so does her father, so we are an Infiniti family.

    I recently purchased a 1994 Infiniti Q45 with Bose sound system. It has an AM/FM/cassette deck, buttons for CD, but no CD player. I thought I would just install a trunk mounted 6-disk CD changer (there's a slot for this and a wiring harness), but it is proving very difficult to find one that is compatible.

    What are my options here? Bose doesn't want to sell me one directly, and the Infniniti dealership wants an exorbitant price. All of the local stereo shops say they can't help, that nothing is compatible, please go see your car dealership. I've done some research, and it's either Clarion or Alpine that manufacture for Bose under their agreement with Infiniti.

    I just want to be able to play a CD in the car. I don't care whether it's a 6 disk changer, or whether it's one CD. I'm considering selling my AM/FM/cassette unit and trading for a Bose AM/FM/CD unit, but I fear that will be as expensive as getting a CD changer & installation.

    Any suggestions? I wanted to avoid an FM modulated system or a cassette adapter, wanted to use the buttons on the radio unit to control the CD. Surely there are others who have overcome this problem that can recommend a fix. My e-mail is


  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I'd like to know if its offset and bolt pattern are the same as my 96 Maxima. I contacted both local Infiniti dealership and Infiniti corporate site with basically no information. If someone could provide that info I'd really appreciate it.
  • bscbluebscblue Posts: 103
    Dave, the changer problem is easily (almost) solved. The changer in the early Qs were all Sony. Later, they switched to Clarion units and Alpine units. The ony uo need is Sony. I found a couple of sites that have it for just under $300 bucks. But I wonder if it can't be had for less than that.
  • Bscblue, that's great news, thanks for the tip. But how do I know what year Infiniti changed from Sony to Alpine or Clarion--my Q45 is a 1994 model.

    If you know where I can find a Sony CD changer that will work? eBay maybe? If you know of a source or web site to search, i'd appreciate the help.

  • bscbluebscblue Posts: 103
    No prob! The changer in all the 1994 Q45s is a Sony unit. I must admit I'm rather amazed your Q didn't have a changer or disc player unit at all. Funny.

    Dave, try Ebay. I found several that would work for your Q. Try this item number: 1349263343. They have several kind that sells OEM parts at discount prices. BUT . . . sells them for even less than that. Compare the two and you'll see! The price differences are glaring.
  • koolkenkoolken Posts: 1
    I have a 1992 Q45 I am trying to track down a owners manual. Any help
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I feel bad about not giving the new Q a fair review. I know sales have been sluggish but something hit me today that made me really want to buy a Q. I saw a black on black 02 Q45 driving next to me, my o my was this thing beautiful. I never really saw this car in action rolling down the road. Everyone was looking at it as if it were only out on the market a few days.

    I have to reevaluate everything when I replace my 00 Maxima. If I were Infiniti I would reintroduce this car and take it to the streets.

    A few suggestions to Infiniti if your listening.

    "Taking it to the streets"

    Offer extended test drives to seekers and admirers.

    Showcase the car at public places such as malls, golf courses, concert halls, Doctors CE training's Lawyers seminars, business owners meetings at the local chamber of commerce, coffee shops, charity functions or anywhere were people can view the car and ask questions.

    More things can be done to promote this car than offer deep discounts or dealer cash initiatives. You know your target market so go out and meet them in the streets. Heck assemble an outside sales team to go out into the community were your customers work and live and promote this car. Stop waiting to customers to come into the show rooms I would be tickled if BMW, Lexus or MB came to where I live or hang out. I could easily be talked into to buying a car if someone gave me a one on one tour of there product line.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I was in Florida in December and the mall there had a Q45.

    Once you get into $50,000+ cars image plays a role whether you like it or not. And that's where the Q45 gets hurt no matter how good the car because Infiniti just does not have the image of Lexus, Mercedes and BMW. Maybe some day they will, but they don't now.

    The discounting may have boosted sales a bit, but it has killed this car for the forseeable future.
    One of the current car magazines has an article titled "Sales-challenged cars." The Q45 is in the article. Here's part of what they say:

    "The weak launch begat a decade of fire-sale prices and subsidized leases on Q45s, and now consumers aren't willing to pay the $55,000 sticker price. For that kind of dough, they can buy the industry benchmark Lexus LS 430. For a little more, they can buy into the prestige of the three-pointed star. 'No thanks,' say many potential customers."
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    If you read the rest of the article it goes on to say that Infiniti is on the right track by doing away with the dealer incentives and discounts that destroyed the residual value of the old Q. The Q is also once again a better car than the Lexus. The have never been any dealer incentives on the current Q. Infiniti is on the right track with this car. As Ghosn said there is no problem that can not be solved by good product. Now that Infiniti has solved that problem time and good marketing will do the rest.

    Honestly to get a Lexus that is close to the Q45 you have to pay closer to $65,000 and the little more they refer to for a benze $15,000- $20,000
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    Saw another old-school Q the other day.
    Old-school Q45: BMW-fighter.
    New-school Q45: Lexus wannabe.
  • l943973l943973 Posts: 197
    Does anyone know if the heated seats cover the seat back and bottom or just the bottom? Applies to front and back seats?

  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    "Saw another old-school Q the other day.
    Old-school Q45: BMW-fighter.
    New-school Q45: Lexus wannabe."

    What does that mean?
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    Old-school Q45 is definitely a 7-Series-type machine whereas the new Q45 wants to be a GS or LS Lexus.
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